Squiggle - Winner is butterflybabe!

Posted By: Pandora

Squiggle - Winner is butterflybabe! - 02/15/21 08:23 PM

Tell us what you see! You may create a caption or a short story. Keep the entries G-rated, please. The best, most creative answer wins a beautiful, shiny trophy. You may submit as many entries as you like. This round's judge is our last winner, Demosthenes! Judging will be done some time on Sunday.

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Posted By: butterflybabe

Re: Squiggle - 02/16/21 05:19 PM

Retirement home for 'the old woman who lived in a shoe'. She really, really just wants to be left alone.
Posted By: soot

Re: Squiggle - 02/16/21 06:36 PM


Posted By: LadyKestrel

Re: Squiggle - 02/17/21 10:34 PM

I think that I shall never see
A condo lovely as a tree!
Posted By: flotsam

Re: Squiggle - 02/18/21 06:35 AM

So what do you think?
Its obvious isn't it?
Is it?
Of course.
Its a tree house.
Seriously, a tree house?
Well isn't it?
Yes but its not very clever.
Who said it had to be clever?
Really, everyone?
OK perhaps not everyone, but everyone who matters.
And who is that?
Not you clearly. But everyone else.
Alright a few people.
By which I mean Demosthenes
Who will love that its a tree house.
Says you.
Says me.
Lets see.
Posted By: Urban Worrier

Re: Squiggle - 02/18/21 09:11 AM

"That was the chimney sweep, dear - he's demanding danger money"
Posted By: OrleansBelle

Re: Squiggle - 02/20/21 12:54 PM

Jack decided to make use of the remainder of his beanstalk
Posted By: ScarletDragon

Re: Squiggle - 02/21/21 01:09 AM

There's gnome place like home.
Posted By: soot

Re: Squiggle - 02/21/21 09:26 PM

Oh honey it's beautiful and you said internet is free?

Yes dear, you just log on...
Posted By: soot

Re: Squiggle - 02/21/21 11:46 PM

Sue's Trunk Cottage
Posted By: Demosthenes

Re: Squiggle - 02/22/21 12:21 AM

Judging will be done in about two hours...
Posted By: Pandora

Re: Squiggle - 02/25/21 07:58 PM

Bumping this one to the top to remind Demosthenes that it's time to judge! grin
Posted By: Demosthenes

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/21 01:04 PM

Well, this is embarrassing.

There were a few really clever entries, but in the end my favorite was also the first submitted. Congratulations, butterflybabe!

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Posted By: Pandora

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/21 01:36 PM

Congratulations to butterflybabe on her 16th trophy! bravo

And no worries, Demosthenes. I have to nag most of the judges. lol
Posted By: curly

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/21 02:44 PM

Nice one bb.
Posted By: Urban Worrier

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/21 07:12 PM

Loved it, butterflybabe! smile
Posted By: soot

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/21 10:53 PM

woot ButterFlyBabe ... a marvelous quip ... I thought it was fantastic! yes
Posted By: butterflybabe

Re: Squiggle - Winner is butterflybabe! - 02/27/21 09:25 PM

Would you believe I just now saw this - my computer was at 'doc' for a day, then I was too busy with games to check lol

Thanks for the compliments. Now I have to 'work' on the next one. Time to check it out....

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