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Posted By: Smiley456

Old version of Firefox - 04/27/15 05:25 PM

Does anyone know what the old version of Firefox was before the Chrome copy update versions? The reason I'm asking is because I just did a complete reinstall of Windows 7.
Posted By: Cue

Re: Old version of Firefox - 04/27/15 07:22 PM

This might help: Firefox Revision History
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Old version of Firefox - 04/27/15 11:05 PM

Perhaps your answer is here
where it's talking about Firefox 29 and says
Australis is Mozilla's effort to bring a cleaner look to the browser and includes a new "customisation mode" in the pop-out settings menu, which hosts standard tools and provides a space for third-party add-ons to be installed.

Computerworld also says Firefox 29 with its "Australis" UI sent people looking for other browsers.

So maybe you're looking for Firefox 28.

However what I do is use a recent Firefox with the "Classic Theme Restorer" and "Downloads Window" add-ons and make it look like an old version.
Posted By: Smiley456

Re: Old version of Firefox - 04/30/15 08:37 AM

Yeah, version 28 is the correct one. I already run the laptop with the new Firefox version with the same add-ons as you do Jenny.
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