Runaway – A Road Adventure

Walkthrough by Phil Darke


Watch the introductory movie; you end in a Hospital room with Gina.


Chapter 1 – Wake me before I die


Gina lies unconscious in a hospital bed. There is only one obvious exit. Look at the bedside table and examine and pick up the glass and sleeping tablets.

Take Gina’s handbag from the top of the locker and examine it in the inventory, you find a match book.

Examine the chart at the bottom if Gina’s bed and the map on the bathroom door. You discover that there is a storeroom next door.

Enter the bathroom and take the bottle of alcohol from the shelf above the wash basin.

Examine the pedal bin, open it and find a marking pen.

Return to Gina’s room and examine the empty bed and take the sheet. Look at the chart.

Go to the window and climb out, you walk along the ledge to the storeroom.

Examine the middle drawer of the filing cabinet to the right of the window, poking out from the top is a piece of paper, it is a chart, take it. On top of the filing cabinet is a book, a vademecum (a small medical manual).

Look at the body and take its head.

Pick up the pillows from the floor on the left of the window and examine the box of medical supplies on the right hand shelf, you find a can of spray cleaner. Immediately above the box where you found the spray is a box containing syringes, take one.

Return to Gina’s room and examine her handbag in the inventory again, you find a wig. Combine the wig with the head.

Use the syringe on the bottle of alcohol and then use syringe on the marker pen.

Now use the marker pen on the blank chart.

Swap the chart with the one on Gina’s bed.

Use the pillows, head and sheet on the empty bed and the put the chart from Gina’s bed on it.

Enter the bathroom a cut scene follows in which two men enter and shoot the dummy. You return to Gina and try to wake her; unsuccessfully.

Read the vademecum to find information about the sleeping pills. The only way to wake Gina is with a shower.

Use the spray can on the fire sprinkler on the ceiling. This sets off the sprinkler and wakes Gina.

After a long cut scene you arrive in Chicago.


Chapter Two – The Mysterious Crucifix


You must persuade Dr. Olivaw to restore the Crucifix. She will not help as she has too much work. Talk to her with all options.

Take the talcum powder brush and a bottle of colourless varnish from the briefcase.

Examine the shelf to the left of Dr. Olivaw and exchange the Crucifix for the next artefact to be restored.

Leave the restoration laboratory and go downstairs.

Talk to Willy. The conversation is interrupted by a phone call. Willy goes upstairs to the analysis lab. Watch him and realise that he knows the code for the door. Leave the room and re-enter. Willy has returned. Go upstairs and examine the keypad.

Use the clear varnish on the keypad and then go and use the telephone on the right to call Willy.

Willy now returns to the lab. Wait for him to leave and go back downstairs.

Use the talcum powder brush on the keypad and you can now see which buttons he pressed, 1, 3, 7 and 8.

Try entering the code into the keypad (you are supposed to be able to tell from the sounds, which is the correct combination but I could not) I simply entered all the possible permutations until it opened. If you can’t be bothered to go through all of these, the correct combination is 8137.

Enter the lab and pick up the Gold key from the shelf and read the note underneath...

Examine the button on the cabinet door try to open the cabinet, but you are unable to do so because it is voice activated.

Leave the lab and go to Clive’s office. Examine and pick up the books from the desk. A keyhole is revealed under the books. Use the key. A safe opens in the desk.

Look in the safe and take the recorder. Use the key to close the safe.

Go to the restoration lab and use the recorder with Dr Olivaw.

Go back to the analysis lab and use the recorder on the cabinet. The recorder’s battery fails.

Go to the right hand side of the lab and pick up the ladle (next to the gas cylinder in the corner). Use the battery with the ladle and then use it with the gas bottle. Put the battery back into the recorder and use it to open the cabinet.

Take the mask and then use the strange Mayan object with the mask in the inventory to remove the Ruby.

Return to the restoration lab and use the Ruby with the Laser. Wait for Dr Olivaw to use the laser. She needs a coffee.

Go downstairs and talk to Willy about all topics.

Go to the Mayan Exhibition and look at the Statue in the middle of the room. Examine the containers at the Statue’s base and find some coffee beans. Show the beans to Willy and he tells you that they are no good as the coffee machine only uses ground coffee.

Go to the restoration lab and use the coffee beans with the lathe to produce ground coffee Take the ground coffee to Willy. He won’t accept it as it is not the kind he usually uses.

Go back upstairs and examine the wastebasket next to Clive’s office door. You find an empty coffee package. In inventory combine the ground coffee with the empty package.

Go and give the package of coffee to Willy. He goes and fills the coffee machine.

Go to the coffee machine and get a cup of coffee. Go to the restoration lab and give the coffee to Dr Olivaw She returns to work.

