Evidence: The Last Ritual – Walkthrough

 by Inferno


Level 4





“Come on, I'm sure you're dying now

 To find Jess and Sharon again…

They are really cute...

Don't you think?”


Video Clip 4.1


In this clip we see that Jessica and Sharon leave the Candlelite Motor Inn Middleton, Massachusetts for Vermont on a tip from the Vermont State police. Seems that the local sheriff’s office discovered Adrian's identification in an old abandoned cabin up there. They have provided the girls with directions. When they reach the cabin we realize that this was the very first video that the Phoenix showed us – though he altered it – so watch very carefully. There are many clues here that you will use later on.

Looks like some of the game screens, doesn’t it?

I wonder if Adrian did some work for the Phoenix, “graphicswise”?


Jessica finds that on the back of this postcard it reads:

“Deus nobiscum quis contra” and on the front it reads:    “Le Flambeau”


Some cryptic writings here… Can you translate this? I can.

This money wire from Western Union says that Adrian sent

Eileen Fisher Boyles $600.00. The address has been scratched out but there is a QC at the end (Quebec, Canada?)


Time to check on your email again. There should be a number of important ones.

Kristen RE: Manus Domini

Steeve Webbing RE: Latest News

Kristen RE: RE: Something Weird

Cliff RE: Passing Ha-Tet

Kristen RE: Postcard in the cabin


“15 white Suns attached to both banks of the river will allow you to get through Ha-Tet”


Ahhhh! What do we have here? There are a number of symbols that appear to "float" on the lake of the Phoenix's dreams. They are "attached" to the left and right "shores" of the lake by something. Perhaps the "ends" or "posts" of a bridge yet to be built?  There also are a few "terminals" or "caves" at both the top and bottom of the puzzle screen. What happens when you click on these "Terminals" or "caves"?


(Make sure to check your emails as well, by the way...)


“Red Sun kills white Sun Moon kills red Sun”


There are three different types of symbols here, and each has its own purpose:

White Sun (these are "neutrals" or the bricks you will use to build something)

Red Sun (These are very hungry and will consume the other Sun Symbols)

Moon (These will also eat the Sun Symbols)


If you click near any of the white sun symbols, you will find that you can push and move them about. This was they will join the others of their kind already in place---- you see --- your purpose in this is to connect or build a bridge between the two posts on the left and right sides of the screen.  If you are not quick enough --- these "building block suns" will disappear after a while. Don't panic... just click on cave at the top or bottom of the screen and more will rise to help you. But watch out for the red suns that will also come out to play --- they are very hungry.


(The Phoenix doesn't believe in feeding his pets, I guess...)


You can use this to your advantage --- for if you send the moons toward the red suns --- they will eat them and thus save your progress from utter destruction. When you have managed to attach or "build" your bridge of 15 suns   --- these will change to letters displayed in circles.

 f-l-a-o-i-t-g-n  b-i-r-g-d-e


Ok --- what is that?

This, my dears, is an anagram. 


Now, you could go to a Google search right now and get the answer either by looking for an "anagram decoder" --- (yes, they do exist.)  Or just type the letters in to a Google search engine they way that they appear.  Google will then ask if you mean -à

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [FLOATING BRIDGE]


And, of course --- you do.


So, rearrange the letters on your “bridge” so that they make sense. Ex: Click on the letter “F” then click on where you want that letter to be placed…and so on.




“Floating Bridge, Vermont. Jess and Sharon came here.

Its coordinates will open Ha-Tet to you.”


In the Google search, click on the correctly spelled word and it will take you to a number of searches --- if you add the place that Jessica and Sharon are in right now as + Vermont, this will take you to this site:

 Floating Bridge + Vermont



The answer here would be “Brookfield”  --- but you aren’t done yet.


The Phoenix wants something more ---- the exact location and I do mean exact. So ------ use what I use at DFW Airport when I have to search for lost luggage!




Then type in the city where the bridge is located.

Brookfield --- click on search and then click on the one in Vermont (VT)

You need the map coordinates so look closely at the map.



