Evidence: The Last Ritual – Walkthrough

 by Inferno


Level 1


“36 doors will now appear before you.

The Light of the Black Sun will appear if you succeed in opening them all…”


Note* At this point you should be checking you email.  There are two important ones from The ICPA. One deals with the invitation to join the ICPA: International Committee for the Phoenix Arrest. http://www.phoenix-investigators.org/us/


Go there know and sign your self up – I’ll wait.

All done?



The other is an email about the tool bar. Go back to your game screen and you will see a small rectangle on the middle left hand side of your screen. Click on it.


 Here, you see that you can access the Internet, you email, The video clips that you have already seen – the next “bar” is where your special “tools” will go. The emails will let you know when they are available so check your emails often. The “_” will let you minimize the game (but ALT+TAB will do the same) and the “X” will close the game and auto save your progress for you. The last rectangle at the far right will close the “tool bar” so that you can enter into the game again. 




“You seem to be getting along fine, little friend. As a reward, I offer you this time a film of my old friend Jack. That journalist with a gift for making trouble…”

Video Clip 1.1


The Phoenix offers us our second video clip. Again it is important to view the clip carefully, notice the terrain and what language they are speaking…

After the clip is done, the Phoenix tells us…

“…Before he died he bequeathed me his films… you ought to read the papers, little friend.”


Yeah? And check your emails too. You will receive an email from Kristin Massennet (AKA Lark) giving you Jack’s full name – Jack Lorski. “Read the papers???”  Let’s do a Google search.

If we type Jack Lorski Liberation.FR into a Google search it will shed some light on things.

The very first return --- don’t forget to click on “translate this page” before you go to this website unless you read French.


Read this very carefully and bookmark it --- there are many clues here that you will need later on.


Let’s go back to the game.


“So many sobs, so many tears shed. A wise man mixes, a first name is said.”

As you can see the "cups" are arranged in a circle. Have you noticed that when you click on any particular cup you will hear someone crying? Or that the sobs for each cup are different?

“One sob, one burst of inspiration. Eight sobs, eight well chosen droplets.”


Hint 1:    You have to count the number of sobs. The Phoenix wants you to count out 8 sobs and place them into the larger cup.

Hint 2:     Have you noticed that your mixture will blow up only after a certain number of droplets have been mixed?

Don't mix more than 8 --- anything over that will cause the explosion

Solution 1:    Click & drag inside these brackets.

[Upper Left Cup: 1

Upper Right Cup: 1

Lower Left Cup: 4

Lower Right Cup: 2]


The Phoenix wants you to create something with the special “ink” that you’ve made.  


Now, when your mixture is correct you will receive a special animation. See the paper?

Take the drops from your mixture and place them on the paper.  You will soon see that an illustration will appear, along with the word “Sandro”.

Who is Sandro? If you remember your Art History classes from high school and/or University; you may not recognize the actual work, but you should be able to note the theme --- Dante’s Inferno




“Alessandro Mariano”



This is a study in research and observation. In our previous research we found that “Sandro” is in actuality the famous Renaissance artist, Sandro Botticelli --- if you click on the “?” you will see another name “Alessandro Mariano” (This is part of Botticelli’s real name.)

On the game screen you see that there are 9 small discs which are numbered “8,9,19,21,22,27,28,31 and 33”. There are also 9 details of the painting (Botticelli’s Hell) which are shown at the bottom of the screen. These illustrations can be scrolled through.

The small discs with numbers inside of them will start to move about the screen as soon as you click on the screen --- The focus here is to match the correct number on the disc to the correct illustration.  You'll notice that the cursor has a directional axis --- You need to click once on a disc with a number in order to stop it. And then wait for the axis to move in the direction that you want the disc to go in (toward the illustration would be a good choice here) and then click until it comes to rest on the illustration in question.


So, welcome to the first of many-many searches you will perform during this investigation. Use the name that you found on the illustration and Dante in a Google search like this: Dante’s Inferno + Sandro + Alessandro Mariano and you will find the website http://www.umanista.net/

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the “English” link. Then “Painters & Sculptors” and then on Botticelli’s portrait – read this page and then click on the link (Divine Comedy) in the text: Illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy


To better help you with this puzzle here is the site I used.
















Video Clip 1.2

From the video clip we learn that Jack Lorski is working with Manuela Oritz, a young detective from Malaga Spain. Where is Malaga? It’s in the province of Andalucia…near Granada – just thought you might be interested.

