Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate

by Pendulo Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  December 2009


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game came on a DVD-Rom.  Move the cursor to the top of the game screen to see the menu.

Light bulb icon or F1:     This is the help menu. It is the Hint system.

Eye icon or F2:     This shows the hotspots in the active game screen.

Suitcase icon or tab key:    This is the inventory screen.

Notebook or F3:    This shows the gamers' progress. 

Gear icon or ESC key:    This is the menu.

The screen on top shows the current active screen.

The left top icon is for saving the game.

The middle left icon is for loading a game.

The bottom left icon is to delete a saved game.

The bottom icons are:    Close the game, subtitles, volume and credits.

To exit the active screen, use the back arrow that appears at top of the page.

Double clicking on an exit arrow skips the walking to the next screen. Space bar pauses the game. The ESC key hastens the intro.

Left click examines an item. Right mouse click does the action.



Gina Timmins receives a call from Happy Dale Sanitarium about Brian Basco.

Brian's funeral is seen at the cemetery.

A flashback shows Brian in court charged for the murder of Colonel Kordsmeier and later committed to a psychiatric hospital. Brian is to be evaluated by Dr. Bennett to see if he really has amnesia.


Chapter 1: Brian Basco is Dead

Get a call on cell phone. Brian is buried in his tomb. He wants Gina to get him out of the grave.

Find a way to get Brian out of the tomb.

Gravesite:    Look around and use F2 to see all the active spots.

Look at the funeral wreath on Brian's tomb. Take the ribbon.

Behind the crypt-mausoleum:    Go to the back of the mausoleum - left exit arrow.

See and check the weird machine on the ground.

Agatha:    See Agatha von Rubinstein on the roof of the mausoleum.

Agatha enters the mausoleum.

Mausoleum-crypt:    Enter the crypt using the left exit arrow.

Agatha:    Talk to Agatha completely. She wants help to find out if the spirits are friendly.

Learn about the cable that runs from the roof to the basement. The parabiothermal cable's filament is temperature sensitive. If it is cold, the spirits approve of Agatha being here.

Tools:    Look at Agatha's tools left of Agatha. Take the tools and get a flashlight.

Angel:    Look close (peek into the basement) at the grill fence at center of the crypt. See a stone angel hanging by steel cables.

Basement:    Exit right to go to the basement. See the hanging angel.

Gina goes to the left (tunnel) and sees a portrait. She might be able to break through the wall.

Portrait:    Take the portrait off the wall. There's a ring on the middle block.

Urn:    Check and take the urn.

Parabiothermal cable:    Go right and check Agatha's parabiothermal cable hanging from the ceiling.

Go upstairs and out of the crypt.

Look for things to break through the tunnel wall.

Service Cul-de-sac:    Go left to the circular area on the left with the orange tree.

Check the fountain.

Hearse:     Look at the hearse. Open the trunk of the hearse. Automatically take the straps.

Enter the storage room and see that the hearse is drivable.

Workshop:    Go to the door at left. Look through the crack.

Read Luanne's note tacked on the door. Ring the bell, eh.

Chapel:    Enter the chapel at right.

Open the grating:    Check the grating at right.

Lift the doormat on the floor below the grating.

Open the trapdoor. Take the glove.

While the trapdoor is lifted, click to get the box on the shelf above the grating.

In inventory, look at the wooden box and get a key.

Use the key on the keyhole of the grating.

Take collection basket.

Call Luanne:    Pull the rope and see the chapel bell ringing.

Hear Luanne arrive on a motorcycle.

Workshop:    Go to the door at left. Enter and talk to Luanne.

Learn that she has a circular saw behind the cabinet at left.

She gives a coffin assembly manual to be translated.

Get tools from the stand under the anvil at right. Get a file.

Look at refrigerator on floor at left. It deep freezes everything placed inside.

Entrance to Cemetery:    Exit the service cul-de-sac and go left of the service cul-de-sac.

Automatically talk to Ernie. Ernie gives a picture of Brian, Ernie and Gabbo Spiegelman.

Dr. Bennett and a new nurse disappeared from the hospital.

Scaffolding:    Take something from the scaffolding right of the entrance to the cemetery.

Get a jack.

