Solution by Phil Darke

After the intro pick up the newspaper. Go into the cafe and examine the dead man. Talk to the girl and ask her about the dead man and the clown. Leave the cafe and walk towards the road works.

After the interview with Rosso leave the cafe and talk to Nico. Ask about Plantard and the clown. Go and talk to the workman. Ask about Plantard and the clown. Give him the newspaper and when he leaves to place his bet, examine the tool box in the tent and take the T shaped tool.

Walk back towards the cafe and go through the arch. Use the T shaped tool to open the manhole cover and go down into the sewer. Pick up the clown's nose and go through the tunnel, pick up the tissue and the piece of cloth. Go up the ladder and talk to the concierge ask him about everyone and about the briefcase and the items you picked up in the sewer. Show him the card which Rosso gave you, he will be much more co-operative and when you show him the scrap of material he tells you that it was from a jacket and gives you the name and phone number which was on the label.

Go back to the workman's tent and use the phone by the side of the hole. Call Nico, she gives you her address. Go to the right to the Paris map and go to Rue Jarry. Try the door but you can not open it. Talk to the flower seller. She tells you how to open the door. Go in and talk to Nico. When you show her the nose she finds the address of a costume shop inside. Use her telephone and call Todryk, the tailor. Ask him about the man in the photo and about Plantard and the clown, but he won't give you any information.

Go the Costume shop. Talk to the proprietor, ask him about Plantard and the clown. Show him the photo and the tissue. He tells you that the mans name is Kahn and that he hired a clown suit and a pixie suit He also gives you a hand buzzer.

Return to Nico's flat and tell her what you have found out. Phone Todryk and tell him the name of the man. He tells you that he delivered a suit to the hotel Ubu

Go to the Hotel and talk to the woman playing the piano. She introduces herself as Lady Piermount. Ask about herself and she tells you about a man called Merlin. Show her the photo and she identifies him. She also tells you that he deposited something in the hotel safe. Go to the desk and try to take the key. Talk to the clerk, he won't help you. Talk to Lady Piermount again. Ask her about the key. She distracts the clerk while you steal the key. Look at the register Merlin is in room 22. The key is for room 21. Go upstairs and enter room 21. There is nothing of interest here so open the window and go along the ledge to room 22. Here you find nothing of interest either. Open the door and you see Merlin approaching the room. Hide in the wardrobe and when he has left examine the trousers on the bed. You find an ID card in the name of Thomas Merlin, Gruber Electronics and a matchbook. Go back downstairs. Show the ID card to the clerk. He will still not give you the documents from the safe. Go and talk to Lady Piermount again she tells the clerk to give you the item. If you leave via the front entrance you will be searched by the two characters by the front door. Who , on discovering the documents dump you in the Seine. Go back to room 21 and drop the papers out of the window then leave the hotel. Go to the alley and retrieve the papers.

Return to Nico and show her the parchment. She tells you about Lobineau and the Museum. Go to the museum and talk to the man there. Look at the tripod and return to Nico. Tell her about the tripod. She shows you a magazine article and tells you about Professor Peagram.

Travel to Ireland. Talk to Liam Macguire until you have exhausted all topics. Go into the bar. Talk to the barman and then to Ron, the poacher when you have finished talking to him he puts a snare onto the table. Wait until he sneezes and quickly pick it up. Next talk to Pat Doyle, Mick O'Brien and then to Sean Fitzgerald ask all of them about all available topics. Talk to Doyle again, ask about Fitzgerald and buy him a drink. When you have finished talking to him, wait for him to lift his drink then take the towel from the bar. Talk to Fitzgerald again. Go outside and talk to Macguire again. Return to the bar and talk to Fitzgerald again. He runs from the bar. You hear a screech of brakes from outside and Macguire appears and tells you that Fitzgerald has been run over.

Go outside Macguire tells you what happened and that the driver was dressed as a Pixie. Turn off the switch next to the door then return to the bar and order a drink. The barman tells you that the pumps are not working. Shortly after the glass washer stops working. Show the barman Merlin's ID card and offer to fix the glass washer and pumps. Use the snare on the glass washer plug. Go down to the cellar and use the lever. Go back to the street and open the trap door. Kahn appears and asks about the gem. Return to the cellar and pick up the gem. Before leaving operate the tap and wet the towel.

