Alter Ego patch?

Posted By: AngieB

Alter Ego patch? - 08/02/11 11:19 PM

I just installed Alter Ego and it crashes as soon as I hit "play". I searched but did not find a patch for the us version--has anyone else experience problems with this game??

Posted By: Cathy1

Re: Alter Ego patch? - 08/03/11 01:19 AM

It worked fine on my XP machine. It never crashed once.
Posted By: cazziejoe

Re: Alter Ego patch? - 08/03/11 02:08 AM

YES.Lost my saves!
But honestly don't bother; played about 3-4 hours, what a snore.
Posted By: Barry

Re: Alter Ego patch? - 08/03/11 03:52 AM

Had no problems and really liked it. Good story , graphics and character interaction, just what I look for in a game. Never bored for a minute.
Posted By: Cathy1

Re: Alter Ego patch? - 08/03/11 06:17 PM

Is your audio and video acceleration on full ?
You may have turned them down for a previous game.
What are your system specs ? Here are the system requirements.
I ran it on a XP home SP3 1.8 ghz 256 mb video card.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor : Intel Pentium IV at 2.5 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2600+
Video Card : 128 MB VRAM – NVIDIA Geforce 6600 / ATI Radeon 9600 or better
Memory : 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk : 3 GB of free Hard Drive space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Direct X : 9.0c
Controls : Keyboard & Mouse
Installation : DVD-ROM Drive

Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Alter Ego patch? - 08/03/11 06:31 PM

Alter Ego would not work on my computer. I suspect the SecuROM copy "protection" was incompatible with my computer because it's caused problems in the past. But the game apparently also needs a higher video card spec than what it lists in the system requirements.

I gave the game away and watched a playthrough on Youtube. This particular playthrough by MrFlameifrit was almost like playing the game yourself

If I hadn't already given it away, I would have sold it because it's not something I'd have wanted to play again. Unlikable characters, a gloomy brown gameworld, and a bad ending. The voice acting was good though, and the thief's accent was particularly charming.
Posted By: Cathy1

Re: Alter Ego patch? - 08/03/11 07:10 PM

Yes Jenny. My video card is a Nvidea GeForce 7300 GS.
Posted By: AngieB

Re: Alter Ego patch? - 08/03/11 07:11 PM

thank you all for your responses. I think I will watch the playthrough and if it looks good I will tinker w my settings but I my personal experience in tinkering is that I ususally mess things up. Alter Ego may just be available on soon!
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