Benoit Sokal

Ubisoft and White Birds Productions

Walkthrough by Rice Burner

May 2006


Paradise is a third person point and click adventure game.  It takes place in a country called Maurania in Africa.  It is important that you check the system requirements as this game is demanding of memory and processor speed.

The main menu includes:

New game, load game, delete profile, options, cinematic viewer, credits and quit.

Movement and action are controlled with the left mouse button.  Inventory access is controlled with the right mouse button. The escape button can also be used to access the menu.  Objects in inventory can be combined if the puzzle requires it.

The game starts with a small plane in trouble.  It goes down in the desert in Maurania.





After the crash the female character is seen in a room within a harem at the palace of a prince loyal to her father the king, Rodon.  She has amnesia and can’t remember who she is.  Look out the window to see another female waving.  After Aicha enters your room talk to her and give her your scarf from inventory.  Question her about her brother and the town.  Continue all conversation with Aicha.  She will give you a key. Look at the desk and read the letter. When Aicha leaves the room go out the door to the cabinet across the hall and pick up oil flask and lighter.  Go toward the grilled gate at your left.  Get a hotspot at the lamp above.  Light it with your lighter and go through the gate.  Proceed around the balcony and use the steps on the other side to go down to the pool area. Talk to Madame Sonafi  about everything.  Explore the pool area.  No one wants to talk.  Check out the rooms behind Madame Sonafi and the aviary to the left of her.  Go to the door at the end of the pool.  Walk out to the garden.  Talk to the gardener.  Explore the garden and find three sticks.

Go to the upper level and look at everything.  Talk to the prince’s wife (Favorite).  Finish all conversation with her.  Look at the cage opposite the bench.  At the top of the stairs go into the tower.  Find a book with recipes.  Note the recipe for Madargane perfume.  Look at the other equipment.  Take the barbary water.  Look out the window where you see a telescope.  Look through it and see a tree with flowers.  That must be the flower needed for the perfume but how to find it???  Go down the two sets of steps and see another stick on the ground.  Pick up the stick.  Next to the stick is a tree.  Combine the sticks to get a long pole.  Use the pole on the tree to get the almonds


Go back to the harem.  Talk to Aicha.  Tell her about your conversation with the favorite.  Tell her you have to see the prince and make a plan to get favorite’s black dress.  Go talk further with the favorite.  On your way to see her stop and look at the weighing machine and the room next to it.  See the two bags hanging from hooks.  Favorite will tell you she has a craving for some honey sweet cakes and asks Ann to get them for her.  Go back to the pool area and find a jar and fill it with water.  Pour the water over one of the bags and watch the scale rise.  Go to the scale and take the sweet cakes.  Give them to the Princess.  They are not very filling,  “I’m going to starve to death.”  She asks for more.  Get more water in your jar and pour it on the second bag, watch the scale rise.  Go to the scale and take the sweet cakes.  Give them to the

Princess.  “Oh, they are exquisite, but just enough to want more.”  She asks Ann to get her some more.  Go back to the

room with the bags.  Pull the handle by the bag and watch the scale drop.  Go to the scale and climb on the top to get more sweet cakes.  Give them to the Princess and she is delighted.  Now she feels bloated and asks Ann to prepare a steam bath for her.  Ask the Princess how to operate the steam bath and she will give you a medallion.  Go to the room with the boiler and put the medallion on the top of the box on the wall.  Pull the handle and take the punch card.

Take the rag from the boiler and wrap it around the nozzle.


Use the oil from your flask on the rag.  Use your lighter to light the nozzle and it will fire up the boiler.  After the cutscene go to the other room on the right.  Use the punch card on the machine up the stairs.  It looks like a drum.  Adjust the wheels of the other machine on the left wall and it will send the steam into the bath.  The princess walks into the steam bath.  That gets her out of the way.  Time to figure out how to get her dress.  Go up the stairs to the balcony and get inside the earthen jar just outside the princesses room.  Watch Madame Sonafi operate the locking mechanism on the door.


