Can't access Ch 3 of "The Raven"

Posted By: boidsonly

Can't access Ch 3 of "The Raven" - 10/16/16 06:49 PM

I'm playing the retail (DVD) version of the Raven and have completed CH's 1 & 2. For some odd reason Ch 3 is grayed out and and reads "unavailable." Ch's 1 & 2 have been totally completed (credits rolling, etc).

Any ideas what may be going on? The DVD has all 3 chapters included. I've experienced no bugs, etc. I did have to dumb down video quality to the low setting to stop the stuttering.

Any insight would be helpful,
Posted By: Marian

Re: Can't access Ch 3 of "The Raven" - 10/16/16 07:00 PM

Have you tried starting a new game and then choosing chapter 3? I am not positive, but based on what I am reading online, it sounds like this is what you might need to do.
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