TLC and POV combined mini-review

Posted By: girlgeek

TLC and POV combined mini-review - 08/15/02 06:44 AM

Okay, first of all let me say, that I am NOT gatorlaw (so don't expect anything poetic and well-crafted)! Secondly, realize that I am only doing this itty-bitty review because I am overly excited and need a channel for my whacked-out state. Okay, with those things established, here I go...

I recently BAAGed both TLC and POV (Tender Loving Care and Point of View, for the uninitiated). I purchased these games with the sole intent of a new experience. I had NO expectations, other than I was prepared to be disappointed in the video quality, considering that they were optimally meant for DVD. I had NO other expectations. I had no idea what the stories were about, I had never "played" an interactive-movie "game," and was pretty much going into the experience open-minded and like a "blank slate."
I was also intrigued by the idea of an "adult" sort of "adventure."

Let me say simply....WOW.

I was pleasantly surprised at the ingenuity of the medium. I wouldn't call these "games," but more like "guided experiences." Both "experiences" are based on the premise of allowing the viewer to alter the outcomes of scenes and endings by his or her own psychological responses to probing questions and their perceptions of what was just viewed. It was a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery. Often, I was surprised at my own responses!

The acting in POV was EXCEPTIONAL. I found myself totally drawn into the lives and stories of the individuals within the film. This would have made a marvelous feature film. TLC was a bit longer and more intricate, yet not quite as involving for me. I didn't find the acting as compelling, although it had many shining moments. The story, also, was a bit more far-fetched, yet still had me hooked. I found it difficult to pull myself away from EITHER film. (My 12-year-old son did a lot of BEGGING for the computer, and I did a lot of ...."Shhhh....just a minute!")

Both stories are formatted into chapters, so to speak, which should make it easy to just stop and then pick right back up. I just wanted to know what would happen next! It was like reading a great novel that you can't quite put down. POV was so much this way that I completed it in a day.
TLC was a bit longer and took 3 days of less arduous "play."

Both TLC and POV are a bit voyeuristic. You are viewing some intimate emotional and physical details of peoples' lives. There were times when it actually felt a bit dangerous (to my OWN mental state)! Other times it was uncomfortable and disturbing, but it was ALWAYS interesting!

I don't want to divulge the PLOT of either film, as I think that my experience was enhanced by NOT knowing much about either film. However, I will say that they are both strictly adult fare (not pornographic, just a bit raw and sexual in nature).

My personal favorite was POV. I would find it interesting to know which one others favored and why. POV outshined TLC for the following reasons, IMHO:
1.) Original music/soundtrack by Payton Rule was beautiful, haunting, memorable indeed
2.) Believable characters and outstanding acting
3.) The chemistry between the characters
4.) A bit better quality graphics for CD (it was done in digital, where the first was not)
5.) Great story, in my opinion
The only thing "negative" that I could say about POV, is that I would have liked it to be even longer, and that the "exploration" was a bit more limited, although it seemed very concise and "clean" in its interface.

I give POV an "A." I give TLC an "A-." Definitely two interactive movies that are WORTH checking out. If you are in the mood for something different and you think you are open-minded....GO BUY THESE! I know that they have been added to MY list of "never to sell or trade" games, just because of their uniqueness and creativity. Haunting....truly haunting.
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Re: TLC and POV combined mini-review - 08/15/02 07:08 AM

Thanks for the review girlgeek. It's a great review and I like your style. I would call them "interactive movies" myself. I'm interested in them, and I'll probably buy one or two myself.

You've inspired me to post about something a bit unusual, that other adventure gameboomers might like. Now I'll have to figure out what to say, before I post.
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Re: TLC and POV combined mini-review - 08/15/02 12:54 PM

Well girlGeek,

This really says it all to me.


You've inspired me to post about something a bit unusual, that other adventure gameboomers might like.
An inspirational review - should not be doubted. smile You write with an engaging style and nailed these two games IMHO.

I liked POV the best also. I thought the music was so great. I would love to just have the sound track to listen too.

Now let's not have any more self deprication - cause I think you are a talented writer - who more importantly says what you think simply and from the heart. smile

Posted By: Titan

Re: TLC and POV combined mini-review - 08/16/02 04:36 AM

Enjoyed reading your review of these two very much. I like your stand up style. I've been reading the posts on POV on discussion board and note that it gets quite a few mentions in the favorite songs thread. TLC & POV were both very entertaining. Let's hope that they keep making more like them.
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