Posted By: menahune

PayPal - 08/10/15 12:57 AM

how safe is PayPal?

I recently had two nasty virus episodes that wiped out all my files. I'm nervous now about online banking - I'm set up for Visa and no problems there

Wanted to buy the new Carol Reed game, but it requires a PayPal account. I don't want to risk another breakdown

Posted By: Marian

Re: PayPal - 08/10/15 01:32 AM

I can only tell you that I have used PayPal for years and have never had a problem with it. wave
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: PayPal - 08/10/15 03:38 AM

I've had it for years as well and have no issues.

Ana wave
Posted By: connie

Re: PayPal - 08/10/15 12:57 PM

No issues here either.
Posted By: Sparkle

Re: PayPal - 08/10/15 12:59 PM

Same for me. I use PayPal a lot for online shopping and would recommend as safe and secure.
Posted By: Mad

Re: PayPal - 08/10/15 06:16 PM

I, too, have used PayPal for years without any problems yes
Posted By: Sorta Blonde

Re: PayPal - 08/10/15 06:20 PM

I have used PayPal for years also. No problems, in fact they quickly settled a dispute I had with something I bought. I do not link it to my bank account and have it linked only to a credit card with a 1000k limit. Makes it less likely that someone would get a bunch of my money.

Virus scares me. I used to get them from my Sister's emails! She was always sending me some 'attachments' or forwarded mail. Darned if I didn't get viruses often. Now I don't open any attachments from anyone. I do however miss the 'adult' sites that used to attack every time I turned on my computer. rotfl
Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: PayPal - 08/10/15 09:02 PM


I'm always nervous about online purchases but I have used PayPal without a problem in the past.

PS I see you are from Vancouver Island. Have you watch the History Channel show " Alone" that is filmed on the island?
Posted By: Cari

Re: PayPal - 08/11/15 05:40 PM

I can’t believe that Pay Pal was responsible as they have thousands of transactions hourly world wide. If they were responsible then the virus would infect thousands of PCs.
If the virus allows you, then check your downloads, web history and emails. It’s also possible to be infested by a sleeping virus that lies in your computer and is triggered by you simply tapping a key for example.
Posted By: Terri824

Re: PayPal - 08/14/15 03:03 AM

I too have used PayPal many times with no problem.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: PayPal - 08/14/15 03:26 AM

menahune - have you bought the game yet? It does not require you to have or set up a paypal account. You put your credit card number in. It will ask if you want to set up a paypal account. Just say no thanks. It may kick it back saying you are missing info. If it does, just close the box.
Posted By: GBC

Re: PayPal - 08/16/15 12:27 AM

I've also used PayPal for years and never had a problem.
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