The Black Mirror

Walkthrough by Dusty



Chapter 1: The Black Mirror

After an introductory conversation, Bates gives you the key to you room. Go to your room upstairs and unlock it with the key.

Open your bag and take out a wallet and some pills. Examine the fireplace. You will be able to ask Bates to light this for you later. Go to the table by the door. Where you'll see a photo of Samuels wife. You'll find the bottom drawer of the table is locked. Now examine the door frame where you'll find the key to open the drawer. ( Right click to retrieve it. )You can now unlock the drawer. You will find a camera and some film. Which you don't need right now. Go out to the corridor and knock on Roberts door. Talk to him about everything. Now examine the newspaper rack where you'll find a suspicious letter. Go out to the staircase. Go to the balcony. Look High up on the tower where you'll notice Williams study. You'll want to check this out. Now go to the Old Wing. You are now standing in a burnt-out room. Inspect the fireplace. In here you'll find a torn up photo. Once it's in your inventory right click on it to place all the shards of paper into the correct places to assemble the photo.  (After it's pieced together you can ask everyone about the man in the photo. ) You will also notice the door to the attic. Hmm.. it's locked. Now go downstairs and find Bates near the Library. Ask him for the key. At this time you can also ask about the man in the photo, and ask him to light the fireplace. Bates will tell you that the key to the attic is hanging in the kitchen by the cellar door. Go retrieve the key and go unlock the attic door. Once in the attic have a look around. Look at everything you can. Go to the farthest end of the room. You'll come to the door of Williams Study. Which has been boarded up. Try to remove the boards. Hmm.. can't do it with bare hands. Now go to the stable. Open the drawer to find a hammer. Perfect, now you can go back to the attic and remove the boards. Now lets enter the study. Darn it's locked! Try again. Still no luck. Let's go ask Victoria about it. And ask her for the key. You'll find her in the common room. Upon asking her for the key she becomes angry and will no longer talk to you. Go talk to Bates. You'll find him in the kitchen. Through the Dining Room. Before leaving the Dining room take the sweets from the bowl. Now go find Bates. He suggests that you go apologize immediately. Go to the common room again and apologize. Victoria now tells you that she doesn't have the key to the study, but that Dr. Hermann should have it in William's estate. Go to the library where you'll find Dr. Hermann. Talk to him about everything. He promises to have a delivery boy bring you the box of William's things to you at the front gate at exactly 7 o'clock. Explore the library a little more. Go to the center of the room. On the table you'll find a map. (scroll) This will be send to travel to different places throughout the game. But aren't accessible right now. Now go outside and examine the place where William's body was found. Go ask Bates about it. He'll then show you the symbol that was left on the tower. You'll want to photograph this. Look closely at the shrub to find a "strange object". Now go to your room and get your camera. The film is no longer good. Go ask Robert for some. He'll tell you its in the attic in his chest and give you the key. Now go to the attic and unlock the chest. Get the film and put it in the camera. Go back downstairs and take a photo of the symbol. Go back and ask Robert about having the film developed. He will send you to Willow Creek to find Murray. Before you leave for Willow Creek go talk to Bates about the strange objects you find. He'll direct you to Henry who was tending the garden around the time of the accident. You will find Henry either in the garden by the steps or in the greenhouse. Talk to him about everything. You'll discover that he found a similar object, but pawned it to Murray. You will try to buy the bill of exchange for the object but wont be able to. Now, using the map go to Willow Creek.



The Village


In the Village you can speak to the fisherman. Then go over the bridge to the pawn shop. You'll find it closed with a sign in the window that says "Be back in a few minutes".  Go back across he bridge and talk to the little boy in front of the kegs. He won't tell you much of anything at first. Until you give him some sweets. Then ask him about the man from the pawn shop. He'll tell you he went to the city and probably wont be back today. Now go to the pub. Talk to the pub owner about everything. After he lets you that is. He's quite the talker! Then talk to Tom. Find out what he owes the Pub owner and pay it. Then talk to Tom again. He tells you that William often went to the church late at night. Hmm what's that about? Let's Find out. Now Use the map to go to the Warmhill rectory.



The Church


At the church first turn to the right and talk to the GraveDigger about everything. Now turn back to the left and go to the Cemetery. Go Straight to William's grave. Go back to the gravedigger. He'll tell you that Father Fredrick isn't coming back until morning. At this point the church bell rings signaling 7 o'clock. Go back to the Castle gates.



