Evidence: The Last Ritual – Walkthrough

 by Inferno


Level 5




“A date welcomes visitors at the entrance to Almourol.  It will allow you to open Sobzos.”



Here we can see a graphic of Almourol Castle and a goat’s head (another demonic reference?) in the background. There is a group of letters in the upper right, in the center there are 4 “sails” or nets. Near the bottom we can see a symbolic reference of the letter “E” and 4 boxes – this is where you need to enter a date. That “E” is significant, you know… otherwise why would the Phoenix put it there? Do you know what it stands for?

I do.

So, a date --- easy enough. Remember the site you found earlier about Almourol castle in Level 4 USTEBIKOT?


You should have bookmarked it. I thought I told you to bookmark all of your productive searches … wait, let me check -----

Uhm, I most certainly did! Which is why I know what that “E” refers to and you don’t.  

Oh, quit your whining!

…Very well… here it is - http://www.viagensnotempo.com/uk/index.html

But do try to keep up, will you?   


At the top of this site click on Templar Castles and then on Almourol. Almourol has a very interesting history, doesn’t it? – It predates the birth of Christ. Read through the site again.

Now since you have already read through this page you will recall that the Templar GrandMaster, Gualdim Pais (the one who started the Order Christ in Portugal) began rebuilding this ancient castle in 1171A.D. … The operative symbol here being A.D.

Think 1171 is the answer? – Nice try…

You’re wrong though…

Guess you didn’t pay much attention during your high school World History classes, did you?

Portugal began about 38 years earlier and used The Era of Spain or “Era of the Caesars” for their calendar until 22 August 1422, when King João of Portugal decided to play “catch-up” with the rest of Europe and adopted the Julian Calendar.  

If you check this part of the website, you can see it plainly for your self. http://www.viagensnotempo.com/uk/histo3.html

We need to add 38 years to our original date 1171, which would be 1209. Ok, we now have the correct solution --- the question still remains how to get it into the boxes?


Read you email

Cliff RE: Sobzos Level 1

Kristin Re: Almourol date


Click on the numbers in the cluster on the upper left side of the screen. See how they create a “number trail”? Notice what happens when you pass the numbers through the “sails” or nets. When you release the mouse button, the numbers return to the top-left corner.



removes odd numbers


removes even numbers


removes multiples of three


removes multiples of four


For the “1”, find a trail where there are no “5”s or “7”s present. Pass this trail through Sail 2 and Sail 3. Then place the line in the first box and the 1 will appear.

For the “2”, find one where the “2” precedes “0”. Pass the trail through the Sail 1 – Sail 3 – Sail 4. You should then be left with a smaller trail where “2” will be in the front of the line. Place the line in the second box and the 2 will appear.

For the “0”, find a trail where there are no “2”s. Pass it through Sail 1 – Sail 3 and Sail 4. Place the line in the third box and the 0 will appear.

When ever you have a “9“ in the trail, the 9 will automatically go into the box, so find one like this and just put it in the last box. The “9“ will automatically appear.


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [1209]




“He founded Almourol; he was born and died twice...”


Who is the Phoenix talking about? GUADINVS or GUADINUS (in Latin, The U and V are interchangeable. Check the “Viagensnotempo” website again and read all about his real name: Gualdim Pais, the fourth Grandmaster of the Knights Templar in Portugal. 


What is the Phoenix asking for? Dates again— his birth and death in particular. They would be his birth in 1118 and his death in 1195. So, the first part of the answer would be - 1118/1195

But remember that these dates are in Ē (Spanish Era) and nor A.D., which means we also have to do the time conversion the same way we did in SOBZOS 1. If we add 38 to each date 1118 and 1195, we will arrive at the second part of the solution 1156 and 1233. Now that we have the answer we need let’s look at the game screen.

We have some red death head skulls on the left and a small graphic of Pais on the lower let-hand side. There are a number of Templar symbols and some pesky white flies on the screen, when we click on the screen a small video loop happens --- Notice what is on Jessica’s face? --- A red death head – which seems to appear and then be crossed out. …A portent of things to come or a signature perhaps? Time will tell.