  When she leaves get out of the jar and do the same thing with the lock and go into the princesses room.  See the pull cord in the corner and give it a yank.  That is a signal for Aicha to come.  When she comes into the room she will go to the trunk and open it, remove the dress and tell you that you have to go back to her room.   Talk to her and she will tell you about the perfume.  Oh dear, where are we going to get some perfume?  Wait a minute, didn’t we see a recipe for perfume in the lab in the tower?  We have the barbary water and the almonds but no flower.  Next mission is to get a flower.  Leave the room and go to the garden.  You might want to look at the leopard in his cage.  Go to the almond tree and look at the cage behind the cylindrical tank.  Click on the cage and the leopard will growl.  Aicha will yell at you to be careful.  Go back to the harem and talk to Madame Sonafi about the leopard, favorite, prince and perfume.  Go back to your room and instead of going in go forward to see the prince.  On the way a brief cutscene will show you the flower you seek for the perfume.  Talk to the guard.  He will not talk to you or let you in.  Go back to your room and click on the bed.  While you sleep the leopard comes out.  You can control the leopard while he prowls the garden.  If you tire of this hit escape and bypass the rest.  Ann wakes up.  Go back to the garden and look again for the flower.  Look at close up of the first bench you come to.  The flower is at the foot of the left leg.


Time to make some perfume.  Go to the lab.  Put the almonds in the grinder and get crushed almonds.  Now take the almonds, barbary water and flower to the beakers.  Follow the recipe for the perfume.  Put the barbary water in the beaker, add the almonds and then the flower.  Use your lighter on the lower section to heat up the concoction.  Take perfume and return to your room.  On the way talk to Aicha, tell her you have the perfume.  She will help you to dress and tell you what to do.  Time to see the prince.  The guard will move out of the way so you can enter the door.  Talk to the prince about every topic of conversation and listen for clues.  Leave the prince and you will be back in your room.  Go back to the pool area and out the door at the end.  Instead of going to the garden, go to the right and out the previously locked door.  All right, let’s blow this joint!!!




Ann arrives in town and it is almost deserted.  Walk to the right and then turn left.  Look at the things for sale.  Go to your right and look at the truck under the tarp.   Hum………that looks like the rear of a garage.   Following a cutscene go back out to the road and go right.  A rug merchant tries to sell Ann a rug.  When he leaves continue walking and go under the arch.  Follow the road  around to Ann’s left and then go right until you see two old gasoline pumps.  Enter the garage and talk to the mechanic.  Ask him about getting a car.  He will tell you that all he has is an old truck from 1938 that is rusted and missing a battery, fan and tires.  Now we just need to locate those parts.  Look around in the garage and see what you can find.  Look inside the airplane and get the battery.  Take the spring from the seat back.  Take the paper from the dashboard.  Turn around and see a gas pump on the ground.  Pick it up.  Go back to the main part of the garage and go into the alcove and see the mechanic working on the old truck.  Talk to him again.  Click on the hood of the truck and put the battery in its place.  Turn around and click on the barrel.  You can put the gas pump you found on the barrel.  Then click on the hose on the ground and it will connect to the pump.  Now to find a fan and tires.  Go back to the road and follow it back under the arch.  Turn to Ann’s left and follow the road.  You will see two shops.  The barber shop on the left and the bar on the right.  Go into the barber shop and talk to the barber.  He has a fan that he will give you if you can fix his old one.  He is not much for modern appliances.  Look at the board on the floor behind his barber chair.  Click on it and use the spring in your inventory on the circular area underneath.  That fixes his fan.  Now you can take the other one.  Go to close up and turn the fan off with the button on the base.  Click on the fan and remove the guard.  Take the fan.  Now we have to find some tires.  See a cutscene……….the rug merchant shoots the mechanic.  Go back to the main road and at the intersection take the upper road around to the left.  Follow the road  through the arch and a cutscene starts.  You will be pushed aside before being run over.  Continue into the bazaar and talk to the official under the next arch.  Use all the dialog.  He will give you a pass and you need to have it signed by the prince and attach a photo.  Go back to the street where you found the barber shop.  Go into the bar across the street and talk to the bar man.  Ask him about the photo.  He will tell you that his brother, the photographer, left and locked the shop.  He will give you the key.  Talk to him about spare parts and he will direct you to the docks.  Go back to the main road.  Go under the arch and look right at the door.  Use the key to open it.  Oh good, this is the photo shop!  Behind you on the wall is a panel box.  Pull the handle all the way down.  This will turn on the red light in the lab so you can develop your film.  Go through the opening into the lab and put your film into the developer on your left.  At this moment the rug merchant, who has been watching you, comes in and turns the lights on.  It startles you and you run outside to see who did that.  When you come back to the shop click on the timer to develop the film.  Now click on the developer and take the film.  Go into the next room and pull the handle down all the way. Move to the counter and put film in the camera just above the bellows.  Take a piece of photographic paper from the box on the left and place it on the stand.  Press the button and when the light shuts off you can pick up the paper and put it in the tray on the right.  When you see the contrast on the paper take it out and now you have your photos.  In inventory combine the photo with the pass that the official gave you.  Great, now we have the pass with a photo and all we need to do is get the prince’s signature.  Let’s go to the docks and look for tires.  Go back to the intersection and take the upper road.  Go past the official and through the arch.  Go under the small arch to the docks.  Talk to the man in the robe and learn about the ‘Black Vault’.  Talk to Aicha’s brother about tires.  He will get the tires for you and you can go back to the garage.  Now you discover the mechanics body.  Go to the truck and put the tires on the wheels.  Put the fan under the hood.  Click on the winch on front of truck.  Click on the gas pump to fill up the truck.  Get in the truck and click on the switch on the dashboard.  Now the truck is down off the blocks.  It’s time to get out of here. Get into the truck and Ann will drive the truck out and back to the palace.  She parks the truck in the garden next to the cage.  Go see the prince and talk to him.  He will give you the key for the leopards cage.  Go back to the garden.  Go up to the second level.  Go to the cage in the center of the garden.  Zoom in on the cage and see a key opening.  Insert the key and go to the controls.  Oh no, the controls don’t work.  We will have to let the fish out of the main pond before we can move the leopard.  Go to the water control unit on the lower level and zoom in.  Move the wheel twice.  If you don’t see the fish moving to the small pond back out of the close up and move over to the small pond.  Click on the statue to feed the fish.  Go back to the control unit and see the fish move.  Now we can close the gate and go back to the cage controls.  Move the lever on the right side and see that you have to line up the walkway.  On the control panel adjust the arrow  and pull the handle on the right until the rusty bar lines up vertically.  When you have it right you will see a cutscene of the leopard traversing the walkway to the truck.  Voila’, its done.  Go back and see the prince.  Talk to him about the journey and he will sign your pass.  Go back to the truck and leave.  Watch the cutscene. 