Watch the cut scene and then return to the restoration lab and collect the restored Crucifix.

Go to the analysis lab. You analyse the Crucifix and discover that its origins are the Hopi tribe of Indians who live in Arizona.

Watch another cut scene in which Clive is killed and you and Gina are taken by helicopter to another location.


Chapter Three – The Great Escape


You are imprisoned in some kind of shack. Through a crack in the door you can see Gina being interrogated by a pair of hoods.

Examine the freezer and try to move it, but it is too heavy as it is full of ice.

Open the freezer lid and unplug the freezer

Pick up the bottle of All Purpose Cleanser from the shelf, the bellows from the left hand side and the crowbar which is on the floor next to the right hand shelves and the coat rack peg which is nearby. Take the rag from the top of the oil drum in the corner.

Use the All purpose cleaner with the chamois and use it to clean the small window above the freezer.

The sunlight now shines through the window and starts to de-frost the freezer. After a short while the ice is melted.

Open the freezer drain to release the water.

You can now move the freezer, to reveal a trap door underneath.

Examine the trap door and use the crowbar to pry off the padlock. Open the trap door and exit.

Hide behind the rocks and you meet three girls, Carla, Mariola and Lula whose bus broke down in the desert and left them stranded. After a cut scene they agree to help. Go to the bus. Look at the trunk and search it to find a basket ball, which is deflated and in need of stitching.

Enter the bus and pick up the item sticking out from under the bed, which turns out to be a hand held vacuum cleaner. Pick up the sun glasses and a lipstick from the right hand shelf.

Go to the back of the bus and talk to Carla about all topics. When you have finished use the vacuum cleaner on the grate to get a pill.

Look at the boots between them is a needle and thread. Take them and use them to stitch the basketball. Next inflate the basketball with the bellows.

Leave the bus and go to the path. Go to the unvisited area in the centre of the screen, which turns out to be a barn. Guarded by one of the thugs. Look through the crack in the door and discover that the barn is being use as a hangar for the helicopter.

The thug is intent on throwing cans into a drum.

Enter the hangar and try to drop the pill into the can, but you need to distract him.

Return to the bus and throw the basketball to Lula. After a conversation with Lula you discover that she was a basketball player and agrees to help distract the thug at the helicopter.

Lula challenges the thug to throw cans from further away, giving you the opportunity to slip the pill into his beer can.

He returns and drinks from the can. The pill takes effect.

Go to the front of the barn. Pick up the peanut butter jar. Use the crowbar on the motor cycle. A footrest falls off. Pick it up and return to the bus.

Enter the bus and use the footrest on the axle which operates the door. Turn the footrest and close the door.

On the back of the door is a pocket containing a key, take it and use it to open the fridge in the back of the bus. Inside you find some butter.

Leave the bus and go to the cabin. Take the bucket from under the cabin and return to the path.

Go to the unvisited area bottom left. This is the airplane graveyard.

Pick up the helmet from the wing and the bullet belt.

Examine the machine gun.

Go to the unvisited area top right. This is a rail yard.

Examine the shed, which contains explosives. Try the door but you can’t open it.

Enter the train car and examine the bucket on the floor. Take a screw.

Examine the pile of barrels and use the crowbar to open the closed barrel. It contains peanuts. Take them.

Examine the barrel at the front of the car. It contains gunpowder.

In inventory combine the coat hook peg with the screw to create a makeshift corkscrew. Try to use it with the gunpowder barrel. Use the bucket with the barrel then use the corkscrew again.

Take the bucket of gunpowder and combine it in inventory with the lipstick to make a bullet. Put the bullet into the bullet belt.

Return to the bus and take all of the lipsticks and in inventory combine them with the gunpowder and put them into the ammunition belt.

Return to the thug’s cabin and enter via the trap door.

Put the butter and the peanuts in the helmet and then place it on top of the freezer to make peanut butter.

Return to the rail yard and use the peanut butter on the shed.

Watch the termites go to work and take the explosives.

Go to the path and from there to the unvisited area top left. This is an oil well.

Use the explosives on the oil well. Use the sunglasses on the puddle of oil.

Return to the bus. Try to take Mariola’s bottle of tanning oil, but she does not want to part with it. Swap the sunglasses from inventory with Mariola’s sun glasses. Ask her again for the tanning oil this time she allows you to take it.

Return to the airplane grave yard. Use the tanning oil on the machine gun. Now put the ammunition belt on the gun.

The plan is now complete Watch the cut scene in which you release Gina and fly off in the helicopter.


Chapter Four – Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind.


After a long cut scene you end up in the desert town of Douglasville. Talk to Sushi about all options.

Go to the bank and examine the shelves and pick up the stapler. Examine the desk and take the stamp

Look at the hole in the floor, but you are unable to enter it.

