RHEM IV: The Golden Fragments SE

By Knut MŁller

Walkthrough by Dennis Lepine & MaGtRo

February 2016 (updated)


Gameplay:    RHEM 4 is a first person point and click game.

The first screen has the choice of full screen (800x600 px) or window mode. The next screen has the language selection.

Main Menu:

The main menu has 6 icons with a label that identifies the icons (left to right): Quit, New/start, Load, Cursor guide, Options and Info. Press the icon button to access the description or activate that option.

The door with man going left is the quit option and the man going right is for new game.

The diskette with up arrow is for load game and the diskette with down arrow is for save game.

The cursor information gives the description of each cursor during gameplay.

The options menu has the screen-video transition selection (fast, middle, slow and no).

The i (info) shows the credits. 

Bottom arrow on info pages exits that page.

Saved games:    There are 18 saved game slots and an auto save is done when the game is exited.

To save, click on green arrow at right. Saved games can be deleted to make room for new ones by the use of the red arrow on the left.

Autosave is accessed by the green arrow at top left of the load page. To get back to the game after saving, click on the return arrow at bottom of the page.

The saved game files in Steam bought games are in C: Users\Computer name\AppData\Roaming\RHEMIVSE_STEAM\DPOT.

Gameplay menu:

Move the cursor to the bottom part of the screen. 4 gameplay icons are seen.

Box:    The box on bottom left is the inventory.

When inventory items are clicked, the cursor changes to a hand and +. Move that hand+ cursor on active spot that has a hand and a ? and then click it in place.

Book:    The book shows references - documents that are clues or used in puzzles.

These papers-documents when first seen during gameplay automatically shows the book with a + sign at bottom left of screen. This indicates that this document can be picked up and stored for future reference.

Compass:    The compass is at bottom center of the bar.

The points of the compass is highlighted to show the direction that is viewed and functions like a regular compass:  top lit arrow - the player looks to North, right lit arrow - the player looks to West, bottom lit arrow - the player looks to South and left lit arrow - the player looks to East. See explanation below.

Compass (from rhem-game.com support page):  

If the arrow points to the top; it is pointing north (the player is facing north).

If the arrow points left, it is east (the player is facing east).

If the arrow point right, it is west (the player is facing west) .

If the arrow points down, it is south (the player is facing south).

This is based on the compass pointing always to show true north. When you turn away from true north, the compass needle still stays pointed north.

Wheel:    The wheel on the right accesses gameplay menu. The gameplay menu (wheel) has save, load, return, quit, options and new game.

The gameplay menu screen has a back or return arrow and save option.

When the 'c' key is pressed while the cursor is over a colored item; the color, hex# and RGB value of the item is seen on top of the screen. This helps in descriptive analysis of that item during gameplay.

OBSERVATION is the main strategy of this game. Look around and note little things in the environment. An action somewhere can change things in another place. Then logic follows in correlating what is observed (a color, a number, an item...) to the puzzle.

Dear Friend,
Many thanks for embarking on the journey to Rhem yet again. I am sending you off with the black crystal because you will likely need it. I examined it and came to the conclusion that it is the key to a still unknown part of Rhem. I am including the results of my research which you will need to activate the crystal.
All the best for your journey. Please say hello to my brother Kales for me.

Zetais' letter says that he gave you a black crystal and data (with shapes and numbers) needed in activating it. You are on your way back to Rhem riding in a tram.

The tram ends in front of a path.

Entrance Area

Entrance to the compound:   

Turn right and exit the tram.

Round structure control panel:    Look close at the round structure at right. Press the green button at top to open the sliding door.

See concentric circles with black beads. There are white circles that can be clicked on to place the black beads.

Look down at the base of the panel and see an empty socket and a darkened panel.

Kales' message:    Continue to the path at left.

See a pipe shaped monitor at left. Press the dark orange button on top and watch Kales.

Hello again, I'm Kales. Since you were last here I have discovered an entrance to yet another new part of RHEM. According to records Iíve found, there is a hidden transportation system that leads to a second connection to the outside world. In order to activate this system and also to enable your own return, you must find all nine fragments of the key to the system.  Good luck!

Metal door with highlighted 4th square:    Continue down the hallway.

See white and gray squares on top of the metal door.

Right of door are familiar concentric circles and black dots denoting the black beads. Note or write down the position of the black dots and on what concentric circle they are on.

Below the circles is a panel of 6 squares and the 4th one is highlighted.

Light bulb:    Turn around and go back. Before the archway to open sky; look up. See a light bulb on top of the archway. Take the light bulb.

Go back to the round structure. Open the stand and look down. Use the light bulb on the empty socket.

Open the metal doors by the entrance:

Look right of the door to be opened. Note or write down the position of the black dots seen and on what concentric circles they are on.

Go back to the round structure control panel.

Arrange the black beads to be at the same positions as the black dots seen right of the to be opened metal door. Click on the white circle the beads should be positioned on and the black beads are placed there.

Look down at the base. Note down the position of the gray squares on the panel.

Go back to the metal door to be opened.

Click the squares on top of the metal door to copy the position of the gray squares seen at base of the tower control panel after entering the position of the black circles.

Note that the positions of the sets of squares are in different order from that of the control panel code.

If the gray squares are placed correctly, press the rightmost square to open the door.



Metal door with highlighted 1st square


Metal door with highlighted 2nd square


Metal door with highlighted 3rd square




Metal door with highlighted 4th square


Metal door with highlighted 5th square


Metal door with highlighted 6th square

Metal door with highlighted 4th square:    Go back to the main entrance door that has the 4th square highlighted and do the above procedure.

Entrance hallway:    Enter and see the entrance hallway. There are 6 doors here including the one that goes outside.

Open each of the doors and check the area inside.

Open and close the doors by pressing the rightmost square at top. Notice that the way the metal doors open varies.

Metal door with highlighted 3rd square:    See a box with 9 empty shaped slots at right. This must be the box for the 9 fragments that Kales mentioned. The 9 fragments will enable us to exit this area.

Further down is a button and a sign that a camera is around. Exit and go to another door.

Metal door with highlighted 6th square:    See a document on the wall with crosses.

Click the open book at bottom of the screen to get a copy of the document with crosses and numbers.

Go left and see a microphone and button. Press the green button and see the video of the dock outside.

Go outside and see a locked yellow metal door. Exit and go to next door.

Metal door with highlighted 2nd square:    Go forward until the end of the path outside.

Diamond pipe:  See a pipe on the side wall right of the door. Hover the cursor on it to see a circle with lines at 12 and 3 o'clock positions inside a diamond. The right lines of the diamond are in red.

Press the red button right of door to raise the oval wood door. Go forward.

See a revolving door that is facing the other way. At each end of the path is a door. One that has a pointed top has a latch and the other is also oval shaped with red button right of it. Exit and go to next door at metal door hallway.

Metal door with highlighted 5th square:    See a round building with a box at right. Inside the box is a keyhole that needs a key.

Courtyard Area

The gold dots shows the locations of golden fragments.

The white dots shows the locations of the diamond and hexagon clues.

The green dots are items to open doors.

The black dot is the black crystal.

Metal door with 1st square gray:

Enter and go forward.

Fuse:    At the first courtyard, see a ticking clock and a panel in front of it. On the panel is a fuse. Take the fuse and see that the clock stops. Note down the position the clock stops at.

Clocks and flowers:    Turn around and see a clock on the left with flowers in front of it.

Wait a minute to see the clock hand moves forward and the color of the flowers changes. Note down the color changes of each clock movement.

Clock hand points to:

Flower color:

Clock hand points to:

Flower color:























dull red



Kales' quarters:

Go to the right and be in a big courtyard with 2 pools. There are paths going left, front and right.

Go left to the very end and press the red button to enter the door of the building.

See a monitor at end of the room and another door. To the right is Kales' bedroom.

Kales' bedroom:    Enter the room and see a violet bird hanging above the bed at right.

Read the diary (up to page 5) on the bed. He left clues to open a straw roof hut and 2 other clues that he hasn't deciphered yet. Aside for the search for the 9 fragments; he is also looking for the star key that opens a gate in a cave system with inhabitants.

Turn left and move the green curtain at the foot of the bed. See a picture of a house with several chimneys. Below are trees with circles related to a lever.

Turn left from the curtain. See an LT made up of small squares on the cabinet.

Look at and make a copy (click on book with + sign) of the small circles with lines within larger circles chart.

Turn to face the entryway of Kales' bedroom. See a closed metal door across the hallway.

Open the power room door:

Press the orange button at bottom right. See 2 panels of squares framing the entryway.

The object of the puzzle is to find the correct sequence of buttons that when pressed lights up the previously pressed button.

The lone bottom right button is #1. Look for the button that when pressed lights up #1. That is #2 button.

Then look for the next button that briefly lights up that #2 button (that is #3); and so on...

Each button pressed shows the button that should be pressed previous to it. The border around button 11 is highlighted and no other button lights it up because it's the last to be pushed.

When you identified all the buttons; press those buttons in sequence to briefly light up buttons 1-11.

The door to the power room across the hall opens.

Power room:

Enter through open door. See a cable running from the TV room from the power room.

Enter the room. Look around.

Icons on the wall:    Note the drawings on top of the wall as well as the compass on the floor. They all look familiar. The drawings on the wall are similar to the paper given by Zetais. Each wall has a different drawing that identifies that wall by a cardinal direction (note the compass on the floor).

There is a blocked door with a familiar pointed top at the back of the room.

Pattern on Inner walls:    The 4 sides of the inner walls have wires on them.

Pattern of wires:    Move the cursor at the center of each intertwined wires to see a unique pattern. Check and note down the patterns. They will be seen later.

Complete the electrical circuit:

The aim of the puzzle is to make a complete flow-connection from start to the back east wall that has the electricity sign.

The plug or the start is seen on the wall facing the entryway (west, arrow pointing right). Look down to see the plug and start to follow the 2 wires coming out of the plug.

Follow the 2 wires rising from the plug-socket to the wall at right.

Turn the 2 circular switches to change the connection of the wires to get the wires to flow to the right.

Follow the wires around to the next walls; changing the circular switches on the north wall.

Follow the wires around again to the back wall (east pointing left) to see that both wires enter the glass box with electricity sign on it.

If correctly done, hear a bell sound.



solution A

solution B

Facing West - East End


Facing South - North End






solution A

solution B

Facing East - West End


Facing North - South End

TV (sunrise-sunset):

Exit the power room. The door will lock and can be open by pressing the power buttons 1-11 again.

Go to the TV in Kales' quarters. Press the green button on the TV-monitor.

Watch the first scene - sunrise. Take note of the squares.

Turn to the right. Open the box and flip the switch.

Watch the second scene - sunset. Take note of the squares.

