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 by Inferno 



Level 8


ZU 1


“Nine digits preceded by a zero will lead you to him”


The Phoenix's Library

We need to find a code here…a numerical one.


0 - - - - - - - -.


Here, we can see a horizontal line made up of small empty squares. These are located beneath some cherubs. There is also a freely moving disc with a + inside it. Try clicking on the disc and a white cursor moves along the line of squares. You'll also notice that the cursor will show a certain number of graduations as it travels this line from its original starting point.


Hint 1

You need to count the number of "steps" or graduations each time before each the cursor changes direction.


Read your email from Cliff!

Cliff RE: Zu Screen 1

Cliff RE: Zu Screen 1 (trick)


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [0517122839]


“You now have to key to find it…”


Time for (you guessed it!) another Google search.

Type this number into the search engine which will return a result of an ISBN code for The Book of the Dead http://www.alibris.com/search/search.cfm?qwork=768244&matches=118&qsort=r


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets




ZU 2


“Isis will lead you to Him” 


The Phoenix's "Ye Olde Metal Shoppe"


Here we have a close-up of Jessica's face with a few cogwheels. Her eyes are closed. On the left-hand side of the screen, we can see some sort of a mechanism with only two small gears.

The bottom of the screen contains the rest of them. We can also see empty crosses here as well when we hold down the left mouse button on one of the gears we wish to use. We need to build a machine. Start positioning the gears on the crosses so that all the parts will work together. You can stop or start this machine by clicking on the white circle (switch) which moves around the screen.

Every time you make a successful combination, Jessica will move and a word will appear from her nostril (lovely).  Make sure that you write down each word before it disappears.


serpent - years - infinite - born – daily


I'll give you one guess for what comes next!

Yes ... A Google search with those 5 words!


Hint:    http://www.touregypt.net/bod108.htm


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [SATA]


Video Clip 8.1


After several Internet searches Jack and Gerd are able to identify the strange poem sent by the Phoenix.


“As the sun was declining…”

It was written by an 18th Century Gaelic poet. They also discover that a special monument was erected in his honor not more than an hour’s ride from Edinburgh. The investigators decide to head there right away. When they arrive at the monument they find a photograph waiting for them. A quick call to the historian, MacNamara tells them it is a “Templar Gravesite” from about an hour away by car.


Who is the poet that the Phoenix quoted in his email to Jack? Type “As the sun was declining” + Scotland into a Google search and we have our answer:


The poet’s name is Duncan Ban MacIntyre.  Further searching shows that the monument is located near Loch Awe.



Email check

Kristin RE: The Serpent Sata

Gerd Hanke RE: Need your help

Gery RE: News about Gerd Hanke




“Dedicated to a poet

 A tower upon a hill…”


On this screen we see the background of Duncan Ban MacIntyre’s Monument and a Templar knight in a fighting position. Below to the right is the puzzle. A group of letters situated in the form of a sentence. Once you click in this filed you will notice that the letters of each unknown word will scroll through in a loop. They stop when you click on them. Click at the right time on the correct letter in the correct order and other words that have the same letter will stop as well. The trick here is to do this in alphabetical order.


Of course you already know this quote as you read the web page on Duncan Ban MacIntyre in ZU, didn’t you?

Eventually you will discover the message.

Now where did we just see that? Use that website I gave you to find where the monument is exactly.




Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [DALMALLY]


Video Clip 8.2


Jack and Gerd speed their way to Loch Craignish and the Temple gravesite. They know now that this cat and mouse game between them and the Phoenix are designed to put their wits to the test. Will they succeed? The CID’s from the Gayfield authorities are on their way but our boys have about tem miles on them an will get there first. They arrive at Kilmarie Kirk just after dusk – and as the night falls so do their hopes of finding Claire Kettley and Harry Seton still alive. The incredibly horrible discovery of the 10th and 11th victim of the Phoenix’s sick and twisted mind plays havoc with Jack. One victim decapitated and the other … disemboweled!


