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Posted By: Geo

Task Icons - 11/20/19 11:42 PM

Sometimes the taskbar icons die on my Win-10 machine. I saw the resolve on the internet of resetting Windows Explorer to get them active again but to me that is just a band-aid. Is there a way to actually fix the problem?
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Task Icons - 11/21/19 12:40 AM

I tried to do a search for your problem, and apparently there is a problem with icons going invisible (but actually still there and you can click the space) that may be different from a problem with the icons not being there at all.

Here's one fix that involves your antivirus and removing Desktop from the protected folders list:
If you are using Windows Defender as an antivirus, the above is probably not the problem, but if you're using a 3rd party antivirus this fix might help.

Some other potential fixes:
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Task Icons - 11/21/19 12:53 AM

Yes... first thing I was going to ask was what anti-virus you are using? I use Defender and have no problems. But a computer I worked on used McAfee and I had to exclude Desktop from it.
Posted By: Geo

Re: Task Icons - 11/21/19 07:10 AM

Thats not the problem. They dont disappear, they freeze.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Task Icons - 11/21/19 02:37 PM

Here are a couple of websites with possible fixes for non-working taskbar icons:
Posted By: Geo

Re: Task Icons - 11/21/19 06:34 PM

Yikes, re-starting windows explorer doesn't sound so bad after reading those fixes.
I wonder if using "Classic Shell" may be causing the problem?
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