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 by Inferno


Level 7





“The final Revelation approaches...Hang on, little friend. You will be greatly rewarded…”


Video Clip 7.1


Gerd and Jack race back to the safe house… Their worst fears are realized. They find the body of one officer in the brush not far from the home. He is horribly mutilated. The next day they find the second officer at the bottom of a cliff near the house. He has also succumbed to the Phoenix. Jessica is no where to be found. It seems that the Phoenix is always one step ahead of Gerd Hanke.


“Like novices, Jack and Gerd were had...

Eliminating the two cops was easy

As for Isis, I found her in Morpheus' arms...

A goddess' fate is reserved for her…”


Did you know that the phrase “…in the arms of Morpheus” means, “to sleep the sleep of dreams”? It also can mean a drug induced stupor.


Ooh this was one of my favorites!


Here we see a picture of the first officer who was found murdered at Commissioner Antunes’ home. There is a grid over his face. Inside the grid on the top half are sets of black squares. On the bottom half of this graphic we can see a white square which merrily runs across the rows --- from row to row --- across the bottom half. The grid is actually called "A Pixel Map" and each square is one "pixel". The idea is a real pixel hunt; we have to reproduce the pattern of the black pixels on the top half with gray pixels for each level that you work on. 


Hint:    If you press the "spacebar”, you will notice that the maniacally running white pixel will "freeze" --- try it. The idea here is to freeze the white pixel in the required spaces on the grid to replicate the black pattern. If you click with you mouse on a required row; the white pixel will go there and start to sweep across that row. When you are successful the black pixels on top will turn gray. Now, to complicate matters even more --- there are two different "brush sizes" which can be used here to correct any incorrect positions you may have created. Which is either per row or the entire grid so be careful that you don't erase your progress and have to start from the beginning. (I can just see gamers pulling their hair out one this one.) You can delete one pixel at a time as well by clicking with the spacebar as the little white pixel passes across the offending pixel.



Once the first level is completed correctly, the screen will blink and your work will move to the top half of the screen in gray. The top half of the screen will then also show the next level, which will be new black pixels, which you must replicate on the bottom screen in white.  There are 3 levels.

When you are finished, the word that you are looking for will appear on the top half of the screen. Write it into the Text Box at the bottom of the screen


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [ALCINA]


Time to look at those emails

Kristin RE: RE: And what if Adrian was trying to help us?

Manuela RE: “participacion en la investigacion”

Cliff RE: Smat Screen Level 1

Gery RE: Important Tracer

Gery RE: Important Tracer


(Don’t worry about the Tracer Tool yet – we will do this at the end of Level 7…and a few other things as well.)




“Care to go on a little treasure hunt?

 Each step completed will bring you closer to

The two Portuguese cops…”


This was without a doubt the hardest puzzle for me to do --- not because I didn't know how to do it --- but because I just wasn't any good at it. Remember the game --- Minesweeper?


Well, welcome to the Phoenix's version of Minesweeper!


Make sure that you read your emails here during the game. If you get too frustrated --- close down your game and then restart it --- and read your emails from Cliff (who tells you how to play it and gives you the answers you need).



Cliff RE: Smat Screen Level2 user instructions

“For the treasure hunt: Treasures are hidden beside the skulls-and-crossbones. 1/ Move your cursor. When the maximum diodes light up in a zone, click to sound the zone. 2/ Move your cursor into the zone. Click when you get near the treasure (2 red circles; at 3 it's risky!). Then follow where the compass points (northeast southwest) to find the treasures. Try to keep your clicks to a minimum! As of now I've gotten 2 suns. I'm going back for more.




This is some sort of a treasure map. You will see that your cursor will occasionally turn into a grid of sorts. At the top you will also notice that here is a "map key": At any point during this puzzle this "key" will show:

The number of treasures you have discovered.

The number of square yet to be revealed. 

The number and possible locations of the "mines" (be careful there are many of these little "death heads") 

A compass or "Directional Rose".  

The number of death heads.  

Two text boxes for revealing the clues 


Now, what did the Phoenix tell us?