Take note of what the switches look like - you will see that in a document and panel later.

Bridge hall:    Open the door across the TV. Go to the end of the path.

See a revolving bridge and a hallway across the water.

Exit Kales' quarters to go back to the courtyard.

Thatched roof hut area:

Go forward to the door at end of the path straight ahead. Enter the courtyard.

Go one click forward. The door to the hut is closed. This hut is mentioned in Kales' diary.

On the left wall, see 5 crosses. On the right wall, see 5 shapes.

Facing the left wall see 4 red round buttons and 5 squares with numbers. Above the numbers (except the first number) are red rectangular buttons.

Crosses and numbers:

The crosses and numbers are familiar also. Check the document in the book taken from the room behind the metal door with highlighted 6th square.

Find the code that opens the door:

Press a round button and note where the light shows up. Press that same button 5 times until the cycle repeats. Note the sequence of the lights that appears on the crosses on the wall.

Going left to right and starting at the leftmost cross as #1.

Left button pressed 5 times: 1 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 5.

Second button pressed 5 times: 1 - 5 - 3 - 4 - 2.

Third button pressed 5 times: 1 - 3 - 2 - 5 - 4.

The fourth button is not programmed.

Check the document taken from the room behind the metal door with highlighted 6th square.

See that all 3 set of codes are in the chart. The bottom left on the chart is not included. That must be the code for the fourth button.

Program the fourth code:

The numbers on the chart that are not seen on the coded buttons: 1 - 4 - 5 - 2 - 3.

Use the buttons to enter those numbers on the panel at right.

Then press the fourth-right round button 5 times starting from 1st cross.

Turn right and click to see that the door can now be opened.

Colors and shapes:    Turn to the right before entering the hut.

See the 5 shapes on the wall. There are 3 panels in the foreground: red button; small squares that X can be entered and square that can change color.

Inside the hut:   

Enter the hut.

Paintings and colored shapes:    See 4 paintings drawn by children on the walls.

Look close at each painting and see shapes in them. Move the cursor over the shapes made of squares. See that one of the shapes is colored. Take note of the color and shape.

Switch:    Turn to face the entryway. See a panel left of door. Open and press the purple button to show a green light. This powers the panel close to the fireplace.

Go to the fireplace.

Round panel:    Look left. Press the green button on top of the round panel. The arrow points to 1.

Press the red button left of the fireplace to open the fireplace. See a shape in a mold: Inverted triangle-circle-upright triangle. We will check this later.

Shapes panel:    Look right. If the panel light left of the entryway is green, this panel is activated.

See the shapes seen on the right wall outside on the panel but in different order.

Press the buttons. White dot(s) appear inside the shape. Press the same button several times and see the white dot(s) change positions.

Shapes clue:    Go outside the hut. Face the wall with the shapes.

Press the right panel and check the color.

On the small squares panel; click on the small squares to form the shape of that particular color as seen in the paintings drawn by the children inside the hut.

Enter all 4 colors' shape.

Press the red button. If correctly done, see lights flash inside the shapes on the wall.

Note down the position of the lights(s) inside those shapes.




Go back to the panel right of the fireplace.

Enter the lights inside the shapes by pressing the buttons. Remember these shapes are in different order than that of the shapes outside.

This brings electricity to the fireplace via the right button. We will use it later.

Painting with violet bird:    Go to and look at the painting right of the entryway.

See a violet bird like the one above Kales' bed.

Study the letters L and T on the painting. Note that there are red cherries on 2 small squares for the L and 2 on the T.

Kales' bedroom:

Go back to Kales' bedroom at building at far end of the area.

Look at the L and T on the wall above the desk.

Click the small squares to get red dots inside the squares at the position similar to that of the children's painting (I really think Kales' drew the paintings).

Click the cabinet and it opens. Look close at the A B C D chart. Copy it in the book.

Entrance to newly discovered part of Rhem:

Black crystal room:

Exit the building and go to the courtyard with the pools. Enter the door on the left.

Look around the room. See a stand at the center with a ring in front of it.

There are 4 round pads that display lines when the cursor is passed over them.

There are 4 cabinets that when opened, numbers can be entered.

On one wall is a blue box that has a slider that changes the color output.

At back end of the room is a closed door that has 2 squares and 2 light receptors on the top part.

Power up the room:    Place the black crystal given by Zetais on the ring at center of room. The ring automatically places it in the tube canister at center of the enclosure. This powers the room.

The pads with lines and the cabinets with numbers can now be adjusted.

Activate the room:   

Study the drawing given by Zetais. See the black crystal pointing to 4 shapes, each with its own number.

The shapes are those seen in the power room across Kales' quarter. The black crystal has a compass beside it.

Round pads:    Click the pads and see that the lines are familiar. Remember the intersection of wires in the power room.

Based on the position that the pads are situated, select the wire formation seen in the power room on the 4 pads.

Cabinets:     Remember that each of the shapes seen in Zetais' paper is seen on the outer power room walls. Each of those shapes has its own number as stated in the paper.

Based on the cardinal directions those shapes are placed in the power room; enter the numbers on the corresponding cabinet facing that cardinal direction.











The lines in the circular pads are based on the intersecting lines at the center of the power room and their location.


The numbers on the cabinets are based on the shapes on the wall opposite those intersecting lines in the power room and Zetais' drawing.

Blue box with red button stand Blue box with slider





Entry Door





Open the locked door:

Blue box on the left side of the room - Press the red button beside the blue box on the left wall. The panel shows violet.

Blue box on the right side of the room - Use the slider on the top of the blue box and select violet to show on the small aperture.

Turn to right, forward and around to face the red button stand right of the blue box. You are also facing the locked door with panels on top.

Press the red button. If the round pads and the numbers are entered correctly, see violet beams shoot out from the center canister to the receptors on top of the locked door.

The right green square should light up briefly. The door is unlocked.

Onward to the new part of Rhem.

Once you get to the new part of Rhem, Kales' diary will disappear from his bed.

New part of Rhem

Revolving bridge - sun room:   

Exit the black crystal room. Go left and forward. Be at the revolving bridge seen from the passage at Kales' quarters.

Before the bridge, press the orange pad on the underside of the arch. The bridge turns. Press again to turn it back.

See a sun icon on right side on the entryway.

Turn left and see a panel if when pressed shows white and black lines.

Press the button at right while facing the bridge and see lines flash on the top of the arch farther down the path. The lights are randomized whenever you press the red button.

Cross the bridge and look left. See another black-white lines panel. At right, see a sun icon on left side on the entryway.

Go forward and see a grilled room on the other side.

Turn right and check the locked door with a yellow button stand at right.

Go back to the main path outside the black crystal room.

2 columns panel and hut:

Go forward and see a panel left of the path and across a building. The building is not accessible because of the water and missing bridge.

2 columns panel:   

This is a memory puzzle and is random.

See small red and black arrows at top of the column.

There are scrolling arrows on both sides of the column.

Press the yellow button seen at right side.

Note that black Js cycle down the 2 columns.

Note also that 2 red Js and 2 mirror imaged Js will show up in the cycle. Take note of where those anomalous J's appear.

Using the top scroll arrows on the sides; move the small red arrows from the top to point where the anomalous red Js appeared.

Using the bottom scroll arrows on the sides; move the small black arrows from the top to point where the anomalous mirror image Js appeared.

If correctly done, hear a sound.

Turn around and press the red button. The door opens and the bridge slides up.

Information building:    Enter the hut and look around.

Ahead is a wave pattern and to the right are 2 plates with ABCD. Both are still inactive.

Get a copy of the hill pattern right of entryway.

See a compass with different icons flashing at the center when the cursor passes through them. We need more information.

Exit the building. Continue to the right.

Hexagon pipe:     See a yellow circle/pipe on the right side wall right of the arch over the path. Hover the cursor on it to see a circle with a line at 9 o'clock position inside a hexagon. The top right line of the hexagon is in red.

9 doors hallway:

Enter the building at right end of path.

Hill courtyard:    Turn right, exit to outside at end of hallway. Go forward and look around.

There are mounds-hills spread out in the courtyard. They look similar to the drawings in the information building.

See 3 panels at north and east fence. There are stands with ABCD buttons on all sides of the enclosure.

See a blue tube protruding from the building wall.

There's a closed cabinet at north wall connected by cable to the enclosure. We will work on this later.

Hallway:    Go back towards the building. Stand by entryway before entering the hallway.


















Open a door:    See 9 doors labeled 1-9. Each door has a panel at right side. The panel has 4 buttons.

To the right of the entryway with no door (outside), see an orange button.

Press the button and see the lights inside flicker. Then 3 doors light up.

Remember which doors light up. This is randomly generated.

Since each door has a number, that is the numbered code to use to open one door you choose in the hallway.

If you want to open another, you have to press this orange button again and get a new code.

Enter the sequence of numbers on the panel at right side of the chosen door by pressing the buttons. See the numbers below the first 3 buttons.

Press the bottom button to open the door.

You can open each door and check what is beyond them. We will get to each door as we go along.

Door 1:     After passing through 2 doors, this area leads to the tram circular railway. There is a locked passage and circular pads on the wall before the last door.

Door 2:     See a mold similar to the one in the fireplace of the thatched hut.

Door 3:     A panel with a button and 2 side lights are seen. The wire leading to the panel comes from the mold in door 2.

Door 4:     A closed cabinet is seen. There are 2 wires leading up to the panel: one from the panel in door 3 and the other one coming from over the rock wall at right.

Door 5:     This path leads to the gondola and the latched red door with a counterclockwise clock above.

Door 6:    See colored house paintings and a stand at end of the room.

Door 7:    A cabinet with a loud speaker is at end of the room. There are 2 circular frames with Roman numerals on both walls.

Door 8:    Open the blue box and take inverted triangle metal piece 1.

Door 9:    This door leads back to the front area of Rhem 4.

Bell Tower Area

Exit the 9 doors hallway through door #9.

Unlock the door:

Generate a code:    Go forward and then right to the revolving bridge.

Before the bridge, press the red button. Note down the sequence of lights seen on the archway at far end of the path. It flashes 3 times.

This is randomly generated. There are 4 bars on that panel. Do not touch that button anymore or a new code will be generated.

Go to grilled window:    Note that a grilled window is behind that panel. We need to find that room.

Turn around and go back to the 9 doors hallway. Open door #5.

Door #5:    Go forward. See path to left and right.

Hexagon puzzle:    Turn around after the pool path. See 3 hexagons on left and 3 on the right. We need to collect more clues.

Back of the Sun room:    At right, see a red door and a clock on the roof that turns counterclockwise. Unlatch the door.

Turn right from door. See letters inside a circle with cardinal points symbol on the wall and a metal hatch on the floor. We will check this later.

Turn right and take the other path towards the water.

