Q : What should I do to finish the game ?
A : Put the Death globe into the empty midle hole on the table and watch the final animation.

A little bit of author comments: Here comes the end of a good story. Is it going to be a sequel ? Only time will tell. A good story, with good graphics and sounds but the final animation is quite disappointing. Not a very satisfying ending. Not the one you expected after a long interesting story. What happened to ISH and the other characters in the end ????

An answer from Stephen Cariére (Lead Designer of Ring from Arxel Tribe):

    When Ring 1 finishes, Brunnhilde is punished by her father Wotan for having tried to save Siegmund and having succeeded in hiding Sielginde. She is put to sleep in a circle of flames by Loge and her father tells her that only the bravest hero will be able to wake her up. Well, this hero is SIEGFRIED. But it won't go that easily for him because of Fafner (the giant who has transformed into a dragon), and because of Alberich who is still planing on taking his revenge. 

    In Ring 1, Erda has opened his eyes through the Ring on the strenghtes and the weaknesses of the human nature. As the future (most probably a sequel): Ish will have to prove a hero and he will completly blend with the destiny of Siegried.

We'll see you again in 
RING 2 - The Twillight of Gods 


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