Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory

Posted By: oldbroad

Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/08/18 06:55 PM

I had been using Internet Explorer up until about a month ago when my WOT would no longer work with it. I have finally almost gotten used to Firefox but it hogs all of my memory. As soon as I open Firefox, my physical memory usage rises about 30%. If I try to actually look at something, an article or recipe, the usage goes so high that it often gets stuck and I have a lot of trouble closing it even using task manager. Firefox does not seem to affect the CPU usage.

I went into Internet Explorer to compare, and my physical memory usage went up a little as did my CPU usage. This was much more usable to look at a recipe.

Is there some explanation for this? Is there some other browser that won't use all of my physical memory? Is there something in Firefox setting to change? I did look but didn't see anything.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/08/18 06:59 PM

I have used Firefox for years and have never had the problems you describe.

I found this page, though, that offers tips about it.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/08/18 07:22 PM

Thanks Marian. I read through it but it doesn't look like there is anything helpful there for me except maybe one of the extensions that blocks ads. I'll have to see about that as I know there is usually something trying to load. Even when I click to "stop loading current page" though, it often won't stop.

I have 8GB Ram.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/08/18 08:51 PM

It's a pretty common problem for Firefox to use too much memory.
You can find a LOT of hits if you search for:

Firefox uses too much memory

There doesn't seem to be any solution that helps everyone, and blaming addons and extensions is worthless. Most people can tell if an addon is going to increase memory usage significantly, and why would the default extensions eat up more memory for one person than for another? Disabling something like an adblocker will only ensure Firefox downloads even more unwanted cr@p.

I suspect a lot of the problem is related to "prefetch" obnoxiousness -- In order to make Firefox "appear" to be faster, it downloads webpages from every link on every webpage you visit, just in case you happen to click on one of those links. Of course if you click a link for a website that Firefox has already downloaded, Firefox will "appear" faster than if it hadn't already downloaded the webpage. But it will also be using up your memory by caching a lot of downloaded junk from links you'd never dream of clicking on.

If you have a recent version of Firefox, you can check to see if it has the "Performance" tab that is mentioned on this site

If you have that Performance tab, uncheck the prefetch box and restart Firefox.

Note that some of what it calls "Performance" eats up resources while some will reduce unwanted background downloads. You definitely do not want to use that "Optimize Firefox" button if you're using any of those Extensions that it wants to disable. You can also try disabling UI animations (uncheck the box) and see if there's any effect (I doubt there would be much difference, but who knows).

It's pretty clear we need a better web browser than Firefox, but right now it's pretty much the least of evils.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/08/18 08:56 PM

And I'm like Marian... I've never had any issues like this with Firefox.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/08/18 10:24 PM

I don't see a "Performance" tab, just something under "General" in the options that is check to "use recommended performance settings".

I don't use an ad blocker. I was thinking that maybe I should use one as it seems that might help.

What about clearing history? It seems to keep too much history.

Thanks for your help!
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/09/18 12:36 AM

I have definitely turned off ALL add-ons except for an ad blocker. If you click on "learn more" in the Performance part, it will take you to an explanation of other things to do.
Posted By: Starcom

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/09/18 12:58 AM

Actually Jenny100, there is a Browser that you recommended awhile back re: "Pale Moon" which is the Sister (sort of) to Firefox and I have been using since and I find this Browser working fantastic, it is quick and there was a few sites that Firefox has yet to fix (8 months and counting) yet these sites work A1 with Pale Moon, I cannot thank you enough for suggesting this Browser and supplying the ling to it.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/09/18 01:27 AM

I don't have ANY add-ons at all as far as I know, not even an ad blocker. I'll go through them again to double check though and I will look at the "learn more" although I think I might have already. Also, will take a look at the "help" section which I did not look at. Thanks!

Pale Moon. Maybe I'll look at it. Thanks Starcom.
Posted By: oldmariner

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/12/18 06:40 AM

With Firefox at the top of the browser click on Tools, select Options. A page will load and in the left hand column select Privacy and Security The first line under History says Firefox will next to that line is a pull down box, select Never Remember History That will allow the program to dump all your history upon closing Firefox. There is also a tab allowing you to clear all stored data.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/12/18 10:18 AM

Thanks oldmariner!
Posted By: Mad

Re: Browsers, CPU Usage, and Memory - 11/12/18 02:12 PM

I don't remember EVER having encountered the issue you describe, oldbroad woozy

I use the "Clear Recent History" tab for Firefox and "Ccleaner" for everything else - and then run a "Norton Scan" just before I shut my machine down each day.

All of it only takes a few minutes and I feel "safe" having done it grin
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