Yesterday Origins

Posted By: gameho

Yesterday Origins - 11/11/16 05:05 AM

I just purchased this game on Steam today...I was really looking forward to it. When I launch the game, it goes to a black screen with a white circle that just spins and spins and spins etc..
Has anyone else had this this problem and if so did you fix it? I will give it another day or two then I am requesting a refund.



I am checking it every few's still spinning! I also deleted and re-installed the game. Still spinning!
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/11/16 05:16 AM

Is it still downloading?
Or downloading again?
Posted By: gameho

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/11/16 05:19 AM

No, it's finished downloading and I get the Play! screen. When I click Play! that's when it starts to spin forever. Thanks for listening and trying to help.


When I go back to Steam, it tells me it's running. I have it minimized and it's still spinning. I didn't mean to "stack the post"; I thought I clicked "edit". Sorry.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/11/16 05:45 AM

I combined your posts for you.
I checked Steam forums and it looks to me like the game will need a patch.

Make sure your graphics card meets the requirements.
They did the backgrounds in 3D so requirements are higher than for previous games from Pendulo.
Graphics: ATI/NVIDIA dedicated/integrated or mobile graphic card, with at least 512MB of dedicated VRAM and with at least Shader Model 4.0 support
Posted By: sanford

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/11/16 06:21 AM

Hi Gameho,
I too, purchased this game from Steam, and after launching the game for the first time, I DID get that "spinning circle" for quite a long time. I also thought that it wouldn't start at all, but after waiting, and waiting, and waiting, it DID finally start after all, and it's running really well on my
Win 10 computer. Give it another try before you ask for Steam Support,which usually turns out to be NON-support, at least in my case. Maybe others have had better experiences using Steam Support, but I have NOT.
I hope you get your game up and running really soon.
Posted By: gameho

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/11/16 03:32 PM

Sanford, do you have to wait a long time every time you launch the game or just the initial launch?

It has been "spinning" for about 2 hours now. I know you said you waited a long time, but this is ridiculous!
Posted By: sanford

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/11/16 08:25 PM

Now when I launch the game it does not take too long to start., as it did the first time. As far as having to wait for two hours or more to launch it is definitely NOT normal. I guess you will have to contact Steam Support after all. i'm sorry that you are experiening this problem, and I hope that Steam will get your game up and running. Good Luck, and please keep us posted.
Sandy (Sanford)
Posted By: gameho

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/12/16 04:40 AM

Thanks, Sandy. I am very frustrated; it runs just fine on my son's computer and he has a older one than mine! I was so looking forward to this game. I'm afraid I am going to run out on the Steam refund option because every time I try to run it, I get extra "play" hours. I will try to keep you I the only one that has this problem?

Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/12/16 05:06 AM

Other people have had the problem with the game not starting, but the most common problem is a disappearing cursor.

I suggest getting the refund.
You can always buy it again later if you hear the problem is fixed. Either that or play it on your son's computer.
Posted By: sanford

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/12/16 08:25 AM

Hi Jenny, I'm getting the same problem regarding the disappearing cursor, but, unfortunately when I now restart the game, I am NOT getting the "settings screen" any longer when I start the game, as stated in the forum link you provided. so I can't adjust the resolution in order to correct that cursor problem. I also purchased this game from Steam. Any input about this problem would be appreciated.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/12/16 02:12 PM

There's probably some way to get the game to display the resolution setting again. Games often have a separate configuration utility you could run, usually in the same folder or Start Menu location as the game .exe. So if you can find the game folder, look to see if you can find a different .exe besides the game .exe.

The game would also have created a configuration file (or files) somewhere, which might be editable. But who knows where it would be these days. Possibly the same folder as the saves, possibly the game folder. It might be an .ini or .inf or .conf.or file that is editable with notepad.


You might need Visual C++. The developer posted links to DirectX 9.0c and Visual C++ at Steam forums.