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [1118/1195 and 1156/1233]


Email check:

Kristin RE: Guadinus

Kristin RE: Almourol Date


Video Clip 5.1


Sharon and Jessica find their way to Lisbon. After breakfast they decide to take in a better view of the city. The girls search through out Lisbon hoping to find some trace of Adrian but no luck. They decide to ride out to Almourol Castle on the island of Targus. There are a number of clues here, which will later prove to be most important.


Take note of this street – you will see it again in a web search later.

There are clues and hints everywhere, look carefully.


 Almourol Castle E: OOCCVIIII – Era of Spain – remember?


Looks important, huh?




“The Templar Cross will open Tpa-Zont to you”


Interesting use of spider-webs and vegetation. Where have I seen this image before? Oh yes – here


See how the floor plan of the Dome of the Rock shows a shape of the Templar Cross in Green? You need to replicate it here. 

Notice that are a few flies flitting around and that the image is now moving. Go ahead and click on the main image.

Nothing? --- Well that’s because you need to use the tiny Templar crosses. Try clicking on the cross on the far upper left and keeping you left mouse button down connect to the nearest cross to the right. Listen carefully – when you hear the tambourine sound you can let go. However, if the little flies get in your way you will lose your progress.

If you make a drawing mistake, just click on it.  When you’ve gotten it right you will have a Templar Cross.


Email check:

Cliff RE: Tpa-Zont Level 1

Kristin RE: The killer’s ritual




Superb spot for a rendez-vous… Gerd took way too much time to decipher the message. Will you manage to do better than he did?


“This s an encrypted message”, says Jessica.



Hit one of the moving balls with a “start” button by clicking on it to start the video. Watch the video --- you must stop the video on a clear shot of the encrypted message by hitting one of the 3 pause buttons.

Having trouble? Here’s what you are striving for:


It reads:


We’ve seen these symbols before. Do you remember where? Take a look at Video Clip 4.5 in Level4. Translate the code using Adrian’s alphabet.

Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [OUREM]


“Watch closely, little friend.

 The film you're about to see has a little surprise in store for you…”


Video Clip 5.2


We rejoin Gerd Hanke and Jack in Portugal where the investigation leads them to a remote village called Sao Domingos in the southern area of the country. They meet with Captain Fernando __________, the Portuguese Commissioner of the Judiciary Police to discuss the murder. But an unexpected twist awaits Jack when the captain shows them the photograph of the victim. The same distinctive oral wounds are present as in the last 5 victims … and his heart has been torn out. Jack recognizes him as The Phoenix!


But how could he have faked his own suicide? And if the Phoenix is dead --- who is sending us those wacky emails? Maybe Jack is losing it? Maybe not… the Phoenix is always reborn from his ashes…


It’s time to check that email:

The Phoenix RE: Dead yet still alive

Kristin RE: Incredible!




“A rhythm section hidden in the radio

 Play it exactly the same

You will close in on the Sixth Sacred Place…”


Here we go: SESM 1

This particular puzzle took me almost 2 days to figure out. What we see here is a propeller with 3 blades in the center of the puzzle. There are sound discs, which are numbered, and a radio bar with a pointer. Welcome to the Phoenix’s idea of a sound puzzle. Most devious. First learn how the parts work. Move the radio slider very slowly and notice that the various radio noises are actually from the videos. Get used to the sounds.... Now very slowly listen for the other ambient sounds.... You must listen carefully for the crackling static sounds followed by the familiar game melody the Phoenix always uses throughout the game. Search carefully --- when you hear this "familiar melody", the propeller will disappear for a second. This means that you are very near to where you should be on the radio dial. Place the bar and wait for the silence …it will be followed by a sequence of notes. This is what you have to reproduce by placing the corresponding sound that the sound discs make in between the propeller blades.  There will be three segments for this.  After the first is completed correctly you will see that the Phoenix responds to you. The radio bar placement will change but not the placement of the discs.



“Perfect, little friend. Let's move on now to the next…”


And after the second

“Got one last little…”


Remember that there are two circles which the “sound discs” may be placed: the inner circle and the outer circles well as 3 sections of each circle.  And yes, the discs may be used more than once during the three phases, but only once per phase. When you are correct in your placement – the discs will blink as the propeller passes over them.  There is more than one possibility for the correct answer as far as the placement goes, but not the discs themselves.   


