GamersGate problems?

Posted By: Terri824

GamersGate problems? - 12/20/14 08:50 PM

Hi. I ordered a Hidden Object bundle on GamerGate Thurs. After purchasing this I was then told on the site that I already owned it. (why wouldn't they tell you this before they got your money?)So I asked for a refund or credit and was told that I couldn't get one because I had already started downloading one of the games. After making that purchase I went along my merry way doing something else, somewhere else. This is absurd! Why would I d/load it again if I already had it. In fact I don't think I downloaded them from the first purchase. I think I've made my last purchase from them and am wondering if anyone else has had problems with them!

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Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: GamersGate problems? - 12/20/14 09:16 PM

Maybe you just had one of them that was in the bundle. They wouldn't know that if you didn't purchase from them, it would happen in install.

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Posted By: kjos

Re: GamersGate problems? - 12/20/14 09:49 PM

Terri, are you sure you got it from GamersGate, I went in GamersGate and there was no games listed. I checked some other web sites on my shortcuts and they didn't have any listing either. I used Google and there was some other web sites that have,Gamehouse was one that have, Hidden Object bundle. Just to be a little help.
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Re: GamersGate problems? - 12/21/14 08:14 PM

Oh yes, it's gamersgate. I ordered from an email that was sent to me on Thurs. 18., Holiday Sale Dec.2-22. As I told them, if you are that desperate for that little bit of money just keep it and remove me from your subscription list. I have little or no patience for dishonesty!

Ana, not sure if I understand. You're saying they monitor your PC/downloads from other sites?

I may have to stick with a website that tells you if you've already purchased from them and Amazon is one of them.

Posted By: sanford

Re: GamersGate problems? - 12/21/14 08:18 PM

Terri, GOG is another one that tells you that you have already purchased a particular game.
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Re: GamersGate problems? - 12/22/14 05:58 AM

I have purchased most of my games from GOG. I do like dealing with them, thus far.
Many times I will buy a game and just not want to play it at the time and then forget about it. Then it comes up for sale with a good price and I purchase or try to purchase it again. Gee, at least I'm consistent.
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Re: GamersGate problems? - 12/22/14 02:45 PM

GOG will tell you if already own a game -- but only if you bought it from GOG and not from somewhere else. Since you buy from several sites, you should probably make a list of the games you've bought and where you bought them from.
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Re: GamersGate problems? - 12/22/14 07:38 PM

I thought about the same thing the other day. Thanks for the reminder Jenny! santa

Just a quick mention. Sanford, Steam also lets your know if you have the game on site and also if you've already added it to your wish list.

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