Summer of 1997. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean a rag tag team of four intrepid explorers descended to the bottom of the ocean in their search to locate and enter the mythological, sunken city of Atlantis. However, something's gone wrong. Read this already in the manual, you say? That's right, partner! Never said I liked doin' it the hard way...


Well, just as I was hanging around the stadium for some good sport journalism, I got a call from my editor to get my butt over there a.s.a.p. Anxious about a promotion (what else could it be?) I ran off. How sorry I felt for myself when I received the news about me going to the Caribbean to hone my skills. Why? I was happy doing the sports pages in snowy England! Now I got to be some Indy, or something? Or should it be... Kendall, Richard Kendall... Nah!


Village Square

When I arrived over there, first thing I saw was some lady painter. I talked to her and got to know she wanted to be called old aunt Judith. Well, Jude, no problemo! Found out she wanted some fresh water to paint. Got her small pot full of dirty water and took a hike.

Beach House

First destination on the island was the beach. Fastest way to professor Caldwell's beach house was to the left. I managed to open the lock and enter the shack. Found some interesting stuff there. There was some worn off blue jacket with a piece of fabric missing. Also found some of the prof's note and an ancient Mexican coin with a square hole in it. Also found a dirty cup. Notes were interesting, told me something about a discovery Caldwell made with some Simon dude; there should be some kind of key under a stone in an old church...

The Museum

>From the beach house I went straight to the museum. Over there I met the curator. Hereally loves his old Mustang wreck! Even worse condition than the rust bucket I flew in on my way to this island! Well, inside the museum I found a painting of a guy called Mancusin. Examination is important! Also found some compass. The curator got really nervous when I touched the glass! Must be something special...
Through the door I reached the gunnery. In there, I found a piece of fabric between some stones. This was the piece of fabric that was missing from the blue jacket in Caldwell's cabin! Also examined the skull shield. Then walked on to the library.
On the table was an ancient book with an ancient letter. Read this letter, it's about Mancusin's mysterious escapes in the past. Leave and go to the gallery. Examined the compass again, now noticed the pointer points east. Saw enough and left.

The Pier

At the pier I met an old sailor. He told me he's a descendant of the pirate Mancusin and he showed me the tattoo only he and his brother have; a white dolphin with the motto 'Viva the south wind!'. Heard that one before! Talking to this sailor and showing him the letter I found in the museum's library gave me a lot of info. The sailor told me about the legend of Mancusin and his pirates always able to escape without a trace in the fortress. He also told me he took the Prof. and his crew out to the Bermuda Islands. There he used a research ship and a bathyscaph to explore the ocean. But he was never seen again...
Got a magnet from the sailor. It was dropped by the Professor when they embarked their research vessel.

The Museum

In the museum, I went to the library. I opened the window and poured the pot of dirty water out of the window on the car. As soon as I heard the curator wining about his car, I went down and used the magnet on the compass in the gallery. The pointer now turned south!. Hey, viva the south wind! I ran off to the gunnery and turned the skull and bones shield. Guess what... a secret passage opened! Grabbed the piece of blue cloth that had been stuck between it and went down.

A Secret Hiding Place

Yuck! Stuffy around here... Anyway, I stumbled upon some ancient stuff here. I opened a trunk and found a parchment with Mancusin's sign on it. On the table I found a manuscript from Christopher Columbus himself. Some mysterious script old Chris wrote down... Also found a dagger lying on the table. Jute bags and kegs contained nothing valuable.
I left the museum and went to the gum tree in front of it. I stuck the dagger in it and put the gum resin from the tree into the dirty cup I found in Caldwell's beach house.
Then I went to the fountain and emptied the pot of dirty water in the fountain. Then I used the Mexican coin on the fountain tap followed by using the fountain tap. Finally, the water flowed! Then I used the empty pot on the fountain and I got a pot full of clean water!

The Pier

I left the museum and went straight to the pier. I had the coordination now and I was sure Caldwell went there as well. I asked the sailor to take me there but he refused to take me there. I talked to him and I insisted on him taking me there. But he wouldn't do it... as long as his favorite crab Tweezers wasn't with him. Man, he must have had to many sunburn for his own good! But as he was an ancestor of some crazy pirate, everything was possible. So I told him I was going to find this Tweezers. Thankful guy as he was, he gave me Tweezers favorite food and off I went.

