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 by Inferno


Level 6





“This highly Sacred Place will open Si-Sesm to you”


I don’t know about you, but after last night’s adventure at Ourem Castle, I am worried about the girls. Especially Sharon; just take a look at this! Her mouth is cut in that nasty ritualistic fashion … and look at her eyes. They’re crossed out. Could she be the next victim? The Phoenix removes a piece of his victims… most serial killers do, you know – Jack the Ripper took a kidney and a few other parts. Could the Phoenix have needed her eyes?


But enough speculation, here in this puzzle we see poor Sharon in the background and at the lower left a grid of 12 spaces. Floating seemingly aimlessly across this screen are 12 white blocks. We need to put them in there right spaces. If you linger long enough you will catch a glimpse of what is to be.


So - Armed with what you know from the previous levels and searches - (I do hope you are bookmaking them). You should already have seen this building on one of your searches.


Solution Hint: Click & drag inside these brackets. [ http://www.viagensnotempo.com/uk/index.html ]


Looks like a scrambled image of some sort of architecture, doesn't it? So --- maybe you should click on the link of the Templar Castles?


“Eight pillars rising up toward the Heavens”


Move the white square into the spaces provided…they will stay as graphics only for a while, then return to their blank stare. When you put them in the right place the square plus the squares adjacent to them that are also in the correct places will flip over to the graphics side of the image you are trying to create. 


 Hey, there it is! It's The Charola of Tomar Castle


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [CHAROLA]




“One Grand Master, one kingdom, one coat of arms.”


There is a rectangular terminal at the bottom of the screen, We can see Sharon crouching down with her hand on her knees, and when you click on her she will raise her head. Geez Louise, doesn’t she look terrified? Click on the terminal at the bottom of the screen.


21 crosses will then swarm about the game screen

Notice that 7 of them are names, aren't they? 

Plessis – Payns – Beraud – Perigord – Montague – Molays and Beaujeu

Whose names are they? What is their relationship to each other? The Dates? The Crests?


7 are Crests or Coats of Arms


and finally 7 are dates in Roman Numerals.

MCXVIII = 1118

MCCI = 1201



MCCLII = 1252


MCCXCII = 1292


The focus here is to match the Name -- Shield –- the Dates by passing them over the bottom terminal in groups of three: one of each. When you are successful -- Sharon will draw a letter in the sand.


But where to find the answers? I know because I’ve been studying my emails.  Did you know that the Knights Templar were known by many other names? One in particular is called “The Order of the Temple” which was actually the predecessor of the “Ordem Militar de Christo” or Order of Christ in Portugal, just to name a few.  

--- Shesh! Don’t you ever watch the History Channel?  


If we do a Google search using the basic gamer’s mindset, we would just type in Templars + Shields + Dates and this would return

A number of sites --- but none of them would be really useful and we would come away quite frustrated. However --- if we approach this particular search from the mindset of “the devious” --- we would use The Order of the Temple + Grandmasters + Symbols and this would return the very website that the game developers have created just for you.  


Do this and as quick as “Bob’s yer Uncle” the very first return will be the site you need, turned to the page you want.



Notice how the dates correspond to when these Grandmasters came into power. The Phoenix likes power.

Note*: If you make the right choice the crosses will disappear one by one. A sound will let you know that you are on the right track.

Sharon then writes a letter on the ground for each correct solution.


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [


Payns –-  MCXVIII - N

Plessis -  - MCCI - E

Montague -  - MCCXVIII - W

Perigord -  - MCCXXXII - P

Beraud -  - MCCLII - O

Beaujeu -  - MCCLXXIII - R

Molays -  - MCCXCII – T]


Sharon will spell out N-E-W-P-O-R-T.  Click on Sharon when all the matches have been made and she will rewrite this for you.


“A park

 A mysterious bond links it to Tomar”


It’s email check time, folks.

Shad0wwatcher RE: I’m watching you.

Kristin RE: Help for SI SESM

Kristin RE: Gerd Hanke

Cliff RE: Si-sesm Level 2


Then using what you have learned from SI SESME 1 & 2, do a Google search: NEWPORT + CHAROLA + TOMAR it will return a new site for you to ponder through. http://www.apol.net/dightonrock/portuguese_tower_of_newport.htm


Which will bring you to here:


Hmmm, The Templar in New England! What would my mother say!


(I told you it was a good idea to bookmark these sites – we’ve already been here, haven’t we? When we were searching for Adrian in Rhode Island. Where in Provincetown did he love to sit and ponder his life and the Templars??? )


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [TOURO]


Video Clip 6.1


After seeing the cryptic note at Mertola, Gerd and Jack race to Ourem Castle to try to protect the next victim…but it’s a 2-hour drive and they are too late. They find Jessica unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell inside the castle. She is still alive, but what of Sharon Berti?


“Jessica unconscious

I had no embarrassing witness anymore Sharon was easy prey

 Isis would await her hour”




"In the shadow of the Mountain of the Moon. He had his philosophal Dwelling built..."


What do you see here?

A place? A castle compound? Where are you?

