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Malvertising - 10/04/14 08:45 PM

Have you seen the latest Malwarebytes report on "malvertising"?
To quote them, "Malicious ads are displayed to millions of visitors (to popular sites) who do not actually need to click them to get infected."

I wasn't terribly surprised to learn that Google and Zedo were involved though I hadn't known until I read this that Google owns the highly irritating Double Click.

Richard may not have done anything to bring on all the problems with his new computer.
It wouldn't hurt, though, for him to make sure his Flash plugin is up to date.

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Re: Malvertising - 10/04/14 08:59 PM

What flash plugin? never heard of it. Thanks for letting me know traveler. That doesn't sound good at all. I'm using adw cleaner. So far I haven't had any ads or popups on my pc. Thanks for the info. On the left side where I writing what does HTML is disabled mean. UBBCode is enabled and the add signature is checked.
Do the companys that put all the ads on expect people to but their product. They must think we are stupid. They must know we don't like all the ads showing up on the web site. Sorry if I sound mad.
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Re: Malvertising - 10/04/14 09:19 PM

HTML (Hypertext markup language) is the code in which sites are written (said the non-expert) and forums, too.
GB doesn't use HTML for the forum.
It uses UBB (evidently another type of code) instead.
So, it's really nothing for you to be worried about. smile

You probably do have Adobe Flash on your computer, Richard.
I have it on mine.
It's pretty much a standard thing.
Here's Wikipedia about it.
You can check under Add/Remove programs to see if it's there.

Edit: Come to think of it, one of my games from GOG is a flash game: The Ballads of Reemus.
Without the flash plugin, I couldn't play it.
It's goofy but fun and since I got it on a Deep discount, I'm not complaining. grin

Btw, Richard, the ads are annoying (which is why so many of us block them) but those companies aren't responsible for the malware that can be distributed with them.
The bad guys have figured out a way to piggyback on legit ads (at least that's what I got from the report) and hit your computer through them.

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