The Beach House

In front of the beach house is a flat rock with some crabs on it. I went down to the rock and poured the gum resin on the rock. Then I put Tweezers food on the gum resin and waited for the crab to get stuck. Grabbed the crab and went off to the vill square.

Village Square

Went to old aunt Judith and gave her the pot of water. Then I asked her to paint my freshly caught crab white. She guzzles down all my rum but, hey, I got my own Tweezers now.

Went to the pier and gave good ol' Tweezers to the sailor. Thankful guy as he was, he took me to the place I wanted to go. I had to dive to find the bathyscaph in which I found the black box in the secret compartment. I also saw a great stone portal to the right of the rope... Atlantis? Wowsers! Time to tell that slavedriver in London!


Newspaper Office

Just when I thought all this had ended, that slavedriver had this great idea to send me to another place to investigate Caldwell's disappearance. No way, Jose'! Okay... well, losing my job isn't all that great. either. So there I went again. Another rust bucket, another place, another mystery to be unraveled...

The Church In Avon

Near the well I found a bucket with a hole in it. Took it anyway. Then I met a little girl, called Polly Jane, and her cat Attila. She was too busy to talk to me. I left ant walked around the church to the farm. I used the piece of cloth I had with the gum resin. The cup holding the gum resin broke but I got a sticky cloth to use on the bucket to repair it. Then I used the bucket to get some milk from the dairy cow. Took the bucket to Atilla and gave him some milk. As Polly Jane was too busy picking fruit, I took Atilla and threw him into the broken church window. That drew Polly Jane's attention! She took the ladder to rescue her little kitten and left it after that. I used the ladder to get into the church.

The Church

Once I was inside, I removed the door bolt from the oak door. Also picked up the urn with ashes. Then I used the door bolt on the confessional to reveal a secret passage. Went down and found some archeological diggings. Another step down between piles of sand took me to the tomb... Spooky! Inside the tomb I saw a sculpted picture of Stonehenge with some hieroglyphics beneath it. I was sure those hieroglyphics would prove to be most interesting so I made a copy for my editor to translate. To make a copy, I used the professor's notes on the hieroglyphics to make a copy. The ash made a good ink! There also was a large stone head which I examined. Last thing to explore was an alcove. This must be the place where Caldwell found his "key", the stone he mentioned in his writings!
After I explored everything I left the church but then... suddenly the weather changed without reason... I went back in the church and found a strange octagon object, green with shiny pieces... Newspaper Office

I ran off to London to give my editor the copy of the encrypted message. He told me it was an ancient Tuareg dialect. Oh no, that means I... yeah... off to Tammanrasset, Algeria to meet Prince Amir. Here we go again!


Got to the tent at the lower side of the screen and got in. Talked to the bloke and got thrown out almost immediately. So far for local hospitality! Tried talking to the woman, the beautiful Lallah, in front of the other tent. Then went to the fort and talked to the prisoner. He told me about the Holy Man of the Mountain who could help me translate the glyphs from the British tomb. He gave me a ring as a token of our friendship. Took this ring back to Lallah, the prisoner's wife, and she gave you permission to look inside the tent as I now am a friend of her husband's.

In the tent, you can see shreds of a pot and a hole in the tent, caused by a bullet. Now go outside and talk to Lallah again. She'll tell you about a crash that woke her. Enter the tent again and look at the base of the pole (actually named as this!) and see the bullet and the line the bullet followed through the hole. This points to the top of the fort's turret. Go talk to Lallah again and get some food for her husband. Go to the other tent and talk to the injured guy, who tells you a snake scared his dromedary after which it decided to run away. Some clue, but be patient.

Enter the fort again and bring the food to the prisoner. There's a picklock in it on which he nearly breaks his teeth, when you ask him how the food was. As it's no good for him (why should it, he's only locked, after all...). Leave the fort and go to the map. Choose the freshly placed mountain as your new destination.


Look at the tire marks from the jeep. Enter the building and talk to the Holy Man. He'll tell you about a stolen gem, taken from him by a man with an eye-patch. He took off south in a jeep. Now ask this guy about the rubbings, try to get conversation on translating. After some lengthy conversation (again...) he'll tell about a strange object from a church. Must be the green object I've found in Avon! Went to the strange door and the green object, a Levitium Finder, started buzzin'. Old man told me this was the entrance to the Cave of Mysteries. Exit and use the tire tracks to go to the village.


