Evidence: The Last Ritual – Walkthrough

 by Inferno


Level 3





“These numbers will lead you to his true name His name will provide you the date of his death…”

Soooooo --- you are at SOPDET?


Well ---- let's look at this logically. What is the focus of the puzzle? Look at the blanks --- what does the Phoenix ask for?

------ -- -----

-- / -- / ----   



 You have to find a name and date. Look at the puzzle screen  --- what do you see? Who is that?

No, it isn't Christ, sorry.

It is the "Shroud of Turin".


Now what did the Phoenix tell us? Find the true identity of the unknown person whose image is on the Shroud of Turin and contrary to popular belief, he says it’s not Jesus.

You should be reading your emails here especially those from Theo Makarios - Kristin - Gery Millander and Cliff.


So let's have a look at the puzzle

On screen is a row of 27 zeros. All the other numbers are in columns.

When you move the cursor over the top and bottom columns some of the zeros are replaced by other numbers and then switch back, yet one will always stay.


“Only the 17th stays still”



You have to watch and note down the parts of the numeric code, which seem to stay stagnant; the code will only be shown in sections.

Move your cursor slowly across the bottom columns and note down the numbers, which appear within the brackets. Do the same for the top columns. Continue until all 27 numbers are revealed; remember that the 17th number will always be “0”.

Here’s an example:


126214_1641_ _1_601_14_16_21

Write these numbers down. Now pass your cursor slowly until the missing numbers appear.

Solution:   Click & drag inside these brackets. [126214316415518601714816921]

Now once you've managed to uncover the entire numeric code, Obviously you will have to decrypt it. What can you use?

You handy dandy Gery Milander "Text Decoder" --- click on the upper left small rectangle to open up your "Tool Bar" and click on Text Decoder. There is one of three methods you may use ... 


Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [Macbenach]

No, it isn’t a name, but a phrase rather. It translates to “The skin is off the bones”.  


OK --- moving right along --- it is very important to note that as an "investigator" you are required to do your job. INVESTIGATE! What tools are at your disposal? The Internet, for one. You should always be doing Google searches for every thing --- every new piece of information that you uncover or receive by email.


So, By searching in Google for either

Macbenach Or macbenach + shroud Or macbenach + Shroud of Turin Or macbenach + Templars

You will receive this URL:    http://www.jacquesdemolay.info

Which is devoted to whom?    Jaques de Molay

So, ok, now you have the name --- but remember you are also looking for a date... what date?


Hint 1:    How did Giordano Bruno die? What! Didn’t you read that site I gave you? Tsk…tsk.

Hmm, same way as Jacques de Molay. When was that?

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [jacques de molay] [18/03/1314]


Note*: With regard to the date, 03/18/1314 will also work (if you are playing the American version of the game)


Interesting Note:      The solution can also be found on the macbenach site created by Adrian (that site is registered or authored under the name Alex Alonso). http://www.macbenach.net/ you may want to copy and save that graphic to a folder for later scrutiny. It’s a .png file.


“We're making progress… Here's another gift for you…”


Video Clip 3.1


Manuela and Jack are still staking out Urquijo’s home. When he leaves they tail him to an abandoned quarry, where he meets up with a new arrival in a blue mini. Urquijo hands the unidentified man something (looks like a note). After an hour of shadowing the mini, as it drives toward Rhonda, he leads them to a mountain top hacienda.    




“His wounds will lead you to him…”


Click on the graphic and you will see that it is a picture of a yet another victim (I seriously hope that you are making a list, folks) with wounds across his back. It will start to move. Now click and release your mouse button continually. You will notice that the picture will zoom in and out. Look carefully – There is something written on this poor soul’s back. Try following his wounds like a map. 

Follow the letters they make up.


Hint1:    5 words

“5 words toward the Glory of God…”

Clue:     aim music glory god soul


No, that isn’t the answer – you are looking for a word which has 4 letters only.

As in every part of this game use your search engine for every hint or clue that you uncover. (Google is best) Type aim music glory god soul into a Google search and you will find many sites.


Hint:    This is just one possible website http://regiaecclesia.wordpress.com/2006/08/07/music-and-the-soul/

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [BACH]




“It took me a long time to find Gilbert. Considerably less to get him to talk... His name will open Seta to you”

You must read your emails carefully.