Most people who've played adventure games and older games on their computers will already have DirectX 9.0c. But it's possible they don't have the 64-bit version of Visual C++.
Originally Posted By: PENDULO Studios
Regarding the problem with the cursor dissapearing. We need more information about the problem: graphics card used, resolution of the monitor, steps to reproduce it, etc. Any information could be very helpful. Also, please, it is very important that you update your DirectX and graphics card drivers to the very last version.
In order to update DirectX

Link to DirectX

- Regarding the problem with the game not loading at the very beginning (infinite loop in the loading screen). Install the redistributable that you can find at:

Link to Microsoft Redistributable Installer

and then, choose the 64 bits version after clicking on download (vc_redist.x64.exe). If this doesn't fix your problem, please, let us know.


From the Steam forum, apparently there was an update that broke the mouse control for some people. Update was announced here
Issues were reported afterward...
Posted By: sanford

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/12/16 09:22 PM

Thanks again, Jenny,
I'll give it a try and see what happens. On this subject, I DID already go to my Steam folder, then to the folder "Yesterday Origins", and just for the heck of it, Right clicked on the "exe" file> Compatability, and checked "Display Scaling", and also "Run as Administrator". I then launched the game again, and SO FAR, My cursor is NOT disappearing,but not only THAT, the cursor is actually steadier than it was before. I also created a shortcut for the .exe that is in the actual folder, and I'm launching the game from THAT icon on my desktop, and NOT from the original game shortcut provided by Steam. If this doesn't continue to work for me, I will address this as well at a later time.
BTW, I'm still NOT getting the Settings Menu when launching the game, but if it's working correctly after tailoring the Compatibility settings. it rally doesn't matter any longer, at least in MY case. WHEW!
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/12/16 11:56 PM

Well it sounds like you fixed it, Sanford, and in your case the problem had nothing to do with changing resolution. Maybe your resolution is already set properly. As for why it worked at first and then stopped working -- that probably had something to do with the new version of the game that was automatically downloaded through Steam. But now it's fixed and hopefully will stay that way.
Posted By: sanford

Re: Yesterday Origins - 11/13/16 01:20 AM

Thanks Jenny, and the word IS "hopefully". LOL
Posted By: TeaMonster

Re: Yesterday Origins - 12/20/16 01:05 AM


I really hope that someone can help me here...
Am also getting the never ending loading screen :-( I have downloaded the Redistributable and tried to install it several times, but nothing is happening... The last time I let it run for several hours over the night, and it never finishes! It hasn't frozen, I can still choose to cancel it, and then it says that it failed because I ended it.
I have noticed that on the microsoft site it says that the file should be 13,9 MB, all mine are 13,8 MB?
Can that be the problem or is it something else? Maybe someone can provide me with a "full" file?
Help please!!!
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 12/20/16 01:37 AM

You might have to run the Visual C++ as an Administrator.
Right-click the file, then choose "Run As Administrator.

It should not take several hours to install, but it might hang and never start installing if antivirus or UAC is blocking it. An antivirus may also slow the installation way down, or put up prompts behind the installation window so you don't see them.

The problem could be something else of course, like the game not being set for the right resolution for your monitor.
Posted By: TeaMonster

Re: Yesterday Origins - 12/20/16 01:08 PM

Hi Jenny100!

Tried running it as administrator and turned off the antivirus, but it is still the same never ending install...
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 12/20/16 04:04 PM

Do you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?
There are different downloads depending on which one you have.
Posted By: TeaMonster

Re: Yesterday Origins - 12/20/16 04:16 PM

I have win7 64-bit and have downloaded the version they mension on steam.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Yesterday Origins - 12/20/16 05:11 PM

I just downloaded vc_redist.x64.exe from

The file size I get is 13.9 MB (14,572,000 bytes)

The md5 checksum is

If you don't have an md5 utility, you can upload to and look for the md5 under the "additional information" tab of the results for the md5 and other checksums (checksums make sure you got the whole file)

I don't know why it should take a long time to install.

Do you have Windows 7 SP1 installed?
According to what I read, SP1 is necessary to install vc_redist.x64.exe on Windows 7.
Posted By: TeaMonster

Re: Yesterday Origins - 12/20/16 06:00 PM

I get the same checksum as you.
Right clicking on the file it says size 13,8 (14 572 000 byte)
and size on disk 13,8 (14 573 568 byte)

I have SP1.

I really appriciate your help!
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