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Hack 1



In this section we will explore a number of references in a few key emails. After Level 7 and before the end of Level 8 --- we should have an "interruption by email " --- this is known as Hack 1. I noticed that in my 4 times playing through Evidence that it doesn’t appear in the same spot. So, if it doesn’t appear right away – don’t panic.

There are a few things that we still need to do. Think of it as “homework”. During the game we were sent certain emails suggesting that a few of our searches yielded websites that may have been created either by Adrian Moses or the Phoenix, himself.

We will explore these now.

We also must decode the cryptic message that Adrian left in the cabin for us.



Decrypting Adrian’s Message


Read email

Kristin RE: Meroitic Alphabet

Kristin RE: Meroitic Alphabet (cont’d)



The emails you have received for Kristin, Cliff, Gery and Theo all point to the Meroitic Alphabet. http://www.meroe.info/



If we start from the “Sun” symbol and continue, the result is:    N – A – A – R - D – I – O – S – S – E – M


Ok… look at what you’ve got here. It’s an anagram.

If we invert the R – D - I for D – I – R, we have a name - Naadir Ossem.


At some point during Level 7 or 8 we will also receive an email from the Watcher asking, “Do you know Naadir?”

For if you unscramble the letters, they also spell out Adrian Moses.

Let’s do the obvious Google search, type in Naadir Ossem and it will return this website http://www.naadirossem.net/


Site of the Phoenix


Look very closely at the graphic presented. You will also notice that there is a square gray button at the bottom of this graphic. When we click in this it will send us to a login in site. Now since we have already determined that this site is connected to Adrian Moses --- and his style of graphics proliferate throughout the body of the game, this may just be the gateway to the server of the Phoenix. Perhaps the “login” can be found on the graphic. Let’s have a look.       


Do you wonder about the markings on the graphic? They make up the constellation of the Phoenix http://www.winshop.com.au/annew/Phoenix.html


Here we see many clues all pointing to the same thing. “That which will allow us entrance”. There is a photograph on the middle left side, this is the Temple of Seti I, and there is drawing of a “phoenix” and a constellation of The Phoenix as well. On the right side we can see a diagram for the Temple of Osiris and a hieroglyph in the corridor of The Gallery of Lists. This hallway leads to the Osirion --- an antechamber meant to symbolize the mythical island that Osiris was buried on.  



Do you know where the Temple of Seti I is? ABYDOS

Did you know that legend says that the head of Osiris was buried there?

Did you also know that “Abydos” is actually the name that the Greeks gave to the ancient Egyptian city of Thinis, a holy city dedicated to the cult of Osiris?


To solidify our assumption of the “login in” or “user id” of the Phoenix, we will need our “Image Analyzer” Tool. In order to use this tool – right click o the graphic and save it on your hard drive some place that will be easy for you to navigate to. “My Pictures” will do just fine. Save these images as .png files or they will not work. For these graphics you will open your game and then click on the “Tool Bar”. Select the “Image Analyzer” tool. Click on “load”, and then browse to where you stored these .png graphics. Once they are loaded into the analyzer, click on “Decrypt”.   


The result will be:


You may have to do this any number between 1 and 10 times before you actually see it.

ABYDOS ---- where is that?

Uhm …. Here - http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/abydos.htm


“It was significant in historical times as the main cult center of Osiris, the lord of the netherworld. At the mouth of the canyon at Abydos, which the Egyptians believed to be the entrance to the underworld…”


What was that?    http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/setiabydos.htm


The Tracer Tool


During Level 7 Gery Milander will send you information on downloading a "Tracer Tool". And can be executed at any time during Level 7 but should be definitely done before the end of Level 8.



I never received an email from Gery about the Tracer Tool, which had an actual URL address, for the 4 times I played Evidence. But never fear if this happens to you as well. Simply go to your tool bar click on an empty space and then type in this code on your keyboard. TS8169


Read email

Gery RE: Important! Tracer!