Ann is startled by two Gazeline’s and her truck runs off the road down an embankment.  Ooh……..pain!  Look around to assess the area.  Find a piece of glass near the small tree.  Go forward and see a large tree with many roots.  This appears to be the only way to go so what do we have in inventory that we can use here?  Cut the vines with the piece of glass and proceed into the tunnel.  Walk on the large root on the lower side.  Oops…..almost fell off!  Go back and take the upper root until you see a rope/vine.  Reach for it and Ann is bitten by a snake.  Go back to the lower limb and climb down the rope at the end.  Ann comes to a bog so she has to be very careful.  Try to get to the other side without disturbing the crocs.  Wait for the first two crocs to go below the surface, then run toward the right side.  After that run along the right side until making it through the bog.  Push the burnt log out of the way, then walk down it to another bog.  Ughhh….more crocs!  Stay as close to the right side as possible.  If you get stuck in the middle wait until the croc on the right submerges then run to that side and proceed slowly forward until you make it across.  Follow the active cursor and you will come to another type of bog with lilypads.  We need to get to the other side so follow your active cursor and move from one to the next.  If you step on one that folds up just go back and try another one.  If you are persistent you will find your way across.  Follow the path until you meet Mr. Goodmorning.  Talk with him about everything.  He tells Ann she is in the Molgrave desert.  Her leopard attacked a Gazeline which was ridden by a boy.  Ann wants to compensate the Molgrave for the loss of their Gazeline.  Mr. Goodmorning tells Ann where to find them.  They live in the tree tops and abhor the ground.  Continue down the path and see mummies on poles.  Yuk…..  Continue on and you will see the leopard coming from the right side.  Also see a large empty tree trunk.  Look inside it.  Those are polopolos and Ann has to find a way to flush them out.  Lets see if we can find something to create some smoke.  Find some branches to the left of the tree trunk, put them inside the trunk and use your lighter on them.  Hooray, that worked.  They are gone now!  When the smoke clears go back inside the trunk and climb to the top.




