Outcry (Sublustrum)

by Phantometry Interactive & ND Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   September 2008


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. After installation, the CDs do not need to be at the drive to play the game.

The main menu has Continue, New Game, Load, Save, Settings, Credits and Exit.

The Settings has Music and Sound volumes selection; Brightness and Mouse sensitivity adjustments and other video adjustments (simple effects, disable intro video, disable transitions, disable camera swinging, invert mouse and left handed mouse).

To move forward in the game, right click-hold and move the mouse or place the cursor at one of the 4 edges of the screen and move.

To exit a frame, move off the frame and left click.

Right click of the mouse accesses the Library, Inventory and Main Menu seen as a door handle icon at bottom right.

The Inventory can also be accessed by enter keys. ESC key also accesses the Main Menu.


At the train station, the letter of brother is read. He wants you to come as soon as possible. He mentions a bond that is more than blood and precise sync-tuning of the inner frequencies. You as a writer will find great material for a book. His life work on human perception is now complete.

A woman opens the door to brother's apartment building. She gives the keys to brother's apartment.

The life work

Foyer:    It is dark here.

Click on the power box on the wall and light will turn on.

Turn around and read the newspaper from top of the suitcase.

Turn around and enter through the archway.

Hallway:    Turn right and take-read the threatening letter from a newspaper requesting an interview from the table.

Look at the picture of a mother and child.

All over the house are paintings on the wall. It is worth noting them.

Turn around and go forward to the door at end of hallway.

Look around the house for information.

Living room:    As you enter, a recording with you brother's message is played. He describes the place he travels to. He warns that his experiment should not be made public and to destroy all his papers and machine with the exception of the capsule.

Look around the room.

Phonograph:    Go to the gramophone and read the letter from Gibson and sons concerning parts of steam boiler and water pump.

Sofa:    Check the book at the sofa by Alexander Utkin-Tylov on Nature and psycho-acoustic phenomenon of infrasound. Read the book and learn that infrasound are acoustic waves lower than 20Hz, below human hearing. They can permeate living tissues and thus influence and affect the physiological state of the brain. 7Hz are lethal to humans.

Capsule:    Check the capsule at center of the room. The door is still closed. See fuse holders at bottom left of the capsule.

Office:    Enter the double doors. See the office of the Professor.

If you pan fast, you might see your brother at the edge of your vision sitting on his desk chair.

Desk:    Go behind the desk and open the top left drawer. Take the key.

Read the red Professor's diary. Learn about the organophone and its effect on the neighbors above. It mentions that the water cooling should be adjusted at 5-2-2-2. The first canal needs more.

Check the picture beside the chair.

Organophone:    Look close at the organophone left of door and see what caused the old women's anxiety.

Play with the flip switch and hear sounds. We can check it later.

Take the fuse at the shelf below the keyboard. Exit the room.

Living room:   

Listen to brother talk about meeting the parents. Mother also recognized him.

Smoke comes out at bottom left of the capsule. A fuse blew up. You might see the professor by the window.

Use the key taken from the office desk on the keyhole of the locked door by the sofa.

Greenhouse:    Look around the greenhouse.

Bench:    See a distiller and sprayer left of the plants.

Go to end of the bench and read the Botanical Encyclopedia on top of the drawers. Learn that Albertia scentless can cause psychoactive effects as dissociation.

Albertia is the middle plant on the bench.

Take the tap on the end table and is in front of the drawers.

There is a distiller tube under the drawers-microscope.

Read the Professor's register beside the microscope. It mentions about dolmens and Albertia.

Table:    Go to the table left of the door.

Read the Professor's notes about his experiments with Albertia inodorum. Learn the effects when he combined the fumes of Albertia and the infrasound in the capsule.

Take the empty inhaler from top of the table.

Boiler:    Go down the stairs to the boiler area. Take the paper inserted on the side of the boiler by the wall.

Learn that 5 portions of alcohol and 3 portions of ether are needed to get the Albertia extract.

