ASA: A Space Adventure

     Walkthrough by Simon Mesnard

This is the walkthrough for ASA Original Edition (2013).
There may be slight differences in the Remastered Edition (2015).

Discover the ARK

Teleport station
Notice the 2 teleport pods in the corridor. One is out of service (sparkles).
Next to it, you can find a memory card on the floor with the 1st part of Forte’s diary. Read it.

You can also find an important paper with explanations on number translations. Write down these Anterran numbers on a piece of paper (in real life) with the corresponding “crossed-squares” numbers.

Go near the closed bright door (The thief closed it). Have a look at the numeric panel on the right, where you have to enter a code. Click on the up left corner of the poster next to it. It will show the door combination in crossed-squares numbers.

Go back to understand these squared numbers : on the left of the wall of the first teleport (from the door, outside wall), you can see a small graffiti. It learns you that a full crossed-square number means 5, and they're additive : 2 crossed-squares mean 10, etc… That’s a way to count : each side of these squares counts for 1.

Translate the door’s code (from the poster : 4, 7, 8, 1, 4) with the Anterran numbers you found earlier and enter the 5 digits code. The door opens.

Central room
From the central room you can reach 6 new areas, but 2 are closed. Visit the others to get more familiar with the Ark.

From here, you can access :

1/ teleport station. (Poster : yellow circles around a planet)
    - Teleport pods
        - Planet Forte
        - Planet Forte (1st island)
        - Second island
        - Dome
        - Forte's home

2/ greenhouse. (Poster : green grass in a pot)
    - Greenhouse.
    - Birds room. (Poster : a bird)
    - Fir trees room. (Poster : a fir tree)
    - Seeds room. (Poster : a seed/leaf look-alike)

3/ control room. (Poster : purple target over a multi-screen TV)
    - Control room.
    - Light spectrum room.
    - Server room. (Poster : a floppy disk)
    - PC room. (Poster : a PC)

4/ bridge. (Poster : orange target over various planets)
    - Bridge.
    - Airlock. (Poster : an astronaut in the space)
        - Planet Kepler
            - Planet Kepler
            - Village / Houses
            - Mines
        - Cobalt-5 satellite
        - Space
5/ private room. Poster : red circle crossed.

6/ maintenance area. Poster : something like the nuclear logo.

To complete the game, it is better to start with the greenhouse.

As soon as you enter, you can notice wave distortions (or water vapor) on the pictures : it show that the temperature is high, which is an information to save for later.

Go near the safe in the Fir trees room. It won't open, but you can connect a jack at the bottom : the red light goes green.

On the right of the safe, there's a grid : open it and read the paper. From what you can understand, there's a story about a bird : it sings if it gets food, and if it sings in a microphone, a door opens (the door of the safe, of course).
The lower part of the drawing shows that the bird is sleepy if the temperature's too hot (you can see a sun). Remember that.

Leave for the Birds room. Notice the heat in this room too, from the wave distortion. Click on the red seeds near the large glass. You can't get any of these seeds in your inventory because they're BEHIND the glass.
The video with a bird confirms what you saw on the drawing previously : the bird eats these red seeds, and sings a few seconds later. You must find a seed, then.

Go on the left near the tree slice and notice a small microphone near a red cross. The microphone is the one you plugged on the safe.

All you need to do now is find this red seed, so get in the last room, the Seeds room. Click on the up right tree and get a seed.

Back in the Birds room : use the seed on the red cross of the tree slice. A bird will come out but won't eat : the temperature is too high ! But you need it to sing in the microphone...

Back in the main room, go in the 360 view and follow the yellow hose on the floor. Click at the end to discover a sort of air-conditioner. Use it to make the temperature less hot in the Birds room.
There are 4 buttons :
1) choose to change the temperature or the water level.
2) choose a room number (there are 4 positions, but they're hidden by dirt).
3) on or off.
4) Click to see the result of your choice.

The good choice is :
1) Sun
2) 3
3) 0
4) push

When the temperature has cooled down in the Birds room, go use the seed again and the safe will open.

Back to the safe, read the new part of the diary and get a translation card. Save it for later.

Before you leave, take a look at the top of the safe and find a photo under the flower pot. Look closer to find a schema at the back. Copy it on your paper, that's a part of planet Forte's coordinates. This rough grid made with a pen is an extract of the complete grid at the Bridge (another area or the Ark).
From what you can understand of this sketch, there's a 9 and a 6, both of them written in anterran numbers.
This grid gives you X and Y coordinates. The X show 3 lines after 6.
The Y shows 2 lines after 8 (or to be exact: you can see 3 lines before 9 - and you'll notice immediately that there are only 4 possible decimals between each unit!)
Remember what you found: 6.3 and 8.2.

Central room
Back to the central room, you can go to the control room or the bridge. We'll choose the bridge.

In the 360 view, go immediately to the very left and follow the path until you find a new memory card on the floor. Read it and write down the given coordinates in the text : planet Kepler (4.2 2.3 6.1), and planet Forte (? ? 1.0). You can immediately complete planet Forte coordinates with the help of the schema you just found on the safe in the greenhouse (which gives : (6.3 8.2 1.0))

Go to the center of the Bridge. Leave the central device for now and approach the large window. On the desk, you'll find a paper with the axis x y z and their direction. Be careful to this to enter the coordinates. Of course, zero (0) is at the very beginning of the axis.