Hint 1:

Kristin Re: SETA 2

Cliff RE: seta lvl2

Kristen RE: Manus Domini

David RE: My Final Analysis

Phoenix RE: SETA

(These will happen during the puzzle)


The puzzle:    Who is the man?


Hint 2:    GILBERT _ _ _ _ _ _


Looks like a last name possibly? Look at the puzzle --- what do you see? A face --- and what looks like flies about the face --- what happens when you move the cursor off of the face and then click on the symbol that appears? To the left? To the right? Above the face? 

You should see symbols for MOON  - DOT – CROSS. Have you tried clicking on these symbols? On the same symbol more than once? More than twice?


Try this

Click on the moon symbol 3 times à this will give you your first letter “A”



As the letters appear catch them with your cursor and place them in the spaces provided. The letter will only stay in the correct space.   Once you have gotten all six letters -- if you still cannot decipher it you may want to do a Google search.


“Byron will lead you to him.”

What did the emails tell you? What did you learn from SETA1? Do a search in Google using the words from SETA1 in quotes + the result of that original search: “Aim Music Glory God Soul" + The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.


The result will be:    http://www.byronandson.com/


Hmmm, Charles Edwin Byron. Search this site and find this link:

Go to the link --- Hmmmm see anything interesting? At the bottom of the site we see: 

Byron & Son

300 E 12th Street (at 1st Ave, Manhattan)

and a link to:    The Saint Dominic Foundation.


When we click on the link, we are taken to the splash screen for this new site. If you keep your mouse still over “Welcome” – hey, we can see the name: Charles Edwin Byron. Gee, he must be important over there. Let’s click on Our Team and then scroll down a bit. Wow, he’s the Deputy Managing Director. Wait a minute! Look at the list of the former managing director from 1996 – 2005. BINGO!



But just to be sure, Click on the In Memoriam link as well.

Gee --- doesn't he look familiar? What was his last name?


Solution to puzzle

Click on the symbols in this manner. It will cause smoke to come out of Gilbert's mouth and then a letter. When the letter appears, catch it with your cursor and then place it on the correct dot where the space for the name is provided.

























Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [MASSON]


“Look, a few more revelations are coming your way…”


Video Clip 3.2


Manuela has a warrant issued to search the hacienda in Ronda, which obviously search as the headquarters for this “secret society. Pablo and Jack come along to assist her. She looks through the bookcase but finds nothing, until she reaches the desk. Here letters from the society’s archives are found.  Interesting letterhead, don’t cha’ think?

We can make out the word “Il Fedeli” which means “The Friends”. There is another word underneath this but it is still too small to see. The Friends of whom? Or what? Where have we seen this before?

Here’s a clue: “Dante”.

In one of the letters Peter Volker, a German linguist of some renown, expresses the wish to entrust the valuable “Codex 14” of the Nag Hammadi written in an ancient language to some one he knows and trusts.



In fact, Jack now realizes that the scope of his documentary has changed. He knows that the Phoenix is after this book. He decides to alert the German profiler Gerd Hanke.


“Poor Jack, he seemed completely lost!

And not too thrilled about crossing my path again...

We have to wonder why...”


Time to check your email again: Kristin RE: Film at the hacienda.  Here she mentions some interesting theories. One being the Nag Hammadi Codices which can be explored here:




I found this one by searching Google with “Peter Volker” + Nag Hammadi.





“Circle the groups of identical letters

I will give you the first letter of each word…”


Welcome to the "Phoenix Rodeo". On the screen you will see the letters "F" and "S" galloping (sorry -- but you do need a sense of humor about this game or you be needing therapy when it's over) around the screen. Notice that they seem to move randomly. See what you can do with them....

Try to capture one by encircling it with your left mouse button ----

Can’t do it?

Maybe that particular letter is "lonely for its mate".

Try that.





Hint1:    By clicking down and holding you left mouse button encircle more than one letter of its type. EX: When two or more "F"s are in close proximity, encircle them --- make sure that you make a complete circle.

Oops! What happened to the "F"s?