Hexagon pipe:     On the post of the first arch, see a pipe with a circle bisected with a horizontal line inside a hexagon. The top left of the hexagon is in red.

Gondola:    See a gondola at end of path. To the left is a wire fenced enclosure.                                         

Enter the gondola. Press the red arrow button. The gondola stops at other end of the pond.

Exit the gondola and open the metal door.

Intersection door:    See a door that intersects the east-west and north-south hallway. The door allows access to one of the hallways only when the door is opened to that direction and the other entryway is closed.

Open the door by pressing the red button and go forward to the next door. Go through the oval door.

Go forward to a wood revolving door. Press the right or left button to turn the platform. Back out from platform and be in another path.

Power room back door:    Depending on whether you pressed the right or left button - (I used the left button) go to the pointed top door and unlatch it.

Door to entrance hallway:    Go back to revolving door. Turn the revolving door in same direction. Go through the other oval door and see that it is the path that goes to the entrance hallway behind the metal door with highlighted 2nd square.

Intersecting hallway door:    Turn the revolving door in same direction. Go to the other oval door. Go outside to a path at water's edge inside a rock wall.

Hexagon pipe:     Turn to the outer part of the last arch and see a pipe. It has a circle with lines at 9 and 12 o'clock positions inside a hexagon. The hexagon has a red line at bottom right.

Circular monitor with orange button:    Below the pipe see a circular monitor that is not powered yet.

Go forward until the intersection door seen earlier, the path is blocked because the door is opened on the other intersecting path.

Close the other door:    We have to go around and close that door from the gondola side.

Go back to the wood revolving door.

Exit through the oval door that goes out to the entrance hallway (behind the metal door with highlighted 2nd square). This enables the revolving door buttons to be facing the metal door to the entrance hallway and subsequently get back here.

Enter the metal door with highlighted 1st square across from this door.

Walk the path. Enter the door ahead to the black crystal room. Go out the other door.

Go forward to the 9 doors hallway. Enter door #5.

Go forward and ride the gondola. Enter the metal door and close the door to the intersection door.

Backtrack (gondola, 9 doors hallway, door #9, black crystal room) to go back to entrance hallway and through the metal door with highlighted 2nd square.

Use the revolving door and turn it left - until you can enter the oval door that leads to the intersection door.

Open the Bell Tower door:    Be sure that you have the flashing light code generated earlier at the archway. See that the path is now opened. Go forward.

Open the metal door by using the red button. See that you are now behind the grilled window and can see the revolving bridge ahead.

Enter the random code seen on top of the archway earlier by pressing the blue buttons. Press the locations of the flashing lights of the code. This will lighten the color of the blue button.

Press the red button. Hear a tink sound if correctly done.

Go back to the revolving bridge beyond the black crystal room through the oval door going to the entrance hallway.

Access the Bell Tower:

At the revolving bridge, go forward and press the yellow button at the end. The door opens.

Look around and see that this is the enclosure seen before entering the gondola.

Bell Tower:    Check the bell tower left of the path. Look up the ladder and see a hatch and a hole right of the hatch.

Turn around and enter the building to the left with a closed metal door. Look around.

Combination of colors:    Turn to the left. See 3 lenses over colored lines. The lenses can be moved to swing.

The viewed line's color changes when 2 colors are combined. Note the color combinations that make new colors.

Cart-peg puzzle:   

See 2 buttons framing the entryway. One is for an up-down peg and the other is to reset the puzzle.

Turn left again to the colored lines. See a box with colored squares and buttons below the lenses.

Press the orange button at top of the box. See pegs and cart.

See that the 1-5 violet pegs left of cart are blocking the cart.

The puzzle's objective is to lower the pegs in order to move the cart to the left.

Close the box by pressing the orange button.

The pegs can be lowered only when the box under that peg is green.

Change the color of the blocking peg to the color of the peg (in this case violet).

To do this; click the button under the nearest violet to move it one position to the right. Do this until it is violet square under the blocking peg.

Click the button under the violet square that is under the blocking peg again to change the color to green.

Turn right to then lower that peg by pressing the up-down button left of the open entryway.

Verify that the peg is down by lowering the cover of the box.

Manually move the cart to the left.

Do these until all pegs are lowered.

Once all pegs are lowered, move the cart to the left to fall on the floor.

Look down and pick up the wheel that separated from the cart.

Connect the bells to the panels at bell panel building:

Exit the building to the left. Go to the ladder of the bell tower. Look up.

Use the wheel on the hole right of the hatch. Turn the wheel and the hatch opens.

4 bells:    Go up and turn around. See 4 bells. Listen to the tones by pressing the red buttons.

Connect bells to other building:    Through the window, see 4 cables from this tower going to a building across the way.

Turn right to the wall with lights and columns of circles. The lines are not evenly positioned.

Turn right and look down to the hatch cover.

Close the cover. See white circle on the frames of the hatch cover.

Look again to the panel on the wall. Press the circles to get white circles on the position shown by the hatch cover clue.

Press the green button to align the lines. This connects the 4 cables from the building with the circles and bells panels to the bells in the tower.

Exit the bell tower.

Find the record player:

Enter the building with the car-peg puzzle.

Look at the record on the right wall. See that the label of the record has yellow/blue background and colored squares.

Exit the building to the left. Immediately, go left and see a closed stand right of the path.

Go right, left and around to the left close to the fence area.

At the end of the path are a closed round stand and a keyhole in a cup at right.

Colored squares:

Turn around, forward and look right at the panel. See a colored panel similar to the label of the record; except the background yellow-blue is turned 90 degrees.

Look close at the record label on the wall again and note the colors of the squares.

Decipher the colors:     Turn around and look at the colored lines with swinging lenses.

Swing the lens and note the colors produced when 2 colors are superimposed on each other. This way you can determine the color change of the record label squares when the background is different.

Blue + red (pink) = purple

Blue + yellow = green

Red (pink) + yellow = orange

Go back to the colored panel outside. Change the colors of the squares so that they are the same as that on the label of the record with the 90 degree change in the background.

This opens the stand close to the entryway of the cart-peg building.

Record player:    Go to the closed stand adjacent to the building.

If the colored panel close to the fence was done correctly, this stand should open when the button is pressed.

See a record player. Close the cover of the record player and see a code made up of numbers inside triangles, diamonds and inverted triangles. Take note of this code.

Decode the record player clue:

Go to the building close to the entry to this area and the Bell tower.

Turn around and see note on the wall left of the entryway. It shows the triangle, diamond and inverted triangle and numbers changed to another number.

Face the opposite wall. Open the wood box on the wall and see triangle, diamond and inverted triangle shapes.

Number conversion:   

There's a dice picture that shows that the numbers are randomly generated.

Open the cabinet and point to a shape using the green button. Take note of the shape.

Take note of the numbers that is shown on the panel. These are the numbers of the shape pointed to in the cabinet.

Turn to the right. Press the red button and see a new set of numbers. These are the new numbers that the original numbers on the other wall changed or get converted to. Note it down.

You can cycle the original number at left and check for their conversion number on the other wall until you get all the numbers from 0-9 for a shape.

Open the cabinet and press the green button to change shape. Do the same as above until conversion numbers for all 3 shapes are obtained.

As a shortcut, check just for the number conversion of the code seen on top of the record: 5 triangle, 9, 3 and 2 for diamond and 1 and 7 for inverted triangles.

Convert the record player numbers:

Study the code seen on the cover of the record player. Note that each number is within a shape.

Convert those numbers based on the conversion process just done.

Go to the record on the wall building.

Enter the converted number on the panel under the record. Press the red button.

If correctly done, the cover of the record moves right. Take the record.

Converted number - 6 9 0 1 8 1

Process the tones:

Record player:

Go to the record player outside. Place the record on the player. Move the needle on the record and listen.

Note down the 7 tones. From lowest to highest tone labeled 1-4: 1 4 3 2 2 1 4 3.

Bell tower:   

Go to the bell tower and listen to the tones of the 4 bells. Remember the low to high tones.

Bell panels:    Go to the NW building that has 4 panels with bell markings.

Go to a panel. Press a hexagon to highlight it. Press the button and listen to learn which bell or tone this panel is related to.

Then press the appropriate hexagon(s) to mark where this tone is in the sequence heard on the record.

Do this on all the 4 panels.

Front room:

West wall panel (pointing right):     This panel is for highest tone. Highlight the 2nd and the 7th hexagons.

East wall panel (pointing left):    This panel is for the lowest tone. Highlight the first and the 6th hexagons.

Back room:

North wall:    This panel is for the second highest tone. Highlight the 3rd and last hexagons.

East wall panel (pointing left):    This panel is for the second lowest tone. Highlight 4th and 5th hexagons.

Play the tones:

Go to the front room and face the entryway. See the 4 cables connected to the bell tower and the 4 bells.

Now that the cables are connected to the bell tower, press the red button on the left to hear the combined tones programmed on the 4 panels.

The microphone at right will pick it up. Press the yellow button. If done correctly, the panel opens. Take the key.

First fragment:

Go to back room and exit outside. Go around the fence to the round stand.

Go to the far left. Tilt the cup at right. Use the key. Turn the key once.

Pull the gold handle. Take fragment #1.

Exit the Bell Tower area.

Circular Tram Railway

White dots are the locations for hexagon or diamond clues.

Gold dots are golden fragment locations.

Door 1:   

Go back to the 9 doors hallway and open door 1.

To the right is a cabinet with lined circles inside. The lined circles look like the switches for the sunrise-sunset at Kales' room. Above the cabinet is a post with 2 lights.

Continue on and see a room at right. Go through the door.

See 5 gold circular pads on the wall. Numbers can be seen when the cursor passes through them. To the right is a locked door that leads to a passage and another building.

Go through the door at left.

Railway tower elevator:

See a tram at the end of the railway. See a purple button on the railing in front of the tram.

Enter the tram and see that an object for the mold at middle of the panel is needed to start it.

Turn to the left and see an opening in the ground outside the window. Let's go there.

Exit the tram and take the side path before the door. Go down the metal ladder to go underground.

Go forward and be at the center of a reservoir. Open the door of the central railway tower.

Map of railway:    Turn to the right and see a drawing of the railway. Note that each tram stop is at a cardinal point. Also note that each stop has a side rail to go that direction.

The south stop is where we came from and explored already.

Number decoder chart:     Turn around and see a number chart. Make a copy of the chart.

Press the yellow button to go to the top level of the central tower.

Tram key:    See a hole on the wall and 3 other closed doors on each cardinal direction. Exit to outside through the broken wall.

Stickman:    Look down and see a stickman icon held by chains and a broken bridge to the tram stop building ahead. Note down or draw the stickman (arms straight to side and legs apart with knees bent). Note that you are facing west.