Learn about the side effect of enhanced memory of early childhood.

Cellar:    Enter through the metal door in front of the boiler.

Look down and right to read the note. Learn that the second canal is totally blocked and it is needed to add the liquid through the first canal.

Glass contained cooling system:     Open the drawer at bottom of the cooling system cabinet.

Read new pages added to the diary. Learn that the cooling system gain the head of water in the fourth canal for one valve turnover at the expense of the same head reduction in the second canal. 

Take the scissor on the second page. Learn of the Professor's success on October 10th. Learn the effects of the Shimmering World.

Do Professor's Experiment.

Prepare the Albertia extract:    

Go to the workbench at the greenhouse. Look close at the tube setup.

Tubing:    See that the rubber tubing that connects the left tube to the mixing tube is ripped.

Go to the end of the bench, look down and see some tubing. Use the scissors to cut the tubing and get hose.

Go back to the tube setup and look close.

Replace the ripped tubing left of the mixing tube with the hose.

Albertia:    Take a leaf of the Albertia plant that is the middle one of the 3 plants.

Open the grinder right of the setup. Place the Albertia leaf in the drawer.

Turn the handle to grind the leaf. Open the drawer and take ground Albertia leaf.

Place the inhaler on the plate at right.

Place the ground Albertia leaf in the inhaler.

Reagents:    Open-click the tap of the left carboy-container 3 times and get 3 parts of ether on the top left tube.

Open-click the tap of the right carboy-container 5 times to get a full tube of alcohol at top right.

Open both stopcocks to fill the mixing tube.

Open the right tap to add the mixture to the inhaler.

If incorrect hear a voice and the right tap can not be opened. Discard the wrong mixture by opening the left tap.

If correctly done, take the prepared inhaler.

Turn the capsule power.

Boiler:    Go to the wheel at the end of the greenhouse.

Turn the red wheel and hear water flow to the boilers.

Go to the panel right of the double doors of the office and see that the right light is on.

Water pump:    Go down to the cellar and forward to the end. Across the cooling system is the water pump.

Water pump adjustments:     See that the 4th-right tap is missing. Use the tap-valve taken from the greenhouse on the 4th tap.

Based on the notes and diary adjust the water pressure by turning the taps-valves: Cooling should be adjusted at 5-2-2-2. The second canal is totally blocked and it is needed to add the liquid through the first canal. The cooling system gain the head of water in the fourth canal for one valve turnover at the expense of the same head reduction in the second canal. 

Look at the arrow left of the 1st tap; it shows that the tap-valve should be turned counterclockwise.

Turn all taps to the right so that we adjust the valves from the start or zero point.

Turn the valve until you hear a different sound.

From left to right, turn to the left: 6, 0, 2, 3.

Flip the switch on the left. Hear the loudest flow of water.

setting at zero

 setting done

Power to capsule:    Go upstairs and look at the panel right of the double office door, the left light is now lit.

Push down the 5 switches below the 2 lights. Now you can enter the capsule and look around.

Code for the capsule:   

Organophone:    Enter the office and look close at the organophone.

See 5 bars on the right side and 3 unlit bulbs and a knob on the left.

Turn the knob on the left and see the 2 small bulbs light up.

Raise a bar to different positions and listen to the sound that is different. Once the different sound is heard, leave the bar on that position. Do this to all the bars.

From left to right, starting with 1 at the bottom:    2, 5, 7, 5 and 4.

When all are in correct place, the large bulb lights up.

Capsule:    Go to the capsule in the living room.

Fuse:    Go to the left side of the capsule and then look down at the base of the capsule.

Pull out the left holder. See that it is empty. Place the fuse in the holder and then close it.

Enter the capsule.

Capsule code:    Turn right.

Look at the wheel and enter the code taken from the organophone:    2 5 7 5 4.

Albertia inhaler:    Turn left.

Insert the prepared inhaler on the right side of the setup with air tank.

Look down and take the mask from the floor below the inhaler setup.

