Dark Fall Lost souls & Windows 7

Posted By: ces

Dark Fall Lost souls & Windows 7 - 06/21/11 03:16 AM

I bought this when it first came out - since then I've moved, I have a new computer, a new 26-inch monitor, and I installed Windows 7. So today I unwrapped my game, installed it, and tried to play it using my native resolution of 1920x1280.

The problem is - no display. I even turned down my resolution to 1024x768. I have sound. The cell phone pops up. The inventory pops up. I can grab an inventory item and move it around the (dark) screen. And that is it. I can't even close the game unless I use my Task Manager. I then tried it on an older Vista laptop and got the same results.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your help.
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Re: Dark Fall Lost souls & Windows 7 - 06/21/11 03:27 AM

Does your video card or chip meet the minimum requirements? This game is listed as one that plays in Windows 7 with no tweaking necessary in our Windows 7 and Games thread stickied at the top of the Glitches forum.

OS: Windows® 7/Vista™/XP (SP2/SP3)
CPU: Intel® Pentium® IV or equivalent AMD®
RAM: 512 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended for Windows® Vista™)
Graphics Card & Monitor: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0C Compatible 3D accelerated video card, supporting 32bit (true color) color depth at 1024x768
Sound: 16-bit DirectX® 9.0C Sound Card
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Re: Dark Fall Lost souls & Windows 7 - 06/21/11 05:05 AM

Near the bottom of ***this page*** there are three posts that may help:
Originally Posted By: tabarme
I'm getting a strange black screen. I can see the cursor, cellphone, and I think some picked up items at the start of the game.(vodka,pills) But I don't see the main room picture just that black screen. If anyone can help that would be great.

Originally Posted By: kira-san
use your cellphone,there is a light function XD

Originally Posted By: Bout
On the left you have the phone .
On the phone you have a symbol of a flashlight just press on it with the mouse .
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Re: Dark Fall Lost souls & Windows 7 - 06/23/11 07:26 PM

Thank you so much!

Draclvr, thanks, that was the first thing I checked. Fortunately, my desktop computer is 3 months old, and passed all requirements. :-)

Jenny100, you ALWAYS come through! Thanks! I had done a search, but hadn't found anything - my search skills aren't the greatest. :-(
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Re: Dark Fall Lost souls & Windows 7 - 06/23/11 08:06 PM

So did it work? Hope so.
I think games should be very careful about starting with a puzzle that could be interpreted as a glitch.
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