In the village, I entered some smelly butcher's shop with a camel sign near the door. There was some rat bait and a little bottle I couldn't take without having an argument with the shopkeeper. Ask him about the rat bait. He offered me some disgusting rat croquette I just took out of pure decency. Then I ran off, to the square behind the building. There was some guy which asked me to play a game with. As there was no reason, I went on to the cave area and selected Easter Island as my next destination.


I went to those famous statues and walked on to a hut. Tobias, the sailor's petty thief bro was there. I asked him about the island. Then I went to the lighthouse, picking up a shell necklace from the first statue as I went by them. In front of the lighthouse, I took a glass jar from a stone marker and went back to Tobias' hut. He gave me a picture of the island. Took a rubber tube myself, found it near the petrol can. As I wasn't progressing much till now, I showed him the Mancussin paper and the rubbings from the Avon tomb. When he cracked his memory (took a while) he pointed me the cave of giant bats. I went there (left of your screen) and found a termite hill. As the sounds from the cave scared me shitless, I decided to do some other animal thing and captured those nice little termites into my glass jar. Then I left for the airport, destination...


I walked north to the worker's shack, leaving Stonehenge to my right. I had some pleasant conversation with this bloke, telling me his tractor broke down. I smiled to him and then, in a brief moment of indiscretion, I opened the door with the picklock. A metal file from the table and the plumb line from the boxes in the corner were all I found. Time to head back to the desert!


Talked to Lallah again. She didn't know the sacred word for the cave, but only those belonging to the royal family have knowledge, so she told me. I talked to the prisoner again and he told me the magic word, but only after making him a deal to save him. So, that's the mission from now on.

Go outside and make a fake snake from the plumb line, the shell necklace and the rubber tube. Use this little rattler on the dromedary and scare him away. Go to the tent of the man with the injured foot and tell him his dromedary ran off. He'll tell you to go to the bazaar. Do so and deliver the message to the merchant over there. Leave and take the little dish of dog food from the other cage on the fort square.

Return to the tent of the injured man and get his shoe. Look at the rifle that's there.


Go to the door and use the file on it to get some Levitium filings. Exit the cave and got to the map. Pick as you next destination:


Talk to the lady painter twice and give her the picture of Easter Island and the Mancussin parchment at last. She'll make a an excellent first class fake treasure map where X marks the spot!

Go to the pier and talk to Tobias' brother, the sailor. He'll be really glad to hear you've found that slippery worm. Well, 1-0 for brotherhood!


Go to the village and enter the butcher shop again. I really had some fun over there with the camel stake on the counter. The termites from the glass jar make some combo with the meat, it made the butcher faint! I snatched away the rat bait and the little bottle of narcotics and ran off.


Inside the fort, I mixed the narcotic powder with the small dish of dog food and gave it to the dog inside the bazaar. Then I took the small safe from the counter before passing going through the door. There I found a larger safe I couldn't open at that time and a chest. Removing the chest revealed a secret passageway to the top of the turret. Pick up the silencer and take the steps. Up there I found a cartridge case and a telescope lens. I used the shoe I stole from the tent onto the footsteps and they matched; Dromedary Dick was the killer instead of Prince Amir! I went downstairs and talked to the guard. I handed over all the evidence and finally he freed the Prince when his innocence was proved.


Go to Tobias' hut and give him the small blue safe to open it. The combination is 5-1-7 .Use the safe to open it and get the key inside of it.


Got to the fort and use the key I found in the safe on the jeep parked near the cells. Took the contents, being a drive belt and some flares. License plate is 517-462. Hey, wasn't 517 the safe combo?

Entered the bazaar and heard the two crooks talk to eachother. Followed them as they walked through a door and heard them talk about a contract which they hid in the great safe. As they left, I opened the safe with the other half of the combo; 4-6-2. To open the safe, set each dial on the number acquired and pull the lever. Then take the contract out.

Outside, I talked to the guard and gave him the rifle. Gave him the silencer as well. I told him about the plot and the contract. Finally he gave me the key to free Prince Amir and he gave me the magic words to the cave: "Open Sesame!". Wow, some point for creativity here!


Gave the secret word to the old man and entered the inner cave. Heard the story about Gods falling from the sky.


Went straight to the construction yard into the shack to give the drive belt to the worker. He's rushing to call his wife so I had all the time in the world to leave the shack and use the tractor's lever to lift the stone. I entered the pit and the underground room. A thin bronze tube, a cracked crystal and a strange green object were stuff collected from there.


Got back to the pit below the church and got myself a rat, from below the stairs or at the iron bars at the right end of the dirt floor. Used the rat bait to catch it.