You are in Portugal. Remember the map I should you in Level 5? You are North of Mertola (which is that big white heart-shaped blob on the screen)


You also see


A.A. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


So --- we find to find a word or words to fill in those spaces --- Since we have the letters “A.A.” the most logical path will be a name of something; but more likely a name of a person --- maybe the Philosopher that the Phoenix is telling us about.


Look at what he says...


 "In the shadow of the Mountain of the Moon. He had his philosophal Dwelling built..."


That is the operative phrase here. Therefore, it must be a name.


Ahhh, but the question is --- how do we find it?

Elementary my dear Watson!

Um sorry, wrong game…yet still, the same principles will apply here.


Time for a Google search --

If we type: Philosopher's dwelling, Portugal exactly like that on Google in will return this site: http://www.castelodosmouros.com/uk/index.html


OK -- so judging by the quote on the very top of the web page --- we've got the right web site. (See the quote? "In the shadow of the Mountain of the Moon.") But you won't see anything about "A.A." on this page ----- or will you?

What happens when you slowly pass your mouse over the graphics of the castles?

See it?



Look harder...


Pass you mouse over the graphic of the third castle and you will see the words

The philosopher’s dwelling.


THAT'S IT! Click on it and it will take you to your answer. By the way the name of the castle is known as Palacio de la Quinta da Regaleira. Did you know that the Freemasons used parts of the castle’s grounds as a symbols ritualistic initiation rite?

But that isn't the answer... you want the name of the patron that built it.

Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro.


The Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [CARVALHOMONTEIRO]


In order to finish this puzzle you must pull the letters which are held by the white elastic thread onto their proper places.


Very important! Read your email now.

Kristin RE: Newport

Gery RE: Important Tool – This one is a tool that will help you take a good look at those video clips that you have been watching follow the directions given – but if you have lost this email, don’t panic.

Open your tool bar and click on the empty space where the lines are, then type in JA3429 and your Video Decryption Key will be activated. 




“In Sintra, he presided over the Path of Initiates

 In his gardens, I offered a woman's hand as a gift…”


The screen features a photo of Sintra castle, as well as the picture of a tomb with a death's head – take special note of this, as you will see it again soon. If you looked at that previous website I gave you thoroughly, you will have the castle’s real name.


Better have a close look again. http://www.castelodosmouros.com/uk/index.html


Which will lead you here: http://www.castelodosmouros.com/uk/mouros.html


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [CASTELO DOS MOUROS]


Welcome to the Phoenix’s version of “Tetris”. You need to spell out the above solution. As the random letters fall toward the bottom of the screen click to the right or left of them to move them towards their correct positions. Use the same techniques to avoid the Death Head. Use one Death Head to destroy another. 

Have fun now.  I’ll be waiting over here until you get back.


 Back already? I guess you must have figured out that most of the letters are “O”s and “S”s. Followed by the “E”s and “U”s. So it made sense to do the “L” and “C” first, and then the “D”, “T”, “M” and “A” and leave the others for last because there are so many of them.  

How clever you are!


“The 24th Door has opened

The hour of Revelations approaches

Why look! Since you've been well-behaved,

I've subtitled the following film for you…”


Video Clip 6.2


Gerd is interrogating Jessica. I wonder what makes her get all unbalanced when Gerd tells her that he needs her help to assist him in his investigations. Would you think that she would want to help find Sharon and her brother’s killer? …Very strange indeed.


“No, the Phoenix did not die in Sao Domingos!

Adrian was my disciple, my accomplice... 

For the past five years, he accompanied me like a faithful dog.”


Well. I told you before that the Phoenix didn’t take very good care of his pets, didn’t I? It looks like my fears have been confirmed… Adrian Moses is the 6th victim. Do you have your list updated?   


“Like the two Templars of the Seal astride their mounts

We crossed Europe through-and-through.

Unfortunately, Adrian failed to grasp the object of my final quest…


“I am the Bennu, bird of the North

Adrian was Horus, bird of the South.

From now on he's Osiris,

the one who shall make the Resurrection possible

I've stolen his heart; his sister Isis shall complete the ritual.”  


Side Thought:

You may want to know that the “Bennu” was the Egyptian word for a Heron or Phoenix. It was believed that it was the soul of RA and therefore also the soul of Osiris and Isis. Did you realize that Osiris and Isis were husband and wife, the first King and Queen of Egypt; but also they were brother and sister? Did you also know that Isis was the one who performed the ritual of life on Osiris?  Have a look here






Time to check those emails

Cliff RE: Hre Ua Screen

Kristin RE: The Two faces of the Phoenix

David Marcus RE: M Final Analysis




Two twin knights. One signature


Welcome to the Templar's Seal Puzzle. Here we see letters, which move about, in a circular area. Randomly, the Templar seal will appear within the same circle.



This is how we know that this is The Templar's Seal Puzzle.

There are three buttons on the right.

Hint (for later in the game)

What do these button do? They repel and attract almost like magnets, don't they? Polarity ---- remember this for the endgame.

You should also see a dotted line in which the “I”s are already placed for you:


_ I_ I _ _ _ _   _ I _ I _ _ _   _ _ I _ _ I


Hmmmm looks like three words --- a phrase? A name? Let's think a minute ---- We are looking for an official seal of the Templars --- so the three words must be a motto.


