Dark Fall Ghost Vigil

Posted By: safc

Dark Fall Ghost Vigil - 09/27/20 05:58 PM

Hi Guys

I am currently playing this game, and I have collected a number of audio recordings but I am unable to play the last two I collected as I am unable to scroll down, I have checked Video Walkthroughs and they all show arrows at the top and bottom of the column with the audio clicks in my doesnt show this, is this a Glich in the game if so is there a solution

Many thanks in advance

Posted By: Marian

Re: Dark Fall Ghost Vigil - 09/27/20 07:17 PM

Is this the problem you are having? It sounds similar if not the same.
Posted By: safc

Re: Dark Fall Ghost Vigil - 09/28/20 07:13 AM

Hi Marian

Yes that’s the same, looks like a bug, I will keep an eye on it in the steam forum, I don’t know if it will stop me completing the game but I will see

Many thanks for your help

Posted By: Marian

Re: Dark Fall Ghost Vigil - 10/02/20 03:55 PM

I do hope you won't have to start over and that you will be able to continue on regardless.
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