Flip the stickman sign. Open the cover and take the red circular amulet-tram key from the back.

Cardinal points:    As noted in the map, each of the exits from this tower shows a tram stop at the outer circular railway. The tram stops are situated at each cardinal point: N E S W. The broken wall is at west. The area we came from is at south.

Get the codes for the 3 doors of the tower elevator and E-W passage:

Go back inside the tower.

The other 3 doors are locked. On the left of each locked door is a panel with buttons for a letter and a number. We need the code for each of the door. On the right is the orange button to open-close the door.

Go back to the tram by going down the elevator (press the yellow button). Exit, forward, up the ladder and around to the tram.

Start the tram:    Place the amulet-tram key at center mold of the tram panel.

Get the patterns for each door:   

South stop:    Press the down-back button to go in reverse. This brings the tram off the side rails to the south part of the main circular railway.

Turn right and see the closed door to the railway tower. Go forward and hover the cursor over the closed door and see a pattern made up of squares. Write-draw the pattern for your notes. Label it South (direction is when you face the tram stop; not the tower).

East stop:    Go back to tram and back up-reverse to next stop.

Exit and draw-note down the pattern on the tower door. Label it East (direction is when you face the tram stop; not the tower).

North stop:    Go back to tram and back up-reverse to next stop.

Exit and draw-note down the pattern on the tower door. Label it North (direction is when you face the tram stop; not the tower).

West stop:    Go back to tram and back up-reverse to next stop.

Exit and see that this is the one with the broken bridge.

Stickman:    Note or draw the stickman (arms up with bent elbows and straight legs apart). Note that you are facing east while viewing the stickman.

Turn right on bridge and go down the metal ladder. Turn right and go forward.

Hexagon pipe:    Examine the rusty pipe at left just inside the tunnel. The circle inside has a line at 3 o'clock position. The top left and bottom left lines of the hexagon are red.

Continue through the tunnel. Draw-note down the pattern on the door. Label it West.

Activate the west door:    See a stickman pad on the left. It has the East pattern around it. Change the pattern to reflect the stickman seen while facing east when standing on the broken west bridge (arms up with bent elbows and straight legs apart).

Decode the rail tower door patterns:

Open the book that has copies of picked up documents.

Note that the number chart taken from the tower rail elevator and the A B C D chart taken from Kales' quarters have the same number of small squares.

Superimpose or write down the 2 documents as one paper.

Then superimpose or write down the pattern for each of the rail tower doors over that combined chart.

Note that each door pattern passes through the letters A B C D E only once. Note where they are located and then find the number of that particular square. That is the code for each door. Each door will then have 5 letters (A B C D E) and their corresponding numbers.















Tower Codes


North (red)


West (white)


South (green)


East (blue)















































Open tower doors and the East-West passage:   

Go back to tower:    Go back to the tram and ride it forward until parked at South side rail (4 stops forward).

Go around and down to the metal ladder and to the rail tower. Use the elevator and up inside the tower.

E S N doors:    Enter the letters and numbers decoded above on each door. Click on letter and then click the decoded number for that door. Do A to E.

Check if the door opens by pressing the button right of it. The doors can be opened from both sides now.

East-West passage door:    Open the door going east. Turn right, go down the metal ladder and forward until the end of the path.

Power the door by entering the stickman with the west icon surrounding it as seen while facing west standing on the west broken bridge (arms straight to side and legs apart with knees bent).

Enter the code for the west door. Press the button and see that the door opens. This now opens an east-west path.

Close the South side rail:

Go back to the tower elevator. Go down using the elevator and back to the tram parked at the south side rail.

Procedure to switch rails and close a side rail:

Ride the tram. If the tram is in a side railway, back up-reverse from the side railway that you want closed.

Once on the main circular railway, back up or reverse once more. This is to gain entry to the tram stop that you want the side rail closed without the tram itself inside the stop or on side railway.

Exit the tram and go to the central tower now that the doors are opened. If it is the west tram stop, go through the E-W passage below and up to the central tower.

Go to the tram stop that you want the side rail closed. Open the door and see a panel that shows the rail going to the side of the circular rail (top). Click on it and see that the rail is switched; it now goes straight and not to the side of the circular rail (top).

It is best to have only one side rail opened. When all side rails are closed, the rail will be in a circular route.

Go back to the tram.

Do the above for the south side rail:    Back to the south side rail, enter the tram and go reverse. You will now be at the main south tram stop railway.

Go reverse again and be at the east tram stop. Remember that you go forward in a clockwise direction and reverse in counter clockwise direction.

Turn right and enter the central tower.

Open the south door and forward to the tram stop.

Open the door and see the panel with railway drawing. See that the rail goes to the side of the circular rail (up).

Press the panel to switch the rail and see that the rail is now straight. This will make the tram go in circles.

Go to the North area:

Go back to the central tower.

Procedure to open a side rail:

Be sure that all side rails are closed and that the rails are now on a circular route.

Move the tram one tram-stop after the tram stop you want to open. This leaves the tram stop you want have a side rail opened-empty and no tram blocking the way.

Go to the central tower. Go to the tram stop to be opened.

Open the door. See the railway panel. Click the panel to switch the rails and see that the rail goes up and makes a side rail.

Go back to the tram where you left it. Ride and go forward until you veer off to the side rail on the left.

Do the above for the north tram stop. The tram stop after the north one is the west tram stop.

Go down the ladder and cross to the other side and up to the central tower. Change the north side rail to go to the side and walk back to the tram left at west tram stop.

Ride the tram forward, forward again to turn the tram and exit to the new north area of Rhem.

North Area (Meneandes' Place)

Exit to the right and enter the building.


See 6 statues on the left. Each statue is holding round stones with letters on them. On the right side of each statue are 4 letters.

At the end of the hallway is a closed door and panel with 6 squares to enter letters on. The wire on the panel leads to the button that opens the locked door.

Get the code for the door panel:

The panel has 6 squares; the statues are carrying 6 balls each. That must be the clue.

Look and check what is different in the letters or balls carried by the statues.

One of the balls carried by the statue does not have a shadow (clue seen later). Note down the letter of the ball that does not have a shadow.

Now arrange the missing balls shadow letters by their position in the names.

Enter the arranged letters on the panel at end of hallway. Press the button right of door.

From left to right, the statues and missing ball shadows are:


Now arrange the missing balls shadow letters by their position in the names:


Enter SETIOK on the panel at end of hallway. Press the button right of door and enter the building.

First Building:

See another building across the way. There is a missing bridge to get there.

Press the green button and see that a far door opens.

Metal piece:    Turn right and see gold metal piece inside a glass globe.

Pull the lever to drop the coin down the tube. We will follow the tube later.

Meneandes' message:    Turn around and press the button on top of the round plate. Watch Meneandes.

Hello, I'm Meneandes. Welcome to my house. Please accept my apology that Iím not here in person. Here you will find some items necessary for your further exploration. See you again soon!

Door puzzle:    Go to next room.

See depiction of doors with 6 squares beside them.

There are 6 doors. Where did we see 6 doors? There are 6 metal doors at entrance hallway.

Entrance hallway:    If you have not noted how the doors opened; go back to entrance hallway and check.

At entrance hallway, note how the doors opened and where the highlighted squares are at bottom of the panel at right.

Travel back here and press the squares that are highlighted on the bottom of the appropriate door panels.

Press the button under the closed panel. Take coins.

Exit the building.

Side path:   

Letters and numbers:    Go left to the side path across the statues. See red cabinets on the wall.

Diamond pipe:    Go right and turn right at end of path. See 2 wood spindles of the fence have red X marks. Click to see them open a space at the bottom.

See a familiar pipe. Inside a diamond is a circle that has a line at 9 and 12 o'clock positions. The top right line of the diamond is red.

Open the locked door:    There's a locked door at the end.

Letters:    Open the cabinets. See letters at center of circles.

Each circle has 0-3 that can be pointed on by an arrow.

Take note of the letters inside the circles. Where did we see letters?

Go back to the 6 statues. Note that there are 4 letters beside each statue. Write the letters down.

Compare these letters to the letters in the cabinets. They are all there except one letter.

Numbers:    We need numbers. Count how many times each letters appears on the sets by the statues.

Then turn the arrow on each circle to point to the appropriate number by pressing the yellow letter button.

Right cabinet:    V-2; F-3; B-2; W-2.

Middle cabinet:    X-3; ?-1; G-3, C-2.

Left cabinet:    Q-3; D-0; Z-2; J-1.

Press the button right of the locked door. Go through to the bridge walkway.

Side bridge:

Metal piece 2:    Turn left and see a box. Open the box and take the round metal piece 2 that was inside the glass globe on the other side of the wall.

Look close at the picture of a ball with no shadow lit up by a light bulb. This clue shows the shadow difference of the statue puzzle earlier.

Continue down the bridge.

See a cylinder with wire going down the water between the 2 buildings. The cylinder is red inside and has a round indentation.

Go to the end of the bridge and see that door to the building is locked.

Go back to the tram. We need to check other places before we can complete things here in the north.

East Water Area

Circular tram railway:   

Close and open side rails:    Reverse to the circular railway. Then back up twice more until south tram stop.

Exit and go to the central tower.

Go to the north tram stop and switch the tracks to close the side rail.

Go to east tram stop and switch the tracks to open the side path.

Go back to the tram at south tram stop and go forward until the side track (4 times). Be at the east water area.


See that the buildings are ruined and some are in water.

Look left while inside the tram. See a building with a box. Access is not possible while the tram is blocking the way.

Enter the building at right.

Red Ball:    At the passage, look right and see a red ball on the wall.

Press the red ball and see a triangle with a red ball inside and 14 lines below.

Walkway:    Continue forward and see a panel with an up-down arrow on the left.

Continue towards the building and see a panel on the right. The panel has 4 squares with lines inside or outside the squares. This panel is connected by pipes to the up-down arrow panel.

Inside the building:     Look around. At right room are panels to enter numbers. It has the random puzzle clue (dice). There's a paper roll depicted between the 2 number panels.

Take and read the note behind the blue pipe right of the entryway.

Dear Friend,

If you have visited here at RHEM IV before, you will notice a few changes. Two new areas with secured entrances have been discovered.

For the successful conclusion of this extended RHEM IV World; not only will you have to find the nine golden fragments but you must obtain an item that will gain access to RHEM V.

Yours, Meneandes.

The left room has a clock and the shape of the bone fuse. The other wall has an empty bulb socket.

We need to collect more clues or items for this area.

Diamond puzzle:    Exit the building. See circles within diamonds framing the entryway.

Go back to the tram and reverse to the circular railway.

West Silo Area

Circular tram railway:   

Close and open side rails:    Reverse to the circular railway. Then back up to north tram stop (1x).