Time for another search to find a graphic of a Templar Seal.

Type The Knights Templar into a Google search it will return http://www.templarhistory.com/

Take a look at the keychain --- What is written around it? A motto. What does it say?


Solution Hint: Click & drag inside these brackets. [SIGILLUM MILITUM XPISTI]


Yeah? Well that didn't work did it?


Of course not…the first two words are correct but the third one looks weird doesn't it? That is because the first two are in LATIN and the third is in Greek. What is this word XPISTI?

"X" is the Greek letter for "CH" and "P" or "RHO” is the Greek letter for "R". So, it follows that it should actually read "CHRISTI". Which means that the Phoenix wanted this deciphered as well.

So --- You need to attract the following letters with the pointer (while repelling the letters you don't want at the same time) to place them on the dotted line, in order to form the correct motto. Keep in mind here that there are three spheres on the right which will act as pointers. The top one repels the letters; the middle one attracts the letters and the bottom one repels the letters. You must try to attract one letter and repel the others in order to place them properly.     


Solution Click & drag inside these brackets. [SIGILLUM MILITUM CHRISTI]



Bring the letter you want to the top above the circle and use the two repelling pointers to keep it isolated from the other letters --- then bring it down and place it where you want it placed. You can also do this with multiple letters as well --- but it is much harder. If you make a mistake and place the wrong letter somewhere simply click on it and it will return to the circle.


Video Clip 6.3


Gerd and Jack take Jessica to a “safe–house”. It’s the Portuguese Commissioner Antunes’s weekend home. He has already assigned two detectives as bodyguards for her. Hopefully she will be safe and Jack’s cinematographer, Frederico will be with her. Gerd decides to establish his headquarters there as well.


Four days after Sharon’s abduction at Ourem Castle, Jessica receives a message from the Phoenix (I guess this lets Adrian off the hook as the killer… but doesn’t absolve him of his duplicity to my mind.) There is a photo attached.


Hmmm…It looks familiar doesn’t it? It should – you’ve just seen this. It is part of a tomb at one of the Sintra castles…which one?   


Time for an email check

Kristen RE: Sesmen

Kristen RE: Merioitic Alphabet

Kristen RE: And what if Adrian were trying to help us?

Gery RE: RE: And what if Adrian were trying to help us?

Shad0wwatcher RE: A question




"A demon's name will open Konime to you."


Are you afraid of hands? Do you have nightmares about them --- long slender pale fingers wiggling and dancing before your face?


The puzzle here opens with Isis' two closed hands. There is a number that you must find. How do I know? Trust me...


The focus here is to find a number. So click on the hands to open them and watch carefully. The view will change to the two hands in a close up shot with Isis' palms facing forward. Her fingers will begin their frantic dance; you must decipher their values as they close up and down upon her palms, which will indicate a sequence of the numerical values that she is trying to give you. While this macabre entertainment is going on, a square will begin to move around the screen --- this will indicate an incrementing number.

What happens if you move the cursor over the square? See that white circle? Notice how it affects Isis' hands. Slows down the finger dance, doesn't it? This way you can determine the number sequence that Isis is trying to communicate to you. 

There are 14 spaces below; each space is a number. The small square tells you the position that the hands are trying to communicate to you. Ex = when the square show “14” you see that the hands become two fists indicating the number “0” and so on.  




“Well played, little friend… this code will lead you to him…”


Yes, I know --- that isn't the answer, but it is a clue.  And no, doing a Google search will turn up nothing --- but what else do you have in your investigator bag of tricks at your disposal?


Emails? Yes, you have those...Especially the one from Theo Makarios RE: Templar Symbolism

What else?

Come on, think!


How about your decryption tool?  You should try all methods but

Method 2 will be the one you need.


The name of "the demon" is ABRAXAS


Although I do take umbrage here -- as many worshipped him as a deity, and not a demon...   I guess it’s all a matter of semantics. But not as far as the Phoenix is concerned...and you will soon find out why.   

If you look at the screen you will see the 3 more positions have opened up. _ _ _  And if you click on them you will see that only a number will be the correct solution.


Now --- if you type this clue into a Google search you will find what you need, remember that you are looking for another number.



Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [0365]



Abraxas (ABRAXAS), whose number is "365". (In Greek isopsephia

A = 1, B = 2, R = 100, A = 1, X = 60, A = 1, S = 200 totals 365.)


Video Clip 6.4


Gerd and Jack leave the safe house and travel the 12 mile distance to Sintra Castelo del Mouros to see what they can find --- hope fully a trace of Sharon. Unfortunately they are somewhat successful as they find a bag and in side of it … a human hand belonging to a female! They realize at once that this must be a clever ruse and race back to Antunes country house. They try to call the bodyguards and Jessica but no one answers their frantic phone calls….


Email check

Sha0wwatcher RE: One more question

Gery RE: We’re closing in on the Phoenix

Theo Makarios RE: Templar symbolism 

We end this level with a code that will give us entry to Level 7


Click here to go to Level 7

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