oldmariner's First Look at
A Little Less Desperation

The Deaf Bird Entertainment Team
In Development

This is a space adventure point and click third person game that is currently in development. A kickstarter launch is intended for the near future. I did not see any minimum requirements listed as yet. The pre-release demo played flawlessly in my Win 7 64 bit system with a Nvidia Geforce GT240.

You play Jacob who stumbles upon a crashed UFO. When trying to help the surviving alien he get pulled up into a rescue spaceship. All of that is seen in the intro. Gameplay began with Jacob waking up in what appears to be a holding cell within a spaceship. He has no idea of where he is going or why he is here. Clearly he needs to find a way out and learn what is going on.

The graphics, cartoonish in nature, are sharp and crisp. The scenes are bright and well rendered. It plays using age old adventure rules, by examining objects and placing them in your inventory to be used to solve puzzles etc. Your first assignment obviously is to learn what you can, and get out of that cell. No spoilers will be offered here.

Sweeping the screen with your mouse will highlight objects to interact with. They are identified by text at the top of the screen when your mouse comes in contact with the item. With a right click you look at the item. A left click picks it up. As I said, the game is what you expect with a point and click adventure.

On the upper left of the screen you see an icon. Click on it for help and the main menu. The main menu includes several options and that is where you quit or save a game. In the upper right, you see what appears to be a paper scroll. That is where you find your inventory. Click on an inventory item to pick it up. It will appear on your cursor. You then click it on the item to interact with it. For example, how to open the padlock on your cell door.

The voice acting is well done and from what I saw, this game offers promise and it will be interesting to view the completed project.