Exit and go to the central tower.

Go to the east tram stop and switch the tracks to close the side rail.

Go to west tram stop by going down the metal ladder to the E-W passage below. Switch the tracks to open the side path.

Go back to the tram at north tram stop and go forward until the west silo area.

Entrance hall:    Turn right and see a panel for 3 numbers.

Silo control panels:   

Go forward and then left to be outside.

See 4 panels (2 on each side of the path). There are triangles with circles above the panels.

Check all the panels and see what action happens with the silo at the back of the area.

Triangle with 2 circles and triangle with 2 overlapping circles:     This is the panel at right front with button.

When the button is pressed and there is a number on the panel at left side, it starts to drop stones out of the silo.

We can gather that 2 circles are 2 numbers. 2 overlapping circles are the sum of 2 numbers.

Triangle with 2 circles:    This is the panel at front left.

This is a random number and is related to the number of stones dropped from the silo.

Since 2 circles mean 2 numbers; the left number is a separate digit from the right number.

Triangle with one circle:    This is the panel at back right. It counts how many stones are dropped. There is also a reset button.

This icon is similar to the triangle with a red ball seen at the East water area. Remember that that triangle has 14 below it.

If you start the whole process of dropping stones (reset the panel), note that every 14th item dropped from the silo is a red ball. We need to get that ball.

Triangle with a crossed out circle:    This is the panel at back left.  If the whole process-panels are not activated, press this button and then press the panel that drops stones at front right; a different sound is heard.

During activation (all 4 panels are clicked on) and after a certain number of stones are dropped, notice that a sound and a flash are seen-heard. Take note of that number.

Get the red ball:

The clue from the east water area states and if you have played with the panels earlier - you will know that every 14th item dropped from the silo is a red ball.

Press the left front panel as many times you want until you get 2 numbers that add up to 14 or close and less than 14. For example 86 is seen on the panel. 8 + 6 = 14. The panel programs the silo to drop 14 balls now.

Be sure that the back right panel is reset to zero; so that it records the count correctly.

Press the button at front right, to start the silo. If you have managed to program 14 items to drop from the silo, the red ball will be on top of the pile under the silo. Go around the path and pick up the red ball.

If you can only program the left front panel to be close but less than 14 and have dropped those items from the silo - select a new set of number that will get 14. (I did 10, then 2 and then 2 on one replay).

If you programmed more than 14, the ball will be under the pile of stones and cannot be recovered. Start over.

Do this process until you get the red ball.


Enter the building.

See 5 squares and a button framing the entryway from the silo.

Triangle with 3 circles outside:    Turn right upon entering the building.

Open the blue box on the wall and see an outline of a pentagon. Turn right from the closed door and see that the clue is a triangle with 3 circles outside.

Triangle puzzles:    Turn to the wall that faces the entryway.

Triangle with 2 overlapping circles:    This is a random puzzle as clued in by the dice picture.

Press the button to get a number. Since this is a triangle with 2 overlapping circles; this is a sum of a set of numbers.

Follow the pipe from this panel going to the room at left.

Triangle with 2 separate circles:    The pipe leads to a number panel that has a triangle with 2 circles. This triangle means 2 separate numbers. These 2 numbers are the numbers that add up to make the number randomly generated in the other room.

Enter a set of number on this panel that will add up to the number randomly generated in the panel at room to the right.

Closed door:    Follow the wire to the left. See a closed door. Another wire comes in to this door.

Triangle with a crossed out circle:    That wire leads to a number panel that has a triangle with a crossed out circle. Remember the panel outside that makes a noise when a certain number of items-stones dropped from the silo.

If you remember that number, enter it on the number panel. If not, go outside, press the back left panel and the front right panel. Be sure to count how many stones are released-dropped from the silo until a sound and flash occur.

Closed door:    Open the door. Press the handle and get fragment 6.

See a rusted box right of the entryway. Inside are 7 circle that when clicked on changes colors.

North Area Again

Go back to the tram and back up to the circular railway.

Close west area and switch tracks to open the side rail to north area.

Ride the tram to go to north area.

Exit the tram and go to the side path.

Raise the bridge:

Go through the metal door and to the side bridge.

Look at the metal cylinder on the railing at left.

Use the red ball on the metal cylinder. The bridge rises up.

Second building:   

Go inside the first building by the statues.

Close the door at far end by pressing the button right of the exit to the bridge.

Cross to the second building.

Look left and see a drawing of a square with a bent line through it. Draw this square for your notes. There's a rock beside it.

Turn around and see circles and squares drawn on a paper. Take note of this clue. There's a vase of flowers beside it.

Triangle with 3 circles clue:

Look close at the picture right of the vase. It shows 3 circles outside a triangle above the green button right of the entryway. It looks like there is no bridge on the left. This also looks like the clue seen at the west silo area. Let's follow this clue.

Third building:

Go to the next building at left. Unlatch the metal door on the right. This goes to the side bridge outside. Now you can exit through here.

Take the red ball from the cylinder on the railing. This lowers the bridge.

Go back inside the third building through the metal door.

Go to the second building. Press the green button right of the entryway now that the bridge is lowered.

See the clue picture - a triangle with 3 circles outside and 448 inside under the landing of the first building.

Go back and place the red ball back in the cylinder to raise the bridge.

Third building:

Turn around and go forward to third building

If you pressed the button right of the exit at first building this door should be closed.

Meneandes' bedroom:   

Turn left. This door should be open if the door at right is closed. Take note of the hands pictured on the wall.

Alarm clock:    See an alarm clock on the table that is stopped at 7 o'clock.

Map:    Open the drawer and make a copy of the map of the circular rail and outlying areas. Note the gold and white dots.

Sum panel:    See etched circles with a plus sign in between on the wall = a question mark. Inside the circle are lines 1 -4.

Device:    Turn right and open the cabinet left of the bed. Take the device.

Hexagon pipe:    Move the middle pillow from bed to expose a pipe. The circle inside the hexagon has a line at 12 o'clock. The bottom left line of the hexagon is in red.

Block numbers:    Turn right and see block numbers on a frame. Each block number has an equals of the number of blocks in its make-up.

Fourth building:   

Turn right from block numbers and go to next building.

Colored squares:    See squares with different colors. The colors are familiar.

They are the colors of the flowers with the clock above it close to the entrance hallway. Remember the color of the flower at a specific time.

The paper in the second building is a clue to this puzzle. The black circles are the hour. The top middle one is 12 o'clock.

Arrange the colors by clicking on a square until the desired color appears.

The 12 o'clock position is yellow. Continue on. Check the list at start of this walkthrough

When done, press the button at right. Take the paper roll from the cabinet.


Clock:    Turn to face the clock.

The blue wire from the panel above the alarm clock leads to this clock.

Stop the pendulum at 7 o'clock. Position the cursor on the pendulum and time the click to be on the round part of the pendulum.

Go back to Meneandes' bedroom. Now that clock is stopped, press the button on the wall above the alarm clock. Take the key.

Outside building:

Now that we looked at all the rooms here; open the metal door to the outside.

Go back to the first building. Press the button right of the exit to the bridge. Go to that red door ahead at outside building.

3 hands clock:

See a clock on the left wall. It has 3 hands. Look right and see that one wire leads to a number panel.

Turn around and see that the other wire leads to a circle similar to the clock but it has numbers on it.

The ring at the bottom when pulled changes the number.

Look at the chart right of the entryway. It shows the movement of each arrow on the 3 hands clock. The smallest moves one space every beat; the middle sized hand moves 2 spaces at every beat and the largest moves 3 spaces at every beat.

 Within the time that the hands stops on the clock, quickly add the numbers that they point to based on the circle across the clock.

Enter the sum on the number panel at right and press the button right of door before the hands move to another spot.

One strategy is to select, small numbers on the circle with numbers. Copy it on a paper. Then face the clock and anticipate the numbers the hands will point to based on the chart right of the entryway and add them before the hands point to them.

Enter the sum on the panel right of the clock. Press the button.

Pull the handle and take fragment 5.

More of East Area

Collect items for east area:

Use the tram and go back to circular railway. Go to the central tower. Use the elevator and go to the south area.

Fuse:    If you do not have the fuse; go to the flower-fuse clock area. Take the bone-shaped fuse from the stand. Note what circle it points to when the clock stopped.

Bulb:    Go to the entrance hallway and out to the stand by the tram you used to arrive here in Rhem at start of the game. Take the light bulb at base of the stand.

Go back to the central tower at circular railway. Close north area side rail and switch the rail to access the east area. Ride the tram to east area.

Squares and lines:

Go forward until the panel with 4 squares and lines. Note that the wire from here leads to the up-down arrow panel at the other railing. So it powers that panel.

These squares are familiar. Remember the square with a bent line through it seen on wall of second building at north area.

Arrange the squares to show 4 depictions that when combined form the square seen at the north area.

Without touching the puzzle buttons yet:

From left to right, buttons are 1-4.

Turn button 4 - once.

Turn button 3 - 3 times.

Turn button 2 - once.

Turn button 1 - 3 times.

Move the tram:    Go to the up-down arrow panel. Press the up arrow and see the tram move back a bit.

Blocked building:    Check the now accessible building. The blue box has a ring indentation and the door is locked.

Turn around and look down. Take metal piece 3 from the exposed rail track. We will go back here later.


Go inside the main building.

Paper roll:    Go to left room. Place the light bulb on the empty socket.

Place the paper roll over the light bulb.

Power the light bulb:    Turn around. Place the bone-shaped fuse on the holder.

Open the book. Study the small circle with lines inside larger circles paper found in Kales' bedroom.

Remember what circle the clock at the fuse-clock area was pointing to when you took the bone fuse.

Look at the circle paper in the book. Note the small circle in the paper that has the bold line pointing out of that circle (not the position of the circle but the line position) similar to the fuse clock. If the fuse clock stopped when pointing, for example to 3 or right position; select the small circle that has the bold line going out to right (which is the left circle in the graphics).

Press the red button to turn the hand of the clock to point similar to your selection in the paper.

Click the other lined circles to be similar to the selected circle in the drawing.

Turn around and press the red buttons under the paper roll. The right button rolls the paper and the left button when pressed down turns on the light bulb.

Paper roll clue:    Study the info on the paper roll.

Turn on the light bulb on empty spaces to see lines that shows transposition of a bracket.

There are 6 placements on top bracket. The placements are transposed to different positions at bottom bracket. Wider brackets are 3 positions and are transposed together.

Start from the top of the paper and follow the several steps of transposition shown by the paper roll.

(1. Numbers are moved positions shown by lines. 2. Center numbers are reversed shown by circle. 3. Numbers are moved again to different positions as shown by lines.  4. Numbers are moved again to different positions as shown by lines. 5. Center numbers are reversed shown by circle.)

