Special Ability: Fire
Quest: Retrieve the Ring from Alberich to built Valhalla

The Mines

Q : What does the dwarf meant by I have to be ready before I could meet Alberich ?
A :
You got to have something from Alberich secret cave, an object called Chrysoberyl. Exit the Forge and go to your right to Control Room. Use the lower button on the panel to reveal the floating map. Set up the path. Look at this image to help you.

Turn around and follow the path to the secret cave.

Q : How could I open the door ?
A :
Use your Fire ability to burn the door.

Q : Where is the Chrysoberyl ?
A :
It's held inside a steel cage to your right. Don't forget to collect all of this three medallions from behind the windows on the wall: Dragon, Centaur, and Phoenix. You'll need them to confront Alberich. Give the Chrysoberyl to Mime in the Forge. You'll get the steel cage in return.

Q : How could I get Alberich attention ? He is still invisible.
A :
Find an elevator to the left of the Forge. Use it to go to the lower level. You'll see a dwarf there. After long conversation with him, you'll know that Alberich tortures all of this slaves to work in his mines. He told you the only way to meet Alberich is by killing all of his stupid dwarves, stop the machine from working, and be ready to confront him. Use your Fire to free his tormented soul as you promise.

Q : How could I kill all the dwarves ?
A :
Go back to Control Room and use the floating map. Set the map according to this image. It will flood the mine and kill all the miners there.

Q : How could I stop the machine ?
A :
Go to the Tower and head to the furnace. On the bottom of it you'll see an egg-shaped button. Open it and take the Loge's Tears. It will stop the machine. Get out from the Tower and be ready to face Alberich.

Q : How could I defeat Alberich ?
A :
Use the Centaur medallion to face the snake, Dragon medallion to face the eagle, and Phoenix medallion to destroy Medusa, the snake-haired woman. After that watch how Loge traps Alberich in the steel cage.

High Plain

Q : How could I open the machine ?
A :
Use your Fire ability to pry open the door.

Q : How to solve the slide puzzle ?
A :
This I couldn't help you with step-by-step solution. The only clue I could give to you is: "Try to solve the upper right image first and go according to clockwise direction to solve the other images." Use this image below to help you.
Q : Which number should I set to open the compartment ?
A :
Set it to 366.

Q : What should I do inside the compartment ?
A :
Put the Ring and then the Crown to activate the machine. Then after it flies, you could walk to the door on the other end of this place.

Q : What should I do with this strange mechanism on the door ?
A :
The top one is a word constructor machine and the bottom one is a sound detector. First you have to solve the word constructor puzzle. This one is quite easy. Just click the diamond shape buttons to flip the word and move the strange device on the right to that button to test it. Click on the button again to produce the word. You have to form this words: "The Rainbow Leads  to Walhall."

Q : What should I do to solve the sound detector ?
A :
Listen to the background music and try to made that sound with the buttons. OK, I know this is the toughest puzzle in this game (I couldn't believe they use this sound puzzle again and again). Here is the answer: push 1 to 8 in order.

Word Constructor Sound Detector


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