44 02 N

72 36 W should be the answer, but it changes every time this particular puzzle is played.  So I would start there 

44 01 N to 44 12 N or 72 30 W to 72 64 W


Video Clip 4.2


After leaving the cabin in Brookfield, Vermont, Jessica is contacted by a Canadian journalist -- Lisa Marie De LaSalle who asks to meet with them at a small café in Montreal. She promises to give them a new lead. She gives them information about a cult known as the O.S.C.S. that was based in Quebec.




"At the end of this road Jess and Sharon discovered their next destination…

Its name will open Phu-Tet to you."


In Video Clip 4.1 and 4.2 we saw and heard many clues that will help us now. Watch these clips again carefully --- there is plenty of information here that you will need from now on.  There are two pieces of evidence in particular that will lead you to the solution of the PHU TET puzzle. She also discovers that Adrian had involved himself with a cult (a neo-Christian sect) called OSCS --- the headquarters was once somewhere in Canada before being relocated to California. You need to find the name of this location in Canada. Look at on the puzzle screen very carefully, process it with the tools you have to see if there are any hidden clues....


Doesn’t something look familiar to you here that was in that video?


Don't remember?

Watch it again ---.


What is that monument's name?     “Le Flambeau” in French, in English it means “The Torch”

Check the video ---

And check the back of that postcard too.

Check your email… (It will tell you what it means)

Can’t find it?

Check your email from Kristin RE: Postcard in the cabin


“Deus nobiscum quis contra"

This Latin phrase is taken from an epistle of St. Paul to the Romans and means “if God is with us, who will be against us?”


Use a Google search and type in “deus nobiscum quis contra" + torch and it will return this location for you:    http://www.tourismetroisrivieres.com/en/quisommesnous.php?id=11

Then click on the Trois Rivieres Site icon on the lower right side of the page.     http://www.3rqc.net/index.html

There is your Torch.


Now to get to the Solution you won't be able to just type in the letters ---- oh no...

A series of letters will actually stream across the screen. You will need to click on the three rectangular sections below these letters. This will shoot the letters that are passing by as you click and you will have the "catch " the correct letters and then place then where they need to go to form the solution. 

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [TROIS RIVIERES


Video Clip 4.3


Jessica and Sharon meet with Lisa Marie in the café. She tells the girls that the cult had relocated to California in 2004. (I guess that is where most cults eventually wind up.) The OSCS comprises 50 odd members, but because if its secrecy could only meet and interview a few “ex-members” of the sect. Lisa offers a contact number of an ex-member, Audrey, in Montreal. She also shows Jessica a photograph of the abandoned OSCS compound in Trois Rivieres.




“A castle, Its name will open Uste-Bikot to you”


Interesting screen design, isn’t it? Use your zoom tool and see what you can find.

Can’t find it?

It’s over on the left by those letters --- just feel around for it. By the way, you might want to note down those letters while you are at it…just a thought.  


It reads as: P OR T UGA L

Hmmm, PORTUGAL --- when we last left Gerd Hanke, he was off to Portugal, wasn’t he? 


You also want to keep up with your email now as well especially the ones regarding “weird symbols”.


In the center of the puzzle screen, we can see someone flipping through a book, note that the book has a Maltese Cross or Templar Cross on it. Notice anything else with the zoom tool? Like a number? Like this number?


I know, you can barely see it. Look carefully now5260216242.


SO, if you were observant you should have found the word PORTUGAL in a vertical run, a cross on the book and the number 5260216242.

If you take that number and use your Text Encryption tool (use method 2) there is a word here which means something. You can use to find a site that will give you the name of the castle.


If we type TAGUS into a Google search it will return http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagus

Or TAGUS + CASTLE into a Google search it will return http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_of_Almourol

Either one will give you the answer --- but it still isn’t the correct site.


This is the one you want:

Use what you have found in a Google search:  

"Templar castles" + Portugal and you will find the name of the castle on this site. http://www.viagensnotempo.com/uk/index.html


Just scroll to the bottom and click on the link. Bookmark this site ---you will need it later ---- and read those emails!

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [ALMOUROL]




OSCS hideout. Isn’t it interesting how frightened Sharon is and how “not- frightened” Jessica is? Jessica finds photographs in the hallway upstairs – “OSCS”, she remarks. They find Adrian’s room… and a surprise visitor. Jessica thinks that it is Adrian… it isn’t.

