Carol Reed 15: Geospots





Genre:    Adventure 

Developer:   MDNA Games

Publisher:    MDNA Games 

Released:   February 7, 2020     

Requirements (minimum):



  • OS: Windows 98,XP,Vista,7,8,or 10
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 1.2 GB available space
  • Minimum resolution: 1280x720
  • Additional notes: Widescreen monitor recommended



By Jenny 100


Carol Reed 15: Geospots

MDNA Games

For those unfamiliar with the Carol Reed series of games, Carol is an Englishwoman living in the Swedish city of Norrköping. Carol solves mysteries, often but not limited to solving murders. The Carol Reed games are first person point-and-click and make use of photographs of real people and places instead of pre-rendered graphics or 3D. Geospots and other games in the Carol Reed series are available through links on the developer's website at


Carol's friend Stina is concerned because Carol is out of work and doesn't have enough to do. So Stina introduces Carol to geocaching, which involves using a GPS to find plastic or metal containers that have been hidden by a "geocacher" in a sort of hide and seek type game. The geocache containers in the game often have puzzle locks, and require clues found nearby or in another location indicated on the outside of the geocache container. Inside they may contain a paper to sign your name on or a clue to another geocache. Stina needs Carol to help her find a cache so "StinaQT" can qualify for the yearly Geothon contest. (Isn't that cheating to have someone else do it for you?) Anyway Carol has to find the cache, figure out how to open it, and add Stina's name to the list of successful finders on the paper inside the cache.

After doing so, Carol goes back home to attend to her plastic bucket of wine. Almost immediately Stina phones her again with another mission. Kevo Walthin, the "geocacher" responsible for hiding the geocaches for the current year's Geothon contest, has gone missing. Carol finally has her mystery. Has he been injured while hiding a geocache? Has something worse happened? or has he simply gotten lost while hiding a cache? Stina doesn't know, but he's never been missing this long before. So Stina calls on her favorite detective. It's unpaid work, but Carol has only a big box edition of The Forgotten (1999) waiting for her at home on her desk (and probably a good deal of troubleshooting to get it running), and there's only so long you can sit watching homemade wine bubble, so Carol might as well keep in practice. Besides, Stina assures her she'll surely get something worthwhile out of the investigation. So off she goes, following in the footsteps of Kevo's last known whereabouts and following clues wherever they may lead.


Carol's friend Stina and boyfriend Jonas are back, as is the much tattooed Bigge. Yes the original Bigge is back, a delight for all his fans. Carol has to take pictures for him (not of him) for his Instagram and he insists the pictures be "artistic." Bigge has good taste and won't accept pictures of any old thing.


You visit several locations, such as a ruined church (Halljo Church), a botanical trail, a dilapidated barn with strange glass bottles of ancient animal antibiotics, a trail through an unusual rock formation, a museum (Medieval Museum), a modern stable, an office building, a transformer tower, a roadside memorial for the bass guitarist of Metallica, an industrial park, several peoples' houses and apartments, and more. Perhaps the most unusual place you visit is an enormous beer can collection at the Paraphernalia Treasury.


Much of the game involves finding and opening geocaches, trying to follow in the footsteps of the missing person who hid them. Although you can revisit many locations, the game is linear in how you can progress. Sometimes Carol insists there is something she must do before revisiting a location (for example, when I tried to revisit Bigge before getting all his pictures for him, Carol refused). Carol finds (or is given) a clue that leads her to visit or revisit a location where she finds a clue to the next location. When she runs out of clues, someone phones her up to give her another clue (or invites her to visit them, at which time they give her the clue). Once you finish up everything you ever have to do in the game at a particular location, it will disappear from the Map.

The geocache puzzles often involve color matching. I had a minor issue where the yellow color I was supposed to match showed up as a yellowish green instead of yellow. Whether or not you have this issue probably depends on monitor calibration.

Other puzzles include finding a good place to take a picture, locating a lost bicycle key and guessing a password using a person's interests as clues.