Email check

Kristin RE: Links between the Faithful and alchemists

Gery REMINDER: Rootkit Tool (http://www.phoenix-investigators.org/fr/tools/4i76to9asd/ Go ahead and download this – don’t forget to open up your tool bar click on it and then type in the code XM7172 – important - and then exit out of the tool bar – just don’t use it yet.)




“Tenth and Eleventh Chosen Ones

 I celebrated their marriage with splendor.

The location of the ceremony will open Biu to you”


Look carefully on the screen in front of you. There is a 4-digit counter (where we will be putting in a number). There are 10 gray strips; one which has a 55 at the bottom of it, and a vertical rectangle with a bar at the top. 


Notice the small white letters:

P - HI / FI – BO – NAC – C – I which mean PHI and Fibonacci.


Notice also what happens when you take the strip with the 55 on it and place it inside the rectangle. The bar at the top seems to scan the gray strip and change it into a picture --- or part of a picture. This is a scanner --- each of those strips holds part of a whole picture. Most probably the place where The Phoenix “married” his last two victims. The focus of this puzzle then is to find out the location of where the last two victims were found.


We will need to find the numerical codes for each strip in order to scan them. But how? Well, let’s try the obvious. Using the clues given on the screen PHI + FIBONACCI + 55 – let’s type these into a Google search and see what we come up with. Now there are a number of sites, which will yield the correct answers so we will go with the first one.



Now once here --- scroll down to the heading More Architecture Links and notice the bar of numbers underneath the smaller heading: The King’s Tomb.   Notice the “55”? Just what we need!

55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987 – Now click on More and find 1597 – 2584 – 4181. There are our ten numbers that we will need. Now all that is left to do is to associate the correct numbers with the correct strip.

Not that hard. Just adjust the counter to the nest sequential number (ex 89) and then put in a strip until the right one is scanned and then take that strip and put it to the right of the already scanned strip. The result will be Kilmarie Kirk, which is a Templar cemetery. 

Where is it located?



Looks familiar doesn’t it? No????

Don’t you remember Video Clip 8.2??? Weren’t you paying attention?

Shall I refresh your memory?



Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [CRAIGNISH]


Video Clip 8.3


At dawn, the two victims are easily identified. They are, as we think, Claire Kettley and Harry Seton. According to Kettley’s mother; The Scottish leader of the “faithful” had decided to take it upon himself to safeguard the valuable manuscript once owned by the Templars.  It looks like the murders are piling up and Gerd is “catching it” from his superiors. We soon find out that Gerd has been removed from the case. Frederico, Jack’s filmographer, needs to depart for a shoot in Japan leaving Jack alone to finish his documentary on the Phoenix.




"Jack had the bad idea to venture on the ground of my ancestors..."


Here we have the "Phoenix’s Editing Room"


There is a "Film Loop" -- There is also a moving disc. Notice first, that by clicking on this moving disc it will be "ejected" in a straight line along the white axis it projects, aim it toward that green circle several times (I did it back and forth) and the video loop will extend. --- You need to read the clue at the end of the loop



Solution Hint: Click & drag inside these brackets [LCWEHAO]


“A place marked by a cross”


A cross can be seen on the map. Look at it carefully ---- Time for Google Maps ---

You need to find a village

Still need help?


"Inferno, I typed that word in Google and I didn't find a thing!"


Well, of course you didn’t.... It isn't a word; it’s an anagram. But think --- where are you now?

In Scotland


READ you emails --- the answer is there

Think --- what is Scotland full of

LOCHS or lakes


Soooooooooooo... Let's look at that word here are the possibilities:










It’s the last one --- Loch Awe (you should recognize this from your emails from Theo Markarios re: Loc Aw -- Doing a search with this proper name Loch Awe will retrieve this site  http://www.loch-awe.com/main.htm


Take the tour - Notice something?


Hint:     Whichever Tour you take, you will always be able to wind up at the same place ---- 7 miles from a particular castle. What is its name?