You will be wearing the mask now. Turn the red wheel at bottom of the inhaler setup.

Let's go:    Turn left and pull down the lever. And away we go.

The Shimmering World


Find the parts of time key.

Capsule:    Look down and pick up a gold detail-part. Exit the capsule.

Alternate world's living room:     See that this is brother's living room.

Check the psychoanalysis book on the sofa. Read about the 2 levels of unconscious and shadow.

Take the screwdriver left of the gramophone.

Open walkway (Former greenhouse):    Enter the door on the left and see that it is now a walkway outside.

Look down on the right and see an etched tile.

Turn back to the left and go forward. See a plate and a keyhole on the left wall. It is the time plate (Tempus edax rerum = Time, the devourer of all things).

There is machinery at right corner.

Pan to the right and cross the boards to the other side.

Look down and see a cable that was cut by fallen rocks and the other cable crushed by rocks. These cables end on the machinery at the corner.

Workshop:    Enter the room on the left.

Look close at the worktable. Take the hammer left of the gas can and the chisel hanging on the rack at right.

Open the box on the left and get another detail-part. Click on the lining of the cover of the box and see a paper. Read the paper and see it is a Time key plan and the parts we are picking up are its components.

Exit the room.

Power room area:    Go left on the walkway and see a room beyond some component steps. Study the 4 component steps and note each of their position.

Outside the Living room:    Go back to the living room via the walkway.

Before entering the living room, look down left at the etched tile.

Use chisel on the tile, then use the hammer on the chisel and take another detail-part.

Office:    Enter the living room and then double door to the office.

Read the out of body experience book on the floor at left corner.

Go behind the desk at top right and see another detail-part on a floating island. We cannot reach it.

Read Professor's diary on the desk. Learn his thoughts, depression and subsequent breakdown.

Look at the machine on the desk.

Component steps machine:    There are 4 knobs and the wiring goes down to the abyss behind the desk.

This machine moves the steps seen pass the workshop.

Remembering the location of the steps, move:    left knob once to the right, second knob once to the left, leave the third knob untouched and the right knob twice to the left.

Power room steps:    Go back outside. Go forward until the steps before the power room and pass the workshop.

See that the steps are now in position. Go forward and enter the power room.

Look left at the power cell cabinet on the wall. See that one of the power cells is missing.

Open the right door of the cabinet at right. Take another detail-part.

Take the iron rod on the floor at right.

Workshop:    Go back up and into the workshop.

Open the clamp right of the table. Place the rod on the clamp. Use the hammer on the rod to make bent rod.

Office:    Go back to the office.

Go to top right side of the desk.

Use the bent rod to get the detail-part on the floating island.

Combine the parts of the time key:

Workshop:    Go to the workshop again. Look close at the worktable.

1. Place the largest coiled part on the table.

2. Add the syringe-screwdriver looking part.

3. Then add the part taken from the capsule that looks like the end of a syringe.

4. Attach the winged part to the rest.

Use the screwdriver to tighten it to the rest.

5. Add the last part and get a time key.

Time Travel

Travel to the past:

Go to the open walkway. Look close at the plate on the wall.

Insert the time key and be in the past.

Cables:    Go outside the workshop and see that the rocks has not fallen yet.

The cable is still intact. Move the 2 cables close together so that it will not be crushed by the rocks during present time.

Workshop:    Enter the workshop and take the gear.

Office:    Go to the office and look at the floor left of the desk. Take the power cell.

If the time changes back to the present, use the time key again to go back to the past and do what is necessary.

Back at present:    The time will return to the present automatically.

Power to the machinery:    Go to the power room beyond the moved steps.

Place the power cell taken from the past in the empty slot of the cabinet at left.

Go back to the open walkway.

Gravitational and Time Machine:    Face the time key plate, pan right and see a machine.

Turn the handle and another trip happens.

If the machine does not respond, the cables were not cleared out of the way from the rocks during the travel to the past. Go back to the past and do so.

Turn the world:    The machine shifted the gravity 90 degrees. Study the walls. (Thanks, Mordack!).