The end transposed number is the code to use at the far right room.

The transposition code: 1 2 3 4 5 6 position are transposed to 4 6 1 2 3 5. 

Random number:    Go to the far right room.

Press the red button under the dice picture to get a random number.

Arrange those numbers in different position using the code 4 6 1 2 3 5.

Remember that those numbers denotes the position in the sequence.

For example: you get 584 130. Move 5 that is first number in the arrangement to position 3 (since 1 is in the 3rd position in the code). Move 8 to position 4 (since 2 is in the 4th position in the code); move 4 to position 5 (since 3 is in the 5th position in the code).... After rearranging, the numbers will be 105 843.

Enter the rearranged numbers on the opposite wall.

Press the button right of the locked door. Pull the handle and take fragment 8.

Exit the building. Press the down button on the panel to bring the tram closer. Ride the tram to circular railway. We will finish west and east area later.


Behind Door 1

South side rail:    Enter the central tower. Use the elevator to go down and forward until the side rail at south side.

Diamond pipe:    Now that the tram is not on the rail, go to the rail and walk towards the closed rail gate. Turn right and see a familiar pipe.

See a circle with a line at 9 o'clock position. The bottom left line of the diamond is in red.

Side buildings behind door 1:

Get code to open the locked door:

Go to the rail area where the tram was parked earlier. See a purple button.

Press the button and see the lights on the wall in front of you flicker.

Note down the sequence of the lights. This is randomly generated.

Open the door:

Go through the metal door and face the 5 gold pads on the wall.

Using the sequence of the lights just seen; press the pads based on their position on this side of the wall and numbering them 1-5 based on when they light up.

For example: On the rail side, the first light to flicker is (L-R) the 4th one. On the pads side, press the (L-R) 2nd one and change the number to 1.

Do this until all the pads are pressed sequentially and numbers changed sequentially too.

Go right and press the button beside the locked door.

Side hallway:    Enter and go forward.

Diamond drawing:    On the first window ledge at left, see a paper with a circle lined at 3 and 6 o'clock position. The bottom right line of the diamond is in red.


Candles:    At the end of the hall, turn left and see 5 candles. Below the candles are coin slots.

Turn right and see a familiar closed stand.

Map:    Turn right to the window. Pick up and make a copy of the map of the southern part of Rhem 4.

Study the map. The gold dots shows the locations of golden fragments and white dots shows the locations of the diamond and hexagon clues. The green dots are items to open doors. The black dot is the black crystal.

Gallery:    Go back and turn left before the entryway. Enter the other building.

Look around and see buttons on the wall connected to portraits on the walls down the hallway. To the right is a locked door.

Diamond pipe:     At left wall before the last room, see a familiar pipe. The circle inside has a line at 12 o'clock position. The diamond's top left line is in red.

At the end of the hallway to the right is a 3 column frame with numbers. On one wall are 2 closed metal boxes. Poles seen outside behind doors 1, 2, 3 and 4 are depicted on a metal plate. A table with chipped rocks is by the other wall.

Door 6:   

Go back to the pads outside and go through the door to the south. Go to the 9 doors hallway.

Open door 6 and enter.

Colored houses:   

Remember the drawing behind the curtain in Kales' bedroom. The picture showed a house with several chimneys.

Look carefully at the different houses pictured on the wall and note the differences. Take note of the position of the chimneys and the color of the house.

Activate the picture of the houses:

Go to the picture of the black house. See that it has 5 chimneys.

Click on the chimneys and change their color based on the position of the chimney on a house with that color.

From L-R: green, red, yellow, blue and white.

See that the shutters are removed from the windows of the houses in the other pictures. The window frames are now seen. The windows vary in each house.

Height of the colors:

Go to the stand at end of the room. See a graph on the monitor.

There are 4 buttons: up, down, right and left. Pressing the buttons moves the diamond on the graph.

Check the little monitor at bottom foreground. See that it has lines.

Go to each colored house painting and note down the windows. Each window has a different frame.

Note down the window that is displayed and the color of the house.

Now, go back to the stand and move the diamond in the graph. Note the window frame on the small monitor in front and the position in the graph. Correlate that to the color of the house.

Do this for all the squares of the graph. This will chart the height of a color for you.



























Go through door 1. Go to the side door by the 5 pads. Go forward until the end of the hall.

Look at the candles at left.

Candle colors:

Insert a coin taken from the door puzzle at north area on a slot. See that the candles light up.

Adding more coins changes the color of the flame.

The plunger on top of slot resets the color of the candle.

Note that the candles are of 5 different heights. Determine which color is that height on the chart made from room 6.

Add coins until the light of a candle matches that determined color.

Turn right and pull the handle. If the candles are done correctly, take fragment 7.

Door 7:   

Go to the 9 doors hallway. Open door 7 and enter.

See 2 circles with lines 1-4 at both sides of the room.

The clue on the wall at Meneandes' bedroom looks like the 2 circles on the walls. That clue inferred that these 2 numbers be added.

Open the cabinet. Place the key taken from Meneandes bedroom wall after the clock-pendulum puzzle on the tube left of the loudspeaker.

There are levers at bottom box. The levers can be moved to either at top or at bottom position.

Click on the inserted key and hear 3 tones. Look at the circles on the left and on the right. The arrow will point to a line.

When it is activated by the key and the slider positions are variably changed; take note of the 3 tones (high or low) produced and the total of the number of lines pointed to on the circles on the walls.

Tones-lever position


Total number of lines


Tones-lever position


Total number of lines


high high high




high low low



low high high




high high low



low low high




high low high



low low low




low high low




Go through door 1. Go to the side door by the 5 pads. Go through door and immediately go right.

Enter next building. See the buttons on the wall. There are 8 paintings on the walls down the hallway.

Portraits and buttons:   

Learn which button is connected to which portrait. Select a button on the wall. Follow the wires until the portrait.

Paintings numbered in the rooms at both sides of hallway

1 woman with snood 5 man with hat
2 woman with pearls 6 man with quill
3 woman in black dress 7 red haired man
4 woman with coins 8 white hair wigged man

Buttons at first room associated with numbered paintings













Place the device - microphone on the slot left of the portrait. Hear the 3 tones. We heard those tones before in room #7. Check what number of lines deduced from room 7 is for this tone-portrait.

Study the portrait.

Go back to the buttons at first room. Press the same button.

Go back to the portrait and look for the item that changed in the portrait.

Each press of the button adds to the change in that active item until 8 changes happen and it goes back to 1. Check the portrait to see the item change and verify the changes.

Once the item changed to the number based on the clue in room 7 is reached, do another portrait.

If done correctly, open the door at the end of hallway. Pull the handle on stand and take fragment 4.




Number to change to

Item(s) changed





Number to change to

 Item(s) changed













leaf design on dress





lapel strips




dangling bead on necklace





rope on chest










Behind Doors 2, 3 and 4

Metal pieces:

3 metal pieces of varying shapes have been collected: one from behind door 8, one from east area and one from north area.

Fuse the 3 metal pieces:

Go to the thatched roof hut left of the flower clock area. Go to the fireplace.

Open the fireplace by turning the green arrow at left to 1 and press the button left of the fireplace.

Place the 3 metal pieces on the mold inside the fireplace.

If you have not finished the shapes panel at right, please do so now. If the shapes panel was correctly done and with the fireplace open; press the button right of the fireplace.

See electricity fuse the 3 pieces together. Take metal piece 4.

Door 2:

Travel back to the 9 doors hallway. Open door 2.

Enter and place metal piece 4 on the plate.

See that the cables leading off this plate go to a panel behind door 3 at left and to the cabinet with 2 lights above it at right. This connects the cables then.

Door 3:   

Open door 3 and enter.

See the panel with a red button and cables leading out at right and left. The left one goes to a cabinet behind door 4.

Sunrise, sunset:

Press the red button. See that the 2 lights on the pole ahead lights up. The lights either go from light to dark or dark to light.

Take note-write down the 6 sequences on both top and bottom signal lights. You can also just check the post behind door 1 later.

Remember the sunrise and the sunset movie on TV seen at Kales' quarters. There are white boxes to denote the light to dark and dark to light event.

Also remember how the switch to change the movie looks like. Sunrise (dark to light) has vertical switch. Sunset (light to dark) has a horizontal switch.

Dark going bright is sunrise.

Bright going dark is sunset.

Verify or obtain the code with the switch connections at bottom of post behind door 1.







Door 4 cabinet:

As noted, the cable from the door 3 panel connects to door 4 cabinet. Another cable goes out of that locked cabinet.

Each of those cables is on a distinct pole. The one coming from the panel in door 3 is short and has 4 cylinders on the side. The pole of the other wire is on a taller pole with a triangular cover on top.

The programming of those 2 cables should be the same for this cabinet to be activated.

Signal light cabinet:

Open door 1 and go to the cabinet under the signal lights.

See a chart that shows the vertical and horizontal circles. This is what is programmed to show on the signal lights above. You can change this program if you want by clicking on it. Also this is another way of getting the code of the lights that flashed on the post above.

This picture verifies the sequence of lights you recorded when you pressed the button behind door 3. Remember based on the TV switch that circle with horizontal line is light to dark and circle with vertical circle is dark to light.

This is also the program that goes to locked cabinet behind door 4. The other wire coming out-in that cabinet should have the same programming for the cabinet to be activated.

Read the switch picture of the cabinet:    Open the cabinet and see the switch pictures of the flashing light that was programmed.

These switches can be used to get the code instead of the flashing lights.

Find the start switches (one with only one line coming out of it. Follow the line to the next pair of switches and so on. The horizontal line is sunset and the vertical line is sunrise.

Other Door 4 cabinet wire:

Follow where the other door 4 cabinet cable goes to. It goes behind the rocky wall to the back of the gallery building where the closed boxes were located.

Go to the gallery. Go to the end of the hallway.

Before the last room, look right and see a nice hideaway with trees. The tall pole with the triangular cover leads to the room at end of hallway.

Enter the last room. See the cable enter through the wall and connect to 2 closed boxes on the wall. See the picture on the wall of the 2 poles of cables leading-coming out of the locked cabinet behind door 4. It has an equals sign to denote that they should be programmed the same way.

Open the closed boxes:

See 3 columns of numbers on the right wall. The lever has a blue handle like the wire leading to the boxes.

Let's see what happens when we pull the handle. A sound is heard. Hmm... No change in this room.

Stones:    Remember the depicted trees and rocks at the bottom of the drawing that was seen behind Kales' bedroom curtain. It showed 2 trees and rocks and the panel with the lever.

Exit the room and look left at the nice hideaway. The stones have moved.

Study the scene. The stones are separated by 2 trees to get stones on the left, middle and right (just like Kales' picture).

Count the stones on those areas. Go back to the left.