Go to the central device (a sort of grid) and access the low part to enter Z coordinates. Choose to enter planet Kepler's (you can't access Forte without the teleporter : you need a "die" for that).
Then use the upper part of the device to enter X and Y coordinates. When X Y and Z are entered, click the right button to see if it's OK. If that's correct, you'll see the Ark land on planet Kepler, else you'll just go in another part of the Space. (If you entered Forte coordinates, you can see the planet on one of the screens below the window).

Once you've landed on Kepler, try to exit through the airlock on the right. Unfortunately, it's closed : you need to desactivate the Ark security systems.

Central  room
Go to the control room.

Control room - Lights OFF
First, you need to turn the lights on, because you can't see anything. Go to the end of the room to find a smaller room with light. Go see the white device on your left with a black display (let's call it a "server"). The display is empty for now.

Go down in the small cubic room with coloured walls. Click on some of these walls and go back to the "server" to see that red sticks are displayed now. You need to know how many sticks to display. Push the red button to reset the display to zero.

Now, look at the blackboard and try to understand Forte's logic. He assigned a number to each color.

Go on the right of the room and look at the desk. You'll find a new memory card in the small blue multimedia device. Read the new part of the diary and see at the end the question under the picture. It can help understand the puzzle.

Return to the desk, you'll find also a paper with useful words : it says you'll find 2 computers later and will have to login. For one of them, the login is Platon (you'll have to find the password). For the other computer, the login and password "will be under your eyes". That's important, but save this for later on a paper.

Back to our colors puzzle : use the lens device on the right to understand color addition with lights.
The lamp emits a white light. No lens : the light point on the lower part of the device is still white. One lens, it takes the color of the lens. 2 lenses, it makes a new color by addition. 3 lenses, it goes back to white. From that, you can understand what's written on the blackboard.

So, on this blackboard, Red, Green and Blue are defined with numbers : 1, 2 and 3.
Yellow is 3 too. Why ? From color addition (understood with the lens device), yellow is red + green, that is to say 1 + 2 = 3. If you don't get that, take your time to assimilate.

Then, you can understand why the white stain surrounded by Red Green Blue is equal to 6 : from the lens device with the 3 lenses in position, the white light emited by the lamp is going through the red lens, then the green one, and finally the blue one, and by addition it goes back to white. On the blackboard, that means that White = R+G+B = 1+2+3 = 6.

That also means that the White stain surrounded by Cyan Magenta Yellow (we'll call it W[CMY]) is equal to ... ?
Answer :
Cyan = Green + Blue = 2 + 3 = 5
Magenta = Red + Blue = 1 + 3 = 4
Yellow = Red + Green = 1 + 2 = 3
And if you follow Forte's logic, White = Cyan + Magenta + Yellow = 5 + 4 + 3
So W[CMY] = 12

The down right corner of the blackboard shows that to turn on the light, you need to enter the value of the W[CMY] to which you must add 1 stick.
You must display 13 red sticks on the server display.

So, you could go back in the cube and push its coloured walls to get the right amount of red sticks displayed on the "server", but there's a small trick you need to know. Have a look at the poster above the desk on the right, and you'll understand that you need to click 6 times on the coloured walls ! (6 is written in the hand, in anterran number). Also, a memo tells you to push slowly on these walls, because the mechanism is quite slow : wait for the sound to be finished before clicking again, for example.

So to summarize Forte's logic, you need to enter the value of W[CMY] + 1 in the "server" by clicking 6 times on the coloured walls. Easy when you know the values of the colors R G B Y...
There are various possibilities, but you can use this one :
blue, blue, green, green, green, red
(3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1 = 13 by touching 6 coloured walls)

When the entered value is good (you see 13 red sticks), push the green button on the "server" to turn on the lights in the Control room. If you made a mistake, push the red button to reset, and try again.

Control room - Lights ON
Visit the room, there's a Server room in one side and a PC room on the other side.

In the Server room, in the 360 view, click on the spaces between the servers until you find a hidden human keyboard, and take it.
(The keyboard is between the servers on the left, near the middle of the row)

Then have a look at the back of the only PC of this room to find a memo. It gives the name of this PC (serverpc) and the username (platon) and you have to find the password. We'll keep this for later.

Go in the PC room and find Philippe Forte's PC (the one with a wallpaper of himself in his astronaut suit). Find the memory card device on this PC and use the translation card you got in the safe of the greenhouse. It translates the PC OS from anterran to english.

Now, click on the wires getting out of the PC and drop down your human keyboard. You need to make the good connections.

Go on the first PC near the entrance (turned on already, with a green wallpaper) and look at the emails : you'll find various keyboards with connections. Find the human keyboard and write down the symbols. Now, still on this PC, find the photo of the wires with equivalent symbols in red. Try to make the link between them.

Go back to Forte's PC and make the connection : place the good color on the right. They have to face the colors on the left that you can't move. Try to understand how the wires change of position.

The green wire changes with one of the white wires.
The white wire changes with the other white wire.
The red wire changes with the green wire.
The second white wire changes with the blue wire.
The blue wire changes with the red wire.