Go to the village square and get the picture from the lady painter.


Lighthouse was my destination where I could use the flares on the lamp holder. I turned the handle to switch the light on but, darn, one of Tobias' balloons blocked the path of the light!

Go to Tobias and give him the painting (being actually a fake treasure map). He leaves and you can enter the hut. Get the chrome paint spray, the glass shard (window above washing machine) and the car jack. Leave the hut and deflate the balloon by using the gas burner.

Now it's time to go to the bat cave. Enter the cave (which is now lit and left by the bats). Use the rubber tube on the fountain to divert the stream of water. Now enter the secret passage where you can pick up an ancient parchment. Use the car jack with the tomb stone to crack it and get the medallion.

Find Tobias again and see he actually found his treasure...!


Talk to the Holy Man and tell him you know the secret word. Then he'll open the door. Use the Magnetium object from Stonehenge on the hole in the mechanism. It doesn't work. Now the man should tell you about the sacred gem that was stolen.


Go back to the village and use the lens on the rusty hole on the jeep. Go to the square and play the game with the crook. When you hear a big bang (the tire blew!) the guy will leave. He will not come back until you take the special snuff box from under the dirty cup and use the Levitium filings with it. Put it back under the cup and the man will come back. This time, play the game with him and you use the Levitium finder with the snuff box to find it's position. Do this for as long as you can, then leave. If you play the game long enough, he will give you the sacred Ahmarat (mainly automatic sequence).


Return to the cave and go to the strange machines inside. Use the helmet and see a confession made by some alien... an Atlantean? After that, go to the compartment and take the medallion (with the red stone) out. Insert the medallion from the bat cave (with the green stone) in it. Use the helmet again and hear another story. Use the parchment from the tomb and find coordinates from Yucatan (you can go there now). Open the compartment again and take the medallion out. Now put the medallion from the church in England (with the black stone) in it. You now learn how to recharge the Levitium finder at Stonehenge.


Go to the Mystic's hut (past the sunbleached rock and flowers). Look at the marks on the stone idol outside the hut and talk to the man. He tells you that you should come back with "a precise question".

Go back to the forest and go to the pyramid (click above the rock on the left side). Go inside the pyramid and see the 4 buttons to control up, down, right and left. Return to the Mystic's hut and tell him what you've discovered. He tells you what you need to enter the pyramid: a yellow flower, a snake, an egg of a bird and a bone of an animal cursed by man. So nothing real difficult!

To get the yellow flower, return to the wood. Use the chrome paint spray on the glass shard to make a mirror and put it on the sun bleached rock. This will divert the sun beams and color the white flower into a yellow one.

To get the egg, return to the pyramid and see a nest hanging up in the trees. Use the thin bronze tube with the cartridge and make a make-shift blow pipe. Use it with the nest and it will fall down. Take the egg out.

To get the snake, use the rat you took from the church in England. Use the rat with the boa and take this slippery friend with you.


Go to the butcher and look at the thigh bone. Talk to the butcher and buy the bone. This is the bone of an animal cursed by man so this makes it the last item you need.


Go to the Mystic and give him the bone and the other objects he asked for. Finally, you'll have a flute to use on the marks on the idol. It'll give you the secret code for the pyramid's door. Go to the pyramid and move the mechanism: up, up, right, up, up, down. This opens the back door of the pyramid. Go there and enter. Look at the painting of a medallion thrown into the water. Return to the Mystic and ask him about this. Then take the path left to the lake and see the crocodile.


Go to the pier and talk to Tobias' brother. Tell him his bro found the treasure and he'll run off, leaving you to pick up the metal net.


Go back to the lake and use the metal net on the croc. Look at the stone idol and especially watch the faces on it. Go to the Mystic and tell him he's free to get some treasures from the lake. As soon as he's left, enter his hut and open the trunk. Get the 8 face stone cubes. Then return to the inner chamber of the pyramid (where you found the painting).

You should now place the stone cubes in the door portals. Left of the door, the top should be two smiling faces, looking inwards and the bottom should be two frowns, facing outwards. Right of the door, the top should be two frowns facing outwards and the bottom should be two smiles, facing inwards. The right combo opens the door at the top of the stairs outside. Go there and see the Mayan heads along the walls. Touch a crystal in one of the mouths and see the color is changing... Return to the Mystic and ask him about this. He'll give you a medallion (purple stone).