Press the number of stones on the left, middle and right column accordingly. Do not pull the lever or the code changes.

Turn left and click on the boxes. The door opens.

Sunrise - sunset:

See the white squares shown on the movie in Kales' room: sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise is from dark to light - bottom white and top white squares (dark to light).

Sunset is from light to dark - top white and bottom white squares (light to dark).

Program the other wire:

Enter the program-code done on the stop light to this set by pressing each picture.

Go to the locked cabinet behind door 4 to see if you programmed squares correctly.

Door 4:

Go to 9 doors hallway. Open and enter door 4.

Press the button of the cabinet. Take the green ring.


Remember where we saw the ring depicted? Go to the circular railway. Open the side rail to go to the east side. Be sure that other side rails are closed.

Go to east side. Exit the tram. Go forward and move the tram back by pressing the up arrow on the railing.

Go to the hut. Open the cabinet at left. Place the green ring on the indent. Press the button on the right and enter the hut.

Pull the lever of the fragment stand. Take fragment 2.

Go back to 9 doors hallway.

Sun Hall

Sun Hall:   

Revolving bridge:

Exit through door 9 and go to the revolving bridge.

If the bridge is not going the other way, press the button at bottom of archway to turn it perpendicular.

Take note of the panel at left with white and black lines.

Go around to Kales' quarters to walk the bridge via black crystal room and courtyard.

Enter the door across from the TV in Kales' quarters.


Go across the bridge and see sliders on both sides of the wall. The sliders are still not activated. The top point on one of the slider is blocked.

Look up and see a clock on the roof. The clock hand turns clockwise.

There are buttons on either side of the hall. The closest to the entryway turns the bridge. Also there are letters (NAKY) made up of small blocks on both sides of the wall. Each letter is within one of the NESW icons. Note down the letters.

At the end of the hall is a closed door. The 2 green buttons have sun depicted above it. They are still not powered.

Turn around from door and see a sun with lines on outer rim on the ceiling. The lines on the side have arrows pointing to two of the lines. This is the other side of the clock seen on the other end of the hallway.

Black and White panels:

Black and white lines:    Go forward until the entryway and just before the bridge.

Look up at lines above the archway. There are white lines on top and the drippings below looks like black lines.

Hover the cursor over the lines and see that a zigzag line cuts through the middle of the depiction. Take note of the lines on either side of the zigzag line.

Remember that we have black and white lines on the panel by the bridge. There are 2 panels; one on each side of the bridge. Aha!

Black and white panels:    Go back and around to the black and white panel seen earlier. Turn the bridge to allow access to the other side.

On this left side panel, press the lines to show a similar pattern as the left half of the lines seen on the archway at the hall. The bottom black lines automatically looks like the ones in the sun hallway.

Cross the bridge to the other side and enter the line pattern seen on the right half of the lines seen on the archway at the hall.

If done correctly, this now activates the slider on the wall by the entryway of the sun hall.

Sun on the ceiling:

Turn the bridge to go the other way. Go around and go back to the sun hall.

Go to the end of the hallway and turn around to face the sun at ceiling.

Note where the arrows on the side point are at.

Now that the slider close to the entryway are activated; move the slider to the position pointed at on the sun above.

If one of the positions is blocked on the slider, use the green button at right while facing the sun to spin the sun. This should change the lines that have arrows and the slider can now be programmed.

If the sliders are done correctly, turn around from the sun and press the green button to open the metal door.


Block Letters

Check the rooms:

Enter the first room and see 4 cabinets. Each cabinet has a clock face, letters and numbers. The next room also has 4 cabinets.

Unlatch the door and exit outside. The other side latch should have been raised earlier.

Turn left and see 4 more letters made up of small blocks (GOTE). Note down the block letters.

To the right by the railing is a yellow button connected by wire to the hatch on the floor. Another coming out of the hatch goes inside the building.

Go forward and see that this is the way to the gondola and the back of door 5 at 9 doors hallway.

Turn back to the door and see a clock on the roof. The hand turns counterclockwise.

Go back inside the block letters rooms.


Remember the block numbers seen at Meneandes' bedroom. The digit has an equivalent number that is the total number of blocks that make that particular digit.

Each of the cabinets sits on a wall on one of the cardinal points NESW.

Check the letters outside and count how many blocks make up each letter.

Check the letters outside and note down the icons surrounding each letter to know the cardinal points.

Letters on the wall of the sun hall where the clock hand goes clockwise:

G - 15 blocks with east icon; O - 12 blocks with south icon; K - 5 -11 blocks with north icon; E - 16 blocks with west icon.

Letters on the wall outside where the clock hand goes counterclockwise.

N - 13 blocks with west icon; A - 14 blocks with south icon; T - 9 blocks with north icon; Y - 7 blocks with east icon

Now that we know the number, position and letters; enter the appropriate information on each of the cabinets with attention on whether the clock goes clockwise or counterclockwise.

Press the clock to enter the letter and use the arrows to enter the number.


If done correctly, exit outside to water side.

Press the yellow button and the familiar stand rises from the hatch.

Pull the handle and take fragment 9.


Hills Courtyard

Hills courtyard:

Go to 9 doors hallway and exit right. Go forward to the hill courtyard.

Note that there are small hills at center of enclosure and by the rock walls.

There are 3 panels at north and east fence that show icons and ABCD panels on the railing around the enclosure.

At northeast corner by the wall is a closed cabinet. The wire that comes out goes to a hill in the enclosure.

Program the icon panels at the courtyard:

Hills Information building:

Exit and go through door 9. Enter the building across the 2 column panel at the walkway.

Clues:    Study the icons inside a compass. Note down the icon with care for their locations. The icons are the ones seen in the panel at the courtyard.

Turn to the entryway and you should have a copy already of this paper. It shows the panel with hills above it.

The other 2 wall panels are not active yet.


Go back to the courtyard.

The drawing with panels shows that we should look at the hills while facing an icon panel.

Face a panel with icons selection.

Identify the location you are standing in and the icon panel you are facing by the compass.

Study the hills behind the panel. Link each hill with an icon on the compass chart by their position.

Enter the icons linked to the hills in front of you - left going to right in 2-D or as one layer or depth.

If correctly done, the 2 panels at the hills information building are now activated.





Program the letter panels:

Hills Information building:

Exit and go through door 9. Enter the building across the 2 column panel at the walkway.

Hill picture screen:    If the icons are entered correctly on the panels at the courtyard, the hill picture screen can now be raised by clicking on the green button. Look through the peephole and see the hills vista.

Letter panel:    The letter panel on the right is now also activated.

Enter a combination of letters and then press button. See a printout of a hill vista.

Make a copy of the printout. Open the book and label that hills drawing with the letters that you entered.

Do all the possible combination of letters (except double letters like AA or BB or CC); make a printout of the hills drawings, copy the printout and label it in the book.


Go back to the courtyard with your copy of the different drawings of the hills.

Stand by a letter panel. Look at the hills in front of you. Look for the drawing that matches that view. Once you match the drawing, enter the letters that made that drawing on the panel.

Do this to all the letter panels.

Press the button at southeast corner of the enclosure.

If correctly done, the hill at center of the inner courtyard lights up.

Go to the locked cabinet at northeast corner of the courtyard.

Open the cabinet and take the green pentagon.






















Last fragment:

Go to the circular railway. Close all other side rails. Open the side rail to the west area. Travel to the west area.

West area:

Look at the panel on the right in the hallway. Inside the building the wire it is connected is beside a triangle with 3 circles outside.

Remember the hidden clue seen at the north area. Go back to the panel outside and enter the hidden clue - 448.

Go back inside and open the box left of the door. Place the pentagon on the indent.

Open the door. Pull the handle and take fragment 3.

Metal door with highlighted 3rd square:   

Go to the south area and the entrance hallway.

Go through metal door with highlighted 3rd square.

Place all the collected fragments in the box.

Go left and press the button on the stand. Do not press the button again or the exit door will close. If so, press the button again.

See Kales as he thanks us and departs on a flying machine. Kales says he will be back at Rhem after recuperating.

I thank you, not only because you have unraveled the mystery of this part of Rhem, but also because, after so many years of isolation here, you have given me the opportunity to return to my brother. I wish you all the best for your own journey home!

Metal door with highlighted 6th square:   

Go to the room next door where Kales was seen.

Pick up the blue key on the table. Kales must have left the key.

Metal door with highlighted 5th square:   

Go through the door. Open the box at right and use the blue key.

Enter. Turn around and close the door.

Hexagon pipe:    Before going down the ladder, turn right and see a familiar pipe. The circle inside has lines at 9 and 6 o'clock. The hexagon is red at top right and bottom right.

Turn around and see the lady in red behind a window at right.

Go through the door. If the door above was not closed this door is blocked.

Look around. See a tram leave.

Room:    Enter the small room. This must be where Kales stayed while we were roaming around.

Read the diary.

Diamond paper:    Turn around from desk and look at the diamond paper. The circle inside has lines at 9 and 6 o'clock position. The left 2 lines of the diamond is in red.

Exit and go to the balcony at left. See a tram leave.

Door with star key:    See the locked door that needs a star key.

New Locations

Hexagon correlation:

We need to correlate all the hexagon clues now.

Go to 9 door hallway and exit through door 5. Go forward pass the pebble walkway and then turn around after the archway.

6 Hexagons:    See 3 hexagons on the left and 3 on the right.

Click the circles to form the lines seen on all 6 hexagons seen around Rhem IV.

Use the red lines of the 6 found hexagons to know where to place a clue.

Press the button. If done correctly, hear a sound. See pebbles on the walkway flash in color.

Diamond correlation:

We need to correlate all the diamond clues now.  Go to 9 door hallway and exit through door 1.

Go to east area of the tram rail. Close other side rails.

Enter the building. Turn around to face the entryway.

6 Diamonds:    See 3 diamonds at right and 3 at left.

Enter the lines in the circles using the clues taken from your adventuring.

Use the red lines of the diamonds as guide to the placements of the diamonds. Press the button.

Note the lines that appear on the walkway. Go back to the tram.

West area:

Where did we see colored circles? Go to west area of the north part of Rhem IV.

Colored pebble puzzle:    Enter the building and go to the room at left.

Open the rusty box right of the entryway.

Enter the colors seen after solving the hexagon puzzle by door 5. Close the door.

If correctly done, the door cannot be opened anymore. This powers the puzzle outside.

Diamond lines puzzle:    Follow the wire from this box to outside. Exit and right to the patio walkway going to the silo.

Turn around and see 5 squares left of the entryway.

Enter the lines seen after the 6 Diamonds correlation at east area. Press the button.

Aha! The floor rises and stairs going down appears.


Access Cave:

Go down the stairs.