It gives :
(Left            --->           Right)

yellow                          white
orange                          blue
cyan                            red
light green                     white
black                           dark green
There’s a question of "luck" with the 2 white wires.

So how are you supposed to do ? At the beginning, you have :
Green, white, white, blue, red.
And you need to enter :
white, blue, red, white, green.
So if you take in account the way the wires are changing, you need to click on :
green, red, blue, middle white, blue, bottom white, top white

When you organized them in the order you think is good, click the top small picture "connected wires". If you found the good combination, the human keyboard will be connected to the PC.

Click on the PC screen, you need to enter the login info. Because you added the translation card, it's all in english instead of the Anterran language, and you can understand the explanation.
Remember the previous paper found in the Light spectrum room ? It said : "the login information will be under your eyes". Just have a look at the wallpaper with Forté, you can see various things written on the suit of the astronaut and can deduce the login = P.FORTE and the password = CSE2011
Use them as indicated to login. Careful to the caps !
You have to enter username, press space, enter password, press enter.
So you need to enter P.FORTE[space]CSE2011[enter]

Then you'll find various icons on the desktop. Read the personal note and find the various commands you can use. Write them down on your paper. You also understand that you need to preceed EACH command with "P.FORTE<" and add "<" between each other command, and "*" (an asterisk) between each parameter.

Now click on the command icon. It's like in MS-Dos, you need to enter command lines. First, access the (incomplete) help to exercise yourself. To do so, enter P.FORTE<help.
It gives a good example, and also learns you that the "force" command has to be placed at the beginning of the light (right after P.FORTE<).
When you understand how it works, you can try the other commands until you find interesting things.

The answers of this puzzle can only be found by trying the commands, so it's important to try them and see what they do ! Also, you must know that this is a quite difficult puzzle, so don't hesitate to save your game and take a break before you continue !

The good commands to enter are :

P.FORTE<folder --> returns a list of files and folders, including the "personal" and the "private" files.
P.FORTE<folder<personal --> tries to open the personal file, but access is refused. It says you need to "force" the file.

P.FORTE<force --> gives some explanations on the "force" command.
P.FORTE<force<folder<personal --> forces to read the personal file. In the displayed text, if you look closely, you can find a password : 21012011

P.FORTE<folder<private --> tries to open the private file, but it says you need a password.
P.FORTE<folder<private*21012011 --> access the private file with the previous password (remember that parameters must be entered with a star "*" ?)

This last command returns the parameters to unlock the Airlock in the Bridge :
    Airlock / 0.0 / P / en / e.d

Now you need to try the "secure" command.
P.FORTE<secure --> says everything is already secured on the Ark. Obvious, as you want to UNsecure the Arilock ! It tells to try the (-1) parameter.
P.FORTE<secure*(-1) --> allows to unsecure the Ark, but access is refused. So ? Try to force it !
P.FORTE<force<secure*(-1) --> Gives informations on how to unsecure the Ark. Use what you found in the private file to retrieve the good parameters from this list.
P.FORTE<force<secure*(-1)*Airlock*0.0*P*en*e.d --> this should unlock the Airlock ! But...

... If you get a memory error, select the command line and right click to copy it (avoids to write it again).
Then use the clear command with the "yes" parameter, which gives :

Then paste the previous command you copied (P.FORTE<force<secure*(-1)*Airlock*0.0*P*en*e.d) and validate ! This time, the Airlock IS opened ! Congratulations !

Before you leave, you can also try the "password" command.

P.FORTE<password --> gives the password of a PC/User if you know the exact names of the PC and User.
From what you found on the paper in the Light spectrum room, a PC name is ServerPC and a Username is Platon.
The "password" command also tells to write it with no caps. It gives :
P.FORTE<password*serverpc*platon --> returns the password to login in the server room : cubeisearth
Keep this for later.

Visit your first planet

Central room
Go to the Bridge.

Open the Airlock with the button on the left.

You should see the deserted planet kepler through the last door of the Airlock. If you see the Space, re-enter Kepler coordinates on the central device on the Bridge.
Go through the Airlock (you can notice the suit on the left, which reminds the one of the thief of the Cube) to reach planet Kepler, at last !

Planet Kepler - First steps
Make your first steps on Kepler and breath a little of oxygen while you're not on a ship ;) Go straight away, and you'll quickly fall in a trap. You'll be jailed in a wooden cage and you have to get out of it.

Look at the inventory to find what could help you : notice that your gun has disapeared. You have to find it. Look everywhere around you, and try to see the wood crane on top of the cage. Click here and you'll see the silhouette of your gun in the sun. Take it.
Back to the 360 view, follow down the vertical of the crane to see a sort of lever in the rock (a stick with a sphere) and click on it. Use the gun on this lever and wait until the crane takes you out of the cage.

Go back to the place where there is the trap in the way. You can't fall in again anyway. On each side of the path, there are big stones who prevent you from getting around. Click on the stone on the right from the 360 view to find graffitis. They give the orientation of 4 levers. From what you can understand, if they're all vertical, you can't pass, the trap is active. If they're all horizontal, the trap is desactivated and you can pursue your way.
To find these 4 levers, go in the 360 view, click once on the coconuts near the crane, and once more to be in front of them. Find the way to put them 4 to the horizontal, as indicated on the stone.

