Prayers needed

Posted By: Sorta Blonde

Prayers needed - 03/16/19 03:24 PM

Unhappy news about my rental and the tenant who turned out to be a not so nice person. She is now 15 days OVER her move out date and no signs of moving. Not paying rent, so I 'let' her give me a 30 day notice to move thinking she would do the right thing. Didn't want to 'ding' her good name. After she didn't move, I found out too late she had 3 previous Evictions. She's not budging, even when I made her several offers and let her stay past the move dateseveral times as she promised me she was going to be out (again and again). Now push has come to shove, I don't have the rent, I can't hire a lawyer at this point to file an eviction with no money. Need her out and a new 'paying' family in so I'm asking everyone I know to pray for her and me that this gets settled. She won't budge, is no stranger to lawsuits and I'm in for a long fight. 3 months behind on my mortgage and really worried now. Please send any prayers to the Big Guy upstairs (as if he wasn't already busy enough)! Thanks
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Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 04:32 PM

Sending good thoughts your way, Sorta. Is it totally necessary to hire a lawyer? Sounds like she didn't really have a "good name" to begin with. What would happen if while no one was home, you threw all her stuff out on the curb and just changed the locks so she can't get back in and posted an eviction notice on the door?
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Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 04:46 PM

luck Sorta. I hope you don't have too much more trouble there.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 04:54 PM

It sounds like a nightmare to me, Sorta. I will definitely be praying for a resolution, and a swift one at that.
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Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 05:08 PM

Very sorry indeed to hear about your problem, Sorta Blonde, and hope you manage to resolve it as soon as possible - and with the least hassle possible shocked
Posted By: family

Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 05:21 PM

prayers are on the way i hope it gets settle.
Posted By: connie

Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 07:05 PM

Sending Good vibes and Hugs, Sorta.
Posted By: ScarletDragon

Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 07:07 PM

Shut off the lights and water. That should encourage her to move along.
Posted By: soot

Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 09:21 PM

Hmmm, good incentive ScarletD, but probably not legal smirk

We'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers Sorta ... Keep Smiling urock
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Prayers needed - 03/16/19 11:21 PM

SEnding positive thoughts!
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Prayers needed - 03/17/19 09:59 AM

Sorta sorry you have to go thru this with your tenant. Maybe you can find some help by checking the laws online for CA. You maybe able to get some free legal help from the state too. Wishing you luck and sending positive prayers!
Posted By: Taintedfury

Re: Prayers needed - 03/17/19 11:27 AM

Hi Sorta sending positive thoughts your way, crossing my fingers for you😉
Posted By: Sorta Blonde

Re: Prayers needed - 03/17/19 04:05 PM

Thanks to everyone for all the good thoughts and prayers. I need all I can get. As for locking her out, turning off utilities, bullying, making her uncomfortable in any way it's totally illegal in California. Laws here protect the tenant not the landlord. I actually am very savvy on the laws and things I can and can't do. My stupidity was renting to her in the first place, giving her a chance, even though I knew she had ONE eviction. That one was from her soon to be ex father in law's house and she and the almost ex hubby were evicted. Didn't think that was something awful. Just life happening. I was however considering renting a bulldozer. rotfl

She had poor credit (told me up front) but didn't owe anyone. She had a DUI in the past, but also told me about that one when I asked about a 'car'? Two sons, one 17 and one 26 living with her. Both are good guys. One has SSI coming in for a 'mental condition' which I'm just guessing at since I'm not allowed to ask and it's not on the paperwork she gave me. She presented lots of documentation proving everything she told me. Thought she was an honest person. Her first month and security were paid to me by the 'relcation company'. I got in contact with them and verified that as soon as she proved a rental (she had to get out of the current house which would be torn down for an apartment complex) that she was going to get almost FIFTY thousand in a lump sum. Yep. Verified, even has the relocation people over to the rental to 'approve' it. No approval, no money. They had to make sure that she wasn't presenting false paperwork, etc.