Turn left and forward. Hear a phone ring.

Go right and just before a closed door, turn right.

See a machine with winged plates with numbers on the left and symbols on the right. Both plates have a handle that is movable.

Answer the phone on the left and listen to the Professor. He talks about the danger of staying here for longer, the split of reason-consciousness and shadows. There's a chance that you'll find me... Follow the white light.

Bridges:    Go through the closed door on the main path.

See bridges and a door at right side of the open area. Let's try to go there.

Bridge control:    Go back to the stand by the phone.

The left lever selects the bridge (4 and 5 are destroyed) and the right lever swings the bridge. (Thanks, Mordack!).

Turn the left handle to point at 1 and the right handle to point at middle symbol.

Go back to the bridges behind the door.

Walk the moved bridge to the right.

Look down at right side and see the gears that move the second attached bridge. It is missing a gear. Use the gear taken from another past time at the workshop.

Bridges 1-2-3 all need to be swung to the middle position on the right lever (after bridge 2 is repaired).

Go back to the stand by the phone. Turn the left to point to 2 and the right to point to the middle symbol.

Go back to the stand by the phone. Turn the left to point to 3 and the right to point to the middle symbol.

Old building:    Go back to the bridge and see that it is now attached to the right side.

Go forward and enter the door at right building.

Go forward until the end.

Turn right, forward and enter the door on the left.

Peek into the Professor's past:

Turn around from the shelving. See a door with a peephole at left wall. Look through the peephole and see the glass broken and the room beyond.

On the wall at right see some boards. Move the boards. See another time key plate (Tarde venientibus ossa = For those who come late, only the bones).

Use the time key on the plate and then look through the peep hole.

See boys hurting a dog. Another tries to stop the boys.

When done, turn around and take a key on the middle shelf.

When the time goes back to the present, look through the peephole again and see broken glass. Take note of the time on the clock.

During the present time:

Exit the room. Turn right, forward and enter the door at right.

Be in a furnace room. Climb the stairs at left.

Go forward at the walkway until the locked door. Use the key on the locked door.

Office:    Turn to the right and click on a knob on the wall to get light.

See a digital clock on the table. Change the top from AM to PM.  Enter 3:10 as seen in the broken peephole.

Back into the past:

Go back down the room with the peephole.

Use the time key on the time plate hole again.

Look through the peephole and watch what happens.

The watchman arrives and the boys hide at the old oven that has a trap door.

Back to the present time:    Exit the room and go to the room next door.

Go forward to the right furnace. Open the bottom furnace door.

Enter and be in a new place.


The Shimmering World:    The Desert


Exit to a desert world. Face a dolmen. The time key is gone. Turn around and go forward.

Look around the town: 

Turn right and forward to the desert town.

See a streetcar on the main road.

Turn right and forward to the right sidewalk.

Destroyed office:    Turn right and forward

See a safe and a bulletin board. Take note of the electrical distribution map and the graph of the Town electricity supply.

Study the electrical distribution map and see that the 4 dotted squares are the 4 island floating above the main road. Look up and try to follow the power lines.

Back out and continue to the left. Take the rag hanging on the wall of the destroyed office.

Water pump station:    Continue to the left and climb the stairs. See 2 water gauges and a valve.

There is no electricity to run this water pump yet.

Look down and take the crowbar.

Go down to the street and cross the road.

Old car:    Use the crowbar to open the trunk of the old car.

Take the empty jerry can.

Go to the front of the car. Use the rag to clean the dirty license plate.

It reads:    P 573 SI. Take the handle-crank.

Stand:    Turn around and see a box on a stand at the corner.

Main power box:    (Thanks Paul Allan and Mordack)

Use the handle on the square knob of the box.

Move the 3 small knobs in the arc slots to the lowest position. Slide the bottom knob to the middle position.

Turn the handle-crank once.

Slide the bottom knob to the right.

Turn the bottom right handle twice; hear a sound and the box opens.