Now you can pass the trap and continue to the village.

Planet Kepler - Village
Visit this peaceful and deserted village to find clues on what to do next. You have 3 possibilites :
- visiting the part on the left
- visiting the part on the right
- going straight away

If you go straight away, you reach the entrance of the mines. You will need some equipment first, but you still can have a look if you want.

Visit the left of the village (left when you have the Ark in your back). The most important is to visit the houses until you find useful things. Try opening all the doors you meet. There are only 2 that open in this side of the village, and the house at the lower floor has nothing interesting. Notice that you can sleep in the beds. The other house contains an important copper wire (climb the ladder, look on the right, click on one of the wires).
When you reach the lower floor, continue to walk on the right until you find some water. There's a balloon on it. Note its color and number (5).

Visit the other part of the village. Go directly to the lower floor, on the left, until you see the wooden cage. Enter the house on the right. Watch the fireplace and get the ember tongs.

Take the direction of the mines. Visit the last house of the village on your way, where you will find a locked cupboard on your left. On its right, there's a small mecanism where you need to enter words and symbols. The first inscription is "Philippe", it's given already.
From the available choices, you can easily guess the other answers, particularly if you read correctly the diary found on the Ark's Bridge, where Philippe said he would be interested in Nicci if he wasn't married with Laure.
So the correct input is Philippe + Nicci = heart.
Now you can open the cupboard and find interesting things. First, a new memory card with the sequel to the diary. Read it. There's also a photo of a couple in love.
Finally, don't leave without reading the paper note. Write down the useful info on using a "oven". The most important is that there are 3 possible inputs : time, heat and cool down, where | = 1 second, + 160° or - 5° depending on the case.

Time to visit the mines.

Planet Kepler - Mines entrance
When you enter, forget the "toolroom" immediately on your left. Just go straight away to the ladder. Climb to find a wagon. Sit down in it, and look for a button on your left. Hang on, you will get down at full speed.

Planet Kepler - Mines
You're now in the real mines. Follow the unique path and look closely on your left until you see a small speaker device (You can see it only when going this way, not when you go back). Push on its button, and listen to the 6 notes melody. Try to remember it.

Continue to walk until you find squared stones on the floors. Each stone will make a sound when you walk on it. You have to play the melody from these stones. You can see a totem in the end of the way. If you play the wrong melody, the light will turn off and you won't see a thing, so you have to try again.
The good way is to walk on the following stones : left, right, left, middle, right... and "very right" ! (be careful to this 6th stone : it's not on the floor, but on the wall on your right, on another screen).
When you succeed, click on the totem, and the melody will play as a confirmation.

Watch te totem. You can either look at it closer, or visit the room, on its right, to find a door. Choose to inspect the totem. Click on it until you find a way to look its back where you discover a pair of special binoculars. Just under, there are 3 bouttons (white, red, green). At the beginning, the white button is on. If you watch through the binoculars, you'll see the room in 360, but there's nothing special inside. At least, it can help you discover the door if you didn't notice it before.
Click on the red button and watch again : you will see some red spheres on the walls. Write down the configuration of these red spheres. Now push the green button and look again : you will see green spheres this time. Write down their configuration too, but take in account only the most visible ones (the other ones are some ghost effect due to the binoculars).

Go to the door of the totem room. It's locked with a metal grid. To open it, look behind the wall on the left to discover a small table with color leds. The ones surrounded by a white circle cannot be changed. The others can become either red or green. You have to input the data you've found from the totem binoculars. For example, there were 4 vertical green spheres in the binocular view, and you can notice they're already entered on the led table and can't be changed. Use this as a starting point, and input the good colors until you could place all the spheres, red and green, from the binocular, on this table. It's a bit like having a Tetris fitting in a square.
The good answer is :
fill the whole grid with green lights (where it is possible)
but leave in red the first led of these lines : 3, 4, 6

When you find the good led colors, the door can open. Click on the button next to it to validate. Enter the next room.

Planet Kepler - Ore room
This room is filled with a strange ore : the one the Anterrans used to forge the Cubes. You can see its power when you enter (the yellow particles), but they quickly disapear. Whatever, just look at the wall and find a piece of ore to add to your inventory ! Leave the place and go to the entrance of the mines.

Planet Kepler - Mines entrance
Do as if you wanted to go out to the village, but just before you reach the exit, look on your right to find the entrance of the toolroom. It's a very dark tunnel. Don't be scared, nothing will try to eat you ! When you walk in the tunnel, everything becomes suddenly all black. Continue to click until you reach the other side !

Planet Kepler - Toolroom
In this room, there are 3 important devices from left to right : a grinder, an oven, and a tank of liquid. You need to report to the diary :

"The purification process is not very long but must be followed strictly. First, the rock must be heated to 800° for approximatively ten seconds, then suddenly cooled down to -20°. Once it had returned to room temperature, Nicci showed me how to forge into a Die the small fragment she had picked up in the mines. There's a sort of grinder which removes the impurities and sculpts the cubic shape roughly. Then she just left the cube in electrified liquid... When we went back the next day, the die was just
perfect! We had obtained a Die like the one that activated the teleporters on the Ark!"