So after she's in, we had the 'big flood' in the bedroom caused by a massive downpour (we never have those) and a pipe into the outer wall that had gotten too much dirt up to the hole around it and the water just glurped in. Took us a while to figure it out. Tore out the NEW carpet (only weeks old) dried everything, sealed the outside foundation just in case, sealed around the hole, lowered the dirt against the house, removed baseboards, foamed inside the walls, reinstalled the carpet and all was fine....UNTIL she complained the next month that the carpet was wet again. I panicked. We had already given her almost half rent for that month because of the inconvenience and I think she wanted to continue getting half rent. I wasn't buying it and found NO wetness. We had a bit of a 'conversation' about not being wet. She insisted, I resisted. She tried it AGAIN the next month. I'm not that stupid. Got a 'moisture meter' and proved nothing was wet.

So then she didn't give me ANY rent for the next month and still has not. She's been living there FREE for almost a month now. I used her security for last month's rent and now am totally out of money. Can't get her out. She's claiming nobody will rent to her because of her bad credit. I really don't think she's even looking. So I was about ready to file the Eviction, got all the paperwork and filled it out (not hard just confusing) and then found out there were some really sticky points with the older son, etc. Plus, I can't pay money that I don't have and most want a huge lump sum up front.

Still am going to have to file though. She's not budging, she's done this 3 times before (once with the father in law) twice as 'party' to the other 2. She fights them till the end up to the jury trial. Ugh. SHE gets a free lawyer and legal advice. I get to pay it all myself. I will ask for money damages, and lawyer's fees (it's in my lease) but I'm suspecting that all that money she got from the relocation company (and I do have the paperwork from them to prove she got it) is GONE. I suspect, but can't prove that she has a gambling problem and is out most nights, all night (between 5-14 hours. Wonder where she goes???

Can't figure out why if she has all that money, she can't pay me the rent. Doesn't make sense. I'm trapped, depressed, got no money to pay the lawyer that I desperately need. I'm waiting for my next retirement check at the end of the month and hopefully one of the lawyers I spoke to will take 'payments'. Otherwise, I will have to adopt that family and continue to support them. Geez. Already paying $30 extra a month for her overuse of water, AND found out yesterday, she didn't pay her trash bill EVER so I paid it before they put a lien on my property and avoided that one. She did however, pay me the money when I stomped down there and waved the bill at her. Claimed she wasn't sure she got a bill. I know she got several per the trash company. It's all in my name now. Not taking a chance she will do this again.

Total mess. No way out right now. Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Prayers needed - 03/18/19 12:02 AM

She knows the game. You are going to have to evict her. She knows she has until you start legal action and serve her with eviction papers. Go talk to the police perhaps they can direct you to where you get the forms. Once you serve her she knows she has what is it 30 or 60 days. Then you can have the police come and remove her.
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Re: Prayers needed - 03/18/19 01:06 AM

Thanks Winfrey, she sure does know the game. I've been trying to 'play' her game and not get her mad at me. I don't know what she's capable of, but I know she just sticks to her guns no matter what. I have all the paperwork, was going to file it myself, but got confused with the adult kid on SSI and if I could name him. Also the boyfriend probably needs to be named but he's very careful not to spend any time here. He has the 'deep pockets' and might actually be supporting her somehow. I just don't know the entire story but finally decided I needed a real lawyer to do all the work for me. Don't want to get it wrong or all the money is lost and we start over. It takes about 2-3 months here to get someone out! Yeah, San Diego is one of the hardest places to evict anyone. Lots of challenges from the 'accused' and it all has to be answered in court ending most likely with a real trial on the matter. I will win, but it will take awhile and I'm losing money every day. Can't afford the lawyer, calling more on Monday that might take 'payments'. All paperwork ready to go for the initial filing and I have all the 'evidence' of her payout from the relocation company. Whether or not she has any of it left, is another question. I really really really think she gambled it away and spent it on other 'illegal' stuff. Won't say what but I have some video proof by accident of that little bit. Not a good person. It will all be over someday. I Just get alternately depressed and then hopeful. Wish it was over or I had never rented to this one.
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Re: Prayers needed - 03/18/19 06:07 AM

Sending positive thoughts your way. Makes me happy I am not a Landlord and the Laws that Protect the Tenants also apply here in Canada re: Tenant have Rights and Landlords, tough luck.
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