Evidence: The Last Ritual – Walkthrough

 by Inferno


Level 2





“ Bravo, little friend, you've gotten through the first level brilliantly!

As a reward, you can watch Isis' film a second time…”


Video Clip 2.1

The Phoenix shows us another video but this one has nothing to do with Jack Lorski…or does it?

We are New York City, and are introduced to Jessica Moses. She is searching for her brother, Adrian Moses who disappeared 6 years earlier. Jessica and her friend Sharon Berti will begin their search here.     



“He investigated Adrian's disappearance.  His name will open RemenHare to you” 


Remenhare Part I: gives you the "Blinking Eye" test.

To start this puzzle notice that there is a man on the lower left side of the screen --- the Phoenix want his name. Click on the clock to start the puzzle. No, this isn’t a timed puzzle. The clock is there to help you discover how many blinks each eye makes for the period that the clock is running. If you need more time – click on the click again. Notice also that part of the work is done for you. Those numbers don’t move, do they?  

Note down each number of blinks for each eye that has “00” under it, then change them to the corresponding number. In the end you will have 26-23-22-09-20-12-12-03-22-11-19-13-20-21-09-22.


“Good shot little friend, you're on the right track…”

Once this is found you'll see that a text box appears under the "Ronald Video" --- well who is Ronald? --- Maybe that code will help.

String them together and we have 26232209201212032211191320210922



Note*    Now, by this time you should also start to use the tools Gery Millander will send you. So far you have the ability to review the video clips you have seen by bringing up the tool bar and clicking on “MOVIES”. Some clues you will find during the game won’t pan out on the Internet. You may have to use your Text Decoder Tool. Like now.

Bring up this tool and then type in the solution you have just found. There are three different "methods" that you can use. Read the answers carefully ---- you are looking for a name... (The clues are in the movies BTW) ---



You have to find his full name

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets.  [RONALDDUNCKELMAN]


Once you find the name that you are looking for --- use either the MSN search from Phoenix killer .org or Google (Google is better). The search should lead you to this site


Search throughout this site and find out every thing you can about him…and I do mean every thing.




“You now know the last name of dear little Ronald

But do you know his nickname?”

Listen carefully to the sound bytes, which appear as tiny snowflakes against the apartment building windows. When you pass your mouse over them you will hear them and one of the windows will light up. You are looking for 5 of them, which will spell out a name --- a nickname for Ronald. If you searched his site properly --- you should know it already.  


Note* Check your email


Have you noticed that certain letters on your keyboard can also produce each sound produced by the lighted windows of the building?  Try matching these. Sound (voice clip) to a particular keyboard key.  These "keys" will correspond to a particular voice clip. Since you know the answer already type out the name on your keyboard --- these are the sounds you will have to find. When you are sure of their location then type the first letter of the name and then click on the corresponding window. A “snowflake” will appear in the text box to show that you are correct. – You will see that the window will stay lit. Do the same for the rest. 


Hint 1:    You are looking for 5 of them

Once you have found these click on these to find the new name

Hint 2:    You are looking for a nickname

Hint 3:    Ronald Dunckelman's Nickname


 Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets.  [DUMBO


Video Clip 2.2

Another video about Jessica and Sharon. Before heading to Vermont they speak with the detective “Ronald _______” in New York. He is the detective assigned to Adrian’s missing persons case. He seems to think that Adrian is still alive. Later they meet with Adrian’s best friend Brad, a young artist who tells them that he hadn’t spoken with Adrian in years. However, he does tell them that Adrian was working at a service station and had run away with a girl named “Susan”.     




“Brad, Adrian's friend, had a certain talent. His name is worth knowing as well.”


Looks like we get to use the Phoenix's handy dandy "Death's Head Eraser" here. Just wipe it back and forth and you will see some very creepy crawlie advertisements. Yuk!

You are looking for a word on one of the ads. As you erase the screen (keep in mind though, it doesn't stay there long as the ad will change periodically), you will realize that there is a predominant theme here.


Hint 1:    The word that you are looking for is bugsoda

SO ----- a Google search is in order here, Remember to use quotes when you search: “bugsoda” and you will find http://www.smokingbug.com

OH --- I know whose site this is!


 And you will too if you click on bug #5 which is the BIO

There he is! Brad Degannes

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [DEGANNES]


Video Clip 2.3

In this video clip Jennifer and Sharon leave the city and drive across the Throgs Neck Bridge toward New England in search of Adrian. The search continues and they find the service station that he worked at. They will meet and talk with a girl who worked with Adrian later. Take note of the name of the service station.




“The name of a boulevard.”


The Phoenix presents us with two images. Note the red image in the upper left-hand corner… It looks like a service station…yes, well it is.

This is the place where Adrian was last seen.



The other image is a satellite image of the lower part of New England…Connecticut and Rhode Island to be precise. Notice also that there is a “sun symbol” at the upper left of the satellite image. This is a slider –grab on to it and pull it to the right --- the satellite image gets larger until you see a red spot (which logically would be the service station.)

 We have to find the name of the street that it is on.


Hint 1:     Have you been checking your email?

Gery Millander RE: Uaret -- http://maps.google.com/

Cliff RE: UARET, which suggests how you should use it.


In the puzzle you will see 6 satellite images

(Gee, I wonder how they got them?)


Have you checked out Google maps lately? There is a specific place highlighted here. Move from one image to the next --- and the view will get closer and closer (zoom in) until you see a main roadway. Now click on Hybrid, as it will name the roads for you.

