Creature Crunch

By Gary Denning

Creature Crunch is a cartoon adventure game by Class6 Interactive. It features the voices of Martin Short and Eugene Levy. I could not find a walkthrough for this game, so I decided to write my own. This is my first one--here goes!

Feel free to click on anything and everything to hear humorous comments and sound effects, but I have only included the required actions to complete the game. If you stay in a room too long without doing anything, you may be kicked out by a monster. Also, certain objects if clicked on will transport Wes to another room in the mansion. I will try to give references so you can navigate back to the correct place in the walkthrough if this happens.


Experiment Room--Basement Hobby Room--Main Floor Bedroom--Main Floor Storage Room--Upstairs Trophy Room--Upstairs Furnace Room--Main Floor Game Room--Main Floor Kitchen--Main Floor Dining Room--Main Floor Bedroom--Upstairs Bathroom--Upstairs Closet--Upstairs Attic Library Dining Room--Main Floor Kitchen--Main Floor Laundry Room--Basement Swimming Pool--Main Floor Plant Room--Basement Sitting Room--Main Floor Entry Foyer--Main Floor

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