Chapter 6 - The Chaos Storm

You feel a little better when you wake up. 

Look at the BARREL. Take an APPLE.

Go to the bridge to talk with the captain and the navigator. Ask all questions.
Look at the COMPASS. Now you can ask questions about the compass.
You learn that only magic can be used with the compass.

There is a storm coming and the captain orders the navigator to change the course.

You are determined to get to Alais and decide to try to manipulate the compass, but you have to be alone on the bridge.

Go downstairs. Look at the sack. There is a worm. Try to take it. It is too quick for you. You have to trap it.
Use mouth with CANDY in inventory and you'll get a STICKY CANDY.
Put it on the sack between the holes.
When the worm is stuck, take it.
In the inventory use the WORM with the APPLE.

Go to the bridge and show the worm-eaten apple to the captain. He leaves the bridge.
Talk to the navigator and propose to 'have the wheel'.
When she disappears, use the TALISMAN with the COMPASS.

When the navigator returns tell her you think the course is wrong and she will change it.

The storm worsens.
She says it's lucky you told her to change course because of the reeves.

You are frightened and take the TALISMAN off the compass,.

When you do this, the captain sees you, takes the talisman and hides it.

You go down looking for the talisman.
Look at the CHEST, it has got a new lock. The talisman is probably in there.

Take the AXE (beside the sack).
Use the AXE with the CHEST.

You miss and make a hole in the boat instead and everything goes wrong.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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