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets.

[Phase One: 3 – 6  

Phase Two: 1 – 5 – 7

Phase Three: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4]

 When these three sequences or phases are completed correctly, the next screen will show us a few locations.


Check your email

Cliff RE: Weird things in the images

Kristin RE: Dates: an explanation




“This is where his voyage ended…”


There are lots of clues here, so look very carefully. What do you see on the screen? Looks like two locations, doesn't it? What do you see in the background?

The background also contains the sign Aguas Contaminadas. Can’t find it? Try moving the postcards.  Anytime you see something like this --- it is a clue. What tools do you have to investigate this? Use your tools ---- like the ZOOM tool. What else do you see?

MINA -- --- --------

---- / ----


You must find the location's name and two dates. By zooming into the screen, you should be able to make out the name Mertola.  So now, what do we have so far?



Aguas Contaminadas


Sounds to me like it's time for a Google search. Type these words into the search engine and you will find  http://cgalco.free.fr/4DEF/Portugal/Exposes/mina_sao_domingos_us.html

Remember to thoroughly search the site as you are also looking for two dates. Also have a look at that map… almost looks like a heart doesn’t it… I wonder if the Phoenix thinks so too. 


Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets.


1855 / 1966]


Email Check!

Kristin RE: The Killer’s Ritual


Video Clip 5.3


That night Adrian sent Jessica an email, he suggested that they meet in front of the “Cristo Rey” a beautiful monument in Lisbon.

The go to the monument but Adrian is nowhere to be seen... I’ve got a bad feeling about this. 


“Ha ha ha… Poor Jessica! Her brother couldn't risk coming… His appointment wasn't with Jesus but with His Father!”




“The first King of Portugal will assist you.”


Here at the SPT-ZNE gate there are some interesting clues. We can see a crown at the upper right. The Phoenix symbol at the bottom and some large white letters flitting around the screen. The background has a large circle with divided into 4 sections. There is one cross in each section. Looks like the rudimentary makings of a coat of arms, doesn’t it?


The Phoenix tells you that the first king of Portugal will help. A quick search is in order here. The most logical thing would be to type in to a Google search: The first king of Portugal, which will return this website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afonso_I_of_Portugal


Check your email

Kristin RE: The Templars


Hint:    The connection to Alfonso I and SPT-ZNE is a simple one. What society has the Phoenix seemed to connect himself to? The Templars

Hint:    What connection does Alfonso I have to that same society? Where have we seen more information on the first king? The answer that the puzzle gives will guide you.

The focus of this puzzle is to grab one of the letter symbols and place it on the circle. There are 7 placement zones: one at each cross, one at the top, one at the bottom and one at the middle. Listen carefully to the sounds. There will be a deep base sound when the letter placement is incorrect and the “sharpening of a sword” sound when it is.

Here is the correct placement.


Looking from left to right, starting at the top the puzzle gives you an answer: P - T U – O - G AL – R. But not the solution.

You must decipher this into a more "searchable" word and/or words! Check your email from Kristin RE: Meaning behind the coat of arms.  See something you can use? Have a look at what the puzzle tells you. It Looks like PORTUGAL, doesn't it?  à But spelled incorrectly à PTUOGALR à Say the symbols à PT -- UO -- GALR -à Change them around.


Solution 1: Click & drag inside these brackets. [P -- TUO -- GALR change this to POR TUO GRAL which means "For your Grail" in English]


Use the "old Portuguese" version POR TUO GRAL in a Google search and it will return this website:  http://www.viagensnotempo.com/uk/index.html

Look familiar? Heeheehee. Now click on the Famous People link --- "more info".  This is how the connection to Alfonso I Henriques is made.


Solution Part II:     Click & drag inside these brackets [Either PORTUOGRAL or POR TUO GRAL is correct.]


Video Clip 5.4


The Captain leads Jack and Frederick to where the body was found towards the old copper mines. How did the Phoenix wind up here? Who could have murdered him? How long has Adrian been missing exactly? This may foreshadow another murder to come. We must decode the messages as quickly as possible.