Notice that as you encircle two or more of the same kind: "F" or "S" they disappear.... No, not really when they are all gone; look to your right ---- See? They are safely in the Corral.

But what's this? Now that you've got the "F" and "S" safely tethered a whole new bunch letters are lose!

…You’re not a very good cowhand, now are you?


Well, practice makes perfect they say and if you intend to get through this level you will have to lasso all them "lil' doggies --- and none of my own" lalalaalaaa

 (OOOKOkokokok --- I'll stop now)


Look to the right part of your screen --- you'll see that you have this:









Capture the rest of the letters in the same manner and now you will have:









“Well played, little friend. You must now complete the phrase…”


Well now what does this mean? Interesting that those letters seem to be the first letter of certain words. SO --- a phrase perhaps? Carefully check through all of your emails --- Nothing really?  Check again and then it's time for a Google search FSKIPFT into the search engine and it will return the following site which you have already seen and hopefully studied: http://www.umanista.net

Search the entire site (you will need it later as well) but for right now the most important link here is Poets & Philosophers and then the link for Dante.

Find anything yet?

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [Fidei Sanctae Kadosh Imperialis Principatus Frater Templarius]


Know what that means? The words are in Latin and Hebrew. They very loosely translate to Faithful Holy Consecrated Supreme Rule Templar Brotherhood ---not too bad for a Texan, huh?


Clue:    After this quotation, you’ll find another quote on the link:  Fidèles d’Amour”.




“It was created in the 13th century Now you know its name.”


No, The phoenix isn’t talking about the cross you see in front of you.  

He’s speaking of the secret society.

Well what do you see here? This is actually a very special cross. It's called a crux gemmata—a cross bearing thirteen gems-a Christian ideogram for Christ and His twelve apostles. Except that the Phoenix is too wacky to realize that the cross should have had 13 jewels or mouths and not 12 -- guess he can't count, can he? Well, in his defense I guess you could consider the rose in the center to be a gem. The Rosicrucians seemed to think so.


Just another bit of trivia here, folks.

No -- that isn't the reason ---

But you'll figure that out in Level 8


Anyway, here we see a cross with 12 mouths. Click on them and you will see that they each make a distinct phonetic sound. So it is obvious that you have to create a word or phrase with these sounds. But what?


Well --- read your email!


Especially the one from Theo Makers RE: Dante and the Faithful of Love. These hold answer to the phrase you are trying to recreate is in that email.



No, that isn't the answer just the phrase that needs to be replicated by Sharon’s mouths on the cross. You are looking for --- the sounds to produce something very close to it. Type it into the text box as one word without the “I” and you will have the first part of the puzzle completed.




“Perfect, little friend! I'd now like to hear it spelled out loud...

Sharon is here at your disposal for that…”


Now The Phoenix will ask Sharon (yes, folks, those are her lips) to sound out the words for you. You will have to click on the mouths in the right order to have the phrase sounded out correctly. But each mouth will produce 4 different sound in then loop them (very frustrating). You not only have to locate the mouths with the correct sounds --- you also have to time them or set them up correctly so that you can produce them in sequence.

Notice that as you work on this, when you hit a correct syllabic sound the certain syllables in the phrase within the text box will turn to red -- denoting that your selection was correct.


Solution 1:

1: A - I – O – E

2: FA - FI– FO – FE  (depending upon how you have spelled the phrase)

3 - 5: DA - DI – DO – DE

4: LA  - LI – LO –LE

6: MA - MI – MO –ME

7: RA - RI – RO – RE



The trick to this puzzle is to set the mouths to the sound before the sound you want to hear. Ex: at position 2: FA is the sound you want to “set” it to as the next sound FI, will be the one you may want. When you loop them together use position 1 in the sequence and then leave it out the second time. When you are ready, play them as:

Position 2=FI or FE

Position 3=DE

Position 4=LI

Position 5=DA

Position 6=MO

Position 7=RE


Once all the syllables have been correctly looped together by clicking on the correct mouth with the correct sound, the mouths repeat the expression:



“Easy, no?

I don't want you to miss the next film...

It will bring new revelations

About my journey and my Work…”


Video Clip 3.3


Jack goes to the airport to pick up Gerd Hanke, the German profiler. Jack has worked with him before, heh heh.