Locate the city of Newport RI, and then zoom in until you find a main road, Memorial Blvd.

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [MEMORIAL] 


“Newport. It was at that gas station on Memorial Boulevard where Adrian worked. He was not there by accident…”



Now if we do another search with this information + what we see in Video Clip 2.3, we can see the address of where Adrian worked.

In the film, we can see that Adrian worked at an “Xrtamart”. Now although it does clearly say “CITGO” there is only one possibility if we do a Google search using CITGO + Gas stations  + Newport. This will be one of the results: http://autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstations.aspx?brand=statefarm&zip=02801


Scroll down the list and you'll see that the only Citco service station in Newport was here in 2003.

Neil F Coffey Inc.

48 Touro St. Newport, RI 02840

(Problem is, this service station is on the wrong street and is no longer a CITGO --- It’s a Texaco.)  Well, think now --- it’s been 3 years since he worked there --- things change, but not the street name. However, let’s keep the street’s name, Touro in the back of our mind for now, and move on. The map clearly points out a building near the corner of Memorial Blvd and Freebody St. So, let’s search for Xrtamarts on Memorial Blvd using the zipcode: 02840. The result will be 


I guess the owners decided to change from CITGO to SUNOCO. Interesting – there’s that word SUN again. Heeheehee


Video Clip 2.4

A new video clip shows us a friend of Adrian Moses, Leslie Lansing. She tells Jessica that Adrian had worked at the service station in Newport, Rhode Island for several months. He was passionately in love with his girlfriend, Susan – a drug addict. Leslie also tells them that she severed the relationship with the couple because they were practicing some sort of satanic rituals, which frightened her. The girls decide to take a detour to one of Adrian’s favorite weekend spots. Look carefully here and from the street sign we can see that it is “Commercial Street”. (Doing a Google Map search the way we did before will tell us that this street is a main drag in the resort village of Provincetown, Rhode Island.) While on the beach there, Jessica gets a call from Dunckelman, telling her that Susan died of an overdose in 2003. But he was able to speak with her mother and still has the phone number. He gives it to Jessica. 


It is interesting that Adrian is drawn to this particular place. Could it be because he was fascinated with The Templars and their history in New England? Didn’t realize that, did you…


OK, guess I have to bring some of you up to speed here. Didn’t you notice that when you were searching “Google maps” for this section you came upon some interesting sightseeing tips? Remember anything about a Tuoro Street? Notice that your emails are discussing The Templars?  You should read the email from a new contact – Theo Makarios. Make sure to read his site:    http://www.theo-makarios.info/. Don’t forget to click on the American Flag in the top right-hand corner to read it in English.  


It’s time for a Google search, if we type in Templars + Newport or Templars + Newport + Touro; we will find the following sites http://sinclair.quarterman.org/newport_tower.html



From these searches we learn that the real name of this Tower is The Touro Tower and that it's location is 41’ 27 minutes north latitude.


Use a Google map of the same area, remember the location I gave you: 41' 27 minutes north latitude. Type that into a Google search and then click on "MAPS". Hmmm, Redwood Library ---- we've seen this site before haven't we? Click the "A" balloon on the map and start zooming in.


Another search using Touro Tower + Newport will return the following site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newport_Tower_




“A name to be revealed” 


That makes me think that something is hidden here. If you use your Zoom tool at 50%, you can just about make out a few letters. Let’s take a closer look at this puzzle. Here we have a painting which has been separated into three color transparencies red, green and blue, Around this you will also see three squares with a circle and a cross in each of the three squares. The circle will rotate each of the three transparencies; the crosses will move them horizontally or vertically. When these transparencies are superimposed over each other correctly a sound will happen. The result will be:

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [MASSACHSSET]




“This is the place where Adrian spent his weekends”.


For the second part of this puzzle you will see a photograph of a tower at the lower left, a landscape watercolor painting in the center and a tiny graphic of a tower at the upper left. The Phoenix wants you to locate Adrian’s favorite “weekend getaway” spot. (Which you should already know from the previous film! But, if you’ve forgotten it already…)

You should be using your forensic tools that Gery Milander gave you to examine everything --- you never know when you will find hidden clues. There are 4 here:

A small graphic of a tower on the upper left:


and a photograph of that same tower on the lower left:


A name of a monument


and the name of the artist who created the landscape that you are viewing.



Also notice that when you click on the photograph of the tower or the painting’s signature you will hear Sharon say: “It’s a ghost town!”

This is a direct clue from the previous video. 


Hint:    The artist’s name is Edward Hopper. In the last video the girls are IN this town now.


Still don’t get it, do you?


Time for a Google search. If we type in the clues we have:   

Edward Hopper + Pilgrim Monument we will find this website: http://www.ptownchamber.com/art.html


Remember what the Phoenix has asked you --- Where does Adrian go? The solution will be staring you in the face at this site --- there are other site possibilities but this one will answer the question just fine

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [PROVINCETOWN]


Video Clip 2.5


Another video clip. Here the girls leave Rhode Island for Boston, Massachusetts and Susan Caterpillar’s mother. Mrs. Caterpillar tells Jessica that Adrian had tried to convince Susan to join a “cult” with him. Seems he thought that this would help Susan kick her heroin addiction. When Susan refused, Adrian left her to join the “cult” alone. 


“Good. Now let's move on to more serious matters...”


I guess the Phoenix means Level 3. Type in the code:


Click here to go to Level 3


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