Back to the Balck Mirror Castle


Mark is already there at the gates waiting for you with the box containing William's estate. Talk to him before picking up the box. Once he leaves pick up the box and examine it's contents. The key isn't in the box, the only thing you'll find in it is a gold watch. Once you examine it you'll find a slip of paper from William written to himself. On this paper it states that there is a spare key to the study hidden in the library. Go to the library and find the button under the ink. Press it to reveal a hidden compartment in the wall. In it you will find a small wooden box containing something that looks like planets. Hmm.. Go to the globe. Arrange these planets in order according to their distance from the sun. Once the planets are in the correct positions a false bottom will open up to reveal the hidden key. Take it and go to the Attic. Unlock the study door and go in. Once you get in there the door will slam shut. Go to the Desk and open it. Take the black Rook chess piece and the music box. Examine these from you inventory. Wow.. not only is the rook a chess piece it also become a small knife. This could come in handy along the way. Now open the drawer. Take the book. Open it to find a small key. Use this key to open the chest behind where you are currently standing. Take the black sphere. Go back to the drawer and right click on it and find Williams Diary underneath. Read the Diary. Now use the knife on the door and go out to the attic. Samuel feels ill and passes out. He comes to in his room after a short while. To find Bates and Robert there with him. They talk and the chapter ends.




Chapter 2


Bates wakes you and takes you to the common room where you learn of Henry the gardener's death. He asks you some questions and then leaves. Now you go look at the fountain where he drowned. You see something glittering in the bottom but to get it the fountain will have to be drained. You also notice a foot print in the mud beside the fountain. Go to the kitchen and find the cellar door open. Go to the cellar. Talk to Bates. He'll tell you where the control panels are. Go look at it and then go back and talk to Bates again. He'll then tell you that you have to drain the second column from the right. Once you've done this go back to the fountain. Look at the symbol on the edge of the fountain and then take a photo of it. Take the key from the fountain. Now go to the Greenhouse. Once in the greenhouse go to the table and open the drawer on the right. Inside you'll find a small box. Use the key from the fountain to open it. In it you'll find a letter which you'll read. It's from the gardener to Victoria, in it it says that Morris has been stealing wine from the cellar. Now you go to talk to Morris about this. From there go talk to Victoria and ask her where Dr Hermann lives. His house will now appear on your map. No go to the doctors house.



Dr. Hermanns House


When you come to the doctor, you will see how he is throwing something into a container. The doctor leads you to a morgue. You ask about the gardener’s things but the doctor does not allow you to inspect them.. You speak about other maters and you go back out in front of the house. You try to open the big container here, but it will be locked, so you just take a torn-up letter from the ashtray, which you piece together and read. You go back to the morgue and you examine the canisters from a developer under the washstand. Then you ask the doctor if he would develop the photos. The doctor will agree, but you must go and buy a fixative. You go to the village and visit the junk store. You buy a fixative here and you ask about the other part of the stone rune, which the gardener pawned. You learn that you need the bill of exchange. You bring the fixative to the doctor and in a while you return for the developed photographs. If he doesn’t have them ready, go and look elsewhere and try again later. Now you go and have a look in the pub. You speak with everyone about the dead gardener and ask the publican if Mark can be relied upon. Afterwards you arrange a payment with Mark in order for him to help you lure the doctor away from the morgue. Now you go to the doctor in the morgue. After a short conversation a bell rings and the doctor leaves for a moment. You examine the box on the back shelf and you find the gardener’s bill of exchange. You take some modeling clay from a drawer and you use it for the bunch of keys hanging above the washstand, thereby getting an imprint of the key for the container. When Dr. Hermann returns, say goodbye and go to the pub. Speak with the publican here and ask him who makes keys in the area. He sends you to Mark. Mark is sitting in the pub playing cards. You speak with him about cutting the key and Mark promises you that he will cut it and bring it to you in the pub in an hour. You go to look around the neighborhood and after a while you return to the pub. You speak with the publican and he gives you the key that Mark left with him. If this doesn’t happen, try returning later. Now go to the doctor’s and unlock the containers with the key you got from Mark. You find the gardener’s clothes here, which you examine in the inventory and you use the knife for them, thereby finding a diamond, which was sewn into the clothes. Now go to the junk store and change the bill of exchange for the stone rune. You combine the diamond with the stone rune from the junk dealer and you then also combine it with the rune you found under the tower. After this, you go to the church.