Leave the bank and enter the sheriff’s office. Take the firewood, which is beside the cell.

Leave the sheriff’s office and examine the wagon next to it. Try to take the strap.

Go to the saloon (bottom right of the screen). Enter and pick up the flower pot from under the stairs. Examine the gardening shed and click “Look for something useful in the gardening shed”; you get a pair of pruning shears.

Go upstairs and talk to Saturn about all topics. Examine the statue and the wood and metal device, and the lever on it. Operate the lever and a can of paint is shot into the air and lands in the bank.

Return to the hotel and ask Sushi about the safe. She tells you it was in the basement but the entrance is blocked. Also ask about the dead body in the Sheriff’s office

Leave Douglasville and go to the unknown place top right of the map. Enter the crater and talk to Joshua about all topics.

Return to Douglasville and use the pruning shears to get the strap from the wagon. Return to the crater and show the strap to Joshua. Use the stapler to join the ends of the strap and then give it to Joshua.

Leave the crater and return. Joshua has not fitted the belt and tells you that he needs a number 10 wrench.

Return to the saloon in Douglasville and ask Saturn for the wrench. He tells you to take it from the tool board on the wall, but the number 10 is missing. Talk to Saturn, he has it in his pocket and throws it to you. You miss and the wrench goes through the door and falls to the street.

Go down to the street, but the wrench is not in sight and has landed in the horse trough. Go back upstairs and out onto the balcony. Pick up the sanding block which is lying near the middle door.

Throw the flower pot into the street and go back down to the street and pick up the wrench.

Return to the crater and give the wrench to Joshua.

Leave the crater and return. Joshua tells you that the motor cycle has no petrol.

Leave the crater and go to the trail and from there to the unknown place, bottom right.

Talk to Oscar about all topics especially about the gum he chews, he tells you it is menthol chewing tobacco.

Pick up the clay vessel from near the ladder.

Walk away from the house to the well and pick up the strange stone.

Return to Douglasville and go and talk to Saturn. Ask him for some petrol. He wants something in exchange. Offer the strange stone. He tells you that it is not suitable. Polish the stone with the sanding block in inventory, and offer it to him again. It is still not quite right. Now use the amber with the stone in inventory and offer it again.

This time he accepts and gives you the can of gasoline, but tells you that it is concentrated and you must mix 40cc of gasoline with one litre of water. He gives you a 30cc measuring tube, a 50 cc measuring tube and a one litre bottle

Fill the 50cc tube with concentrated gasoline.

Next fill the 30cc tube from the 50 cc tube.

Pour the contents of the 30 cc tube back into the gas can.

Pour the remainder of the concentrated gasoline in the 50cc tube into the 30 cc tube.

Fill the 50 cc tube from the gas can

Fill the 30 cc tube from the 50cc tube; leaving you with exactly 40cc remaining in the 50cc tube.

Empty the 30 cc tube into the gas can.

Fill the bottle with water from the water machine to the left of the middle balcony door.

Now pour the 40 cc of concentrated gasoline into the bottle.

Go back to the crater and use the gasoline on the motor cycle. Talk to Joshua and he explains that he needs your help to figure out the combination.

You need to press five of the seven buttons. Joshua then returns and tells you how many were correct and how many were in the right order. Keep trying until you get the right combination, (in my case this was C, G, E, B, A, but it might be random)

When you get the right combination a strange noise sounds and a beam of light comes from the sky. Joshua is beamed up and leaves behind his helmet. Pick up the helmet and leave the crater. Examine Joshua’s tent and take the flashlight and rope

Go to the map and from there to the mine.

Look at the stone which blocks the mine entrance and try to move it, but it’s too heavy.

Look at the hole that Gina fell into.

Take the oil can and return to Douglasville and go and visit Saturn. And ask him about the rocks he uses for his sculptures. He tells you that he gets Oscar to move them for him in exchange for chewing tobacco.

Give Saturn Joshua’s helmet. Saturn leaves to get a stone.

Pick up the blow torch and then fill the oil can with water. Go downstairs and search the gardening shed again and find some tobacco leaves.

Go out into the street and from there to the locomotive. Examine everything and then pour the water from the oilcan into the water tank.

Return to the upper floor of the saloon to get more water. You need to pour five cans full of water into the boiler.

When you have done this enter the drivers cab.

Put the firewood into the boiler and use the blow torch to light it.

Look at the wheel and turn it. Now operate the lever above the gauges.

A blast of steam comes from the smokestack and blows out a key.

Leave the cab and pick up the key from just above the bush in the foreground.

Return to town and enter the Sheriff’s office. Open the cell with the key and enter.

Examine the briefcase on the floor and take the liniment.