There are two installers, one for an HD version of the game and one for an SD version. The HD version is for computer monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080 or higher. Players with certain laptops (especially smaller ones) or non-widescreen monitors will probably want to use the SD version of the installer, which supports resolutions down to 1280x720.

Starting and Playing the Game

The first thing you see when you start the game is a Game Settings window, which has a Display tab that lists your video card (Display device) and color depth (default is 32 bit). There are also checkboxes for "Use same resolution as your desktop" and "Run in window." There is a 2nd tab for Sound, with a dropdown box set to "Primary Sound Driver" by default. There may also be options for using S/PDIF and HDMI if your computer supports them. There is also a checkbox for "Don't show this window again, but you may want to check that your video and sound are working as you want in the game before checking that box.

Controls and Hint Feature

The game starts with a Tutorial with the option to skip. As far as I could tell, the controls were much the same as in other Carol Reed games. Simple point-and-click, move the cursor to the left or right to get an icon for rotating 90 degrees. Inventory is at the top of the screen, but only visible if you move your cursor up there. You click-and-drag items from the inventory and either use them in the game or right-click to release them back to the inventory. Right-click objects while they're in inventory to get a close-up. Drag an inventory item over another inventory item to combine the two items or use one on another. If the items can be combined, the item you're holding will be highlighted. A gear icon in the main game screen means you can use an inventory item in the environment, though you may not have that item yet. An eye icon means you can look closer at something. A hand icon means you can interact with an item.

Carol has a notebook at the left side of the inventory bar. The notebook lists Objectives and Hints. Remember to mouse around to find what text will highlight. During the Tutorial, when I was zoomed into the notebook, I had trouble figuring out what to click to exit the notepad. That wouldn't have happened if I'd looked for highlighted text as opposed to simply clicking on words that weren't highlighted. Alternatively you may see a double arrow pointing downwards instead of highlighted text to back out of an interface or an area you've zoomed in on.

The Tutorial is short and might be worth going through just to review how to use the notebook. Some features are covered during the start of the game itself rather than the tutorial. For example, you can press the space bar to highlight areas of the screen that can be clicked, and this is pointed out after the Tutorial. Using the space bar will highight screen exits as well as interactive areas.

While playing the game you can right-click or press the Escape key to access the Main Menu, which has options for Resume, New game, Load, Save Options, and Quit. The Options in the Main Menu has separate slidebars for Speech, Music, and Effects as well as an option for Subtitles On or Off. So if you're not satisfied with the relative sound volumes while playing the game, you can access the Main Menu, select Options, adjust the sound volumes for Music, Speech, and Effects, and then use Resume to return to playing the game.

There is a Map that appears when you exit an area. Locations you haven't visited yet will flash on and off on the Map screen. If a new location becomes available while you're playing, a Map of Sweden will briefly flash on and off at the left of the screen. Often you see Carol's bicycle on the Exit screens – her primary mode of transportation besides walking.

Saving the Game

The game supports manual saves. It will also autosave when you exit. There are 9 screens with 12 save slots per screen, making a total of 108 save slots. The saves on my computer seem to be located in the C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Geospots – HD\ folder. When I restarted the game to check some things for the review, the game warned me that I would lose my progress. However the only thing I lost was the last autosave location. The manual saves I'd made were still available and loaded up just fine.

Miscellaneous Comments

I noticed Carol had no toilet paper by her toilet. Instead there was a roll of paper towels. I wonder if she'll be getting a visit from her plumber soon. It will probably be the multitalented Bigge.

Carol still has her treadmill for exercise, and you can get her to use it, but not for long. Maybe Carol doesn't have much endurance -- or more likely just not much patience. With all the bicycling she does her physical endurance is probably just fine.

The game uses the Wintermute game engine.

Recommended to any fan of the Carol Reed series of games.

The Computer I played the game on has the following specs:

OS: Windows 8.1 
Processor: AMD X4 905e processor @ 2.5 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon HD 7700 with 2 GB video RAM
Sound: onboard audio
Monitor: HP ZR2440w 1920x1200 IPS monitor

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