The Church


In the church you speak with the priest and you go to look at the grating for the bell tower. You discover that it is locked so you go back to the priest and talk him into opening it for you. In the bell tower you rummage in an opening under a burning candle and you put the rune with the diamond into it. In the middle of the room, an altar rises up out of the ground, and you must solve a puzzle on it. The task is to swap the black stones with the white ones so that that the red stone once again remains in the middle. In this way, the secret entrance in the floor under the carpet is pushed aside. You push away the carpet and go underground. You find yourself in the gloomy tomb of Marcus Gordon. You inspect the round opening in the column and you discover that it is the same as that in the bell tower. Therefore, you go up and take the rune and the diamond from the opening upstairs and put them in the opening in the tomb thereby lighting everything up. However the entrance slams shut behind you at the same time. In the middle of the tomb there are four columns and there is an ancient book with a riddle at each column.


Front left book riddle: It can't be seen but it can be heard. It will not speak unless it's spoken to. The answer is ECHO.

Back left column: The more you take away the larger it grows. The answer is HOLE.

Back right column - Cities without house. Rivers without water. Forests without trees. The answer is MAP.

Front right column - Black when bought, red when used, gray when thrown out. The answer is COAL


After each correct answer, the given column disappears and after solving all four riddles the middle of Marcus’s tomb pulls away.

Push aside the cover of the tomb and take Marcus’s chronicle and the first sacred key from the grave. You examine the fallen candlestick, which a rat runs away from. You go to look at the place the rat ran to and you fall into some old mines.



The Mines


You find yourself in complete darkness. You find the intake valve and give it a turn. Afterwards you put the levers into the following position: the first lever in the centre, the second lever downwards, the third upwards and turn the button. The generator starts running and the mine lights up. Take the pliers from the back shelf. A wire impedes you in the exit from the storeroom. Don’t touch this if you don’t want to get killed. Turn off the generator using the button and snip the wire in the dark with the pliers. Now turn on the lights again. Take a rope from the ground and go to look at the doors. You discover that they are locked and, after a closer inspection of them, you discover the key on the other side of the lock. Snip the mesh on the doors with the pliers and extract the key. Unlock the doors and leave the storeroom. You find yourself at an intersection, where you pick up a cloth off the ground and take an iron bar out of a mound of debris. You continue onwards by going to the left and you arrive at a lift, which naturally is not working. You notice a trap door under a barrel and you try to push the barrel away. You can’t move the barrel so you pierce it with the iron bar and you wait until everything pours out of it. Afterwards, you knock the barrel out of the way and you try to lift up the trap door. Once again you can’t manage to open it, so you tie one end of the rope to the trapdoor and the other end to a trolley. You try pushing the trolley but you can’t do it. Therefore, you examine the trolley carefully and discover that its brakes have been applied. Remove whatever is stopping the trolley and give it a push. This clears the way into the lower floors. You go downwards but you don’t find anything interesting here, so you go down one more floor and find yourself in an inactive machine room. You find a small switching station in the dark and you open it using the knife. Connect the wires that have been pulled out in the following order: green, red, blue, and push the button. You examine the skeleton on the ground and find a small key. Unlock the left-hand locker with this and take out the ammunition, the revolver and the plans for the machines. You take the diary from the table and read it. You learn something about a mining disaster. Climb up two floors via the ladder and go all the way to the back. You arrive at a large machine. Use the plans for the control panel of the machine to activate it. Go back down to the machine room and inspect the place where the steam is leaking from. Climb up the ladder and go back to the big machine. Dip the cloth into the puddle here and block the steam that is escaping with it. The machine cannot operate at full capacity so you look at its fuses. You discover that one needs to be changed. You find this at the intersection in the switching station, which you open with the knife. Afterwards, you put the new fuse into the machine and activate it using the control panel. This puts the lift into operation. Climb up one floor and call the lift. You go to the top

floor and find yourself in front of an exit with locked grating. You examine the lock on the grating, load the revolver and shoot the lock. The way is clear and you go out. Shoot the wolf and go back to the Black Mirror. You speak with Robert and Victoria again in the common room and then you go to sleep.




The Hidden Heirloom


At the gate in Wales:

Ring the doorbell next to the gate twice, but doesn't work. Examine the doorbell with the right mouse button - you will find out that the wires inside barely touch one another. Examine the broken leg of the statue to the left of the gate three times - Samuel will find a nail in it. Use the nail for the doorbell, which will finally make it ring. As soon as the gatekeeper asks you to identify yourself quickly (before leaving) show him William’s death notice - he will lead to you to the villa to see Eleonor. You will discuss all sorts of topics with Eleonor…


Unlocking the door of the abandoned house:

Walk out of the villa and head to the fork in the road. From here, continue left to the old garden (the gatekeeper will stop you, but after explaining he will let you go). Continue to the abandoned house and along the left to the crypt. Try to get inside - you will find out that it is locked. When you speak to Eleonor about the crypt, she will refuse to let you in. Try to enter the abandoned house - it too is locked. Examine the door with the right mouse button - you will discover that the key is inserted in the other side of the lock. In the location in front of the house, there is a water tap. Examine it - Samuel will pick up the piece of wire, which is wrapped around it. Insert the death notice under the door of the old house, and use the wire on the door. Samuel will thus obtain the key, which you will use to unlock the door to the old house.


