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ad blocker - 07/29/19 09:37 PM

really not sure where to ask but does anyone use a ad blocker on their cell phones? i got a new phone about a month or so ago and its a samsung galaxy j3 orbit. i keep having ads pop up on my phone that i have to close out and its getting old. i don't want to do a factory reset since i will loose some things i have one my phone
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Re: ad blocker - 07/30/19 02:54 AM

Are they popping up while you are browsing thew internet? If so, it is likely the websites you are frequenting. Most of the click-bait websites do this. They are best avoided is my opinion. Here are some suggestions: Turn off ads on Android

Ana wave
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Re: ad blocker - 07/30/19 02:03 PM

thanks ana . i don't have to be doing anything on my phone . i can unlock it and one pops up. that looks like the site i checked out when this all started.
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Re: ad blocker - 07/30/19 02:45 PM

My husband has the same cell phone and he does not get any ads unless they are included with an app, such as his weather app. Who is your cell phone service provider? Normally, to see ads, you have to be in a browser reading something or checking something for ads to pop up. But if they are popping up when you are not even on the internet, that's something different.
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Re: ad blocker - 07/30/19 03:24 PM

i have straight talk. i can just swipe my phone to turn it on and one can pop up. there is games , yahoo mail, better homes and garden ad . i have turned off things that i don't need . not sure if this started when i played a solitaire game that was already on my phone but since then i have disable those too
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 01:52 PM

my10, on your home computer, Google this text string: unsolicited ads pop up on android

You'll find some useful steps to take to get rid of these pesky pop-ups.

Good luck luck
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 02:01 PM

i have and have done them. . thank you all for the help i may have to go a head and do a factory reset and then work on getting back what i need
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 02:04 PM

That's likely what you're going to have to do. They watch which websites you visit and see if it starts up again. You might be able to pin down where the infection came from. You didn't say who your cell phone service provider is, but you might contact them to ask if they have anything to do with it.
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 03:36 PM

i have straight talk . i have found its better for me to use than any name brand cell service . i get better reception now than i ever did with us cellular. i use to have to go out side to talk on my my phone .
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 03:47 PM

Just like the TracFone service I use, Straight Talk buys space on other company's networks; it uses AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon towers. They don't have to maintain the towers, so the thought is the service is cheaper. I did find something that said it's Straight Talk that is bombarding you with popup ads, but I can't find it again. You also may have an app installed that is the culprit.
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 04:06 PM

whats funny is my old phone i never had these problems, but it bit the dust .
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 04:25 PM

Someone found that THIS was the app causing the popups on the lock screen as soon as he swiped it.

I found it, it was the Minifier Browser in the Samsung Aps
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Re: ad blocker - 07/31/19 04:34 PM

now to do some research and see if this is on my phone.
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