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Posted By: The Haze

Microsoft office - 02/08/20 02:58 AM

Hi all, I hope this is proper spot for this. I recently bought a new gaming computer so I can finally play some games I've owned for a couple years which wouldn't run on my old computer. The games run fine and life is good (Except for that two-level maze at the end of "Obduction!") However, for some, perhaps foolish, reason I had them install Microsoft Office on the computer. It too runs fine BUT...I just got a notification that it requires a yearly re-activation which costs over $200! I write a lot of notes and letters for mailing and for Email, but I am old, and retired and in no way working in an office. Do I need "Office" for anything and if I let it lapse will I still have Microsoft Word to use for correspondence? I am running Windows 10.
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Re: Microsoft office - 02/08/20 03:01 AM

Oh, dear. They installed Office 365 which does require a yearly subscription. If you don't need all that, just let it expire. You have plenty of options for correspondence. Do you use Office Outlook for email?
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Re: Microsoft office - 02/08/20 03:41 AM

Actually, I still am on AOL. it"s expensive, but all my "Stuff" is there and I can find it. I think I still use Microsoft Explorer , too.
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Re: Microsoft office - 02/08/20 04:04 AM

OK. Then unless you really need Word, Power Point, Excel etc., you really don't need Office 365. If you want a word processor, there is a perfectly fine one in Windows 10. Just click on the search space on the lower left and find Wordpad. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but has the basics.

Explorer is just the ability to find things on your computer. It is the manilla file icon in your taskbar.

There are plenty of free options if you ever want to get rid of AOL. Thunderbird is a great email client. It is resident on your hard drive. If you prefer an on-line email, there is always Gmail and is great because it comes with on-line versions of Word, Excel, Power Point etc.
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Re: Microsoft office - 02/08/20 07:24 AM

I'm hesitant to suggest this because I don't know if it is a good option or not, but if you do want to stick with Office you can purchase Office 2019 Home and Business which has Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook Mail (or there is a version without the Outlook Mail that is cheaper). You pay just one time for it and it is only for use on one computer. If you do a "chat" with Microsoft and explain that you want to change from Office 365 to Office 2019, they MAY (MAY) work something out with you regarding the price. The problem with the "chat" sessions is sometimes I don't trust the person I'm chatting with. I've had a couple of helpful "chat" sessions including one where they helped me to "upgrade" something for a little cheaper price but I've also had at least one that I was very uncomfortable with and I ended the session without the offered help.

I also use (and pay for) an old email program (MSN). I feel about IT the way you do about your AOL!

I'm playing Obduction now also but am totally stuck at the moment. I think I'm around the area you mentioned. I'm stuck after that if you're talking about what I think you are.
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Re: Microsoft office - 02/08/20 03:18 PM

I recently purchased Office Home and Business 2019 which includes Outlook for a greatly reduced price a few months ago because I wanted to move away from my outdated Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Plus, my Office Home and Student 2010 will no longer be supported after next year.

If you don't need Outlook, Office home and Student 2019 which has Word, Power Point, Excel and a couple of other things is about $120 for a one time license.

But if all you want is a word processor, the one that comes with Windows is quite good.
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Microsoft office - 02/10/20 04:05 AM

Thanks to all of you for some valuable info. I.m fairly sure I can get by with Wordpad. I intend to find it and try it out tomorrow.
Posted By: Winx

Re: Microsoft office - 02/10/20 08:32 AM

I was pleased to discover that MS Office 2003 (the last version of Office with the old Menu format) still works fine in windows 10. I had thought to download the service & compatibility packs before I got my new computer so that Office 2003 can open more recent versions of the software.

As for Outlook, I haven't used it since Windows XP and have been using Thunderbird ever since. As it doesn't change that much, despite improvements, it's easy to transfer old mail and address books to it with every new computer. It's a nifty email program, much better than Outlook in my opinion.

It will even convert Outlook mail to Thunderbird, though that's a complicated process if I recall.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Microsoft office - 02/10/20 02:43 PM

Yes, my Office 2010 still works too and will after support ends next year. Just be aware that 2003 hasn't been supported for 6 years, so if there are any security issues, it's not patched. Security support ended in 2014. But you can just go ahead and use it if you want, as it will work just fine. Just be aware....
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Re: Microsoft office - 02/11/20 12:49 AM

Draclvr I am aware that security support is no longer available for Office 2003, but I'm willing to keep using it despite that. I have a good allround Internet Security program installed on my computer and I don't visit iffy sites or open iffy emails.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Microsoft office - 02/11/20 01:29 AM

Actually I think I'd prefer Office 2003.
Wasn't that a menu-based pre-ribbon version?
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Microsoft office - 02/11/20 01:30 AM

I'm sure you will be just fine. If there is a security hole in Office 2003, none of your Internet Security or practices will protect you. They are usually back door attacks. However, in my humble opinion, the chances that bad actors will try to exploit an old version of Office are kind of slim... there are MUCH bigger fish to fry! grin
Posted By: Winx

Re: Microsoft office - 02/11/20 03:29 AM

Originally Posted by Jenny100
Actually I think I'd prefer Office 2003.
Wasn't that a menu-based pre-ribbon version?

Jenny that is correct. I do have a copy of Office 2013 which has the ribbon, but much prefer the menu version on Office 2003.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Microsoft office - 02/11/20 05:55 AM

I have to agree with you both on the menu version of the older versions. I've gotten used to the ribbon, but still prefer the old menu.
Posted By: Albert

Re: Microsoft office - 02/19/20 03:38 AM

I have two suggestions. Libre office, FREE!

Ability Office, (no www in front). I got it for the database, and it works great. Microsoft Access is outrageously expensive.

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