So go to the oven, open it, and put the ore inside from your inventory. Look at the white block on the right. There are various buttons and display panels. The top part is where you enter the heating time. It has to be approx. 10 seconds, and you found earlier that one stick ( | ) is 1 second. So try to push the device until you display 10 white sticks.
Now, look at the lower part, which is divided into 2 other parts. The one on the right has a red button, while the one on the left has a blue button, so you can conclude that one is for heating and the other is for cooling.
Use the red button to add enough sticks.
Remember that you found that 1 stick = +160° ? You need to input 800°, that means you must display 5 red sticks here.
Finally, use the blue button to prepare the cooling.
1 stick = -5°, and you have to cool down at -20°. Enter 4 blue sticks.

When you're ready, go to the main view of the oven to push the red button on the heat side. Wait until the time reaches 0, and suddenly push the red button on the cool side. When it's finished, take back your ore, which should have become a burned ore.
If you got a "melted ore", then your temperature was too high (over 800°) or your time was too long (you waited more than 10 seconds). Then you have to get a new ore in the mines.
On the contrary, if the ore didn't change, it means the temperature wasn't high enough (less than 800°) or that you didn't wait long enough (less than 10 s). Try again.

Now, you have to put the burned ore in the grinder (the rusty machine on the left). First, you will have to open it. Click on its hatch and try to remove the nuts. They're too rusted to be removed by hand, so use the ember tongs on one of them.
When the hatch is opened, place your burned ore in the grinder and close the hatch.
Search for the red button to turn on the machine, on the right of the gearing. If you succeded in your operation, you should see a rough die appear. Take it.

The rough die just needs some polish. The diary says to put it in an electrified liquid for a night. Go to the tank on the right, and add your copper wire on the battery. Drag and drop the rough die from your inventory to the tank. You have to wait now.

Go back to the village. Enter in the house of your choice and click on a "bed" to sleep. When you wake up, go back to the toolroom and take your rough die. It has become a perfect die. Congrats !
Leave planet Kepler for the Ark.

In the steps of Forte

Go through the Airlock, to the Bridge.

Enter the coordinates of planet Forte. If you've not found them earlier, go see the back of the photo on the safe in the Greenhouse to get X and Y, and read the diary to find Z. It gives (6.3 8.2 1.0). Once you entered the right coordinates, you should see the little planet on one of the 3 screens under the window.

Leave the Bridge for the Teleport station, and reach the first teleport pod (the one where you arrived at the very beginning). Look at your feet, you will see a cubic hole which has exactly the shape of the die you just made. Use it here ! You'll be teleported to Planet Forte.

Planet Forte - First island
Visit the first island. It's full of stairs and nothing to do. You quickly understand you have to reach the other islands using the system of cables over the sea.
Go check the place where the 3 main stairs are joining, and see a small yellow arrow on the rock : you can find a hole under the stairs. Have a look to discover a pulley. Use it on the cable system to get some thrills and reach the main island.

Planet Forte - Main island
Go down the platform via the ladder to reach a 360 view. If you go straight away, you reach a pond with a small boat made with the shell of a giant fruit (you can see a tree somewhere with these fruits). Back in the 360 view.

Look around the pond : it is sourrounded by 2 bigger rocks. Visit each of them to see 2 lists of colors. They correspond to the way you have to follow with the boat.
The list on the left is : yellow, red, green, green, red, red, yellow.
The list on the right is : red, white, white, green, yellow, white, purple.

Go back to the boat and get onboard. Click on the colors adjacent to the boat to move, and choose the colors you think good from the combination you found on the rocks.
The correct order is :
[list from the right] + [list from the left], which gives :
red, white, white, green, yellow, white, purple, yellow, red, green, green, red, red, yellow.

If not successful, a trap is activated and you have to try again.
If you made it correctly, you reach the other side of the pond.

Now, go to the 3 telescopes in front of you. Before you reach them, have a look at the yellow cross on the floor. It is made of 9 small squares. You have to remember this shape.
Look in one of the telescopes (any of them) and you'll discover a view of planet Forté... very pixelated ! That's a bit of pixel hunt : try to find the yellow cross in this 360 view. It should be quite easy to find, and made with 9 pixels, like the cross you found on the floor.
Find the cross in each telescope, and an invisible dome will suddenly appear...

Go back on your steps to the rusty platform and, before climbing to the dome, stay in the 360 view and look at the pillars until you find a switch on them. Go turn it on, and you'll see a telerope coming to you. You can use it to leave the island and go back on the Ark.

Now climb the ladder to visit the dome.

Planet Forte - Dome
The dome was built by Forte and his friends from Kepler, and protects Forte's house. There's nothing special to do here, so just go to the house. You can at least watch the shape of a cube in pespective in the middle of the dome.

When you reach the house, you can watch through the windows. In one of them, you will see a paper cube. It can give a clue to solve the next puzzle.

Reach the door of Forte's house : you must solve a puzzle to open it. It can be quite hard, but you can solve it easily by trying all the answers.
If you want to solve it in the "normal" way, you have to recreate the pattern of a cube. It can be done by observing the shapes of the paper cube, and the colors (yellow/grey) of the cube in the center of the dome.

When the door opens, visit Forte's home.

Planet Forte - Forte's house
From the 360 view, go to the bathroom and find a new memory card. Read it.