Manuela explains where they are in the investigation. Gerd tells them that there were two more victims assassinated in New York, Gilbert Masson and his secretary. He is sure that it is the Phoenix.

Masson was reputed to be the brains behind the ultra Catholic organization, Manus Domini. And as with the other victims, a limb was taken from each of the victims there as well… an ear from one and a tongue from the other. Gerd suspects that someone in the organization must have clued the Phoenix in to the whereabouts of what he was searching for. Could it have been the Nag Hammadi text, The Codex 14?    


“Dear old Gerd Hanke, he swore he'd have my hide…

 ha ha... If you hear word of him

 Be sure to send him my regards…




“He, too, belonged to the secret society He created in this painting. A fine homage to the Temple…”


“To open Zar-Knum, find the original and correct the errors…”


Here we have a cube with 6 sides. Each side depicts part of a famous Renaissance painting. The same painting, now swirling about this cube are 7 spheres. If we click on a “side” or “face” of the cube we can see that we can manipulate the cube in any direction. Remember that your cursor will react in direct opposition to the direction that you wish to move the cube. To solve this riddle you have to remember what the Phoenix asks of you. So let’s look at what he is saying:

1.      “He, too, belonged to the secret society He created in this painting…” = “He”, being an artist --- which artist? We will have to find out his name. Which secret society? The Phoenix has equated his name with the “IFEDELID’AMORE”, so that would be the obvious assumption. Yet, I believe that the secret society is the Knights Templar. Why? Look carefully – Notice the Temple itself. Didn’t you notice the writing on the wall? Or should I say the writing on the entry way to the Temple. Just use your “zoom tool”. Can’t see it?

2.      The writing on the Temple gives you the clue: RAPHAEL VRBINAS MDIIII.  It’s just over the mantle of the doorway. (Which actually means Raphael of Urbino and the date: 1504 refers to when the painting was created). The Temple is a copy of the Temple of Jerusalem --- see the connection to the Templars now? 

3.      “To open Zar-Knum, find the original…”  = Easy enough, many gamers might already know this famous painting from the high Renaissance period. But for those of you who don’t; simply type RAPHAEL VRBINAS MDIIII into a Google search, which will return the following site: http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Raphael_Sanzio.  If you read the bottom paragraph, you will find that the artist is none other than “Raphael” and the name of the painting is known as Sposalizio della Virgine in Italian or “The Betrothal of the Virgin”.

4.     You have already seen this picture IF you were a good detective and studied the site thoroughly that you visited during your stay at KNUM 1. Oh… what was that? What site? Why this one, of course -- http://www.umanista.net – Click on the link Painters and Sculptors – than on Raphael and scroll down --- you will eventually see the picture in it’s entirety.

5.      “…and correct the errors” = Go back to the puzzle now, look carefully at each of the 6 sides and you will notice that there are several mistakes. Notice also that there are 7 spheres...It follows logically that each sphere represents one mistake. Since there are only 6 sides, one side will have 2 mistakes. Study the picture at the Umanista site and then correct the “mistakes” by placing one of the spheres on the problem area. They are circled for you below. If one sphere does not work --- try another sphere.



Be sure to check your email again.

Theo Makarius RE: Dante and the Faithful of Love (if you haven’t already)

Kristin RE: The Templars (contd.)

Cliff RE: Gerd Hanke (very important – holds a hidden clue we will need during the end game)

David Markus RE: My Final Analysis


Video Clip 3.4

Manuela receives a phone call from the Portuguese police. There has been another murder. (This makes six, I believe.) She sends Gerd to the north of Portugal to investigate. 


“Masson was the mastermind behind Manus Domini I had a hard time finding him. The organization is like an octopus. It changes its name to exert better control.

Before he died, Masson confessed Manus Domini never had the cursed Book. It was under the protection of the Friends of Dante…

I hit the road. I found the Faithful of Love responsible for protecting it. The third one eventually talked. The cursed Book is in my hands now.

 Its secret will assure me Eternal Life.


Looks as though we were correct. It was the Nag Hammadi book, Codex 14 after all.


On to Level four, 16291033 is the code you need to gain access.


Click here to go to Level 4


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