“Poor Jack, he couldn’t have put it better. The Polish guy really had a passion for throwing himself into the lion’s mouth…”


Looks like you are in ZONTZRE 1. So, what are we looking at?


“Offer her the food she's expecting. She'll reward you three times over…”

There is a mouth here and there are symbols. 2moon  -- 2dot --- 2cross symbols. The object here seems to grab the symbols and feed them to the mouth. (Or place them on the tongue) The purpose of the puzzle here is to get certain pieces of parchment from the mouth


Hint2:    Now, why would we do that? Well, you’ll find out soon. There are two of everything isn’t there? So let's try that. If you use a combination of two different symbols the result is not favorable.

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets.

[Moon + Moon = AH

Dot + Dot = B

Cross + Cross = EA]


This maybe a scrambled word or “anagram”, depending on what order you discover the parchments. So let's see ---- whom have we been introduced to? ISIS

Who is that? What did the Phoenix tell you in the beginning?

"That which was closed is now opened"

"If you succeed you find the Black Light of the Sun"

Sounds Egyptian to me.

The possibilities for the scrambled word would be








Once you manage to get the three pieces of parchment needed you notice that 5 -spaces appear _ _ _ _ _. You'll also notice that if you click on these spaces (either right or left click) you'll see that only numbers will appear.

So --- it looks like the Phoenix requires a 5-digit number from us to be satisfied. Finding the correct word actually isn't as important as finding the correct number.


So what do we have?

BAHEA = 21851

BEAAH = 25118

AHBEA = 18251

AHEAB = 18512

EABAH = 51218

EAAHB = 51182

Try these combinations and see, which one fits.

 Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets.  [18512]


Note*:     Time to check on your email. You will have received a few important ones:

Gery Millander has just sent you the link for a new “Tool” for your tool bar – go ahead and install it now – They are the Magnifying and Text Decoder tools – very useful! Here’s the link if you’ve deleted it. http://www.phoenix-investigators.org/fr/tools/0a45rt6trt/

Go to the site and download it (yes, I know it’s in French --- deal with it…). After you download the program, click on the rectangle on the far-left side of you screen, which will bring up your “tool bar” then click on the empty area of the bar and type this code: JZ9444 on your keyboard to activate your new tools.

David Marcus – A profiler – will tell you about the SKL Network.

A quick Google search of this corporation will lead you to their link and let you in on the background of this reporter. http://www.skl-network.com/us/index.html




Well, welcome to the Phoenix's Green house.



What you are looking at is an overhead shot of a palm tree plant on a tray… along side of it is a 35mm slide.


"A castle. Its founder's name will open ZONT-ZRE to you."

Or so the Phoenix tells us. So, now we know what we are looking for.  --- The name of the person who built a castle. But which castle? (Probably the one in the slide --- try clicking on that now.)

OK --- so grab the slide and move it out of the way. Well, lookie here ---

An incomplete name. 

Rodrigo  D_ _ _   d_   V_ _ _ r  y   _e_ _ z_

Well, at least we have part of the name that we are looking for.

I bet if we can see what is on that slide --- we'll get closer to our answer. But we need some light first.  If you look carefully at the plant, you will see a shaft of sunlight crossing into it. Move your mouse over the shaft and click on it.

WOW ---- bright isn't it?

Pick up the slide and passes slowly through the shaft of sunlight ---- it looks like a castle, but where?


Listen, if you are going to survive this game -- ya gotta pay attention here!

Read all of your emails --- there are tons of clues there in them. Google search everything you can --- all "keywords" (you'll be happy later that you did).

Take a look at the video clip you have just seen. What language are they speaking? Spanish --- they are in Spain. What was the solution to ZONT ZRE 1? It could be a zip code or postal code.


It's Google search time

Type: Castles of Spain + 18512 into the engine and it will lead you to Castillo - Granada, Spain. http://www.castillosnet.org/spanishcastles/source/mapa.shtml

Then click on Granada on the map and you will see that the 4th picture down looks mighty familiar, doesn't it?


That’s it! Calahorra Castle!

You can click on the picture for a better view.

Ok --- so now that we know the name of the castle --- we can do a simple search to find out the name of its founder. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link


Now this is in Spanish --- but you can translate it into English by using Babel Fish. But that isn't really necessary, just look under "history" and you will soon see his full name. 

 Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [Rodrigo Díaz De Vivar y Mendoza]


Video Clip 1.3


The video clip will confirm your research. The nearest city is Granada shown by this map:


And the picture of Calahorra Castle found in the car:




“A song having come from hell.”