Discovery of a secret passage in the abandoned house:

Inside the abandoned house, you will scare a cat sleeping on the hearth. The cat will run into a closet, but when Samuel opens it, he finds out that the cat is not there. The cat threw a key onto the floor from the fireplace. Examine the small door to the left of the fireplace (left or right key) and unlock it with the collected key. Take a candle (which does not have a wick) and gas lighter from the unlocked compartment. In the inventory, use a small knife on the candle, thereby creating a wick, and insert it into the lighter. Use the gas lighter for the dark closet - you will find out that there is a secret passage. Walk in - you will reach Richard’s secret laboratory. During the dialogue, Richard will break a bottle with boron oxidant and will want you to obtain another one for him.


Production of boron oxidant:

Examine the bottle on the small table in the workshop - Samuel picks one up. Pick up the fragment with the oxidant label from the floor next to Richard. Upstairs in the room above the laboratory, open the drawer in the desk, and in a detailed view open the small drawer - there you will find a fountain pen. Outside in front of the house, use the empty bottle for the tap, thereby filling it with water. In the inventory for the bottle, use the fountain pen, thereby obtaining blue water in the bottle. Inside the old house, pick up the dirty paper from the floor, and throw it into the stove on the left. From the floor in front of the fireplace, pick up a log of wood and throw it into the stove as well. Light a fire in the stove using the lighter. From the table in the middle of the room, pick up the tea kettle, fill it with water from the tap in front of the house, and place it on the stove in the house. After a while (leave the house and return again), steam will start to escape from the kettle. Place the fragment over the steam, thereby

removing the label. Now you have to somehow have to stick the label on the bottle with the ink. In the garden in front of the villa, you will speak to Louis the gatekeeper, mainly about repairing the doorbell. After you leave

the location, Louis will move away to start repairing the doorbell on the main gate. Go back to the villa, where Eleonor will have another message for Louis - this time he should take care of the lawn. Go back to the main gate and give the message to Louis, who will retort that he does not have time. Inform Eleonor of Louis’ standpoint; she will tighten up and send you to see Louis again. Tell Louis that Eleonor explicitly wishes that he take care of the lawn immediately. When you leave the location and return again, Louis will be running around the garden with a lawnmower. Louis has left his tools lying near the main gate. Look through it - you will find glue and a stiff wire. In the inventory, spread the label with glue and paste it onto the bottle with the ink - and there you have oxidant! Take the bottle with the oxidant to Richard in the laboratory, and speak to him about the crypt, William and the



Puzzle in the Crypt


Go to the place where Louis is cutting the grass, and throw the wire on the lawn. The lawnmower will get stuck and Louis will leave. Look through his jacket, which is hung up on the tree - you will find a bunch of keys. Go to the crypt and unlock the entrance using the key to the crypt. Inside the crypt, examine the inscriptions above the three statues (from the left: Veine, Odire, Malite). Talk to Richard about the inscriptions on the crypt - he will promise to find out what they mean. However, you must give him some time to do so. Go back to the crypt, and inspect the stone tomb to the right, and then its stone lock (if you have already done so, go back to the crypt anyway, otherwise Richard will not be finished with the translation of the words). Ask Richard about the deciphered words. You will find out that Veine is the name of the god of contention, Odire is the goddess of abundance and Malite is the god of water. In the crypt, each of the three status has a bowl. It is necessary to place blood, soil and water in the appropriate bowls. WATER: In the abandoned house, take the tea kettle with the water from the stove, and pour it into the bowl of the statue on the right. SOIL: Examine the stone flower pot

outside in front of the crypt - Samuel will take soil out of it. Pour this soil into the bowl of the middle status. BLOOD: In the abandoned house, read through the papers pasted on the opened doors of the closet - there are newspaper clippings about Richard (it informs you that he was engaged in the analysis of mammal blood). Then speak to Richard about the blood - he will tell you that he has it in the freezer. Open the freezer box - Samuel will remove a bottle of blood from it. Pour the blood into the bowl of the statue on the left. As soon as you fill all 3 bowls, a stone altar will slide out from the middle of the crypt. Examine it - the hardest puzzle in the game is located on it. It is basically a classic “tile” puzzle, but some of the tiles have zodiacal symbols on them, and you have to arrange them exactly according to the months in the year. Because you will not find any help in the game, there is a hint consisting of at least 4 symbols, which are drawn under the corner tiles in the pedestal. Solution to the puzzle: see image. As soon as you solve the puzzle, a small compartment will open in the middle,