Molgrave Village



Go around the hut to the left and see a hotspot near the left most jar.  Pick up a handle. Jump over the missing boards.  Ann stops along side a vertical object with a hotspot.  Combine the handle and glass and use it on the hotspot and the walkway drops down to allow passage.  Follow the boardwalk around the next hut until you see what looks like a boulder.  Try climbing on it.  You fall down.  Zoom in and see that you can carve some footholds in it.  Then climb the footholds.  Now you are on the top boardwalk.  Ann tries to cross on a beam but slips and falls to a platform below.  The inhabitants think its funny.  Try to talk with them and they just hiss at you.  Go around the tree and talk to the man who looks like a guard.  He can’t answer you either.  Go back to the hut and find two more people.  Try talking to them.  Cover all dialog.  She is told to find her leopard by morning or the Molgrave will find and kill it.  Ann suddenly feels faint.  She wakes up in a hut with an old man nearby.  Talk with him and learn he is the priest/doctor for the tribe.  He recognizes you as Rodon’s daughter by the scar on your chest.  Exhaust all dialog with him then leave and start your search.  Pay close attention as you walk the boardwalks so you can remember how to get back when you need to.  Follow the path up past the people you first saw and go past the next hut.  You will see a ladder.  Go up the ladder and see where it leaves you.  See the little boy standing outside the hut.  Lets do some exploring.  Go to the hut behind him.  You see a man standing outside a hut.  Talk to him and he just hisses at you.  This language is very strange!  Go into the hut near the top of the screen.  Look at the sign attached to the railing.  It seems these people use some kind of elastic to jump.  Bungee jumpers?  There are three machines inside the hut.  The first looks like a weighing machine, the second  is some kind of blocks to hold something and a cutting blade above it.  Also a piercing stick beside it.  The third machine looks like it is used to twist something.  Lets do some more exploring before coming back here.  Go back past the little boy and this will lead you to another hut.  Go inside.  This is a food storage hut.  Take the large nuts in the back.  Also pick up the hook.  Now we have some nuts to use in the machines.  Lets go back there. 