Here are a few important hints:

First look at the puzzle --- what do you see? Beautiful flower isn’t it? It’s an Amaryllis.  

At the bottom there are 3 sections to fill in

OOOO  000-000

The first group of O’s is in bold

The second group of 0’s has two groups of three 0's separated by a dash.

Click on the flower.


Hint 1:     Check your email from Kristin – RE: Clue for the SIKET screen

Older literary works such as prose and poetry during the middle ages were written either in Latin, French or Italian are often notated in a "numerical coding" by Chapter and verse...

Hint 2:    Above these three boxes you will see words sailing by the screen at random intervals.... Or are they? Listen very carefully there is a distinct banging sound --- and note which ones are typed in bold.

Hint 3:     When the correct word appears, a distinct sound happens. Which gives an indication that the right word is displayed.


“18 words sing out.

 Typed on the Internet, they will yield three numbers

One canto and two verses.”


Solution 1:    Click & drag inside these brackets.

[O voi ch’avete li ‘ntelletti sani mirate la dottrina che’ s’asconde sotto ‘l velame de li versi strani]


Ok --- so what is that? Well, what have we learned from the previous puzzles --- comments from the Phoenix --- and videos --- and emails so far? 

Especially the Phoenix – you should always be clicking on that “?” in the upper right corner, you know. There are an awful lot of clues there.

“Typed on the Internet, they will yield three numbers… One canto and two verses”


Type the solution 1 phrase into Google – this will give you many sites – but the one that you want needs to have Chapter and verse --- or rather, “Canto” and numbered verses.



Solution 2

Dante's Inferno -- Botticelli's Hell


And you've already found this site:    http://www.umanista.net/

(Click on "English” at the bottom for the English Translation) You already know this since I just know that you've read this Umanista website thoroughly…

And you'll see that the section about Sandro Botticelli speaks about:

Dante's Canto's of Hell

"... A first part, consisting of the illustrations for Cantos I, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, XV and XVI of Hell, were found in the Vatican Library, with a composition on a header sheet depicting the set of circles of Hell. These 9 drawings were in a volume of miscellanies that had been in Christine of Sweden’s collection of manuscript. Today, they are preserved at the Vatican, in the oldest and least-accessible library in the world..."


But--- what does that weird phrase mean Inferno? Well --- actually it's pretty clever.

...Didn’t you try to translate it?


In English it loosely translates to:

“…O you possessed of sturdy intellects,

Observe the teaching that is hidden here

Beneath the veil of verses so obscure…”


Check your email from Kristin again RE: Note concerning the investigation. She offers a different translation. Kristin also points us once again the direction of the Templars by mentioning a correlation between the Phoenix, The Templars and Giordano Bruno.


Pretty interesting when you think of it within the confines of this game…


But --- back to business here…

You’ll need to do another Google search if the answer still escapes you. Use the words that you've learned from your research ---

The Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri


Dante + Italian Poets + Inferno

Or how about

"The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri

Try this one if you can't find a good one:    http://www.divinecomedy.org/divine_comedy.php3?contents?Italian?Inferno"


Solution:  Click & drag inside these brackets.

This verse is from Dante’s Inferno:

[00IX   061-063]


Ninth Canto or

Canto IX and verse: 61-63


Video Clip 1.4

We are offered another of Jack’s video clips. This time it is of Calahorra Castle. We learn about a historian “Jose Romero” whose specialty is this fortress, so a quick search if his name is in order.





"A third corpse for Manuela. A murder on the mountainside. The cry of death will lead you to its final destination."


The Focus of the puzzle:

What does the Phoenix tell you?

Who is Manuela?


The Phoenix is talking about Manuela Ortiz -- a young detective who works in Malaga, Spain. He is telling us that besides the first two murders that she and Jack Lorski are investigating; there has been yet another murder in her jurisdiction. The murder took place on a mountainside... The victim's "cry of death" or scream will "lead" you to the location of the body. We already know where these murders take place.


You don't?

Did you see the video?

Not yet?

...The puzzle itself will give you a clue.


Tip:    Start keeping track of these murders, it will become important later on.

What do you see here on the screen?



From an overhead shot we see that there is a body of a man, positioned face down (presumably our third victim in Europe) and on top of him is a Cholla Cactus. There is a small white sphere within a circle in the center and to the left and right there are letters across it. First, let's look at the obvious clues here before we touch anything.


What do there letters mean? These probably aren't parts of words as there are no dashes between them for you to fill in.