Go back to the main room and watch the papers on the desktop. On the left, they're just patterns of cubes. On the right, some sketches give clues to find a key. From what you can understand, you have to take a book among others and open it. It will be empty and you must find the good page to make a specific action.

Go to the shelf and find the books. Click on them until you find the one that you can "read". Do what the previous sketch explained : turn the pages from page 2 and 3 (when you just opened the book) to pages 14 and 15. Click on the up left corner of page 15 and the key will appear. Take it. You probably understood that this key opens the Private room on the Ark... Time to leave planet Forte !

Leave the teleport room for the Central room, and go to the Private room (the one with a red circle). Click on the right of the door to see a lock. Use the key on it to open the door...

Private room
You enter P. Forte's room. First thing you probably notice is his original suit in the middle of the room. He probably doesn't use it anymore. Look here and there to his personal belongings. Sit down on the bike and watch TV, open the drawers, look at the posters and books...

Look for a new memory card between the DVD/games boxes on a table. Read it.

There's a closed door with a window at the end of the room. To open it, you have to enter 2 different secret codes on some devices on each side of the room (in the external corridor). First, you have to find these codes.

Go to the PC near the TV and try to complete the quizz. You must have the perfect score 20/20.

Here are the correct answers :
01/ Philip (from the diary)
02/ Lutecia (from the diary)
03/ 21 01 2011 (from the diary, first entry is january the 21st)
04/ Yan (from the diary)
05/ Laure (from the diary, Nicci has feelings for Philippe, but he's married with Laure)
06/ Medrano (from the diary)
07/ A book (see in the safe of the greenhouse)
08/ Secure*(-1) (the secure command strengthens security on the Ark, while using the (-1) parameter does the contrary. (-1) is a parameter and so, has to be separated with "*")
09/ Send an email (you must have tried all the commands to know this. And yes, you can run MSPaint !)
10/ Mon Village est Magique (you can see the poster near P.FOrte's computer, but can't read the title. But there's the same picture + title in the books of the Private room)
11/ Sivas (from the diary, Sivas Nemad is the full name)
12/ Tall (from the diary, the photo/text with the translation about Plato can help you)
13/ щф (24 + 16 = 40, number translation when you open the first door in the game)
14/ 14
15/ a snake (the main ball is a monkey. You can see 2 other balls : a bird and an elephant. At a moment, the monkey falls and is saved by a flying box penguin !)
16/ left-handed (you can't know for the rest, but you probably noticed that the mouse was on the left on each PC of the Ark !)
17/ falling stars (to find the answer, you need to sleep in the bed in Forte's house in the dome)
18/ a melted ore (you had to get a "burned ore" to make the die. To do so, you heated it at exactly 800°... But if you heat it at 900°, it's too much, and you get the "melted ore")
19/ don't know (from the diary : he doesn't give any info on what he became ! But maybe you have an idea ?)
20/ a coconut (there are exotic trees on Kepler, but they're note coconuts. If you're not sure, you can answer by deduction : there's toilet paper in the bathroom in P.Forte's house in the dome. There are wood chisels in the Birds room in the Greenhouse. There's a glass prism in the Light spectrum room on the desk in the Control room)

When you get the code, write it down. It's a random number.

Now you need to find the second code. Open the drawers behind the bike to find a box with a collection of insects. Each insect has a number, so maybe you can find a code with this ?
You might have seen some of these insects somewhere already. If not, you can guess what is the best place to find insects : the greenhouse.

You need to locate the insects. There are 3.

There's one in the Seeds room. Go to the tree on the left (the one on the right gives the red seeds). Look at the flowers at the foot of the tree to find it. Remember its shape and color.

There's another one in the Birds room. When you look on the right of this area, you discover balls sculpted in the wood. Find the one which contains an insect and remember its shape and color (you should see its color even it it's on the back).

The last one is the hardest to find. You need to activate the "air-conditionner" in the main room, to make it rain in the Fir room.
Turn the buttons like this :
1 - water, 2 - position 2, 3 - ON
and press the button 4th button. Yoy should see the water fall in a video, and if you made it in the good room, some "fireflies" should appear in the end.
Now, go to the Fir room until the safe. Look back, and you should see some of these fireflies. Click on them to discover the lest insect. Remember its shape and color.

Go back to the Private room.

Private room
Have another look to the bugs in the drawer. Try to recognize the 3 bugs you discovered in the greenhouse and write their numbers.
There are 4 different genres of insects in the box, but you didn't see any dragonfly, so forget them.
The result of this observation should return the following numbers : 5, 13, 34. That's the 2nd code : 51334.

Go enter the 2 codes in the circular corridor out of the bedroom. You don't know which code to enter on which side, so you have to try and see if they work.

When you entered correctly the 2 codes, the door with a window should have opened. Behind, you can find a big red button. You need a key now...

Near Forte's bed, look at the photo of Laure and you will see a hidden photo at the back. Despite it's black and white, you should recognize it : it represents the yellow & grey shape in the center of the dome on planet Forte. There should be something at the place of the red cross on this photo.

Go back to planet Forte, on the second island, and climb the ladder to reach the dome.

