Posted By: Geo

Ext.DVD - 01/04/20 06:33 AM

I am trying to install a USB external dvd player/burner to my Win-10 computer. I cannot get the drive (and drive letter) to show up on the left side in windows explorer. The drive seems ok because it shows up correctly when I plug it into my Win-7 computer. The strange thing is the icon shows up on the right under drives but not on the left where I need it. When I plug it in I get the USB chime but nothing shows up. Any ideas?
Posted By: Starcom

Re: Ext.DVD - 01/04/20 08:16 AM

Hi Geo,
Does your DVD show up in the Device Manager? If so, click on the DVD icon and your DVD Brand should be there, then right click on it and choose update driver.. If that does not work, choose Uninstall device, reboot your machine (leave the DVD plugged in) and Windows should hopefully detect it and install the proper drivers.
If your DVD does not show up in the Device Manager, try unplugging it and re-plug it in another USB port if you have another free one, if not, just re-plug it sometimes that is all that it takes.
If that still does not work, try rebooting anyway with your DVD plugged in and see if Windows picks it up.
Good luck
Posted By: Geo

Re: Ext.DVD - 01/04/20 09:11 AM

Thanks for the great hints Starcom but I had googled my problem and tried all of those ideas already when they came up. I finally found the drive on windows explorer. Very bizarre,it is there but it is in a FOLDER named with a dvd burning software I had previously installed. It is not labled with a drive letter as you would expect and is typical. I have never had anything like that happen before.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Ext.DVD - 01/04/20 03:12 PM

I just plugged my 1 TB WD exterior drive and it didn't show up either. But when I rebooted, it was both on the left side and with all the drives on the screen.
Posted By: Albert

Re: Ext.DVD - 01/10/20 02:57 AM

I’ve had this kind of problem a few times, mainly with external hard drives. Just double click on the drive in the right side pane. It will open up and then should show up on the left side.

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