Later, back in their hotel room they study Adrian’s scrapbook. Adrian seems to be fascinated with the Templars and castles.  


“Ah yes, it's best to avoid those sorts of places You can sometimes have some unpleasant run-ins Fortunately for the two girls it all ended well This time at least…”


Email check, please:

Kristin RE: weird symbols

Theo Makers RE: Alphabet reproduced by Adrian

He writes about this link: http://www.meroe.info/

Kristin RE: Weird Symbols (contd.)




“A first name, divulged in the darkness”


Here we have 3 "lids" or “clouds” which slide. They are in the center. When you click on the bottom lid, it will slide open for 5 seconds.  Memorize the order of the discs that you find here. The lid will close and when it opens again it will be empty. You will need to click on the correct order of the discs for the row to appear. You will move on to the next row when you have successfully completed the one before it.  There are three rows. When all three rows are done correctly, you will be able to see all three rows. Note the dates on the lovely lady’s brow and how the dots you have created look like symbols. Notice also how her eyes seem to be missing as though she was blind. How do blind people read? 


Oh, well now what do we have here? More symbols.

What alphabet does this look like? The Phoenix likes puzzles with eyes in them, doesn't he? These seem to be missing.


It's the Braille alphabet

Time for a Google search to find an example of it if you need to

Hint 1:    http://www.afb.org/braillebug/braille_print.asp

As you decipher the code, a clue will appear.  You will get two dates:

1809 – 1852

Who do these dates relate to? Louis Braille


The site will lead you to him as well 

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [EILEEN]




“Her husband went blind before he disappeared... E.F.B. will collect the money from now on The complete name of the cult will open Aposot to you.”


EFB will collect the money for whom? The cult…money ---- where have we seen this before? In Adrian’s cabin…that Western Union money wire was for $600.00 to whom?

E.F.B. à Eileen Fisher Boyles!


Think that’s the answer, do you?

Wrong, it's another clue.


Remember that you are looking for 4 words. The first having 5 letters, the 2nd having 6 letters, the third having 5 letters and the fourth having 7 letters.

We need to discover the cult’s true name.

Let’s take a look at the puzzle. Here we find 4 empty text fields and there are 3 demons here, What happens if you click on them?


“The imps are fragile”


If you click on them in rapid succession they will explode and more will come. Destroy these demons as well and the crystal ball will be activated showing you a clue. “O – S - C – S”

Oh – we heard about this in Video Clips 4.2 and 4.3 as well. Notice what you see --- OSCS. This is an anagram for what you have to find.

Time for yet another Google search, type "Eileen Fisher Boyles" + OSCS into Google exactly like this with quotes and you will get "Stephen's Blog" http://www.californianbloggers.com/stephen/

Read it


See anything that jumps out at you?


Order of the Sacred Cross of Samarie

Check those letters.

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [ORDER SACRED CROSS SAMARIE]




After several attempts Jessica makes contact with Audrey DeFrance, a former member of the OSCS (The Sacred Order of the Cross of Samarie). She agrees to meet with the girls in her home in Montreal.

She is afraid of being filmed but Sharon is the one that calms her fears. Audrey recollects her membership with the cult, which was a painful period of her life. The cult leader had a strong apocryphal hold on the membership. Adrian only passed through the cult briefly. While she is speaking, her younger sister comes into the room to grab a magazine. Interesting tee shirt, no? Audrey tells them that Adrian joined the cult because he was interested in the Templars and the cult leader held the key to their secrets.  Jessica has a feeling that Adrian and his spiritual quest has drifted further away from reality.


It’s email time! Check your email from everyone especially

Gery RE: Important new tool  

Gery FW: something weird

Kristin RE: Adrian’s Cult

Kristin RE:RE: Something weird

Theo Makarios RE: Adrian’s Alphabet

And all the others.


Download this tool right away – The Image Analyzer.

Go to your game screen and activate your tool bar. Click on the tool bar where the empty lines are and type in this code: HY2149. Your tool bar will close and then open and you will see your new tool.

