Help in installing RAMA

Posted By: Murphy

Help in installing RAMA - 05/23/18 02:40 PM

Hi guys- I had the wild hair to try and go replay this golden oldie...I found some 'updated' instructions on how to do it using suirrelthecat as an installer. However, I run into problems trying to mount an image either from my original cd's or from files found out on the web. (There seems to be an issue with Daemon Tools Lite in here too, at least with the current build of Win 10 (x64). Would appreciate any thoughts or tips on how to go about getting up and running, if anyone has been down this path in recent years. I've been here long enough to remember a page by Inferno of how to get older games going in XP, but don't know if that would even apply anymore, lol!
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Help in installing RAMA - 05/23/18 03:02 PM

Have you tried it with the current version of ScummVM?
RAMA is supposed to work with version ScummVM version 2.0.0

ScummVM might work better with Windows 10 than the squirtthecat installer.

There is also a DOSBox installer at Sierrahelp
Posted By: Murphy

Re: Help in installing RAMA - 05/24/18 05:55 PM

ScummVM working like a charm so far-thanks!!!
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