Squiggle - Winner is ScarletDragon!

Posted By: Pandora

Squiggle - Winner is ScarletDragon! - 01/25/21 02:35 PM

Tell us what you see! You may create a caption or a short story. Keep the entries G-rated, please. The best, most creative answer wins a beautiful, shiny trophy. You may submit as many entries as you like. This round's judge is our last winner, chrissie! Judging will be done some time on Sunday.

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Posted By: LadyKestrel

Re: Squiggle - 01/26/21 01:21 AM

That cat show win certainly went to Puff's head, didn't it?
Posted By: soot

Re: Squiggle - 01/26/21 01:30 AM

O.K. everyone, let's try to stick together for this trip!
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I think they left us behind Honey...
Posted By: ScarletDragon

Re: Squiggle - 01/26/21 03:04 AM

Pokemon GO has risen to whole new levels.
Posted By: Demosthenes

Re: Squiggle - 01/26/21 06:31 PM

Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light sound a cheetah a moderate jog...
Posted By: flotsam

Re: Squiggle - 01/29/21 01:17 AM

The effects of really good catnip.
Posted By: chrissie

Re: Squiggle - 01/29/21 11:58 PM

Great captions so far thumbsup & plenty of time for more! woozy
Posted By: chrissie

Re: Squiggle - 01/31/21 11:36 PM

Any more? rah
Posted By: ScarletDragon

Re: Squiggle - 02/01/21 01:49 AM

Forget catnip. A little helium in the morning really goes to my head and puts a big old smile on my face.
Posted By: chrissie

Re: Squiggle - 02/01/21 12:06 PM

As usual it's difficult to choose between captions but after finding out all about Pokeman GO & seeing a teenage son doing the very uncool thing of accompanying parents to a shopping centre in the hope of spotting a Pokeman I just had to go with:

ScarletDragon's "Pokemon GO has risen to whole new levels." lol

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Posted By: Pandora

Re: Squiggle - 02/01/21 02:35 PM

Congratulations to ScarletDragon on her 32nd trophy! bravo
Posted By: curly

Re: Squiggle - 02/01/21 03:02 PM

Good one SD.
Posted By: ScarletDragon

Re: Squiggle - 02/01/21 04:33 PM

Thanks! I used to travel around on park patrol and the folks with their noses glued to their cell phones drove me nuts. That was my introduction to Pokemon GO. They were totally fixated on the game and would walk right out in front of vehicles. Apparently there was some kind of virtual gymnasium located at the dog park and they would get quite irate when I had to lock the gates at night. Their poor Pokemons missed some training. I would tell them to put their phone away and get a real dog! Anyway, the yellow cat head reminded me of the main Pokemon character, Pikachu.
Posted By: Urban Worrier

Re: Squiggle - 02/01/21 05:32 PM

Nice one, SD! bravo
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