Go to the reading compartment and use the purple stone medallion on it. Use the helmet and hear Pol Ro's story. This transmission tells you that to enter his tomb, you need the Levitium finder, fully charged and you need to solve the logic problem of the colored crystals in heads on walls in the pyramid. Remove the medallion from the compartment. If you click on it in inventory, it'll repeat instructions.


Go to the top room of the pyramid and set the colored crystals:
1. Black head with blue crystal
2. Blue head with red crystal
3. Red head with green crystal
4. Green head with black crystal
5. Yellow head with yellow crystal
Enter the tomb and get the crystal from the altar.


Go to the central rock and put the Levitium finder on central rock. Use the crystal cube on it. Click on this stuff, to pick it up, when color shown is yellow (with the delay , this will really pick it up when color is red). Inventory should say that you are carrying a "recharged Levitium finder".


Return to the tomb in the pyramid. Use the charged Levitium finder with octagon-hole in tomb. Inside the tomb, pick up the metallic dolphin disk. Exit.


Go to the pier and tell your story to the sailor. He'll take you to the ocean again. Have a dive!


At the bottom of the ocean, go to the screen right to the gate. Use dolphin disk in portal lock and enter. See the broken control panel near the door. Try to open the door.

Open the drawers in the large file cabinet. Then use file cabinet to climb to pipes. This might cause some difficulties. Click on the van before you start! Click on the right side of the cabinet, on the second spot of light from the bottom. Walk to the air vent on your right, and use your press pass on the vent. Return to the door and talk to Helen.

Take the elevator up to prison room. The prof should give you key to filing cabinet that holds instruction to the canister mechanism on lower floor. Ask the prof how to free him and you should hear about "they have key" and "need something to knock them out from far away." Go to air vent and use it, to overhear their conversation.

Return to Helen. Use key (from prof) to open drawer in small cabinet to get instructions. Look at them. The white one is the general instructions and each color is the code for that colored/ disk door. Return to mechanism on lower floor.

How to use the mechanism? Under each canister, there's colored buttons. A colored button sends the contents of that canister to the canister of the button's color. A black button empties that canister and a white button fills is completely.

Open the blue door:
1. Red canister: press white button to fill red canister.
2. Red canister: press green button to send contents of red canister to green canister.
3. Green canister: press blue button to send contents to blue canister.
4. Green canister: press black button to empty green canister.
5. Red canister: press green button to send contents of red canister to green canister.

Go to the blue room and use the lever to open the door. Take the container of water and open the airlock room with the control.

Open the red door:
1. Fill red.
2. Send red to green.
3. Send red to blue.
4. Send green to red.
5. Send blue to green.
6. Send red to blue.
7. Send blue to green.
8. Empty blue.
9. Send green to blue.
10. Empty blue.
11. Send red to blue.

Go to the room and open it with the lever. See empty fridge and take a little bottle with white powder from the table. Take the alcohol.

Open the green door:
1. Fill red.
2. Send red to green.
3. Send red to blue.
4. Send green to red.
5. Send blue to green.
6. Send red to blue.
7. Send blue to green.
8. Send green to red.
9. Send blue to green.
10. Send red to blue.
11. Send blue to green.
12. Send green to blue.
13. Empty blue.
14. Send red to blue.
15. Empty blue.
16. Send red to blue.

Go to the room and open it with the lever. See the scheme of the pump and the rubber valve. Use the empty syringe with the rubber valve and fill it with chlorine.

Return to the professor and show him the chlorine, the syringe, the bottle of alcohol, the lime bottle and the distilled water. He tells you that you have the makings of chloroform.

Go to the Laboratory (red door) and use the water, lime and chlorine with beaker. Use the thermal device. Look at the beaker. This is lime chloride. Use the empty jar with beaker valve. Use the valve. Use the alcohol with the jar of lime chloride. You now should have a jar of chloroform. Go back to the professor and talk to him. Use the jar of chloroform with the air vent outside the control room (automatic). Use the door lever and then enter the room. Take the small key on the wall on your right. Return to prof and use the key on the handcuffs. (automatic) Go back into the control room and open the small doors on each side of control desk. Take the small weight from the door on left to disable gyroscope.

Go to the decompression chamber and discover the lever dilemma. Use the plumb line with the water container. Go to lab room. Put container in refrigerator. Go back to the decompression room and close the door and then open door again. Go back to the lab and take the frozen container back to decompression chamber. Use the frozen container on the control lever. Use the small weight on this set-up.

Finally, the quest is over!

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