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Posted By: Rowan

Sacred 2 - 01/07/09 03:11 PM

I received Sacred 2 for Christmas and decided to load it up. It took a VERY long time to install. However, when I try to start the game I get a message "game client has stopped" and the game will not load. I added all the patches and the same message. I uninstalled, reinstalled and get the same message both with and without patches. However, there was one instance when the character creation screen loaded so I thought all was ok. Because it took so long to install I had to stop becase I didn't have time to actually play. Now I continue getting the game client message.

I have Vista and I believe my machine meets the requirements. There is one thing that I would like to try and that is to turn off my anti-virus and firewall. I have McAfee. How do I do that? Plus any other tips, please.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/07/09 03:18 PM

Rowan, Do you want me to move this to Glitches?

I don't have McAfee so can't help you though I'm sure one of our members will be able to wave
Posted By: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/10/09 01:34 PM

I have McAfee and here is how I turn it off.
1. Right click on the symbol and pick Open Security Center.
2. Next click on Computer & Files that is right under the big green check mark.
3. Next click on configure button.
4. Now click on off for all of them and McAfee is turned off.
(when it asks if how long to turn it off for I usually say until computer restart)(you can have the program turn it back on for you anytime by letting it fix it for you.)
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/10/09 03:07 PM

Thanks, VHL, I'll try that later today after chores are done. I'll let you know if that is the issue with my game.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/10/09 11:44 PM

Well turning off the anti-virus software didn't affect anything. I still get the message that the game client stopped. If anyone who had a similar experience with Sacred 2 your input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/11/09 10:04 PM

I had the same issue and the advice I got from the Sacred Forums was to disable in Task Manager the following:


I have had no troubles since. It will not play if I don't close that program first.

Ana luck
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/12/09 02:07 AM

You give me hope, Anna. wave Please tell me how to do this.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/12/09 08:23 PM

Hi Rowan,

When you are at the desktop, and assuming things work the same with Windows Vista, hit control + alt + delete, and this will bring up the task manager. Find and then click on the exe file that Ana mentioned above, and then click on end process in the lower righthand corner of the window. This should do the trick. wave
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/13/09 01:03 AM

Thank you. I did that and it didn't solve my problem. I went to the sacred forums and checked their site for answers. I disabled all possible background programs to no avail. I've used the Windows utility to see if I have the latest drivers and it says I do. My graphics driver is the original installed in 2007 but the system utility says this is the latest. I've put in all available patches but can't get past the black screen and then the message "game client has stopped." I'm quite disheartened as I was really looking forward to playing this.
Posted By: oldman

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/13/09 02:23 AM

I know how frustrating that can be. You've probably tried this already but in case you haven't you could check the windows firewall to see if you have Sacred 2 as an exception.

Just hit start and type in windows firewall and then after you open the windows firewall on your left will be an option for exceptions.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/13/09 01:51 PM

Rowan, you may want to post a question directly to the Sacred 2 Forums. I'm also moving this over to Glitches.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/13/09 06:15 PM

Thanks for moving the thread.

My Windows firewall in the public profile is turned off in order to not conflict with the McAfee firewall. However, I never knew that Windows had a firewall comnpartment for domain and private profiles. This is turned on on my computer. Do I even need this as I am the only computer here anyway? I have tried starting the game with McAfee firewall locked down and unlocked and it doesn't make any difference.
Posted By: Robert Gault

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/13/09 08:32 PM

If a computer never connects to the Internet and is not on a LAN, there is no reason to have a firewall. If there is a connection to another system, then there is a route for malwear to enter and some form of protection is advisable. What you need depends on the security of the system.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/13/09 11:27 PM

Rowan, it will depend on what you are using. McAfee Personal Firewall plus does recommend that the Windows firewall be shut down to prevent conflicts, but you should make sure it (McAfee) is configured for your system and use before shutting down the Windows firewall. The link below goes to the McAfee support page containing links to the various Product Guides. Find your product and check firewall set-up on the guide or manual.

Product Guides & Datasheets

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/14/09 02:10 AM

Actually my biggest concern is to get Sacred 2 working. I knew that only one firewall should be used on the computer. I've tried playing Sacred 2 with the firewall on and off and the game doesn't work either way. So I am still looking for a way to get it going. It has to be something else. Hope someone can help. I've posted in the Sacred site but no response yet.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/14/09 09:25 PM

Hi Rowan,

I saw your posts over on the Sacred 2 forum. For what it's worth, SecuROM is a copy-protection program, and apparently that's what the Sacred 2 game uses.