Planet Forte - Dome
Find the yellow and grey shape in the middle of the floor (it shows a perspective cube on a black background). Click in the exact place where there was a red cross on the black and white photo. The cursor won't change, so click until you find the secret key !
When you found it, come back to the Private room on the Ark.

Private room
Use the key near the red button, and push it. The maintenance area should finally open...

The heart of the ARK

Central room
Go to the door of the maintenance area. It's the one with a sort of nuclear logo. Enter.

Maintenance area - With thief
As soon as you get in, the thief (who took your Cube) will appear and stop you. He won't hurt you, but he won't let you pass, pointing his gun on you.
You must get rid of him, but using your gun on him would be stupid. You can try to use it from your inventory, but he will kill you first, and it leads to a bad ending.

Notice behind the thief that there is an armchair under a metal dome. Where did you see something like that ?

Leave the maintenance area, you can't do anything from here. Go to the Control room which has the same armchair under a metal dome.

Control room
The armchair is not accessible, you need to open the metal dome. There's a computer in the server room that you never used until now, but it needs a password.

Remember, you found this password earlier, with command lines on Forte's PC :
Username : platon
Password : cubeisearth
The memo behind the PC tells you to enter the password like this : enter username, press space, enter password, press enter.
So you need to enter : platon[space]cubeisearth[enter]
(without capitals!)

Problem : the PC is in Anterran (not translated). You have to guess what to do, but you made it once on Forte's PC, so be optimistic.
Click on the main window until you can enter the login information, and look down at the keyboard.
This keyboard is in anterran too. You have to enter the info anyway, so the best is to make yourself a translation.

How do you write "platon cubeisearth" in anterran ? There's the answer in the diary, on the photo of text translation.
You should obtain :   ρ∫ԂӶₒﬧ     ϡחȜ'ϯʆ'Ԃ∂Ӷ–

What you have to do is enter this sequence using the anterran keyboard. Don't forget the "space" between platon and cubeisearth, and press "enter" in the end.
The "enter" key looks like the one we know with an arrow. It's also on the right.

This should take you to the desktop of the PC. Click on the only icon available and discover an incomprehensible question in anterran. But under the question, you have two choices :
pushing the "zero" key or the "one" key.
Go down to the keyboard again, and press the "one" key : it will open the metal dome over the armchair.
If you push the "zero" key, it will close the dome again.

Go to the armchair and sit down. You can see the multi-scree TV in front of you. There's a control panel on the right of the armchair. Try the buttons to find the one which turns the TVs on. Then click on the one to display a picture in fullscreen.
Scroll the images. They appear randomly. Continue to scroll them until you see the maintenance room and the other armchair+metal dome appear, with the thief. When you found it, push the button to close his dome. He will be captured, and you can now visit the maintenance room.

While you're here, before you leave the Control room, look at the metal "sculptures" on each side of the room. One of them is called "God's geometrical plan for the Universe".
Look at the other sculpture : it's written "Anterran geometrical plan for the Monolith ?"
You don't care what it really is, but write down the shapes which compose this sculpture, from the center to the outside:

black monolith
yellow metal sphere
white glass box
yellow metal box
green glass box
yellow metal box 2

You will use it later.

Maintenance area - Without thief
When you enter the room, you are now free of your moves, but you have a bad surprise : the thief fled, making a big hole in the metal dome.

Behind the dome, there's a white door to open. It's linked to the huge cylinders on each side of the room. Go open one of them to dicover a balloon with a light device. There's a button, and when you push it, it changes the light color.
You have seen at least one of these balloons during your quest : in the water, near Kepler village. There are 4 to discover in the world, and you need to see them all to solve this puzzle.

Go to the Bridge.

Land on Kepler again. Don't go out on the planet, the balloons can only be seen from inside the Ark (unless for the one in the water). Each balloon has a number and a color. You need to write them down.

Balloon number 1, red, look through the window from the Bridge.
Balloon number 2, green, look through the window in the Teleport room.
Balloon number 3 : can't be found anywhere, has probably fallen, or taken by wind...
Balloon number 4, blue, look through the glass in the main room of the Greenhouse.
Balloon number 5, purple, in the water near Kepler village.

With these observations, go back to the maintenance room.

Maintenance area
Open the cylinders again. Each of their balloon has a number from 1 to 4, and you can choose between 5 colors : white, green, blue, purple, red. You just have to assign a color to each balloon. You can forget the purple color, which is assigned to the balloon number 5, and there's no balloon 5 in the cylinders.

Cylinder 1 : red
Cylinder 2 : green
Cylinder 3 : you have to deduce from the colors not used. Obviously, it's white.
Cylinder 4 : blue

You can now open the white door, which happens to be a lift. Take it to reach the lower level of the Ark.

Monolith maintenance area
When the lift reaches the lower level, there's a poster in front of you with a photo of Cobalt-5. Write down it's coordinates. They're written backwards, just put the text in the right direction
It gives : X = 8.4  Y = 1.1 and Z = 7.3
Don't go back to the higher floor, look behind you in the lift to open a door. You will discover the monolith for the first time.

Go to the center of the room to reach the monolith. Go on the right to see a footbridge where you can't go because it's raised up. Continue to walk around the Monolith until you find a Cube in the water. It would be great to take it, but you can't reach it in the liquid. Click on it anyway, and some strange events happen. See the video : the monolith goes out, for no apparent reason.
When it's finished, there's less water over the cube (with the monolith emerged, the water goes down), but you still can't reach it.