Leave the pub and go right until you come to a hay stack talk to the farmer keep talking about all topics until he leaves. Climb the hay stack and use the T shaped tool on the hole in the wall Climb over the wall. Try to go down the ladder. When the goat knocks you over move the plough, trapping the goat. You can now climb down. Pick up the plaster from the bag. Move the statue beside the door then pick it up again, it leaves an impression in the sand. Fill the impression with plaster then use the towel on the plaster, if it has dried out you will need to return to the pub and wet it again. Pick up the plaster and use it on the holes in the wall. The door opens, inside is the Templar chapel.

You now return to Nico's apartment. After talking to Nico go to the police station. Talk to the sergeant, ask about all topics including the matchbook. Talk to Rousseau. Ask about all topics.

Go to the hospital. Talk to the receptionist and show the ID card. She directs you to the ward. Talk to the cleaner and unplug the polishing machine. When he goes to fix it enter the cupboard and take the white coat. Return to the reception area and talk to the older of the two men. He thinks you are the new doctor and introduces you to Benoir, who accompanies you to the ward. Talk to nurse Grendel. She gives you a blood pressure tester. Talk to the man in the middle bed. Talk to nurse Grendel. Then to Eric Sopmarsh in bed three. When you try to leave he complains that you have not taken his blood pressure. Give the blood pressure tester to Benoit and tell him to take it. Enter the private room and talk to Marquet. He is killed by a bogus doctor.

You then return to Nico's apartment. Go to the museum. Talk to the caretaker and then to Andre Lobieau. Ask about all topics. When you have finished talking open the window. When the caretaker goes to close it hide in the sarcophagus. Wait until the raid starts then exit the sarcophagus and push the totem pole.

You return to Nico's apartment. After talking to Nico go to the museum and talk to Andre again ask about the parchment and he tells you about a Spanish knight.

Go to Mountfacon. Talk to the gendarme. Show him the red nose. Talk to the juggler and try to juggle. When the juggler and the gendarme leave use the T shaped tool to open the manhole cover. Go down and cross the bridge. Look at the three arches. Use the T shaped tool on the right hand arch and break the plaster. Examine the mechanism then use the winch on the boat. Pick up the hook and use it on the mechanism then use the winch again. Open the door and go through. Look through the crack on the left and watch the scene. When it has finished look through the crack again. When you see the Templars leave go down the steps. Use the tripod on the pedestal and the gem on the tripod. The rays of light from the gem fall on the letters MARIB. Nico tells you that this is a village in Syria.

Travel to Spain, walk up the path to the left and use the blood pressure tester on the hose pipe where it goes through the window. Enter the house and walk towards the back. When the dogs start barking hide behind the suit of armour. When Lopez goes to see to the dogs go upstairs and talk to the countess. When you have finished talking to her she takes you to the mausoleum. Pick up the bible from the lectern and examine the chequer board on the lectern. Talk to the Countess again. When Lopez returns with the chess pieces, arrange the white pieces on the middle row of the board with the bishop at the back, the knight on the 3rd square from the back and the King on the 4th. A panel opens in the wall to reveal a chalice. Return to Paris and talk to Nico.

Travel to Syria. Talk to Nejo and to Pearl and Duane Henderson. Go up the steps beside the kebab stall. Give the match book to the carpet seller and go to the club Alamut. Talk to Ultar, show him the photograph and he tells you about Kahn and Klausner and the Bulls Head Hill, he wants $50 to take you there. Try to enter the toilets. The door is locked. Look at the sign, then ask Ultar about it. He tells you about the toilet brush.

Go back down to the square. Talk to the Kebab seller, then right click on him, you see the toilet brush. Go and talk to Nejo again and give him the red ball. He tells you to go and talk to the kebab seller and tells you an arabic phrase to use on him. Talk to the kebab seller and after he has chased you. Go and talk to Nejo again. He gives you the brush. Go back to the club and give the brush to the club owner. He gives you the toilet keys. Open the door and enter. Unlock the towel holder and take the towel.

Return to the square and stroke the cat, when it jumps onto the shelf ring the bell. Pick up the broken statuette and use the grease paint soaked tissue on it. Sell the statuette to Duane for $50. Return to the club and ask Ultar to take you to the Bulls Head hill. When he tells you about his broken fan belt give him the roller towel, he gives you half back.

