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[Continued from Grace Thermon's world on page 3 of Morpheus Walkthrough]

Zoom in on each of the headstones and become familiar with each name. Note the ages on the headstones. Back off the Cemetery, turn right and enter the doors at the base of the monument.

There are 6 caves. Be sure to use “landmarks” so that you know which caves you have entered and which have yet to be seen. See anything inside the caves? Something will come your way! Explore each of the caves. When something grabs your attention, click on it and you’ll be facing the cemetery again. The object of this puzzle is to place the monkey in the correct headstone receptacle. If you place it incorrectly, it will return to the apes in the caves and you’ll need to return, find it and try another headstone.

When you’ve placed the monkey on the correct headstone, put the fire icon on any of the 3 crosses in the hut. One puzzle down, and two to go! Outside the hut, turn right and head up the stairs by the water.

There are 8 totem poles and a different primitive instrument at each pole. By slowly panning to the right you will hear the sound of each drum. Begin with the tall drum in front of you. Slowly pan to the right, starting with your cursor on the left of this pole. Click and hold down the mouse button as you begin panning. Pan all the way around without letting go of your left mouse button. Pan several times around, gaining speed each time. You will eventually get another fire icon for the hut. After placing the fire icon on a cross, move left, click forward along the seashore, across the bridge and forward again to the big bolder rocks.

Turn right this time and enter the MONKEY CAVE.

Enter the cave. [see MONKEY CAVE picture below]


Move closer, please! There are 3 primitive baskets, and a globe in the middle of the room. Enter the basket in the middle, pull the handle down, go up and then pull down on the lever one time. Lower yourself back down and notice that this basket controls light coming into the cave. Now enter the 2nd basket [closest to the cave entrance], raise yourself up and pull the lever. Come down the basket and notice that now the globe has flipped its lid! Exit the 2nd basket, enter the 3rd basket.

Go up, pull the lever, come down. Notice anything different? Sure, the reflection has moved. You need to reflect the light from above so that it shines on the 2nd basket, or the opening of the cave. Go back up the 3rd basket, pull the lever again, and see if that worked.

When you have correctly set the reflection to the cave opening, enter the 2nd basket, and pull yourself up. While up on top, turn to the right until you get a forward arrow. Follow the bamboo walkway to the waterfall. Go through the waterfall. Bingo, puzzle solved!


Turn right and click forward as if to leave. Anything unusual happen? Click on Claire and then on the pendant/necklace. [see NECKLACE picture below]


Look like something you’ve seen before? Perhaps Jan Phariss’s door code? Head to his room and duplicate the pendant design. Did it open? No? Well, let’s review the most valuable clue about Jan. We know that in the letter to Claire from Jan in her diary, Jan writes...[see MIRROR IMAGE picture below]


Using the pendant, mirror its image and try that code on Jan’s door. [see PENDANT REFLECTION picture below]


Try the reflection code on Jan’s door [Insert disc 3]. Move forward and click on the mirror. Watch and listen. Behind the mirror is another Pendant design. Make note of this design. Perhaps Jan’s anger at his father, J.C. Pharris, has caused him to leave us a clue to JC’s door! [see picture JAN’S MIRROR picture below]


Try the code on Jonathan Cleveland Pharris’s door. Move forward and enter the Neurographicon pod.

Turn all the way around and click on the ice pick. Chisel the ice from around Commander Theodore Holmes. Read his journal. Click on the sealed letter.

Now turn all the way to the left and click on the marble table and read the letter...........

Find anyone that looks familiar?




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