This is but one scenario through the game. There are many incidental occurrences that are omitted here and would add greatly to your enjoyment of the game. There are also scenes that may be done out of the order that is presented here.

The game begins with George resting in his room and his mother blocking the doorway. Get up and go to the room on your left. Play with the model on the floor. When you return to your room, your mother will be gone and you can leave the house.

Walk carefully forward (for you are blind!) until you reach a little boy. This is your younger brother Raymond. From this point on you can now play as either George or Raymond..

Still as George, walk through the garden until you're arrested by the policeman. While in jail, talk with the photographer. Isabelle will soon free you from jail. When you attempt to leave your house again, you may be attacked (it seems the townspeople dislike you), just defend yourself if this does happen..

As Raymond, find and enter the hospital. Speak with the guard; try to get past the nurse to Paul's room.

Switch back to George. Take the flask that was left in your house by Isabelle's brother. Go into the model room and stand on top of the model. Drink from the flask. You are now able to enter the model of the town (the model is representative of George's dreamworld). You can now help Raymond, who is in the real town (you are in the model town). Hit the nurse who is at your left. The other nurse will come to her aid and Raymond is now free to pass.

As Raymond, enter Paul's hospital room. Examine what the nurse is doing with the photographer. Exit the hospital.

As George, enter the model again and return to the hospital. Enter Paul's room and fight the tall acolyte who's drugging Paul. You must keep Paul from being drugged. Once Paul has recovered ...

As Raymond, go to the village square and look in the window near the moving walkway. You will see the acolyte who tried to drug Paul. Visit the bar, and you will see the acolyte and the barkeep drugging the flasks that the nurses drink from. Go to the acolyte's laboratory in the blue mountains and harass the acolytes. The photographer from the hospital will eventually show up teach you a ditty that upsets the acolytes.

As George, enter the model again and follow Isabelle's brother, Christopher, to a house where he will kidnap a baby. Get the picture the photographer took of the kidnaping and post it in the main square. This will turn some of the townspeople in your favor.

As Raymond, you must now stop an acolyte from drugging Paul. Sing at the acolyte and he will chase you. Run to the moving walkway; the acolyte will not be able to follow. He will return to the laboratory and leave Paul alone. Paul's health icon will now renew.

Go back to the hospital (you can also do so with George in the model) and talk to Paul. He will give you his house key. Go south of the hospital and enter Paul's house. Take the lift up.

Go right until you reach a crossing (left takes you to the mines). Follow the left crossing until you find a mechanic's workshop. Talk with the mechanic and befriend him. Go to the right crossing until you see a tower on the main square of the village. Press the big button. It triggers an alarm in the mine and sends the acolytes into a frenzy. Since Raymond cannot get back to the mine fast enough, you need to switch to George.

George cannot get to Paul's house through the model, so he has to go into town to the main square of the village. You will have to go to Paul's house, take the elevator and then follow the same path Raymond did until you arrive at the alarm button. Press the alarm button. Send Raymond left, toward the mine.

As Raymond, run to the mine panel. Start the mine by using the wheel. The acolytes will stay in their hole while the mine is running. Raymond now has control of the mine (using the three buttons and the joystick of the mine panel). Put stones in the wagons, send the wagons out, until he misses a stone and it falls toward the village. Return to the main square and try to push the stone. Get George to try and help you push the stone. George should be arrested by a policeman who will also talk away his flask that allows him to enter the model.

Still as Raymond, try pushing the stone again. The mechanics will eventually come to help you. The elderly man who stays is too feeble to help you. Go break the window near the bar entrance and you will be arrested. You will now be in jail with your brother. Another mechanic will give you a file to use to escape from jail.

Escape from jail, and as you pass the policeman near the entrance, do not walk discreetly, walk normally so that the policeman will follow you. As soon as the policeman begins to follow you, run quickly. Then switch to George and escape from jail.

As George, return to the stone in the main square and push it towards the broken window area until it falls into a tunnel.

As Raymond, rejoin George. Look in the tunnel and you will see an acolyte is blocked behind the stone. One the other side of the stone is a blue flask that the acolyte dropped. Go into the bar. Enter the tunnel that is in bar and get the blue flask on the floor. Give George the flask.

Go to the acolyte's laboratory. They are completely mad, screaming. Go on the top of the laboratory and begin to sing. An acolyte will come up the elevator and hit you and then lock you up in a prison. (Your singing must be really bad!) The photographer secretly takes some pictures of the event.

As George, enter the model and go to the laboratory. Take the elevator down. Fight and beat the acolyte. The acolyte will fall down, hitting some chemicals and putting the laboratory on fire. Go find the photographer and get the picture of Raymond's kidnaping. Post it in the main square. More citizens will now side with you. Eventually Isabelle will come and see the picture. She will run towards where Raymond is imprisoned.

As Raymond, use the file to escape from your prison. A small tunnel will lead into a big water cave. When you see Isabelle, climb under her skirt (no, I am not making this up). You must now learn to walk in pattern with her footsteps so you are not spotted. Keep going until you reach a bridge. You will find a red flask that was dropped by an acolyte who was attacked by your mother. Give the flask to George.

As George, use the red flask to enter the model. You'll end up near the Raymond on the bridge.

As Raymond, tease the acolyte still guarding the bridge. When he chases you, change to George.

As George, run to the bridge and go towards More's castle. You will fall into oblivion as the castle does not exist in the model. Enter the model again and go to the mechanic's workshop. Ask him to build a part for the model that looks like More's castle. He will ask you for a picture of it and also tell you that he needs water to flow down the river to turn the wheel.

Go behind the hospital. You'll find the photographer with the nurse. His camera is on the floor behind them. Walking in a discreetly, take the camera. Return to the bridge and begin to fight with the acolyte.

As Raymond, while George is fighting, go across the bridge and take a picture of More's castle. Return to where George is, and the acolyte will capture and put you prison again. Escape again and you will find a boat in the cave. Use the boat to return to the landing behind George's home.

As George, get on the boat with Raymond. Go to the dam. Have Raymond climb on George's shoulders and turn the dam wheel. Return to the mechanic's workshop and give him the picture. He will then make the model piece for you. Return to the landing behind George's house.

As George, go to the model and insert the castle piece. Enter the model and get in the boat with Raymond. Go to More's castle. Exit the boat and enter the cave. Hide near the left side of the entrance.

As Raymond, go as far as possible from the door and begin to sing. An acolyte will enter and hit you. Switch to George. Run in the corridor until you reach the castle yard. Enter the tower and face off against More and save the kidnaped baby.

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