“Jack couldn't have put it better… Adrian anticipated my plans and tried to warn his sister… But I didn't leave him time to send his message.”




‘The white insect will lead you to Joao.

 Joao will lead you to Fernando, the Portuguese Commissioner His name will open Zont to you.”


Bugs! My --- how lovely....


What do we have here?  Spheres with letters inside them on a red background. If we look a little closer we can see Tarot cards as well. Did you know that Tarot cards have “suits” just like regular playing cards do? In fact did you also know that the Portuguese are famous for playing cards as well as the Tarot?

http://www.wopc.co.uk/portugal/index.html Keep this in mind… you will need this knowledge shortly. Portugal: Land of the Serpent.

What else can you see? Two concentric circles with a big blob of red inside and what looks like tentacles…


Really? You’re not very resourceful…are you? It’s a map… this one actually:


And when we super impose this map of Mertola on the game screen….


They match! Gee, that big red blob looks like a heart, doesn’t it? And a heart was taken from the last victim. Gerd and Jack are certain it is the Phoenix… but I’m not so sure…


 Now as soon as you click on the game screen, the spheres will begin to move around the screen. As this is happening a swarm of flying yellow insects also begin to fly about. Notice anything? There is one single white one. Watch the white little buggie for awhile. Do you notice how the insect will stop periodically on one letter and then another? Follow the pattern. You will see that then the little critter will stop on a blank circle. What does that tell you? The end of a word or phrase perhaps? ...You would be right in your thinking for that is exactly what is happening. Click on the letters that the little white fly lites on. See how they go into a sort of memo on the lower right-hand of the screen? If you don’t click on them in the right order, you will run out of space. But you can correct it by just following the little white bug and the memo will allow you to replace the letters.


“The cross shows you the beginning.”


So wait until the little white insect lites on the sphere with the cross in the center of the screen. Then the sequence will repeat itself. You can also just write down the answer if you wish --- so there really is no reason to panic if it takes you a while to figure it out.  …Smart little thing, isn't it? 


Solution Hint: Click & drag inside these brackets. [RUA DE BORGES CARNEIRO]


So --- what is that? Well Rua translates to “street” in English, so that means that this must be a location. It is a name of a street in Lisbon, Portugal. Let's do a Google search. 

Type "rua de borges carneiro" + Lisboa in Google exactly like this and you will see a list of sites. Click on the "TIP" link that says to “search for English sites only” and you will see only one site --- which is the site for the Portuguese poker club. http://www.carneiro-pokerclub.com/us/index.php


Have a look around this site and you will notice three names:


Tiago das NEVES



Ok --- being the thorough investigators we are --- let's do a search on these three. OOOKOkokokok just do it on the first two names.

Type João AMERIM + Tiago das NEVES into a Google search and you will find the site http://www.olho-de-lisboa.info


Hint: Don't forget to translate the page from Google before you go there --- it will make more sense then --- unless of course you speak Portuguese.

Well what do we have here? It's a webzine called "The Eye of Lisbon" --- local news I think. Have a lookie see. Notice the pictures are of the area from Video Clip 5.1 as well.... And what's this? There is a report of a death --- a gruesome murder ---- of whom? The card player, Amerim João, and who else do we see?



 Why it’s the Portuguese Commissioner: Captain Fernando Antunnes

And after what we have just read, we see that we have yet another victim.


Could Jack have been mistaken? Could Amerim be victim number 7? Did he die the same way as the others? Or is his case unrelated? Do you know their names? You’d better keep a list.


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [ANTUNES]


Video Clip 5.5


Jessica receives a message from Adrian, he will meet them tonight at 9:00pm at Ourem Castle. Oh dear!


“I knew Adrian's e-mail address

Finding his password was child's play

Jessica and Sharon have fallen into the trap…”


Time to take a look at that email

Gery RE: Film Decryption

Kristin RE: The Templars

Kristin RE: The Codex

Cliff RE: The Theory of the Codex

Theo Makarios: RE: Order of the Templars in Portugal


And so another Level ends and a new one begins


Click here to go to Level 6


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