Selling Game Collection

Posted By: Zoly

Selling Game Collection - 07/13/19 02:49 PM

Hi guys,

It's been ages since I visited this forum - nice to see things haven't changed that much. smile

Anyway, I actually have a decent collection of classic adventure games that I have to sell, unfortunately. Long story short, I'm moving and they can't come with me. Lots of big box games, some very rare, others not so much. I'm not looking for big money but I'd like to sell them off in as few batches as possible (all together would be perfect) and as I said, it needs to happen fairly quickly. Are any of you interested or could you recommend some other place to sell them? Any help would be appreciated.

Posted By: Marian

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/13/19 02:57 PM

Wow, Zoly, long time no see! I hope all is well. thumbsup

And yes, throughout all these years, GameBoomers has remained a constant, and we are all grateful for that. yes

That's a great list of games you have. Apart from posting your list on game forums to see if anyone is interested in purchasing, and maybe trying to sell them on eBay, I don't have any other suggestions. Maybe someone else will have some ideas, though.
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/13/19 04:52 PM

Hi Zoly! Great to have you stopping in! Would you like me to move your post so you have a thread of your own? More people will see it that way!
Posted By: Zoly

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/13/19 05:54 PM

I appreciate the welcome. I got nostalgic just looking at the names of the moderators on the board. smile

BrownEyedTigre, if you think moving the post would help then please do it. Thanks.
Posted By: Iurii

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/14/19 04:05 AM

Hi, Zoly, nice collection smile

However it will be very difficult to sell it all together, unless you will find someone living close to you who would take it.

There are some items I would gladly buy, but certainly not everything as the shipping costs for the whole collection should be very high.
eBay is the only place that comes to mind, but it would be rather slow there, except for some rare items.
Posted By: mrbill

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/25/19 12:35 AM

HELLO Long lost friend. Happy to hear from you. You have A fellow in Germany That may be able to help you. He is too far away to help me with the same situation. [email addresses/name removed] He sells through EBAY. Those are emails to reach him. Check his Gamecare Website ( I do not know how reliable He is.

Take care my friend

Posted By: Marian

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/25/19 01:19 AM

Hi MrBill, one of our policies here on GameBoomers is to not give out email addresses publicly in forum posts, to protect against spammers and such things, so I removed the email addresses from your post.

If you could convey this information in a private message to Zoly, it would be appreciated. Thank you for trying to help. wave
Posted By: mrbill

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/29/19 12:12 AM

Sorry for that Marian. Zoly can get what he needs from the website.

Take care,

Posted By: lexxy

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/03/20 04:06 PM

I am not sure I know what the prices are
Posted By: Marian

Re: Selling Game Collection - 07/03/20 04:18 PM

Originally Posted by lexxy
I am not sure I know what the prices are

Lexxy, this thread was started a year ago. If you would like to find out the status of these games, your best bet would probably be to write to the seller's email address listed in his profile.
Posted By: GamingPhreak

Re: Selling Game Collection - 08/26/20 08:47 PM

Originally Posted by lexxy
I am not sure I know what the prices are

"Ft" is Hungarian currency, and 3000 Ft is about 10 US dollar. I had lots of of boxed games too. I just kept the CD/DVD cases and threw way the boxes to save space.
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