Rhiannon patch?

Posted By: birddog

Rhiannon patch? - 08/28/12 12:46 AM

I am playing Rhiannon again - I bought the game a while back. I remember having the same problem: I cannot get the letters to appear on the door after having lit the fire and getting the note from Rhiannon in the book. Even though it is in my inventory it is still in the book. Is there a patch? I have looked and looked.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Rhiannon patch? - 08/28/12 01:40 AM

There's no patch. There is probably something you haven't done yet that is supposed to trigger the letters appearing on the door. I remember I got stuck a couple of times with similar things in Rhiannon.

You might try asking in Hints. Someone there may at least have a saved game for you. Do you have the disc version or the Big Fish version?

You might also check UHS-Hints at
to see if they give a clue to the problem.
Posted By: birddog

Re: Rhiannon patch? - 08/28/12 01:21 PM

I have the disc version.
Posted By: Jema

Re: Rhiannon patch? - 08/28/12 01:43 PM

birddog, a couple of questions:

1. Did you go in the bathroom across the hall from Jen's lab, open the right faucet, see the word "hearken" in the steam on the mirror, and hear The Ash Grove music?

2. Then, when you go to Rhiannon's bedroom door, did you click on the door handle?

Posted By: birddog

Re: Rhiannon patch? - 08/29/12 01:10 AM

Yes to both questions.
Posted By: birddog

Re: Rhiannon patch? - 08/29/12 02:26 AM

I started a new game and this time I didn't pick up the ladder - everything else I did was same.
That made the difference!
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Rhiannon patch? - 08/29/12 03:53 PM

If you did everything in the exact same order as before, that's weird. But doing the exact same things in a different order has been known to get people past problems like this.

Glad to hear you were able to get past the trouble spot. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game.
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