Translate the manual.

Agatha:    Go back to the crypt and enter the crypt.

Talk to Agatha about translating the manual.

Assure Agatha that the spirits are benign:

The parabiothermal cable should read cold to show that the spirits approve.

Go back to the service cul-de-sac.

In inventory, combine the empty box and the urn with ashes. This empties the urn.

Use the urn on the fountain to get urn full of water.

Combine the glove from the chapel with the urn full of water to get glove full of water.

Enter the workshop. Place glove full of water in refrigerator.

Use the empty urn on the refrigerator to get the urn with frozen glove.

Go back to the basement of the crypt.

Use the urn with frozen glove on the end of the parabiothermal cable hanging from the ceiling to cool the cable.

Agatha gets excited and is assured that the spirits approve.

Go behind the crypt and talk to Agatha about translating the manual.

Find a grave of a Swede:

Go back to the chapel at the service cul-de-sac.

Use the flashlight on the book left of the closed door.

See that it is a list of the locations, names of the bodies buried here.

Use the Swedish manual on the book and find a Swede - Holmgren buried here.

Go behind the crypt and talk to Agatha about the manual and dead Swede.

Watch as Agatha does her translating. Agatha gives the fully translated manual.

Open the cabinet at workshop:    Give Luanne the fully translated manual. Luanne and Ernie leave.

Open the cabinet at left. Take the circular saw from bottom shelf.

Break through the tunnel wall.

Get another strap:    Go back behind the crypt and look at statue of Atlas.

Look at strap. Try to take the strap. It's too tight.

Use the jack from the scaffolding on the statue to support the statue.

Get another strap.

Prepare the angel:    Go back inside the crypt and down to the basement.

Go to the left underground chamber. Use the file taken from workshop on the stone block to loosen the mortar around it.

Wasabi answers his cell phone.

Use a strap on the ring of the middle block on the wall.

Go back up and look down to the basement. Tie the other strap on angel.

Automatically, Gina clips the 2 straps together. Now the stone block and the angel are connected.

Go back up and look into the basement.

In inventory combine the collection basket + circular saw. Gina automatically ties the 2 using the ribbon from the wreath to get elongated circular saw.

Use the elongated circular saw on the left (head part) of the angel's steel cable. See that the stone block is pulled off the wall.

Break through brick wall:    Look at brick wall.

Go back up to the crypt. Automatically take the bollard on the floor at left.

Go back down to the brick wall. Use the bollard on the brick wall.

Meet Gabbo. Watch the escape from the thugs.

Chapter 2: The Art of Running Away


Gina and Gabbo drive to someone that knows where Basco is. Learn about Brian's stay at the hospital.

Brian asks Gabbo how to escape the hospital. The plan is to go to the ventilation ducts via the casino; go up the central ventilation duct and out through the walls. Kurgan overhears the plan and locks himself in the casino.

Tell Gabbo about what happened with Dr. Bennett. Basco overheard that Dr. Bennett found Brian sane and should be in jail.

Find a way to the casino.

Casino-room 300:    Check the door left of the photo board. Kurgan left the key on the lock inside.

Photo board:    Check all the pictures in the cabinet and find out who's who. See that Brian and Marcello's room is 304.

Ernie:    Talk to Ernie. Learn about Chuck, the maintenance man that thinks Chuck Berry is the king.

Learn about Gabbo and Kurgan.

Room 305:    Talk to Quickle through the door and hear him rant and rave.

Room 304:    Enter room 304.

Marcello:    Get an imaginary flower from Marcello.

Pillow:    Check Brian's bed on the right. Check under the pillow. Get a knife and mint candy.

Air vent:    Go to bottom screen by door. Check-get the air vent.

Try to enter through the air vent but the cabinet is in the way.

Marcello:    Talk to Marcello about the air duct and imaginary box. Get an imaginary box.

Ask Marcello about the rope on his pants. Miss Palmer, the nurse burned his suspenders. 

He needs his suspenders to do his acts.

Get suspenders.

Exit the room. Enter the Rec Room at end of the hallway.

Miss Palmer:    The nurse stops Brian and orders him to take his medicine.

Brian swallows the pill and exits the Rec Room. Kurgan was seen fumbling with Brian's pillow.