Kristin RE: Tracer


This happened to me before I finished Level 7. When you pull up the Tracer tool and activate it you will see a World Map. The purpose of this is to find out where the Phoenix is and who are his connections. This "Tracer Tool" will detect connections at a regular interval. Study it and you will see that there are red lines, which will connect several cities from a particular starting point --- study this well --- as by the time to are in the middle to the end of Level 7 --- you will realize exactly where he is. If you have been paying attention to your emails, that is. Listen carefully to the sounds made from the various areas. A very distinctive sound is made when you find the right area of where that loony-bird is hiding. Sort of a “ping” that a submarine’s sonar makes. When you hear this sound click on the “capture” button. You will see a series of numbers. Isolate the repetitive numbers that have a 4 number sequence. They are random. At the bottom right is where you will enter them.  Check if they are correct by clicking on transmit. (These get sent directly to Gery)


You will eventually get this



Solution 1

He is in Scotland. Click on this area when the sound is made and the red line emanates from this area on the Map.  You click to display the Phoenix's connection codes.


Solution 2 

Detect the Phoenix's three keys various numbers will be displayed in a window. Look carefully at them --- there is a pattern ---

Look at the numbers that repeat vertically - horizontally -- forwards --- backwards and diagonally.



You are looking for a repeating series of 4 digits.


Repeat the procedure for the two remaining keys.


As I said these codes are random. -- You didn't just expect me to give them to you without you having to do a little work now, did you? Click once again when you see that the codes are valid. Gery will eventually let you know that your work was appreciated.


Playing Catch-up


There are two more things you should also take the time to do now.


List of Victims

One is to make a list of the victims. (Most good detectives would have this at the ready, you know.)  There should be eleven known dead, one unrelated and one missing.

Unknown male victim - Grenada

Unknown male victim - Grenada

Unknown male victim – Grenada

Gilbert Masson – Director of Magnus Dei – New York

Marylin Evans – Secretary to Mr. Masson - New York

Adrian Moses – Brother of Jessica Moses – Accomplice of the Phoenix? – Portugal

João Amerim – Professional Portuguese card player. (Unrelated murder – does not match profile.)

Fabio Patinha – Officer assigned to Jessica as bodyguard in Portugal

Filippo Godinha - Officer assigned to Jessica as bodyguard in Portugal

Sharon Berti – Jessica Moses’ best friend and filmographer who had gone with Jessica searching for Adrian.

Jessica Moses – Missing, however no proof that she has been killed yet.

Claire Kettley – young female member of the “Scottish Faithful”, taken 2 days after Sharon Berti in Portugal.

Harry Seton – Leader of the “Scottish Faithful” in Edinburgh


Encrypted Videos

You may have noticed some of the videos, which you have been watching hold “something else” on them. If you watch carefully you will see a symbol in white, pass over the video briefly as it plays. EX:


Gery has given you a special “tool” for this, known as the “Video Encryption” tool. If you forgot to download it (that really isn’t necessary--- jus open up your Tool Bar – click in the empty space and type the code: JA3429.) Then reopen your Tool bar at any time, click on “Movies” and you will see “Drag” added at the bottom.



You will need to view each of these videos and locate the encryption on each of them.

First click on “Play” and locate the symbol and then stop the video using the pause button --- you can use the “7” or “8” symbols to move frame by frame to fine tune. Then click on the far right box with the “X” in it to close and set. Now click on “Drag”. You will see on the far right a black field with crosses on it.  These are slots for the encryptions to be placed. There is one spot for each video. Notice that these are sort pieces to a larger symbol. Here is what you should have by the end of Level 7:


Notice how it seems to be creating a “code” of some kind? Possibly the password we for the Phoenix’s computer?



Click on the “X” at the top of the video column to return to the game.  


On to Level 8! Do you remember how to get there?


Click here to go to Level 8

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