"...The treasures are protected by skull-and-crossbones"


If you sweep the box slowly across the screen you will notice that the “skull” diodes will light up on the far upper right. Try to get at least 6 of them to light up. When you find this click in the area, You will notice that a few of the diodes will turn red --- 2 is ok but anymore than that you run the risk of sweeping over a mine (death head) and will lose your progress. Once you get 4 in a row to text boxes will appear.



And I imagine that another 4 suns won will give you the words that you need --- but I have to tell you that at this point I had done 8 levels and never found anything thing --- so I used the email that Cliff sent me.


Cliff RE: Smat Screen Level2 (cont’d)


In completing the treasure hunt I came across the following words: mazers, cooking and June 06. For my part, I'll add Alcina found on the previous screen. This should take us to a site where we'll find the names of the Portuguese cops. Perhaps someone who knows them? A news article that talks about them?




So, what now? What do you think?


It's time for Inferno's handy dandy Google search...

oh, stop your whining --- I'm the one who is bleary eyed from typing this up for you.    


Type Alicina mazers cooking exactly as I have it here to get http://www.alcina-cooking.com/uk/portrait.htm


If you check this website carefully you will find her Blog  (don't forget to translate this if you don't speak French!) It is here that June 06 will come into play. Click on the "archives" for that month and make sure that you translate that page as well if you don't speak French. You will find that her cousin was one of the police officers murdered by the Phoenix at the "safe-house" that Gerd was hiding Jessica in.


(Have you been keeping a list of all the murders? You should be...)


His name is FABIO PATINHA. Now if we type his name into another Google search we will find this as well 


Along with the name of the other police officer FILIPPO GODINHO

So this long awaited Solution is:




Email check

Shad0wwatcher RE: Missing Link

The Phoenix is asking you if the “Faithful”: had the Missing link?

--- There are two very important ones… and very different …and no, I’m not going to tell you what they are just yet.    


Okokokokok…. I’ll give you a hint for the first one. The answer is --- yes. If you haven’t played “Missing” check the emails in the walkthrough here at GB. You are looking for a name that appears written in a note in Evidence: The Last Ritual during one of the Video Clips. But you’ll just have to wait for the other.


Video Clip 7.2


Five days have passed since the events in the safe house in Portugal. Gerd and Jack have traveled now to Scotland as the horribly mutilated body of poor Sharon Berti was found 3 days before in a kirkyard in Scotland.  Gerd hold photograph of a tombstone as he searches through the grounds for a match to it. There has been no trace of Jessica. On top of all this mayhem, a young woman from the village has also gone missing – another victim of the Phoenix perhaps? (Is your list ready?) It is clear that the Phoenix has Codex 14 in his possession… and may have taken up a new ritual, which may help predict future developments. Gerd is convinced that the Templar sites have not been selected at random.


Your first steps upon a land of legends Welcome to Scotland, little friend!”



Time for Email

Shad0watcher RE: Time for reflection 

Kristin RE: Merioitic Alphabet (cont’d)




“Tenth One Chosen for

 the Ultimate Sacrifice

Her birthplace will open Srat to you.”


As Gerd and his crew's investigations continue in Scotland, they have discovered that yet another victim has been kidnapped. This puzzle asks us to find the birthplace of this victim. Here, you'll see a moving white ball traveling all over the screen. At the bottom of the screen there is some sort of a temperature gauge. As you move your cursor near to the ball, you may notice that you can "heat" up the ball --- the problem is; too hot and it will explode, well that isn't very good now, is it?  Notice also as you "heat" up the ball; the gauge at the bottom tells you the temperature. If we knew the correct temperature to maintain, maybe we could get somewhere with this puzzle, couldn't we? Now the Phoenix enjoys hiding things, right? Well, that could work to our advantage as we have lots of different tools devised by Gery Millander to help us. Have a look again at the puzzle screen with one of them.

Use the Zoom tool --- adjust the Saturation to about 10% and the Brightness at about 100% and see what you can come up with.


Any luck?


Try again

Still no luck? Oh, all right!


There are three values for three of the balls that you will need to heat up. Try to keep the values between each of the number sets and see what happens:





Ooooooooo! Yuk it's another bug (I hate bugs...) when the right temperature is achieved for the right amount of time the ball turns into a centipede and crawls across the screen grabbing one of the three curtains on the right hand side of the screen. This will happen 3 times, (which is why I gave you three sets of numbers.)