Step on the weighing machine.  It seems that Ann will need to use two and a half nuts.  Go to the next machine and put a nut on the blocks.  Move the lever on the side to pierce the nut.  See the juice run out the end.  Do this again for the second nut.  Now we need a half nut.  Put another nut on the blocks and move the cutting blade to chop the nut in half.  Pierce this nut also.  Go to the rear machine and click on the handle to twist the strands.  Click on the strands to pick it up.  You now have  elastic.  Lets go explore.  Leave the hut and turn right at the next path.  Go left at next path.  Go to the hut on your left.  Look around the foliage for a hotspot.  Now you have a plant.  There is a woman standing outside the next hut but she won’t do anything but hiss at you.  I think we have explored this level enough.  Lets go back down to the previous level.  Find the hut with the little boy and look for a hotspot on the left corner of the little path to his hut.  That is the ladder to go down.   Go to the right and right again.  See the hut with jars.  One is hanging on a rope.  Reel it in and pick up the contents.  You now have fat.  Go back a few steps and see another path leading down to the left.  Take it.  Oh my, what have we here?  A large drum attached to the tree.  Go around to the left and climb the ladder.  You discover the drum head is in poor condition.  Go back down and continue on the path to the left.  You will see two Gazelines in a corral.  Cross the corral to the other side.  Walk down the path and up the ladder.  Now you see the little prince.  Talk to him.  He talks about the polopolos and how his falcon catches them in flight.  The drum is used to create noise to make the polopolos fly out of the trees.  He wants you to come back and see him after you repair the drum.  We need to find something to stretch across the drum.  Go back across the corral. Go to the left and come to another hut.  Surprising huh?  Talk to the angler/fisherman around the back.  He said you can fish for sand dabs and use them for skin.  Ok, lets try that.  Sit in the chair and see the sand dabs below.  Click on the bait to the right.  That baits the hook.  Click on Ann’s feet to move her forward or backward.  Click on the controls on her right and left to move her side to side.  I found it easier to wait until the sand dabs moved to the bait and then clicked just above the reel on the pole.  When Ann is successful you will see a cutscene.  Take the sand dab back to the fisherman’s hut.  Talk to Goodmorning about everything.  Give the sand dab to the fisherman.  Goodmorning says he will need some items to tan the hide quickly.  Ann already has the plant and fat.  We need to find another plant of the baobob tree.  Go back to the fishing platform and climb down the ladder.  At the bottom Ann drops her hook.  Use the elastic from inventory and click at the end of the board Ann is standing on.  She will wrap the elastic around her feet and jump off.  She picks up the hook at the bottom.  Go over to the trap and put the hook on the trap.  Now we need to fix the drum so we can get some polopolos meat to bait the trap.  We still need to find the second plant.  Go back to the ladder that goes up to the upper level.  Go left to a hut guarded by a man.  Look for the hotspot to the right of the guard.  Great, now we have the second plant!  Let’s go back to the fisherman.  Give him the plants followed by the fat.  He will make your skin now.  Go away for awhile and then come back.  Take the skin  from the rack in the fisherman’s hut.  Now we can fix the drum!  Go back to the ladder to the upper level.  Go right  and find the little side path going down.  At the drum put the new skin on it.  Go talk to the prince.  Tell him the drum is fixed.  He will tell you to beat the drum and his falcon will fly.  Go back to the drum, climb the ladder and click on the beater.  See a cutscene.  The falcon caught a  polopolo.  Go back to the prince’s hut.  Take the polopolo hanging just above the falcon.  Lets go back to the trap under the fishing platform.  When you leave the corral turn left and follow the path to the fishing platform.  Go down to the trap and hang the polopolo on the hook.  Move the lever to lower the floor.  Pick up some branches.  Go back up the ladder.  Ann falls asleep and the leopard comes to the trap and gets caught.  Ann wakes up.  Lets go see the doctor/priest.  He is at the matriarch’s hut outside on the platform.  Talk to him.  He tells you they killed two people that were following you.  The corpses hang behind him.  He gives you a document they were carrying.  He starts telling his story and Ann makes her way down from the village.  The leopard is caged on the back of a cart waiting at the bottom.  On to the next location.


Mining town


Ann finds herself on the road and unable to progress Go to the truck and take gas canIsn’t it funny how Ann can put such items in her pockets?  Go forward to the dock.  It seems the ferry is partially underwater.  That will have to be fixed before Ann can use it.  Go back a little and over to the side of the dock.  Walk forward and find hotspot on front corner of ferry.  Use gas can on it.  That helps but is not enough.  Go back to the truck and take another gas can.  Put this one on the same spot on the ferry.  Hum……that’s appears to need even more help.  Back to the truck for the third time.  Get another gas can.  Back to the ferry.  Use the third gas can under the ferry.  Now that looks much better.  Go back to the cart and the Gazeline will pull it onto the ferry.  Now, how do we get this thing to move?  Find a hotspot on the Gazeline’s feet.  Click on it and watch the cutscene.  Ann finds the shore but no leopard or cart.  The sign says Zamarat.  Go forward into the mining town.  Talk to the men on the right.  Click on them several times to get a hint of what’s going on.  Go to the right until you come to a deserted town.  Go through it until you see a man standing on a deck on the left side.  Maybe you can talk to him.  Go around to the front of the building and into the first door on the right.  Open the door inside and find the man in his office.  He is John Harambee, the overseer of mining operations.  Talk to him about everything.  Leave the room and listen to the miners outside.  Go back to talk to Harambee.  He locks her in the office.  Look on the shelves.  Find  miners clothes and tools.  Go behind the screen and change clothes.  Look around the room and find some weak boards on the floor.  Combine the new rod and miners knob giving you a miners stick.  Use the miners stick on the weak board.  Now that’s a deep hole!   The door is locked but Ann has to get out of there.  Go to the large animals head on the wall.  Ann will climb up to the beams above.  Wait for Harambee to come in.  He looks at the hole and thinks Ann fell in.  He leaves the room and the door open.  Back out of the closeup and go out the door.  How convenient!  Go outside and back down the road toward the area where you arrived.  See Harambee on the way, he doesn’t recognize you in those miners clothes.  Go past the men at the entrance and find an elevator.  Lets take this down to the mine.  Whoa….what a ride!  Take the path to the left and see the mine office.  Talk to Bill about everything.  He is just doing his job!  Engineer Dada is digging below the 1000 yd. level.  It is very dangerous.  Leave the office and go into the tunnel to the left.  Pick up a rope and go further to see an elephant chained to a rotten post.  Ann doesn’t have anything in inventory yet to release the elephant.  Go back to the office and talk to Bill about the elephant.  She is supposed to be taken to the surface.  Bill leaves the office.  Look around and see what you can find.  Ann will change back to her street clothes.  Look in the desk drawer for more tools.  Bill comes back.  Go back to the elephant.  Use the monkey wrench on the bolt and release the elephant.  Go back to the elevator and look up.  Zoom in and see a trap door to the top of the elevator.  Ann will climb up there.  Look around and see a spot on the support post.  Zoom in and see a place to jam in a wedge from your inventory.  Go back down through the trap door.  Push the button to raise the elevator.  It stops at the wedges.  There is a steel plate underneath.  Use your rope with hook on the loop of the plate.  Scene will show rope tied to elephant.  Elephant pulls the steel plate out and Ann whistles for her to stop.  Go back through the elevator opening and see a platform underneath.  Climb down there and see a control box.