from which you will take a key. However, at this moment Louis the gatekeeper will appear, lock the crypt and your fun is over. Go back to the laboratory to see Richard, and speak to him about the locked crypt - he will promise to help you get inside, if you meet him after dark and help him out. Go

back to the villa and wait until night…


At night in the crypt


Go to the abandoned house to see Richard, and try to get inside - unfortunately, it is locked. Return back to the location, pick up some gravel (stones) from the path and throw them at the tower window several times in a row, until Samuel hits the target. After Richard’s failed chemical experiment, take a bottle of acid from the table. Hurry off to the crypt and use the acid for the entrance. Inside, use the key (from the altar) for the tomb on the right, thereby unlocking a secret passage. Go inside. However, a locked grid will stop you from entering underground. Examine the lock. Find Richard and ask him about the lock in the crypt - he will tell you that Eleonor has the key in a box in the main foyer of the villa. Do not forget to take the key to the villa from the table in Richard’s laboratory (it is almost invisible, lying in the same place where you took the acid). Go to the villa and use the key for the main entrance to open the main door. Inside, examine the small wooden box, lying on the table to the left.

You have to solve a simple puzzle to open it. On a chessboard with 3x3 fields, you must replace the white horses with black ones, as indicated by the arrow in the middle. However, you may only move the horses around on the chessboard using an L-shaped motion, meaning by one field to one side and two fields to the other side. It is not complicated, and after a few random attempts, you will surely manage to open the box. Solution to the puzzle: see image. As soon as the place the fields correctly, the box will unlock itself and Samuel will obtain the amulet. Return to the underground crypt and use the amulet to open the lock on the grid. Inside the crypt you should save the game, because death is awaiting you after opening the tomb (read the inscription on the plaque in the middle).


Opening the tomb in the crypt


There is a pile of skulls along the wall in the underground crypt. Examine the third from the right (unlike the others, it presents itself in singular form, meaning “skull”). Throw stones on the cracked skull. The skull will fall on the ground, go and examine it. Take notice of the small key behind the grid on the window, which you cannot reach. Go back to the abandoned house and pick up a poker (it is leaning against the fireplace). Return to the crypt and use the poker to pull out the key. Use the key and skull on the monolith - you will thereby disable the protection “killer” system of the tomb. Now you may safely shift back the cover of the tomb, examine it and take the key from the dead Dargham.




Forgotten bonds

Stonering - child’s corpse:

After returning from Bates’ place, you receive 2 bad messages - Robert has disappeared and they have found a young boy’s corpse in the woods. Go to the inn in Willowcreek. Speak to the gravedigger about Vick - he will tell you that they found his body at Stonering (a new location on the map). Set out to Stonering. One the spot, speak to detective Collier, not only about Henry. Examine the bloody altar twice, and then the menhir with the symbol. Draw the symbol into William’s diary. Use the right button to examine the plant on the left of the monitor - you will discover a piece of fabric underneath it. However, you cannot pick it up in front of detective Collier. Pour some blood from the inventory on the flat stone behind Collier. Then point out the blood to the inspector. As soon as he turns around, grab the fabric from underneath the plant. Leave Stonering and go see Hermann at his house. At the morgue, ask him about Vick, Robert and Henry. At the entrance gate to the Black Mirror manor, examine the mailbox - you will find a letter from James. Inside the manor, speak to Victoria about James and Robert through the door (on the same corridor as Robert’s study) - Victoria will send you to the sanatorium in Ashburry (new location on the map).


Ashburry - how to enter the boiler room:

Before the entrance gate to the sanatorium, ring the doorbell. After some short persuasion, the nurse will let you inside, where you will speak to her about James - you will find out that he escaped his cell. Go outside and walk around the house along the left. In front of the boiler room, examine the crate of beer. Knock on the door of the boiler room, and speak to the boiler operator about all sorts of things (the boiler room, Robert and the escape, and mainly about the beer). Inside the sanatorium, speak to the nurse about the telephone. As soon as the nurse leaves, walk through the counter hatch and take the small vase from the cupboard. In the inventory, search through the wallet - take out one coin. Use this coin on the vase, thereby obtaining the key to the cupboard. Use the key to open the white cupboard and take the sedative from it - Ezokain. In front of the boiler room, examine the trash bintwice - you will find a syringe inside. In the inventory, draw some Ezokain (barbiturate) into the syringe. Inject the syringe with the barbiturate into the beer in front of the boiler room. In the foyer of the sanatorium, wet a handkerchief in the fountain. Take a hammer from the shed to the left of the boiler room. Examine the small window to the left of the door to the boiler room. Try to loosen the middle bar, but it will not work. Use the hammer to break the brick under the bar. Hit is several times, but always at the right moment, when you hear the boiler operator filling the stove). As soon as you destroy the brick, loosen the bar and use the wet handkerchief on the device (thermostat) - you will fool the thermostat and thereby oblige the boiler operator to have the beer with the sedative. It is necessary to wait a while, so you can go to the foyer of the sanatorium and them come back.