Here is what should be uncovered by those crispy critters

C  _  _ I _ _  K _ T _  _ E _

_ L _ _ _  E _ _ _  T _ _  Y

_ _ A _ R _ _ E _ _  L _ _


Now what does that look like to you? Hmmm?

No, you don't have to fill in any blanks, just look at it --- follow the letters - up and down - left to right, what do you see?


Solution Hint: Click & drag inside these brackets. [C-L-A-I-R-E-K-E-T-T-L-E-Y It’s a name - Claire Kettley]


Oh--- This must be the name of the latest victim. The Tenth victim!

Are you keeping track of them? --- You better.


Read you email again and then it's time for another Google search. Type the name Claire Kettley into the search engine and it will return this Web Blog:



Search this site thoroughly to find the "place of her birth" which is what was originally asked of you.


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [KILMARTIN]


“Harry advised me to go there, to Kilmartin, the place where I was born. The place where I spent my childhood. He said it would do me good. He’s probably right. I need to give myself a new spirit but, despite it all, I’m scared. I’m afraid that, there too, the spring of my spirit will run dry.”

posted by Claire Kettley at 9:26PM


Video Clip 7.3


Gerd and Jack visit Mrs. Kettley, the mother of Claire, the 10th victim.

As Gerd presses her, we find that both she and her daughter belonged to the Scottish chapter of the Faithful of Love (Ifedeli D’Amore in Spain). So, who in the “Scottish Faithful” is the link to the “Missing”??? Gerd writes down a clue in his notebook for us to research.


Was “Harry” the link between the Faithful and The Missing?

Remember the clue from the Video Clip 7.3 à

Use that website. And link to the one below



Check your email again

Cliff RE: Sirat screen Level1

Kristin RE: Tracer

Kristin RE: Scottish Faithful of Love




“I placed Sharon's body in a Sacred Place. The name of this Place will open Si-Srat to you.”


In Almourol Sharon walked by without reading it…”


That means she may have caught something on film that might set us in the right direction. So I would first review the Video Clip 5.1. What did she pass by on the way up the stairs of the castle?


Solution Hint: Click & drag inside these brackets. [The Templar floor tile]


And review Video Clip 7.2 as well. You must find out the name of the place where Sharon's corpse was found. But how --- well, Video Clip 7.2 tells us that she was found in the kirkyard in Scotland. What is the name of the town? The Puzzle will help.


This is a graphic of the tile from the castle. Notice the symbols around the cross? They have meaning -- They are letters derived from the main symbol of the Templars. There are twelve of them --- like a clock 1 through 12. I would start with 1 and decipher them clockwise. The name of the town has twelve letters in it.


Blessed are the strong of heart…



Did you know that the cross in the center of the flag stone (sometimes called a Maltese Cross) was also called the "The Croix Pattée” which was a symbol for The International Knights Templar? Did you also know that the eight pointed cross of the Scottish Knights Templar, on which the cryptic alphabet was based for this flagstone was based on the Templar’s eight Beatitudes?

Spiritual joy

To live without malice

To weep over thy sins

To humble thyself to those who injure thee

To love justice

To be merciful

To be sincere and pure of heart

To suffer persecution


You can read more on the subject here:    http://www.skt.org.uk/CJdeM1314/index.html

If you do a Google search for Templars + Templar Alphabet + Templar Symbols you will find this site. It will help you with deciphering this and a few other puzzles. 



Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets. [BALANTRODOCH]


Ok --- So, now we know where Sharon was found. But how to get it into the puzzle? Click on the white tomb at the bottom of the screen. A circle will emerge containing the letter “A”.


Ahahaaa! These letters are like fireworks... when you click on the "A" again; it will burst into three other letters: O S D


Click on these and more letters will generate --- watch carefully, as always the same letters will burst forth from certain original letters. Some letters will not generate anything and a few, when clicked will disappear. Remember how many of each letter you will need, because once you lose the needed letters (they do have a habit of disappearing …somewhat like Sharon).  If they aren't used soon enough, you will have to begin again. Place the needed letters in the gray squares provided to write the name of the village by guiding them to the right place with your cursor. You can delete an incorrectly placed letter by clicking on it.


The trick to winning is to not place the letters O D B L straight away, so that you can generate another A.