Pull the bar mechanism all the way down.  Ann is now at the bottom level.  Go forward and talk to Engineer Dada at the top of the stairs. Dada captures Ann and puts her in a hole.  Scene shifts to the leopard.  You can play with the controls or use escape to move on with the story.  The leopard finds Ann and nudges her.  She wakes up and starts to explore the area.  Move to the left and see a plunger box.  Move over to the large rock and pick up a broken lantern.




Look at the bottom of the support device for the hanging cage.  Use the fuel from the lantern on the spot.  Use the lighter to start a fire.  The cage drops to the ground. Get in the cage and go up to the next level.  Find fuse wire on the left and emeralds on the right.  Go up another level and see the emeralds.  Beautiful, aren’t they?  Find a pneumatic jack hammer near the emeralds and use it on the wall.  Now we have a nice hole for blasting.  Lets find some dynamite.  See the bat up on the ceiling, throw emeralds at it three times to knock it down.  The leopard sees it and jumps for it knocking the box down with dynamite in it.  Just what we need!  Pick up the dynamite and take it back up to the hole you drilled.  Use the fuse wire after the dynamite.  Go back down and connect the other end to the plunger box.  Ann will push the plunger and the dynamite blows up.  Oh no, the place is flooding with water.  Ann is carried to the elevator shaft.  Climb up the ladder and go to the right to see the elephant at the hoist.  Go left to the office and talk to Bill.  He won’t leave but he is ready to hoist the elephant to the surface.  Lets go for a ride.  Get on the elephant.  Here we go!  Talk to the wounded miner sitting on the platform.  He gives you some very interesting information.  Go back to the place where you arrived in this town and watch the cutscene.



Black Vault



Oh no, another cage!  Ann is locked in a cage hanging in a tree.  Talk to the man sitting on the box.  He won’t let you out.  Swing the cage first to the right.  Snag the branch from the tree.  Then swing the cage to the left and use the branch to knock down the bee hive.  You must swing as high as possible to accomplish this.  After knocking down the bee hive the cage comes down and the revolutionary soldiers take you to Coronel Siri, their leader.  Talk to him thoroughly.  He knows you as Rodon’s daughter and talked with you in Geneva.  He wants you to convince Rodon to surrender.  He gives you a radio so they can stay in touch.   Leave the tent.  Walk around the right side of the tent and pick up thorns by the small bush.  Go back to the road and follow it until you come to the edge of the river.  Talk to the soldier there.  Ask about the prisoner.  He finally agrees to let you speak to him.  Talk to Wamganga of the Buluu tribe about everything.  He told you to search for a way to get on the boat.  Let’s do that.  Go to the right for a ways and see the boat.  Check out that anchor chain.  Ann is going to need help getting past that snake.  Go back to the prisoner.  Look at the tree and see the rope holding his cage in place.  Talk to the soldier again and ask that he release Wamganga.  He refuses.  Go back down the road and pick some reeds.  Go back to the tree.  Talk to Wamganga and tell him about the snake, ask him if he can help remove it.  He asks her for the stem of a reed and a giant thorn.  Hey, we have both those things!  Give them to Wamganga.  He uses them to shoot the soldier.  Go to the box on the left and look for something to help.  Pick up a knife.  Go back to the tree and cut the rope freeing Wamganga.  He will go to the boat.  Follow him and watch him get rid of the snake.  Now let’s try climbing this anchor chain.  When you get to the boat go right, up, right, up, up, left, up, left, up.  Now you are on the boat.  Go to the building on the left.  Take the smoke grenade from the open box.  Move to the right and see a smoke stack on the left and a gun turret on the right.  Climb the ladder to the smoke stack.  Humm… way in from here!  Go back down and go back to the side of the boat.  Go left by the rail and see the gun turret door open.  Let’s check it out.  There are too many monkeys.  Ann can’t get in there.  Let’s try the smoke grenade.  When the smoke clears Ann can go in.  See the control panel for the gun.  Set the controls to match the picture below.  The gun is pointing to the smoke stack.  The firing button in on the top left knob. 