The boiler room and the guard near the cells:

Inside the boiler room, go to the back and examine the notice board. Pick up the small key on the bottom edge, and also take note of the poster dated 1918. Examine the panel next to the door, insert the key in the hole and enter the code 1918 - the door will unlock. Pass through the door into the corridor with the cells, but you will encounter a guard, who is on his rounds. Go into the main room of the sanatorium and ask the nurse for a round schedule. In the back part of the boiler room, use the round schedule and the intercom (on the wall beside the notice board), to recall the doctor.


How to get into James’ cell:

Walk through the door into the corridor with the cells, and go along the corridor, until crazy Ralph speaks to you from one of the cells. He will promise to help you if you find Mr. Bubby - his toy. Look through the trash bin on the right side of the corridor (right mouse button) - you will find the doll’s head. Return to the boiler room and look through the pile of coal (again with the right mouse button) - you will find the doll’s body. In the inventory, join the head and the body of the doll and look through them (right mouse button) - you will obtain a thread. Examine the notice board and take a pin from it. In the inventory, join the pin and the thread and use the result for the doll’s head and body - sew both parts together. Take the doll to Ralph - he will tell you that the guard has the key to James’ cell. It is necessary to prepare a small trap for the guard. Turn off the lights using the switch on the right side of the corridor. Then tear the wire, leading from the switch to the light, from the fittings on the wall, pick it up from the ground and attach it to the screening on the window. Use the music box on the screening, thereby attracting the guard. He will touch the electrified screening and faint. Use the right mouse button to examine the doctor’s body - take the keys to the cells.


Inside James’ cell:

Use the right mouse button to examine the hole in the straw mattress - you will discover James’ notes. Tear the drawing of an eye (again using the right mouse button) from the wall - underneath you will discover a hole in the wall leading into Ralph’s cell. Speak to Ralph through the hole about James and the senior doctor. In the cell, take the drawing from the stand. At this moment, the doctor that has revived from the shock will lock you in the cell. Speak to Ralph again through the hole about escaping. Then crawl under the bed, whereby you will get out of the cell, and leave the sanatorium and go back to Black Mirror manor.


Meeting with James near the old lighthouse:

In the kitchen, speak to Bates about the lighthouse - he will tell you how to get there. Go to the lighthouse through the map and SAVE THE GAME, for deadly danger is within reach! Examine the entrance to the lighthouse, then go round the back of the lighthouse. Suddenly you will be attacked by James. You will come to yourself when he is digging your grave. You must now act very fast. First, use the small knife to cut apart the ropes that you are tied up with, and use the music box on James. During the conversation with James, ask him particularly about the key - he will tell you that his is hidden in the gutters below Black Mirror manor.


The gutters below Black Mirror manor:

In the kitchen of Black Mirror manor, take the key to the cellar from the wall, and open the door to the seller using the key. In the cellar, you must find out which one of the canals leads to the underground gutters. You will do so by throwing a coin into each of the canals. As soon as you discover the right canal (the one next to the grinder), crawl into it. On the right side of the room in the gutters, there is a mechanism with two missing cogged wheels. The first cogged wheel is lying on the ground in the same room near the fountain. Pick it up. Go further along the gutter all the way to the half-flooded room. Take a broken pole from the railing on the left side of the room, and try to insert it into the crack in the column - it does not work, the pole is to thick. Go back upstairs to the cellar and use the pole on the grinder - you will thereby narrow down the end. Back in the gutters, stick the pole into the crack, this time successfully - Samuel will use it as a lever and open the outlet. In the same room, there is a wheel on the wall, attached with a lock. Use the acid (to destroy the lock) and then turn the wheel - the water level will rise even more. Upstairs in the cellar, remove the rope from the well using the hook. Inthe inventory, join both objects and attach the result firmly to the pole - you will obtain a makeshift rod. In the canals, use the rod to fish out the cogged wheel, which is floating on the surface. Insert both cogged wheels into the mechanism in the front part of the canals and turn the red wheel, thereby releasing the water from the half-flooded room. Return to the formerly flooded room and walk down the steps. On the ground near the steps lies James’ box - pick it up. Examine it in the inventory - you will find the third sacred key inside. Samuel starts feeling ill from the fumes in the canals and goes to rest into his room…