When you arrive climb the hill. Take the stick from the tree and use the towel on it. Use the towel and stick on the hole in the cliff and descend. Look at the crack in the cliff. Pull the ring, the door opens. Enter, you find Klausner's body. Search the body and take the lens. The door closes. Look at the inscription. Look at the door but you find no way to open it. Look at the inscription again. The door opens it is Kahn. Go outside and talk to him. When he questions you tell the truth, and when he offers to shake your hand select the buzzer. Jump off the cliff before he has time to recover.

You now return to Nico's apartment. Go to Mountfaucon and enter the church. Talk to the priest show him the lens and the chalice. He cleans the chalice. Examine the tomb at the back right, by right clicking on it. Look at all of the windows. Examine the statue by right clicking on it then examine the scroll. Use the lens on the scroll and look through it, you see a picture of a burning knight and a date, 1314. Talk to the priest again to get the chalice. He tells you about the coat of arms on it. Tell him about the window and he tells you that the church is haunted by the ghost of a burning man. Look at the windows again, noting that some of the windows appear to be more modern. Look at the tomb again, the coat of arms is that of Don Carlos. Note the biblical references on the tomb. Talk to the priest again. Ask about the windows. Go to the museum and talk to Andre. Ask about Baphomet. He tells you about an excavation at the Institut Nerval.

Go to Institut Nerval. Go down the steps and try to open the door on the right, it is locked. Talk to the guard and he will give you a bunch of keys. Use the keys to open the toilet door and enter. Take the soap from the wash basin and use the key on it to make an impression. Use the plaster on the soap and then use the soap with the tap to make a copy of the key. Return the keys to the guard and go back outside. Try to use the plaster key in the workman's paint pot. He won't let you. Go back inside and use the phone to call Nico. Go back outside and tell the workman that there is a phone call for him. When he leaves dip the plaster key in the paint pot. Look at the thermostat on the wall, then ask the guard about it. Turn the thermostat to cold, the guard then puts on his gloves. Talk to the guard again and ask him for the toilet keys. Go into the toilet and swap the plaster key for the real one. Give the keys back then phone Nico and ask her to call back. While the guard is arguing with the painter go inside and unlock the other door. Go down and look at the statue and the floor. Put the chalice on the floor and look at the reflection in the chalice, the image of a church. You return to Nico's apartment.

When you have finished talking to Nico go to Spain. After you have spoken to Lopez go into the house and talk to the countess. Return the chalice to her and tell her about the tomb in Montfacon church, Go to the mausoleum and get the bible. Pick up the pole and close the window. Use the tissue on the pole and light it from the left hand candle. Light the large candle in the centre. when the candle burns away a key falls down. Return to the house and give the bible to the countess. She translates the biblical references from the tomb. Show her the key. Go down stairs and take the mirror from the utility room. Go and talk to Lopez and ask about the chalice. You suggest that since the chalice had not been stolen the children may not have been taken either and tells you to ask the countess. Ask about the well. He says that it was covered over but does not know where it is. Go and talk to the countess again. Ask about the missing chess piece. Talk to Lopez again, he suggests that you try dowsing to find it. Go and take a hazel twig from the tree by the utility room window. Use the twig until you find the well. Go down the well and examine the Lions head statue. One of the teeth is loose, pull it and immediately move away. The wall collapses revealing a door. Use the mirror to reflect the light from the well shaft onto the door to reveal a key hole. Use the key to open the door. Inside are the childrens remains and the missing chess piece.

When you return to Nico's apartment you find Andre waiting for you. Talk to Andre and Nico. You and Nico travel to Scotland. On the train. Try to leave the compartment. The ticket collector appears. Leave the compartment and walk to the left. Near the end of the train you encounter Guido. Walk back to your compartment. Nico and the old woman have been abducted. Go two compartments to the left and talk to Geordie. Open the window and climb onto the train roof. Walk right and enter the guard's van. After the woman has been shot pull the communication cord. Talk to Nico and leave the train. After a short walk you arrive at the church. Enter and examine the statue. Look at the large cog, turn the handle until it comes off. Pick up the cog and spindle. Examine the pile of rubble until you find a small cog. Use both cogs on the statue and then use the handle. The door opens. Enter and look around, there are barrels of gunpowder lying around. Go through the doorway and watch the scene. Eklund appears. After a fight run back to the exit. Take the right hand torch and throw it onto the gunpowder.


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