The setting on this box is used to adjust other power box.

From Mordack:

This fixed switch box shows that the battery 110 lead is positive (+), battery 111 lead is negative (-), and battery 108 and 109 are connected together.

Safe:    Cross the street and go to the safe.

Enter 5 7 3 as clued by the license plate by turning the dial to get the number under the little square button at top. The turn should be done at opposite direction like RLR or LRL.

Take Professor's letter to Mary and the power switch.

Streetcar:    Enter the streetcar.

Look down on the floor and open the second hatch.

See an empty tank of the streetcar.

Go forward to the end and talk to Anemus, the ghost-shadow.

Turn left and see a weird contraption.

Exit the streetcar.

Park:    Go across the streetcar to the grilled fence area.

Go right to a bench and take-read the Professor's note on the typewriter. Learn about his interest in electricity, Mary and the anthropological study.

Take the cathedral plan on the last page. Study where the X mark is located.

See a dry fountain at the center of the park.

Electricity distribution panel:    Go to the left and see a stand.

Use the power switch from the safe on the panel.

Look close and see that yellow-top left is 108, red-bottom left is 109, blue-bottom right is 111 and gray-top right is 110.

Distribute electricity and power places:

Arrange the knobs for water pump station:

Study the plan for electrical distribution. Look close at the distribution panel at the park.

Mordack explains the Water pump set up as:

The valve in the manhole has to be turned on and the water pump has to be powered by the four batteries (floating above the town) in parallel.

The diagram of the four batteries shows that one lead from each of the four batteries runs to each of the switch boxes. In other words, four batteries, 8 leads total, 4 leads going to two switch boxes. The fixed switch box shows that the battery 110 lead is positive (+), battery 111 lead is negative (-), and battery 108 and 109 are connected together.

To get the water pump working we need battery couples put in parallel as seen in the upper diagram of the documentation. With this documentation and the fixed switch information, we know that battery 108 has to be switched to positive and battery 109 has to be negative and that batteries 110 and 111 have to be connected together. This makes the pump operate and water available in the fountain. (Thanks, Mordack.)

Arrange the yellow 108 top left to point up (+) and red 109 bottom left to point left (-).  Arrange gray 110 top right to point down and blue 110 bottom right to point up to connect each other.

Turn the water pump on:    After arranging the electricity flow to the water pump, go to the water pump at top of stairs at edge of town.

See that there is water pressure at right gauge. Turn the valve.

Park-Fountain:    Go to the park.

Open the manhole cover on the ground. Turn the valve to allow the flow of water.

Use the empty jerry can on the top part of the fountain to get filled jerry can.

Arrange the knobs for the tram's power:

Go to the electrical distribution panel again.

Mordack explains the tram set up as:

Using all the information above and the lower part of the diagram of the documentation, all four batteries have to be put in series. Batteries 110 and 108 get connected together. Batteries 111 and 109 get connected together. Tran power is now available. (Thanks, Mordack.)

Arrange top left 108 to face top right 110 and bottom left 109 to face bottom right 111.

Cathedral:    Go to the cathedral outside the town.

Look for the X place as shown by the map-plan inside the church.

Go forward to the altar area. Turn right and click on the active spot on the ground.

Take the mechanical embryo.

Time to go:    Go back to the streetcar.

Enter the streetcar.

Open the second hatch on the floor. Use the filled jerry can on the tank's funnel.

Go to the weird machine across the ghost-shadow.

Look close and open the middle cover.

Use the mechanical embryo on the slot inside the machine

Watch what happens. That is a weird electrical connection.

The Harp Tower

Climb the wooden tower.

Arrive inside the base of a tower. Turn left and go through the door.

Take and read the paper inserted on the wall. Brother wants to go skating with brother but his skates were too small.

Climb the stairs. The tower was sealed after some shaking.

Continue to climb up. Take and read the next paper of the diary.

Turn around and read-take the next page about plans for Sunday's test of the steamboat.

Continue up to the landing. Turn to the right and take the metal stick from the barrel.