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [FINCHARN]


Email check

Kristin RE: Zont Haren Screen

Theo Makarios RE: Speculation surrounding a manuscript

Cliff RE: Zont Haren Screen 1

Kristin RE: RE: Zont Haren Screen


Video Clip 8.4


Jack, now without Fredrico or Gerd, flips through the drawings taken form Adrian’s backpack in Portugal. He studies this picture carefully until he finally makes the connection. It’s a rough map of Loch Awe, with the cross marking the spot of a castle ruin...Fincharn Castle. 



Jack quickly drives out and locates the place. He knows that he needs to uncover its chapel, and begins to search on foot behind the wood. He soon comes across the remains of the ancient castle’s chapel. While walking through what is left of the Kirk, he realizes that the Templar imagery he sees around him must come with a certain significance for the Phoenix. Among the old graves Jack notices that there is one which has shockingly been kept up. Could the Phoenix be lurking somewhere in the shadows?


Email check

Kristin RE: The Codex Content

Gery RE: The Phoenix Films (http://www.phoenix-investigators.org/us/tools/7a65ou9lil/ - If you’ve lost the email)

These are 3 videos of 3 different victims – Jack – Claire and Harry.




“We've reached the end of our voyage, little friend 

When you read these lines, I'll have succeeded in deciphering the codex...

To translate it quickly, I relied upon my two greatest assets

 A high computing power

And a few pages already been translated...”


“The Scottish Faithful of Love had maintain these pages for a long time

Jacques de Molay took care to entrust the pages to them Dante, Raphaël, Giordano Bruno read them They changed their lives forever.”


“The codex, esoteric testament to Jesus

Contains the secret of the Book of the Dead.

The Mysteries of Isis Revealed 

The Initiatory Journey toward the Resurrection.”


“36th Door

The name of the twelve chosen ones will open Tpi-Biu to you”


Here you will have to click on the Cross -- it will then display a text box to enter each name -- after you do -- press enter --- If it is correct and in the correct order of the victims a sound will happen and the next text box will appear. This is why I have been telling you all to keep a record of each of the victims --- There are twelve --- Like the Apostles or Christ? Like the original 12 Knights Templar (no, originally there were only nine.)


Check your emails!

Especially the one from Kristen

RE: Links between the Faithful and alchemists, very interesting...


Here is a partial list... 

Only the last names are required

Some of the victims’ names have been given to you in the puzzle solutions...


Start reviewing the videos --- others are answered in the videos.

Others are on web sites.


Let’s take a look at our list. We need to remove two and add one.

Joao Amerim shall be removed because his murder is clearly unrelated to the case. Jessica shall also be removed because we have no proof that she has been killed. Who have we forgotten??? Hmmmm? Jack Lorski! Yes, we were told in Level 1 that he was killed. Over looked that one, didn’t you? Remember this article?



But we still need the names of the 3 unknowns in Granada. Remember that they were linked to “the Circle of Friends of Dante”?

The answer must be on that website. If we only knew the password and login. Hey, wait a minute… What am I worried about? I know it… but you don’t, do you?  … Or maybe you do…


How does one get the username and password for?   http://www.losamigosdedante.org/uk/index.html


Check your email

Shad0wwatcher RE: W

Three of the Faithful miss the call.

Follow W, it will lead you to C.B.S.

The Watcher


Shad0wwatcher RE: W

Remember Volker:

he will lead you to W...

The Watcher


Shad0wwatcher RE: Remember Volker

Remember Volker: he will lead you to W.

Follow W, it will lead you to three of

the Faithful who miss the call...

The Watcher


Kristin RE: TPI BIU/victims 3-4-5


Where have we seen the name Volker? Three of the Faithful that miss the call?  Remember Video Clip 3.2 in Level 3? Didn’t we see a letter from Peter Volker about who he entrusted the Codex 14 to??? What was that man’s name? An important clue is waiting there for you all you need to do is read it.


Hint 1:    In order to find the three name of the victims in Spain --- you must login to the "Circle of Friends" Webpage. Read your emails! The clues are there.

Hint 2:    But how to find this?