At right bottom of stairs, see a closed panel beside a column of 6 squares.

4 column drawing:    Turn around. Examine the drawing on wall at end of passage.

There's 4 columns that equals a column. Hmm...

Change color puzzle:   

Turn right and examine the panel on the wall.

See a red colored metal panel on right wall. It is attached by a rope to ropes controlled by 4 wheels on the panel across it.

The aim of the puzzle is to raise the layers of panels on right wall.

Each wheel has a slider control. The buttons left of each slider control the raising of the ropes.

There are only 4 clicks or tries to the puzzle before resetting.

The red lever raises the red panel across it. Click the top button of red. Turn around and see green.

Click the topmost button of green. Turn around and see yellow panel.

Click the button beside yellow one down (second from bottom). Turn around and see blue.

Click the button beside the blue slider 2 down to the bottom. Turn around and see a hole on the wall.

Cave:    Enter through hole and walk the tunnel. Climb the metal ladder.

See a cave with walkways over water, stands, horn speakers and panel.

Large panel and cables:    Follow the brown cables of the 4 horn speakers and see that they converge on the panel at right walkway. Look down and see an orange lined tube below the control panel. The gray tube coming out of this orange tube goes to the walkway across this one.

The gray cables coming out of a button by the locked door at left walkway and one coming out of an alcove on the stone wall converge on this control panel also.

The brown cables look like they power the panel and the gray cables are powered by the panel.

Gate and star key:    Go to the right walkway and out to the water's edge.

See a star key stand and hatch on the floor.

There's a grill gate at left by a 6 square stand.

Look out to the water. See a new building across and to the left is a familiar stone arch.

Open the gate:

Go to the left walkway by the 4 horn speakers.

There's a button on the stand on the middle part of this walkway.

Another stand that is not powered is by a closed door.

4 cabinets:    There are 4 cabinets attached to the railings of the left walkway.

Each cabinet has 2 buttons and a speaker cover. The middle button is not powered yet.

Open each cabinets and see 6 numbers on the covers. There's a rectangular slot at the bottom of the lined icon.

Those 4 columns looks familiar. Remember the drawing at the end of the passage below the west area: 4 columns equals 1 column.

Note down all the numbers in each column of 6 rows.

Compute the numbers of all 4 cabinets to get a column of numbers 1-6.

Go to the stand by the grilled gate and press the buttons 1-6 using the calculated sequence at last column below. The gate rises.







































Electronic module:    Go through the opened passageway.

Turn right just after the raised gate. Take the electronic module from the shelf.

Go to the alcove at end of the passage. See a stand that fits the electronic module. Insert it on the stand and see that it is not powered. Take it back.

Column of numbers:    Turn left and see a column of numbers hidden behind the rock wall. Note down this set of numbers.

Take the wire propped up below the numbers.

Power the control panel:

Control panel:    Go back to the walkway inside and study the control panel.

See 4 columns of the lined labels of the 4 cabinets by the railings. See the horn speaker drawings at bottom under the columns.

At right, the percentage of power that is sent to this panel is seen.

Connect the control panel:    Press the yellow button and see that there is no power.

Look down and click the yellow tubing. See an empty space. There is no connection.

Place the wire just picked up to connect the tubings.

Press the button and see that the gauge does not move up.

Cabinets on railing:   

Go to each cabinet at left walkway and open it.

Flashes:    Insert the electronic module at bottom slot. Close the cabinet.

Press the now powered middle button.

Each cabinet flashes 7-8 times. Count the number of flashes before the horn sounds.

Do this to all 4 cabinets. Take the module.

= 5 flashes, = 6 flashes, = 7 flashes and = 8 flashes.

Horn speakers control panel:

Go to the walkway with the button perpendicular to the cabinets' walkway.

Open the cabinet:   The gray pipe from below the control panel at right walkway ends to this button stand.

Press the button and see a double door cabinet rise from the floor. Try to open it. Huh!

Press the button again to lower it.

Look down. Pull the handle of the lowered cabinet to open it.

See that the cabinet is locked. Move the red bar to the left to turn it green.

Press the button on the stand again and open the raised cabinet.

Panel:    See the lined labels of the 4 small cabinets.

Press the red button to enter the order of cabinets from highest number of flashes seen to the lowest (1-4) when powered by the electronic module.

Close the cabinet and lower it.

Main control panel:    Go to the large control panel at right walkway.

See that the lined labels entered in the horn speaker panel is now lit on this panel.

Press the yellow button. The power goes to 100%.

Open the side door:

Stand behind the gate:    Go outside to the alcove accessed through the raised gate.

Place the electronic module on the stand. See that it is now pulsing lit.

Go back to the left walkway and to the closed door.

Go to the button stand by closed door now that it is powered and press the button. Enter through open door.

Another door:    See another closed door.

The lock on the stand shows the lines of the cabinet labels on the railing.

Press the squares based on the sequence of numbers entered on the horn speaker puzzle.

Start at bottom right, bottom left, top right and top left.

The door opens.

Raise the bridge:

Enter the new room. See a panel of squares with 2 red circles and a dot.

Go forward to water's edge and be close to the familiar stone arch. Look down to the water and see a sunken bridge.

Another 6 numbered column:    We still have a column of numbers to check.

Go down to the hole under west area (ladder, tunnel, hole on wall).

Exit the hole and look close at the column of white squares on the wall.

Enter the numbers seen behind the rock wall by the electronic module stand.

See a circle with lines. Note the position of the lines.


Another circle with lines:    Go upstairs and look around.

Walk the path to the silo. Turn around before the corner. See a drawing on the side of the raised floor. Note the position of the lines, dot and circle.

Red circle panel:    Enter the lines seen on the circle paper and side of the raised floor at west area.

To enter the lines, click the location of the lines inside the squares of the panel.

Ding. The bridge is raised.


Walk the bridge and see that this is the waterway behind the revolving door - intersecting passage by Kales' room - power room.

Telescope:    See a tube at end of the passage. Press the button to raise the telescope and use it.

Circle with lines:    Pan the telescope using the arrows on the rim of the lens down and then go left (close to extreme left). See a circle with lines.

Pan right while at bottom edge of telescope view and see another circle with lines at right edge of view.


Power the monitor at walkway:    Pan the telescope to view the button and hexagon tube on the archway of the path.

Center the crosshair on the small red light above the large red-orange button. Press the green button on telescope to power that light. It turns green. (The red button of telescope turns it off.)

Red circle panel:    Go back to the red circle panel.

Remove -click the old lines entered to raise the bridge from the circles. The bridge is lowered when the line code is changed.

Enter the lines from the 2 circles seen on the rock wall through the telescope.

Ding. Take the green token.

Hidden Area

Walkway by intersecting - revolving door:

Let's go back to the path behind the revolving door-intersecting hallway area.

Exit the cave and go up, lower the bridge and take the tram. Exit to tower and go down the elevator to go up to the south side rail.

The best way to get there is through 9 door hallway and the power room by Kales' room.

You can take door 5, through the sun hallway, Kales' bedroom or door 9, black disk room and Kales' bedroom.

Open the power room again and go out through the back door. Hopefully you unlatched this door.

Take the revolving door to the opposite side and enter through the oval door.

Monitor:    Now that you powered this monitor using the telescope earlier, press the red button to see arrows.

If the arrows are set side to side; the revolving door turns around.

If the arrows are set up-down; the revolving door goes down underground and acts as an elevator.

Set the arrows up-down.

Secret area:

Revolving door:    Go back to the revolving door. Press the right side button to go down.

Go to the door and insert the green token from the cave to open the door.

Overlook:    Enter, go forward and see a walkway below from an overlook.

Look close to the hallway below. See the lady in red walk the hallway. Aha!

Stairs:    Enter the side room.

See a painting on the right wall. Hover on it to see 5 images appear.

Go down the stairs. See the door at right opens when the fan is off.

The left entryway is blocked by wood.

Hidden room:   

Open the middle door. Look around.

Read Meneandes' letter on the desk at left. Learn about the quarter of a medallion that is hidden in this room.

Dear Friend,
I congratulate you in reaching this hidden room.
In Rhem V, you will first need to travel to Rhem I , II and III to recover three quarters of a medallion. The complete medallion is needed to explore Rhem V further.
Right now, you need to locate the first quarter of the medallion in this room. Then you can leave Rhem IV.

I will contact you once travels to those other places are possible through either Zetais or Kales.

Yours, Meneandes

Light disk:    Face the entryway.

Take 3 fruits from the bowl at right table and place it on the bowl at left table.

Take the light sphere from the empty right bowl.

Paintings:    Turn left. Like the other painting; see 2 new figures appear when the cursor hovers it.

Move the bonsai, hover over the painting and see 6 numbers written on the wall of the painting at bottom left.


Go back out to the other painting at top of stairs.

See that a similar wall at bottom left is there.

Using the location of the numbers on the hidden room painting; click on the squares in sequence 1-6.

Take the blue key seen when the painting moves up.

Study the cabinet:

Closed cabinet:    Go back to the hidden room. See a closed cabinet at middle wall.

The lock for the cabinet is the 6 buttons left of the painting.

Read the paper under the moved bonsai and see a clue.

Clues to the cabinet:    Exit the room and climb the stairs midway.

See 3 numbers on top left post and 3 numbers at top right post. Note them down.

Open the door outside:    The door outside has an icon of "no fan".

Go back to room. Face the desk, look down and see a button at left wall. Press the button and the fan above stops.

Passage room:    Go out and open the left door. Look around.

Look down at right side rail and see a lowered walkway leading to another passage seen from the walkway earlier. It has a starkey lock.

Another cabinet clue:    Look left across the door and then look down. It's dark down there.

Drop the light sphere. See 2 columns of 3 numbers each. Note those numbers.

Face the door and see that if this door is open; the wood blocked door across the hallway is closed.

Open the cabinet:    Go back to the hidden room.


Combine the numbers taken from the posts and the rock wall.

Using the clue from Meneandes' paper, interchange the number on those marked by the red arrows.

Click the buttons following the decoded numbers in sequence 1-12.


Press the button by cabinet. The cabinet opens.

Use the blue key on the keyhole. Turn the key.

Take the Rhem 4 SE medallion quarter.


Go back up. Go to the monitor outside and push the button to side arrows.

Go back to the revolving door and exit through the oval door to entrance hallway.

Go to tram by way of metal door with highlighted 4th square.

Ride tram and say goodbye to Rhem 4.

Dear Friend,
I'm happy you returned safe and sound from Rhem. Thank you for your help which also enabled my brother Kales to return home. Without the possibility of returning, he felt his stay in Rhem was more and more like exile. He is doing better all the time. I'm sure he will plan a new expedition to Rhem soon in which case we will, of course, need your help again.
Bye for now.

See you in RHEM V!

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