LA - S N - IE - V – ES


What does this mean? If we type into a Google search, we will see that the search engine will try to correct our spelling to LAS NIEVES. If we then click on the corrected spelling; the very first offering shows us immediately in the search offering that Las Nieves is near Granada, Andalucia; which is in Spain.

Your emails will confirm this. So that is where we will eventually find our answer to the Phoenix’s riddle --- The name of the mountain. The puzzle will now help us find which mountain we need. Look at the puzzle again and click on the white sphere in the center. The spheres will suddenly explode onto the screen similar to the way this cactus propels its spores. You can work this puzzle either by "catching" one of the “spores” by holding down your left mouse button and then "throwing" it towards the left or right edge of your screen.

(Turn up your volume, please...)

Or by double clicking (this is harder) on one of these "spores" and then it will propel itself against one of the screens four edges. Listen carefully --- try to filter out the distant bells ---- most of these spores will make a "static" sound and show a number followed by an "m" --- One will have a man's scream and a number + "m" --- this is the one you want.

1919m – Look for this one.


A text box will appear at the bottom of the screen. So, is that the answer?

.... Are you kidding me?


Now that we have more information --- we CAN find the answer easily. The number + "m" refers to a distance in meters... the height or elevation of the mountain, perhaps?

Easy enough to test.

In a Google search type the following: Las Nieves Andalucia 1919 m and the search engine will reward us with success http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierra_de_las_Nieves


We will find the name of the mountain here.

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [TORRECILLA]

Don’t forget to press enter!


Video Clip 1.5


Let’s go to the videotape! Uhm, sorry.  In this video clip, we see Jack and Manuela speaking with Jose Romero – remember him? He tells us how Dante – The castle – descendents of the Templars - Rodrigo Díaz De Vivar y Mendoza may all be connected some how with a “secret” society, which may very well exist today. 




“Listen to the music of the alphabet…”

What do you see on the screen? There is a circle and 26 smaller circles surround it. (Like letters of the alphabet, right?)

These smaller circles light up in a particular sequence in a clockwise direction don't they?  And if you notice --- there are 5 small circles in a straight line in the center. One of them will light up as one in the outer circle lights up as well --- made the connection yet?



1st lamp lights up in the circle, the second lamp in the center line lights up. As the 2nd lamp in the circle lights up, so does the third lamp light up in the center line. The 6th lamp of the circle lights the first lamp in the center line. The 9th, the fourth lamp, the 15th, the fifth lamp in the middle. The lights in the circle are the alphabet --- the lights in the centerline are the letters in the word you have to uncover. Have a look at the graphic below – the letters are there just as reference points.


Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [FABIO]

Clicking on the dashes displays letters from A to Z. The code to enter is FABIO.




“You'll see, poor little Fabio doesn't look so neat! Must admit that at the time Jack filmed him, he'd just lost three of his followers…  But in fact, it would be good for you to figure out his name, as I've forgotten it.”

What does the Phoenix mean here? “Three of his followers….” If Jack filmed him – He must be in Spain --- could the three followers be  related to the three murders that Jack and Manuela are investigating? Who is he?


Do you see that little cursor in the shape of a cross on the screen? What happens when you click on it?


Each time you click on that cursor you will see another image with a name. There are two names here ---

Antonio Maura Ribera and Carlos Echevarria Dominguez, could these names be part of the link to the secret society that Jose Romero referred to? What happens when you use these names in a Google search?  What happens when we add “Dante”?   

Type the following:

Dante, Carlos Echevarria Dominguez, Antonio Maura Ribeira

And it will return the following:


Solution 1:    http://www.losamigosdedante.org/uk/index.html

Search the site -- look for names --- Hmmm, where could we find some names? Looks like our hunches were correct.

Hint 1:    Click on CONTACT

Solution 2:    President: Fabio Sanz Urquijo

Solution 3:    Use his family name in the text box.


Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [Sanz Urquijo]


Video Clip 1.6


The Phoenix offers us another clip. We are on the right track. Manuela finds the same Website, “Dante Circle of Friends”. She goes to interview Fabio – but he denies knowing the three victims… creepy, isn’t it?   

“This Fabio seems a little two-faced, don't you think?  You'll see, the old man's got a couple surprises in store for us... While waiting, let's have a change of scenery. Are you ready?”


This is the end of Level 1 --- You’ll notice a numerical code forming on the screen. Use it to gain access to the next level.

0206411012 and press enter.


Click here to go to Level 2


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