If you’ve checked that video --- you know remember that a letter was written by Peter Volker, and the name he mentions is

Solution Hint: Click & drag inside these brackets [weiffenbach]


Use a Google search to locate the following website by using the words (remember the films you've watched and the emails that you have received) weiffenbach + fidčle d’amour

The result will be http://www.dichters-de.com/droy/novalis/

Well, that certainly jumped right out at us, didn’t it?


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets

[Username: weiffenbach

Password: novalis]


You may now access the protected forum page

After logging in correctly to the fidčle d’amour website, we find the names of the three victims.


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets

[Miguel Perez Castillo

Manuel Santamaria Burgos

Joaquim Llorca Serrano]


Our Updated List of known Dead Victims


We will delete Joao Amerim from the list, as his murder is unrelated to the Phoenix case. We will also eliminate Jessica Moses, as we have no proof that she is dead. Finally we will change the order to be more chronological. Evans and Masson were the first to die according to Gerd. One more thing --- we will use their last names only. 


Marylin Evans – Secretary to Mr. Masson - New York

Gilbert Masson – Director of Magnus Dei – New York

Miguel Perez Castillo - fidčle d’amour - Grenada

Manuel Santamaria Burgos - fidčle d’amour - Grenada

Joaquim Llorca Serrano – fidčle d’amour - Grenada

Adrian Moses – Brother of Jessica Moses and accomplice of the Phoenix – Portugal

Joăo Amerim – Professional Portuguese card player. (Unrelated murder – does not match profile.)

Sharon Berti – Jessica Moses’ best friend and filmographer who had gone with Jessica searching for Adrian.

Filippo Godinho - Officer assigned to Jessica as bodyguard in Portugal

Fabio Patinha – Officer assigned to Jessica as bodyguard in Portugal

Jessica Moses – Missing, however no proof that she has been killed yet.

Claire Kettley – young female member of the “Scottish Faithful”, taken 2 days after Sharon Berti in Portugal.

Harry Seton – Leader of the “Scottish Faithful” in Edinburgh

Jack Lorski – We know that Jack is dead. We’ve known this since the beginning of Level 1 when the Phoenix told us to read the papers.


Video 8.5


The next day Jack decides to investigate the name upon the gravestone that has been kept up. It leads him to a Manor, which bears the same name as the one on the headstone. As Jack gets closer he enters through a side entrance and sees Jessica …alive! But he is too late for behind him is The Phoenix!!!


“Jack was the Twelfth He didn't suffer,

or very little I saved a privileged place for him..”. 


“His mummified bust is from now on that of Osiris

His death, like that of the Eleven Chosen Ones before him

Will allow for the realization of the Great Work”


“Eternal Life will spring from this Sacred Test.”


This will now take us to Hack 2




In Hack 1 we discovered a website designed by Adrian Moses and most probably used by the Phoenix.



This is where we found a possible code ABYDOS.

You now need to finish up the video decryption.  If done correctly you should be able to see this next code emerge. I’ve highlighted it to make it clearer for you. Z92S#M1P0&9. Looks like a “strong” password to me.



So --- Armed with this Login ABYDOS and password Z92S#M1P0&9 let us begin the ENDGAME with the Phoenix.


End Game


Root Kit


Open your Tool Bar and click on the Root Kit.

Type ABYDOS as the Login and Z92S#M1P0&9 as the password then click on the three arrows at the far right.


Gery manages to hack into the server and we’re in.


From now on Gery will speak to you from the lower left-hand side of the game screen. You will see Gerd on the cameras. There are 8 of them. You also still will receive emails from Cliff and Kristen. 

We know that the cameras are activated by specific passwords --- the email tells us where to look for some of them.

The Phoenix tells us where to look for the others. Your emails give you the clues you need for all of these --- Time to grab a hot cup of coffee (preferably with some Advil) and start rereading.


Hint 1:    Remember what you learned in the very beginning of this game RO SETAOU (which means the gallery of gates) and in the Level 8 - ZU 2 - SATA (The serpent)

If we search in Google with RO SETAOU +SATA it will return http://www.per-ao.com/en/index.html


Click on the link The Pharaoh Dies and go to the bottom 

Look to the book of the Dead for cameras one - through four and camera 6


Read email from

Kristin RE: The Book of the Dead.