More info here:

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 12:03 AM

Yes, I've seen that, Marian. I've downloaded a utility that someone offered on the Sacred 2 site but haven't used it yet. I've asked whether it fixes only Sacred 2 or if it also affects other areas of the computer - no answer. The one "answer" I got was rather snooty and sarcastic and not helpful at all. Even though I haven't found a solution yet I am very grateful that people are much friendlier here.

I'm also not sure if you delete the securom files if it makes it impossible to deactivate your game which would mean I wouldn't be able to reinstall it more than twice for future replays. I'm not even sure if this utility to bypass the copy protection is legal or not.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 01:00 AM

What is the name of this utility and what is it supposed to do?
If it removes SecuROM files, no game that uses SecuROM will start.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 01:15 AM

Hi Jenny,

If Rowan doesn't mind, I will send you a link to this discussion (Rowan's post is the last one, and you will need to scroll up a few notes for this "fix" that is being offered to people who can't get the game to run). This is all way out of my depth, and all I want is for Rowan to be able to play her game! frown


Maybe you could shed some light on all of this...I really wanted to help Rowan, but as of right now I have absolutely no clue what to suggest...and I couldn't find anything in the Sacred 2 technical forums that was useful.

Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 03:15 AM

I assume the file in that thread called "" is what it says it is. In other words, it deletes SecuROM registry entries.

Going by what circuitbreaker303 said in that thread, he thinks copy "protections" are fighting with each other and the copy "protection" from another game may be preventing the copy "protection" from Sacred 2 from working. So maybe what that "" file does is remove leftover versions of SecuROM from other games. You may have to uninstall and reinstall Sacred 2 after using it though.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 04:03 PM

Thank you, Jenny; so, that registry edit might be worth pursuing.

Rowan, what video card and driver version are you running? I know you checked into whether or not you have the latest video drivers for your card, but it's still worth a look-see.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 05:52 PM

Well I ran that registry edit and the game still didn't start. When I uninstalled it I didn't get the message to deactivate it which means I lost one of two chances to load this game. I was afraid of that. I will try to reinstall it again but it takes a long time to do. I'll get back on that one.

Marian, my vido card is a GeForce Go 7950 GTX. According to my recent dxdiag the installed driver is the original retail driver version dated 10/04/07. When I ran Windows updater it checked my computer and online for a newer one but it gave me a message that I had the best one. On the Nvidia site there is a newer one but it is a beta version. The other weird thing is that when I uninstalled Sacred 2 I noticed that nvidia had installed new drivers on 17/09/08. So I don't understand why these don't show up in the dxdiag or in the search.

Anyway, back to reinstalling Sacred 2. This is the worst experience I've ever had with getting a game to run.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 06:12 PM

Rowan, there's a guy in this thread who is running the game on a laptop with the same video card as yours (his name is Batman), and he got the game started by changing his native resolution that was set to 1280 x 768, to 1280 x 800. Try checking and seeing if your graphics resolution is set to 1280 x 800.


And yes, I saw those beta drivers on the Nvidia website.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/15/09 07:00 PM

Changing the screen resolution didn't help. frown Thank you so much for trying to help.

I don't think I have any hair left.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/19/09 06:46 PM

Update: I sent a support ticket to cdvusa (a web site that handles problem issues with this game) and got the automated response to update: Framework
-Microsoft c++ Redistributable
-Video Card Drivers

Well this is all Greek to me. I've already checked the video drivers and I supposedly have the best available driver. There is a newer beta driver but am not sure if it is wise to install a beta driver. I have DirectX 10 which I believe is the latest. Can someone give me any tips on the other 3 things I should check? I don't even know where to look in my computer or elsewhere about Framework, MS c++ Redistributable, or OpenAl. Thanks in advance. I allow Windows Update to automatically update stuff so I assume everything essential is covered.

Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/19/09 10:02 PM

Hi Rowan,

Some of the stuff you mentioned on that list goes over my head, but what I can tell you is that (if Windows Vista works the same way as Windows XP in this regard) Microsoft Net Framework can be found in your add/remove programs list--it will also tell you what version of Net Framework you have (there was a 1.0, and now there's a 2.0, plus an upgrade to 2.0); if you do regular Windows updates, I would think you would be up to date with Net Framework. Still, take a look and see. smile
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/20/09 06:40 PM

That's strange. I can't find MS Net Framework or OpenAl but I do see 2 MS c++ Redistributables. One is an update so at least that is ok as far as I can tell.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/20/09 07:13 PM

In my add/remove programs, it is listed as Microsoft .NET Framework.