Go and talk to Oscar and ask him to move the rock, but he refuses.

In inventory examine the liniment and try to combine it with the tobacco leaves.

Use the bank stamp with the clay vessel and put the leaves into it.

You now have menthol chewing tobacco. Give it to Oscar.

Oscar now agrees to help you and moves the rock for you.

Go to the bank and look at the can of paint which you launched earlier with the catapult.

Go to the upper floor of the saloon and use the crane controls to move the statue onto the catapult.

Operate the lever and launch the statue to the bank.

Go to the bank and enter the basement via the hole made by the statue. Examine the safe and try to open it, you need to figure out the combination.

Go and talk to Sushi and ask her about the safe. She tells you that the combination is made up of three numbers and the first one needs to be to the right.

Go to the Sheriff’s office and enter the cell. Search the briefcase again and you find a stethoscope.

Go back to the bank and use the stethoscope on the safe.

You find the combination is 85 right, 29 left and 54 right.

Open the safe and take the plans of the mine.

Go to the mine and enter.


Chapter Five – Gifts From The Crypt


You exit the mine on top of a cliff. Pick up the long piece of wood and the metal object which was underneath it, this is the head of a mining tool.

Examine the skeleton which lies near the mine exit and take a bone. Use the bone with the mining tool.

Examine the timber supporting the mine exit, you fid a nail. Use the mining tool to get the nail.

Use the nail with the edge of the cliff and attach the rope to it.

Climb down the rope to the Hopi village. You find Gina, alive but her leg is broken.

Walk to the left and go to the unexplored area (bottom left).

At the crypt entrance try to use the crucifix with the monolith’s mouth, but it is blocked with sand.

Look at the bush to the left. Take a branch from it and use it to clear the sand from the monolith’s mouth.

Use the crucifix and enter the crypt.

Talk to Wapuchim. He gives you a jar containing a finger preserved in formaldehyde.

Go back to Gina.

Go right to the statue. Pick up the tomahawk lying nearby. Use it with the long piece of wood.

Return to Gina and go left. Enter the door on the right. From where you emerge enter the next door on the right; and from there to the door on the left.

Enter the next door. Cut the rope with the tomahawk and return to Gina.

Use the wood and rope to splint Gina’s leg and head back.


Chapter Six – The Indian, The Nun and The Finger 


Enter Mama Dorita’s house and talk to her about all topics, leaving “I Need to talk to Gina” until last.

Talk to Gina about all topics.

Head back to Douglasville and talk to Sushi. Now go to the saloon. Talk to Rutger about all topics.

Give the tomahawk to Rutger who prepares a potion using the pipe.

Return to Moma Dorita, but she says you are still not ready to be a medium.

Go back to Rutger and ask if he has something stronger. He tells you about the Hopi potion.

The branch you used to clean the mouth of the statue in chapter 5 has the pods on it.

Try to open the pods but they are too hard.

Go to the Sheriff’s office and take another look at the briefcase. You find a scalpel.

Try to open the pods with the scalpel, but they are still too hard.

Go to the hotel and look at the fireplace. Take the poker.

Heat the scalpel in the fire and use it to open the pods. Take the yewaskel balls and give them to Rutger.

He prepares a potion which you drink

Return to Moma Dorita. And take part in the séance, watch the scene and be prepared for a surprise

After the séance return to Douglasville and talk to Sushi and Rutger, but they are unable to help.

Go and talk to Saturn he tells you about the location of the trailer.

Leave Douglasville and go to the trailer. The door is locked; use the poker to open it.

Enter the trailer and look around. The only item of interest is a nun’s habit, but you can’t take it yet. Look at the door pocket and you find a bank brochure

Return to Douglasville and talk to Sushi. Give the bank brochure to Sushi.

Leave Douglasville and return. Talk to Sushi again.

She gives you information about the bank and about Johnny and his sister.

Return to the trailer and take the Nun’s habit. As you leave the two thugs turn up.

Go and talk to Sushi again.

Go to the locomotive. Enter the cab and operate the steam lever. Something flies out of the smokestack. A Sheriff’s badge.

Pick up the badge and go and give it to Oscar. Wait for Oscar to complete his mission and go and talk to Sushi.

Go to the jail and talk to Oscar. Pick up the bag from the desk and return and give it to Sushi.

Leave and return and talk to Sushi again, about Gustav and Feodor’s things.

When Sushi asks “Who is you favourite director”, answer “Woody Allen”; when she asks your favourite movie answer. “Manhattan Murder Mystery”.

Sushi devises a plan. Take the MP3 recorder and go to the jail. Use it to record the thug’s voices.

Now go and talk to Gina and record her as well.

Take the recorder back to Sushi and sit back and watch the end sequence.


The End


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