Slick trick, Android Emulators!

Posted By: Albert

Slick trick, Android Emulators! - 02/11/21 03:18 AM

I got a smartphone several years ago, mainly for emergency use outside the home (which ain’t too much these days). Its huge advantage is it’s small and very easy to carry. Its main disadvantage is its small and kind of hard to read, especially after you’ve had cataract surgery and need reading glasses. Then I found several apps I Really liked, like SmartNews that you just can’t get for a PC. Its not all news, there’s also a lot of humorous and informative stuff like history.

Then I found this slick trick, Android Emulators! They’re programs that emulate the Android OS on your computer so you can run all your favorite apps on your computer with its nice giant screen. There are several, but Bluestacks is consistently rated at or near the top in all the reviews I’ve seen.


PS Forgot to mention BlueStacks is FREE!
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Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Slick trick, Android Emulators! - 02/11/21 04:07 AM

That is great Albert and good to see you here! I love my smart phone but there are some things I'd rather do still on the computer.

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