Swiffer® WetJet

Posted By: family

Swiffer® WetJet - 05/08/21 12:19 AM

is this a good buy, what can i use it for. cool wave blackkitty catrub lab puppy kitty cat burger wavegirl angel bedtime i never used it.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Swiffer® WetJet - 05/08/21 01:53 AM
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Swiffer® WetJet - 05/08/21 02:52 AM

To be honest, I do not have one, but I am in clients homes all day and I have on occasion had to use one to clean up after their pets. I am unimpressed with them.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Swiffer® WetJet - 05/08/21 03:06 AM

I have one, but I never use it as intended. The only way I use it is as a handle to hold the pads and wipe up my floors. I loathed the supplied cleaner with its cloying sweet stench. I mix my own. It works pretty well as just something to clean my kitchen floor with though...
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