You really need to ascertain as to whether the latest version of this is on your computer or not--if it is not, it could well be the reason that the game doesn't start up. It wouldn't be a big deal to download it if you don't have it.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/22/09 06:41 PM

OK, I've found Microsoft.Net Framework v.3 in my Windows directory. That's standard for Vista. On the Microsoft site there is a version 3.5 and also a 3.5 service pack 1. Do I download both of them in order or just the sevice pack? I'm afraid of doing something that may mess up my computer.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/22/09 09:53 PM

Can you find them using Windows Update?
Windows Update should tell you what can be installed.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/23/09 12:36 AM

Jenny, I asked this already at the cdvusa support site. The response I had was that the Windows Updater usually misses the Framework and the c++ Redistributable files. It's so frustrating for me because every time I ask a question on my support ticket there it takes several days to get a response. So each time I ask for a clarification there it delays the final answer so much longer. I just hoped someone here would know about this stuff. I wish the Windows Updater had a search area where I could choose specifically what to look for but it just does its own thing.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/23/09 01:59 AM

Go to the Windows Update site. Choose Custom updates and look under Optional.

Windows Automatic update isn't going to find optional updates.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/23/09 02:20 AM

When I go to Windows Update site on the Internet it automatically launches my computer's updater. that brings me right back to where I started.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/23/09 03:23 AM

Do you ever see anything like ***this***?
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/23/09 06:38 PM

Jenny, I checked the address bar of that site you showed and typed it into mine. As soon as I pressed the go button it changed to vista default and brought me back to an automatic connection to my own updater. Back to square one. It's been 3 days since I heard from the cdvusa site. The last time I got an email from them they said I had to update that list of drivers before they would go to the next step with me to run that game. I just want some reassurance that I won't mess up how my computer functions for other stuff than this game.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/23/09 08:07 PM

Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?

Are you seeing Microsoft's interface or an interface from some type of 3rd party management software you installed?

It seems to me you should be seeing some sort of link that allows you to change your updating Options.

But this is taking a ridiculous amount of time.

Originally Posted By: Rowan
On the Microsoft site there is a version 3.5 and also a 3.5 service pack 1. Do I download both of them in order or just the service pack?

If you know you don't have any version of .NET 3.5, install 3.5 and then 3.5 SP1.

This is the description of 3.5 SP1

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is a full cumulative update that contains many new features building incrementally upon .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and includes cumulative servicing updates to the .NET Framework 2.0 and .NET Framework 3.0 subcomponents.

That sounds to me like the "cumulative" part is the servicing updates and not the .NET 3.0 or 3.5 framework itself. In any case, it won't hurt to install the older version first, and will certainly take less time than fussing around with Windows Update has taken.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/27/09 04:46 PM

I hate to kick an old horse when it's down, but I too am not able to load Sacred 2 on my puter..haveVista, have all the requirments, just can not load it, an error message everytime I tried..looks like Rowan and I are in the same boat..and it's sinking

Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/27/09 06:32 PM

What is the exact text of the error message?
Posted By: nickie

Re: Sacred 2 - 01/28/09 02:38 AM

Glad you found this thread Popcorn - was just looking for an answer to your question on the RPG forum. Hope you can get the game to play.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Sacred 2 - 02/03/09 05:06 PM

Hello everyone. I wish to thank you for all your efforts to help me. The CDV people finally said they've done all they could to help and they sent my support ticket to Ascaron direct. The developers in turn pointed me toward a new beta video driver. Windows Updater doesn't download beta products but that did the trick. I have now started to play and it's an awesome game.

Popcorneater, from that experience I would suggest looking up the latest video driver. I don't know what card you have but I learned not to rely on the Windows Updater.
Posted By: jzt

Re: Sacred 2 - 02/03/09 07:27 PM

If you want the latest drivers for your card and not beta you need to go to this site:
Posted By: Marian

Re: Sacred 2 - 02/03/09 08:56 PM

Rowan, I'm so glad to hear that you are FINALLY able to play this game--and that it was worth the wait!! thumbsup smile
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