Truthful Testimony


In Ashburry Sanatorium:

Ring the bell by the sanatorium gate and, when inside, ask the nurse about James – the nurse will take you to his cell, where you find that James has hung himself. Inside the cell examine (right button) James’ body - you find Robert’s keys. Examine the word "Samuel" written in blood on the wall. Use a small knife on the plastered-up hole in the wall, scraping the plaster out. Talk to Ralph through the hole; a sanatorium employee comes into the cell and throws you out.


Old Lighthouse on Sharpedge Cliff:

Use the lighter on the dark hole in the wall – you discover another symbol. Examine it and draw it in William’s diary.


In the Hermann Mortuary:

Outside first ring the bell and, when Hermann does not come, go inside. Downstairs in the mortuary take the sheet off the dissecting table – you discover Hermann’s dead body. There is another symbol on the washbasin. Examine it and draw it in William’s diary. Light the lamp in the dark back part of the room. Open the desk drawer and, in detailed view, take the forceps from the desk. Move the book in the drawer – you discover plastic bags underneath it and take them. Examine Hermann’s body on the dissecting table. In detailed view examine his clenched fist and use the forceps on it – you discoversome of the murderer’s hair in his hand. Use the plastic bags for the murderer’s hair and put it into one of them. Examine the doctor’s head on the floor. Then Detective Collier comes into Hermann’s house and you learn he suspects James of the murders.


Comparison of James’ Hair:

 In front of Ashburry you ring the bell by the gate and ask the nurse where James’ body is – she tells you it is in the local cemetery, in the old chapel. Go to the cemetery behind the sanatorium and try to go into the chapel – you find that it is locked. In front of the boiler room you talk to the boiler operator about the locked chapel – he has the key, but he won’t give it to you. Even for a bribe. In front of the main entrance to the sanatorium you go into the drain, through which you get to James’ cell. From there you go into the corridor and to the boiler room. In the front part of the boiler room you open the metal cupboard and take some Wellingtons out of it. Take a rag from the wire mesh by the pile of coal. Go back to James’ cell. In the wall near the toilet is a tap from which water is dripping. Use the rag on it, getting it wet. In the boiler room use the wet rag on the boiler, opening its door. There is a small valve above it, which you turn, opening the upper part of the boiler. Throw the Wellingtons into the boiler, making it fill with smoke. Go back in front of the sanatorium through James’ cell and go to the boiler room – there is a bunch of keys in the open door. Take them. In the cemetery use a key to unlock the entrance to the chapel. Inside the chapel take a shard of glass from the floor and use it to cut a sample of James’ hair. Now you have to compare it with the sample of the murderer’s hair. In the back part of Hermann’s dissecting room is a microscope on a desk. Use it on the samples of the murderer’s hair and James’ hair – you find out that they do not match. Morris is another potential suspect.


Comparison of Morris’ Hair:

Go into the stable at Black Mirror Manor. Morris is not there, though. Read the letter in the vice on the desk – you find out that Morris has run away. There is a switch on a wooden horse pen. Push it – a bulb lights up in the middle pen. Take Morris’ cap from the illuminated wall. Examine the cap in inventory – you find out that some of Morris’ hair is on it. Use the plastic bags on the cap, obtaining a hair sample. Go back to Hermann’s mortuary and use Morris’ hair in the microscope – you find out that not even Morris is the murderer. Who is then?


Search of Robert’s Office:

At Black Mirror Manor unlock the door to Robert’s office using his key. Once inside, first focus on the bookcase. At the top of the middle shelf is the Roman numeral MCXX, which is the Greek number 1120. In our case, however, it is a time: 11:20. Examine the clock in the corner of the room, click on the face and set the hands to precisely 11:20. Then click on the compass over the face – if you have set the time correctly, a secret safe is revealed in the bookcase. Examine the table in the corner of the room. Open it and examine the box – you find a small key. Use the small key to unlock the upper drawer, open it and take the paper out. Use the paper on any of the three green lights on the wall with the bookcase – you find the hidden code 63081 on the paper. Examine the safe and set the code 63081. As soon as the safe opens, examine it and take out the ring, the letter from William, the document (William’s will) and Robert’s diary. Read all the documents carefully. Don’t forget to examine the picture on the wall – you find that the person painted on it has another holy key around its neck.