“She has been rebaptized

 Her new name will open Si-Srat to you”


This is known as the Weights of Balance puzzle - an important title for the ENDGAME… so you might want to remember that word for later.


If you look on the screen here, you will see a scale with weights and balance. There is also a place to put your answer. Looks like it's a numeric code that you will need to find. So, what do we have? A Weight and Balance and letters all around the screen. Notice what happens when you move the letters onto the scales? It appears that each letter has its own weight.


Remember what the Phoenix tells you:


"…She has been re-baptized, her new name will open….”


Remember the answer to SI SRAT 1: BALANTRODOCH. Read your email --- this answer is there!

Can't find it?

You all know what that means! My favorite part. A Google search again! Type this name into the search engine and the first offering will give it to you.




Still can't figure it out?

Look --- it is staring you squarely in your face!

The answer is TEMPLE…



Ok --- so which letters do you think we should weigh now?


Solution Part 1: Click & drag inside these brackets




P= 130




You need a 4-digit number.... No, 1287 isn't correct

.... Still don't get it do you.

Have you tried adding them together?  


Solution Part 2: Click & drag inside these brackets [2746]


Video Clip 7.4


In Broughton, an area of Edinburgh, The leader of the Scottish Faithful is now missing as well. A search of his house proves unfruitful. Gerd and Jack drive through Argyle to meet with a local historian who specializes in the Templars. Professor MacNamara tells them that the Templars most likely took root in Scotland after the order’s disappears in France. He tells them of a number of sites which have links to the Templars: Rosslyn Chapel, ****** Commandery as well as the Kilmartin area.


Email check

Kristin RE: The Scottish Faithful of Love

Shad0wwatcher RE: Many stand beside the well

Theo Makarios RE: Survival of the Order of the Temple in Scotland


You might also wish to have a look here. It isn’t crucial to the game but it makes for very interesting reading and study.

Images of the Kilmartin Templar grave http://www.skt.org.uk/CJdeM1314/Kilmartin.html

Balantrodoch Commandery http://www.skt.org.uk/Templars_Properties.html

History of the Templars in Scotland http://www.skt.org.uk/History.html#St%20John%20and%20the%20Temple




“Her name will lead to a forgotten Grand Master”


I believe this statement will throw people --- The Phoenix must be tiring--- he’s getting sloppy. This should actually read “His” instead of “Her”   


Welcome to another devious sound byte puzzle.

Here the symbols move across the screen from left to right. The idea here is to mimic or reproduce the sounds to create a word --- or a name by sliding the correct sound symbol into the 6 areas provided by the puzzle.

The result is Ken Net Mac Na Ma Ra, which of course is really: Kenneth MacNamara. – The historian that Gerd and Jack were just speaking with.



Now, did you really think that you where going to get off as easy as just using this name as a solution to the puzzle?


...Silly rabbit.


Who is he anyway? He's a historian, not a solution... And what to historians do? They write books --- give lectures and go to Conferences! So let's do another Google search. Type in "Kenneth Mac Namara" + Conference exactly as I have here and you will find http://www.caledonianhistory.com/events/01-2003/

He’s lecturing on his new book John Claverhouse, Grand Master of Scottish Templars


Actually, his real name is John Graham of Claverhouse. He was the First Viscount of Dundee. I’m telling you, the Phoenix is making more and more mistakes as we hunt him down.


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [CLAVERHOUSE]


Sir Walter Scott wrote a famous poem about him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnie_Dundee


Check you email, please.

Kristin RE: The Trail of the Templars

Cliff RE: TR: The Trail of the Templars


Video Clip 7.5


Armed with the information given to him by Prof. MacNamara, Gerd decides to stake out the known Templar sites in the region of Broughton with the help of the Gayfield police.




The next day, we find that Jack has received an email from the Phoenix.

“Hello my dear friend:

I hope your well. I hope you catch some sleep

The Phoenix”


Here Jack shows us part of a bizarre poem, which Gerd decides to have analyzed.


Interesting place, Gayfield, isn’t it? Wonder if Gerd and Jack know about this pub located on Broughton Street?



…And so we come to the end of Level 7


The code 95211421 will send you to the Level 8.


Click here to go to Hack 1

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