Blooey, you creamed that thing!  Let’s go check it out.  Go back to the smoke stack and drop in.  That’s one way to get inside.  Click on the button left of the door behind you.  Ah….. an elevator.  Let’s check out the boat.  Go left and then right through the doorway.  Move forward to a room that looks like an engine room.  There is a boiler with teeth on one end. 




There is a ladder going down on the other.  Can’t go down there, its too dangerous.  Electrical cables dangling in the water.  We have no power on the boat to drain the water out.  Maybe we can find a way to generate some power.  Go back to the boiler.  Now, that’s one nasty looking machine.  See the coal cart.  Let’s find some way of filling that cart with coal.  We saw some in the previous room and there were tracks in there too.  Go back to the room with the coal and see the control panel beside the support beam in the back. 



Experiment with the controls.  It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it.  First we want to bring up the coal cart.  These are the controls that I used to complete the task:


1. Switch the top left switch to vertical.

    Right lever to right.

    Press middle red button

    This brings the coal cart to the loading area.


2. Left lever down.

    This moves the loader to the coal pile.


3. Top left switch to vertical.

    Press left red button.

    This picks up the coal.


4. Left lever up.

    The loader moves over the coal cart.


5. Right red button.

    Dumps coal to cart.


6. Right lever to left.

    Moves coal cart to the boiler.


7. Middle red button dumps coal into boiler.


Go to the other side of the boiler (right side) and go through the door there.  Pass through that room and out the next door.  See a gas can on the floor and pick it up.  Take it back to the boiler and pour some gas into the hole in the back of the robots head. 


Use your lighter on the nozzle in his hand.  Then press the two buttons on his shoulders.  This will fire up the boiler. Now lets see if we can pump out the water.  Go to the control panel at the other end of this room, near the ladder.



Push the second button from the right and this will start the pump.   Go down the ladder to the now mostly dry room.  Pass through the door on the far side and move around the elevator to the left.  See Wamganga and talk to him.  He wants Ann to get a statuette from the Treasure room.  Go to the left into the archives.  Talk to the man there.  He is Mr. Gretzelberg, the administrator of King Rodon’s estate.  He talks about the desire to be working for the King of Norway.  Finish all conversation and back out of the scene.  Go around to a telephone next to the door.  Look at the paper on the table.  Looks like a phone number.  When you back out of the closeup Ann will automatically call Siri on the radio and ask him to call Gretzelberg and tell him his transfer to Norway has been approved.  Oh, how devious!  Gretzelberg leaves the room.  Go back to the statue of Rodon in the chair and look close at his ring.  Use your knife on it.  Go to the double doors on the right side wall.  Use the medallion on the symbol and go into the room.  This is the treasure room.  Look around and see what you can pick up.  Go to the left and pick up a mask.  Go back to the center and pick up 4 voodoo dolls and some treasury bonds.  Gretzelberg is at the door.  He found you.  How can we get rid of him?  Zoom in on the table again and see another voodoo doll in the shape of a box.  Use your lighter on it.  That got rid of him.  Go back to Wamganga and give him the doll representing his tribe.  Take the elevator to the second deck.  When you leave the elevator go to the left and see the family quarters.  Go to the left in here and see Ann’s old room.  Open the chest at the foot of the bed and remove the doll.  You can explore the family quarters but there is no more here to do.  Go back to the elevator and around to the other side.  Go through the doorway and into a hall.  Turn left and around the corner.  See several monkeys there.  Let’s get rid of them.  Go back to the hall and to the red valve wheel.  Turn it on to release steam and the monkeys will scatter.  Go back where the monkeys were.  The steam is dangerous.  Go back to the red valve and turn off the steam.  Now you can pass that room.  Go through and turn right.  See a huge snake in front of another doorway.  Go back the other way.  Go into the steam room and turn left through the doorway.  See your leopard lying on the floor surrounded by candles.  Save your game here.  Wamganga is also there.  Talk to him.  You ask him to help the leopard.  Go to the tail of the leopard and take a piece of chalk.  Move around to the left and find a hotspot near the base of the candle.  Click on it and Wamganga will tell you to trace the sky at the zenith.  Use the chalk to do this.  One more drawing at the candle on the opposite side.  Click at the base of the candle for instructions. 