Go back to the inaccessible footbridge which is now lowered. It has fallen during the last events, and you can walk to a chest you will need to open. Look through the lenses to discover various shapes and objects. You can change these views with the left/right arrows, and the aim is to choose the good ones. You will quickly notice that you can't change the pictures of the first line, so they're a good starting point.

The pictures in the left column are all linked to the metal "sculpture" in the Control room, the one called "Anterran geometrical plan for the Monolith".

Just put the shapes in the same order than in the sculpture :

black monolith
yellow metal sphere
white glass box
yellow metal box
green glass box
yellow metal box 2

Now you just have to find the good order for the column on the right. You already have a poster representing the monolith in the first picture. You probably understand you need to link the correspondent picture to the one you've put on the left (see the arrows between the lenses ?).
To do so, it's quite easy. The shapes from the sculpture (in the left column, then) are each time bigger when you go down, and they encompass the previous ones (the monolith shape is smaller than the yellow sphere, which is itself smaller than the white glass box, etc...). So try to put photos that represent a bigger environment each time in the column on the right.

It gives :

black monolith        -->    monolith poster
yellow metal sphere    -->    maintenance room
white glass box        -->    central room
yellow metal box    -->    the ark
green glass box        -->    representation of the galaxy
yellow metal box 2    -->    the Space

Then open the chest with the handle on the left. Inside, there's a mechanism but it doesn't work. Read the memo : it says the needed "main system" is on Cobalt-5. Try to go, but the lift has become out of service when the Monolith went out.

Visit the last footbridge. Climb the yellow "scaffolding". There's a propeller. If you came here before the monolith goes out, it was turning and you couldn't touch it. Now that the monolith is out, just touch it to remove it and discover a path through a pipe.

The pipe takes you back to the Bridge.

You can try to go to the central room. You will see the emerged monolith in the middle of the place. All the other areas are now impossible to reach, and there's a new corridor instead. You can forget it, there's nothing interesting inside.

In the Bridge, enter the coordinates you found for Cobalt-5 (8.4 1.1 7.3). Get out through the Airlock and go to the satellite.

Inside C-5, get in the 360 view. You can visit Forte's starting point when he discovered his Cube years ago. Have a look to the computer display (with green text) where you can read a short dialogue between Forte and his 2 colleagues.

Find a blue box with a processor inside. This is the "main system" that was missing in the mechanism of the maintenance room. Have a look at the booklet next to it, and discover that this processor is divided into 4 parts. Each one corresponds to a color.
You will have to enter numbers in each of the 4 parts. To find these numbers, you need to complete the grid that is in the booklet.

To do so, visit each part of the satellite to find all the numbers you can. Each number you meet is to take in account. Most of them can be found in the 360 view, you don't have to leave C-5, and don't have to get in the airlock. All these numbers are at least 3 digits.

Here is the list you should have found :

417    2011        300 105
622    5347        819 581
295    3445        124 327
348            215 007
206    10 000        485 129
471    02 468        385 106
214    52 501        112 755
293    41 243
601    10 982                 2 354 523
777                0987654321

Draw the 10x10 grid on a paper and complete it with these numbers. Each of them has to be written once and only once.
It's easy, because you don't need to fill the grid totally to get the answer you seek. As soon as you have completed the coloured boxes, copy the 2 digit numbers that they give you :

Green : 24
Red : 74
Yellow : 03
Blue : 12

Save these numbers on your paper, you'll have to enter them soon. Go back to the Ark and the maintenance room.

Monolith maintenance area
Drag and drop the processor on the opened chest with the missing "main system". Click on this processor to enter the numbers you found from the grid on C-5.
When it's done, pull the lever at the top to see the water level going down.

Go back to the Cube you had found and couldn't reach. It's out of water now, so take it. Good news : you can now go back home ! The journey will end soon.

Take this Cube to the Monolith in the Central room.

The end

Central room - The end
When you get close to the Monolith with the Cube in your inventory, the thief appears in a video where he leaves definetely the Ark. You obtain the last part of the diary, so read it carefully. You learn that the thief was noone else but Fortי, and that he did his best to make you stay on the Ark after his departure. You must give him your answer : you stay, or you don't ?

Ending 1 : If you got less than 8 parts of the diary, only 4 choices appear on the screen. Whatever the one you choose, they all lead to the same ending : you decide to stay, and walk in the steps of Forte. Watch the video, and the game is over.

Ending 2 : If you found ALL the 8 parts of the diary, a 5th choice appears on the screen. This one is totally different than the others, and leads to a different ending : you don't want to stay on the Ark because a crazy guy asks you to ! You prefer to go home on Terra, to tell your people everything you discovered.
Use the Cube on the Monolith, and you're being "aspirated" into it. When you reach the 360° view of the space, click on the brightest star and read the questions asked by the Cube. Follow the only path that's opened to you until you reach the Bridge device to enter coordinates.
Enter the X and Y coordinates of Terra (you can find them in your full diary - forget the Z) : 3.2 4.4 2.4
Push the up right button as usual and watch the video.  End of the game!

The Black Cube series, all rights reserved Simon Mesnard