Let’s test it out. Remember that website http://www.macbenach.net/ from Level 3? If you haven’t already, right click on that graphic and save it as a .png image on your hard drive somewhere. Now go back to the game screen. Open up the tool bar and activate the Image Analyzer. Click on load image. Browse to where you stored that .png image. It should say “macbenach_crypted.png”, Click Open. Click on Decrypt.      


  Most interesting, no?




“A little auriculotherapy session...”


The problem I hand with this puzzle is that I was trying too hard. I was trying to match the little white lines to the correct areas instead of just using the circle plots. All you have to do here is put the "dots" or "flag pins" in the right areas. When you do a distinctive sound will happen.


Look at what we have here: The Phoenix attempt at reliving pain with acupuncture or Auriculotherapy.

 Study the screen carefully --- analyze it with your Zoom tool and see what you can find… The picture in the center is divided in half --- on the left hand side is a graphic of a little man --- on the right hand side is a graphic of an ear. This will be your workspace. On either side of these pictures are "Flag- pins". Click on them --- grab them with your mouse and see how they work. Notice, which parts, of the body are highlighted in red. You have to find the corresponding part on the "ear" that this body part has a relation to. 

Did you find any hidden clues?


Check again ---


Hint 1:    At the bottom of the screen you can see two words with the Zoom Tool


Hint 2:    The two words are a name


Hint 3:    Audrey Defrance (the ex-member of the OSCS cult)


If you are familiar with this sort of therapy by all means ... please carry on. But if you are lost here --- perhaps a Google search will help you. Type the hidden name you found in to the search engine and you will receive:    http://www.alternatherapie.net/index.htm


Make sure that you click on the English version at the top.  (I would copy that ear chart and print it out for reference --- remember though --- it is in reverse.)  As you locate the acupuncture point on the ear chart correctly a new body part will become highlighted on the left. There are nine points that you have to find: feet - knees - colon - lungs - shoulders  - elbows - hands - ears and eyes. There also is a hidden --- and very obscure clue here for the end game --- It is one of the Principles of the Kybalion --- can you find it on her website?


“You're not quite as pathetic as I thought, little friend...

Hey, check this out, you're going to love this…”




"When you glimpse Audrey

Look for her cat

Its name will open Tom to you..."

What did you see in the last film? Video Clip 4.4


Sharon and Jessica meet with Audrey Defrance

Watch the movie carefully ---- See any "strange" words anywhere?


Hint 1:    The word is very strange indeed

Hint 2:     One could say that it is chronically "psychotic".


Solution part one:    Look on her younger sister's tee shirt




Ok --- so what? Where is that darned cat? Is that the cat's name?


Let's see, "Here PsyKO&**^%, here kitty..."

Uh.... Nope. My cat told me that no self respecting Kitty would ever respond to that! They prefer more philosophical titles.


Maybe you should do a Google search. 

.... Now would be a good time.


If you use that name on Google you will see this site:     http://www.psykokronik.net/index.html


Search through the site --- it's Audrey's sister' s website.

I would start looking for the cat ... have you tried her Blog?

Scroll down the page.



The cat's named is Confucius.


You still need some dates don't you? Type the cat's name into a Google search and find these dates

Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [The philosopher's birth and death: 551 – 479]


Video Clip 4.5


It’s been 6 months and the girls are back in Philadelphia. Throughout their search, they have still not been successful in finding Adrian. But then, an unexpected turn of events happens. Jessica receives an email from her long lost brother.



The email tells them that Adrian will be in Lisbon within the week and asks that they join him there. He begs for their help.

Sharon worries that the email may not be from Adrian, but Jessica quickly reassures her that it is as there is an encrypted message that was written in a special code known only Adrian and Jessica. And then Jessica shows Sharon what she has found.


Can you decrypt the code?     REMEMBER


“Here you are, having reached the middle of the Path of Truth Here the roads cross in the Darkness. If you successfully brave the next tests, The Islands of Light will appear…”


To continue to Level 5 type in the code 0381641021


And so marks the end of LEVEL 4 and the halfway point of the game. I don’t know about you but I need a coffee.



Click here to go to Level 5


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