Kristin RE: Douat


End Game


Camera 1

“At nightfall the initiee is led to the foot of the pyramid where he undergoes a first interrogation. After having crossed the threshold to the north and made a quick descent into the darkness, to 28 degrees, he penetrates Douat or Hades.”


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [Douat]


Camera 2

“If his answers are conclusive, he descends unto the crossroads where the tribune of the initiees sits. The second interrogation is a judgment whose symbolism is more attune to that of psychostacy. The initiee is rushed towards the narrow passageway, which leads to the underground bedroom, den of Soker. This corridor is called the “false path”.”


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [Soker]


Camera 3

Ladder – no code needed


Camera 4

“If the initiee manages to overcome it and he declares once more, as at each stage, his willingness to continue, he retakes the false path and returns to the crossing and begins his ascension to the darkness where here and there, luminous isles quake. The ascending corridor, whose inclination is 28 degrees, is called “The Path of Truth into the Darkness”. After the regression, it represents the evolution, the elevation of the spirit. It is also the domain of Maat, where the initiee is guided by the voice of his conscience and his intuition.”


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [Maat]


Camera 5

“Having arrived at the second crossing, another choice has to be made and another interrogation takes place. The science of Thot-Hermes doesn’t tolerate second-guessing; it involves a lengthy apprenticeship and wide experience. The future follower must prove he has assimilated the seven principles that rule the universe. Her we find ourselves in a horizontal corridor where we feel a sense of balance. He heads for the bedroom of the queen.”




If you don’t have anything that you can use, then try this Google search http://www.hermeticum.info/principles.html


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets









Camera 6

“The bedroom of the queen. Egyptologists have called it thus; the small singular room whose real name is “the bedroom of Restau”, the place where the god prepares his resurrection. This bedroom of the rebirth is not in the axis of the monument. If the initiee renounces the royal initiation he will go no further. If he decided to continue, he is taken to the second crossing and begins the ascension to the Great Gallery.”


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [Restau]


Camera 7

“The Great Gallery. Its proper name “The Large Degree”, as is revealed in the Book of the Dead, “The Path of Truth into the Light” following to the first ascending corridor (The Path of Truth into the Darkness). This vast corridor reenacts the ascending journey from the sun to the place of resurrection. Focused on his sublime path into his future, the initiee is going to break with the profane world and become a 'follower of Ra’, a cult of Horus.”


Here you must find the keywords look at step 7 of the Initiate of the Temple of the SUN.


The important keyword phrase here is the follower of RA

--- SO ------ who was RA?

It followers logically that since they are speaking of a religious novitiate ŕ

RA must be a god of some sort ... Do a Google search ŕ Egyptian god RA and you will find this website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_deity

You are looking for a phrase that will describe it all succinctly. Keep in mind the mindset of the Phoenix. He mixes the Egyptian sects with paganism and Christianity --- doesn't he? What did the early Christians do to the Pagans to integrate their religion onto the Pagan's belief system? Especially Constantine?  Have a look here for more understanding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sol_Invictus



Hint 2:

Remember the very beginning of the Game?


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets [SOLINVICTUS]

Which is Latin for "Unconquered Sun"


Camera 8

“A last obstacle bars his route. At the end of the gallery, a triple granite lock guards the axis to the royal chamber. It is the triple veil of Isis, the place where the spirit and the body are going to merge so that the initiee can bend his spine to cross through the low gate.”


At this point you should also be looking in a Google search for the “Triple veil of Isis" this will lead you here:    http://www.hermeticum.info/symbols.html

Search this entire site carefully as it pertains to a number of different puzzles and the endgame.

There are 3 phrases you will need, and you will need them in Latin.


"I am everything that was, everything that is, that will be and no mortal has yet dared to lift my veil."


Solution: Click & drag inside these brackets





This game was an absolute killer! So have the "Advil" at the ready.


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