Finding Lothar’s Holy Key:

In the corridor in front of Robert’s office, knock on the door to Victoria’s room and talk to her about Ashbury and, in particular, about the picture in Robert’s office – you learn that it shows your ancestor Lothar Gordon. Ask Victoria about him – you learn that he is buried in the cemetery by Ashburry sanatorium. Go to the sanatorium. Again ring the bell by the gate and go to the back cemetery. Here examine a grave overgrown with bushes using the right button on the mouse – Samuel finds his family crest on it and identifies it as the grave he is looking for.


Go into the chapel (containing James’ body), where you examine a box on the ground by the door. Samuel finds gardening shears in it. Unfortunately, a screw is missing from them. Outside, in front of the boiler room examine the small window on the left of the door and pull out a loose screw from the gutter anchorage at the top on the left. In inventory use the screw on the shears, repairing them. Use the shears on the dry bush growing over Lothar’s grave and try to push the grave lid off – unfortunately it is too heavy and Samuel can’t move it. Examine the dark corner in the shelter in front of the boiler room (using the right button) – you find a hefty bar. Use the bar on Lothar’s grave, pushing the lid off. But the grave is empty! In the sanatorium talk to the nurse about the grave – you learn that in the past it was administered by Warmhill parish. Go to the parish using the map, go into

the church and talk to Father Frederick about the grave. He promises to look for information in the chronicles, but needs some time. Go and have a look at the graveyard and examine the family tombs (or visit the inn in Willowcreek). Again talk to Father Frederick. You learn that Lothar’s remains are somewhere in the local cemetery. Go to the back part of the cemetery. One of the tombs is open. Talk to the gravedigger that is working in it and ask him for an urn. He will bring it to you in return for the money you offer. In inventory examine the urn – you find the fourth holy key.


Finding William’s Holy Key:

Examine the gravedigger’s tools in front of the open tomb – Samuel appropriates a torch. In front of the church shine the torch on the mound on the right of the screen (where the freshly dug grave is) – Samuel notices a spade on a mound of earth. Take it. In front of William’s grave it is necessary to shut the gravedigger in the tomb so that he does not disturb you during your work. First loosen the wire that attaches the door to the fence. Then get rid of the wedge under the door – the door closes. Now use the spade on William’s grave. As soon as you dig the coffin up, take the holy key from the late William. Go across the map from the parish and return – you will witness testimony by your servant Bates that throws a completely different light on the whole mystery.



View Through the Mirror


Opening the Entrance to the Catacombs:

Under Black Mirror Castle go to the strange stone square on the wall. Examine the square, put a ring in the middle and turn it – 8 symbols light up on the square. Click on the points of the five symbols you found at the site of each murder (you have them drawn or photographed in William’s diary) in the order you discovered them (and in the order they are recorded in the diary – see picture). As soon as the catacombs open, go in.


In the Catacombs:

 The catacombs are made up of a small 4x3 rectangular maze (see picture of the map). For better orientation I have drawn it as fields, the columns are lettered and the rows are numbered. At location D2 take the sword and at location B2 take the helmet. At the location with the abyss (A2) throw the sword and helmet into the abyss and the abyss closes. Go forward a location (A3), where there is a hole on the wall on the right. Careful!! There are several holes like this in the maze, but handling each of them is fatal!!! Only this hole is an exception. Reach into it – Samuel takes the talisman out. At location B2 click on the painted brick on the wall on the left – this makes a door to location B1 accessible. Go towards the door (to location B1) and put the talisman into the hole in the middle – opening it. Inside the new room examine the alcove – you find a map of the catacombs. In the middle

is a stand on which you put the black ball – activating the buttons by the strange lights in the catacombs. The next task is to activate certain of these lights. But which ones. There is a candle at location D1. Light it with the lighter and use it on the map – walls on which the strange lights have to be activated stand out on the map. Press the buttons by the 4 lights at the following locations: A2 on the right, B3 on the right, C1 on the left and the right. A portal opens at location C1 and you go in.


In the Temple:


Examine the altar and take the dagger from it. Use the dagger on the figure of Samuel (does not report it is active under the cursor!) – Samuel’s blood opens five holes in the altar for the keys. Each of the holes is marked with a precious stone of a different colour and they correspond to the precious stones on each of the five keys, so it is not difficult to ascertain which key goes in which hole. After putting the keys in correctly, a verse appears in the book on the altar and you read it. Evil is vanquished. The curse of the evil Mordred is broken. But what about Samuel’s soul …?


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