This is a tricky puzzle to complete.  You have to go to the hotspots at the base of the candles and click on them.  Wamganga will tell you which doll to place.  I tried each one until I got the correct doll in the correct place.  You have to place 4 dolls, two drawings and a circle.  When you have it right Wamganga will leave and get rid of the snake.  When he returns talk to him and he will ask for medicine.  Go back to the location of the snake.  Go through the doorway on the right.  Go down the hallway and around the corner to another doorway.  Go in and go left to yet another doorway.  Go in and see the crew’s quarters.  Go through the bunkroom into a room with a closet full of clothes.  Click on the card on top of the folded clothes.  A monkey comes in and steals it from you.  Follow him.  Go back through the bunkroom to the hall.  Go around the corner and into the room on the right.  See the monkeys watching the TV.  Go into the TV room next door. Stand in front of the camera and use the African mask.  Ann will sit down in the chair and put on the mask.  Goodbye monkeys…….  Go back to the other room and find one monkey still there.  He is the one that stole your keycard.  Offer him an emerald in exchange.  Now we have the keycard.  Go to the right and leave the room.  Now we need to find the medicine that Wamganga needs for the leopard.  Go forward in the hall and turn right.  Go into the room on the left.  This is the kitchen.  Go to the stove and pick up the can opener.   Use the can opener with the can on the counter and heat the beans in the pan.  This will bring the monkeys to the kitchen looking for food.  Leave the kitchen, turn left and then left again.  Go into the bunkroom and through to the closet.  See the box on the floor.  Click on the box and get morphine, dressing, and disinfectant.  Leave the bunkroom.  Turn left, left and right and left.  Go into the room with the leopard and give the medicines to Wamganga.  He wants some quiet time to work on the leopard.  Let’s see if we can find the drums.  Go around the corner back to where the snake was.  Right into the doorway, forward and left, forward and left again, forward and right.  At this point Ann will turn to face forward but we want to continue going right at the rear.  Go forward into the room.  Open the closet on the left and take espionage report.  Read the report.  Look at the close up on the door.  2577.  Must remember that number.  Go to the double doors in the rear.  Aw……a keypad, let’s try that number here.  It seems that is not enough.  See a hotspot lower down.  Let’s try the keycard here.  Yesssss!…….the inner sanctum.  Go into the map room and look at the map.  See an envelope at the left side of the map, slightly underneath.  Take the military report.  Read it.  Turn around and see an opening in the floor.  Let’s check it out.  We found the drums.  Now to quiet them. 



Turn to Ann’s left and zoom in on the control box.  Flip the lever on the left to the right.  Awww…….blessed quiet!  Go back up the ladder.  Go to the rear of the map room and see a ladder going up.  Let’s see what is up there.  This looks like the wheelhouse.  Talk to Willy Vandenard, Rodon’s right hand man.  What a weasel!  After some conversation he asks her to leave him alone.  Turn to go and Willy shoots himself.  Go back and take the gun and key.   Leave the map room.  Go forward then right.  Continue left, then right, forward, forward and right, forward and left. Forward past the steam room and left through the doorway.  Go past the elevator and into the family quarters.  Let’s try that key we took from Vandenard on the locked door at the end. 


Watch the cutscene……………………how sad!



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