Go up the ladder to the top of the tower.

Turn left and take the empty bucket beside the boards. Take boards.

Turn around and use the board on the other tower.

Harp Tower:   

Level 1:    Face the side of the tower. Click to open the door.

See a stand and learn that this level is numbered as 1.

Use the top handle to turn the number to 2 and then pull the lever on the side.

Level 2:    Turn around and go out.

See 3 structures that hold the string of the Harp tower.

Strings:    The levers have 2 positions: up which turns the sound off (loosen string) and down which turns the sound on (tighten the strings).

Lower the 3 levers now to hear the sound made by the strings later. We need to hear them at the next level.

Flower 1:    Pan left and see a metal flower bud.

Go close and see that the tip is labeled alpha, the middle beta and the end is gamma.

Use the metal stick on each of those parts and hear tones.

Go back inside.

Go to level 3. Use the top handle to turn the number to 3 and then pull the lever on the side.

Level 3:    Turn around and go out.

Tone selector:    Look close and see 3 stands:    left is alpha, middle is beta and right is gamma.

Read about the Acolian harp.

Wind collector:    Go left and forward. See a harp at end of long bars.

Adjust the wind collector:

In front is the handle that turns the harp so that it can be adjusted to a position that will allow the maximum passage of wind through the strings.

Adjust the harp to a position that the sound from the string is at maximum.

Use the left handle to turn the arrow to point at right.


Go down to level 4.

Level 4:    Exit and look around

See another metal flower bud.

Go left and forward once. See a sound enhancer (like a fly swatter).

Look at the wall and turn the knob. This opens the enhancer.

Continue to the left and see a round structure.

Open the flower bud at level 2.

To open the bud, you can do one tone at a time or if you have a good ear, do all 3 at once.

Go back to level 2.

Strings:    Check if the lever is at on (lower) position for the tone you want to check. Left is for alpha, middle is for beta and right is for gamma.

Tone:    Using the metal stick listen to the tone made by alpha only (or all 3) of the flower bud.

Go to level 3.

Double check that the wind collector at left end is already adjusted to maximum sound.

Look close at the tone selector(s). Turn the wheel(s) counter clockwise so that they are at zero (start) position.

Turn the wheel clockwise one position at a time and listen to see if it matches the tone heard when the metal stick is used on a specific flower bud part. There are 5 positions on the wheel; from lowest tone to the highest.

Do this back and forthing to check level 3 and level 2.

Match all 3: alpha, beta and gamma tones.

Try using left to right: 2 4 5 or 1 3 4.

Go to level 2:

Once you think the sound matches the flower bud parts, go to the flower bud and check it.

If correctly done, the flower bud will be open.

Walk to the opened flower and see that the flower in level 2 has pollens.

Use the bucket to collect pollen to get full bucket.

Open the flower bud at level 4.

Do the same procedure for the flower bud in level 4.

Try adjusting the tone selector left to right to 1 2 3 or 0 1 2 .

If correctly done, the flower bud in level 4 opens.

Walk to the opened flower and see that the flower in level 4 has no pollen on the pistils.

Use the full bucket of collected pollen on the pistils of this flower.

After this giant pollination, take the fruit that is produced.

Plant the fruit:    Go to the left end of level 4.

Place the fruit at center of the metal circle.

See the fruit grow into another tower.

Enter the tower and climb up to another enactment of a memory.


True memory or wheel of time


It is snowing. The memory of brother's steamboat test is recalled.

Look down and take-read one of brother's diary.

Look up and click on brother standing in the snow.

Turn right to the bench and take-read the next page under the bench.

Turn left and go forward to brother. Turn left and see-listen to a gramophone on the bench. Take the diary page left of the bench. Brother left the cord that will hold the steamboat.

Turn right and go forward to the pier. Turn around and take the page inserted on the board of the pier.

Turn around and go forward to the crack in the ice. Go into the ice water.

See brother...

I hope that you have not forgotten my existence here.

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