Brian pockets the pill he faked swallowing.

Rec room:    Go back to the Rec Room. Look around.

Check the cabinet right of the nurses' station. Take a whiteboard from the top open shelf.

Take basket of paperclips and marker from the room divider by the door at right.

Enter the restroom-oval office and the foreign affairs bureau-TV area.

Rummage through the trash in front of the nurses' station. Get birthday candles (102).

Talk to Miss Palmer.

Hollister:    Go to bottom screen. Try to talk to Hollister. Hollister is coughing.

Give Hollister mint candy. He's now driving his car. Check Hollister's car-ping pong table.

Look at Hollister and learn that he's speeding to Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Mr. Nice:    Try to talk to Mr. Nice. Mr. Nice is holding a sign with 'Atlanta' written on it. He's trying to hitch a ride.

Walk close to Mr. Nice. He drops the sign and holds his suitcase.

In inventory, combine whiteboard and marker. Select Rancho Cucamonga.

Take the Rancho Cucamonga whiteboard from inventory and exchange it with the Atlanta whiteboard.

Mr. Nice places his suitcase in the backseat. Watch the imaginary trip.

Suitcase: Look at suitcase and see that the elastic straps are still there. Use the knife on suitcase to get 2 elastic straps.

Suspenders:     In inventory, combine elastic straps and paper clips.

Get the key to the casino.  

Room 304:    Use the imaginary box with Marcello. Automatically give Marcello the renovated elastic straps.

Watch Marcello enter the imaginary box. Brian guides Marcello to the casino. Marcello gives Brian the casino key.

Get a map of the ventilation system.

Casino:    Go to the air ducts above the photocopier. Kurgan took the map.

Look around the casino. Take plastic tube.

Weigh scale:    Look at the weigh scale. Take the sliding iron scale weight left of the bar.

Room 305:    Exit the casino.

Talk to Quickle through the door and hear him rant and rave.

While he is ranting and raving, use the scale weight on the radiator left of room 304.

Brian busts the radiator. Ernie calls to have Chuck repair it.

Repair the radiator:    Hear the argument about Chuck and Elvis. See Chuck repair the radiator.

Look at photo board. Use the marker on Ernie's picture. Brian writes 'Chuck is the true king'. Watch what happens.

Go to Chuck's toolbox and get the ventilation map and flashlight.

Watch Brian and what he found.


Chapter 3: A Timely Suicide

Gina and Gabbo drives to a cabin. Gina talks to Dr. Bennett; who believes that Brian is innocent. Gabbo rides out. The cabin is owned by Lt. Col. Jerome Chapman, Kordsmeier's second in command. He supposedly committed suicide. Dr. Bennett is looking for proof that Chapman did not kill himself and find the important thing that Chapman wants to show to the Judge that convicted Brian.

Find clues that Chapman did not commit suicide.

Living room:    Look around.

Look at the photograph of Chapman during his boxing days on the table left of door. Get boxing gloves.

Check the newspaper on coffee table.

Backyard:    Exit to the backyard.

Fish bones:    Check and try to take the fish bones hanging on the line at the porch.

Well:    Check and try to open the well. It is locked with padlock.

Shed:    Go around to the front of the house. Try to enter the shed. Go back inside cabin.

Living room:  

Try to climb upstairs. Sit on armchair and talk to Dr. Bennett.  If you want to talk to Dr. Bennett later, just sit on the armchair.

Ask about Gabbo and learn what happened the night he escaped. Only Judge and Bennett know the password to his computer.

Ask about the shed. Bennett throws the keys and it slides under the kitchen cabinet.

Get the keys and envelope:   

Envelope:    Look under kitchen cabinet and see an envelope.

Check the kitchen utensils and watch as a fly buzzes by. Gina hits it with a spatula that goes in inventory.

Use spatula with envelope under the kitchen cabinet.

Check the envelope in inventory. It has no stamp but has Urgent written on it.

Keys:    Leave cabin through front door. Look under the bridge. Get a wire cutter.

Go to back porch. Use the wire cutter on hanging fish bones to get fish hook.

Go back inside cabin. Look under kitchen counter.

Use fish hook on hole on the floor. Get the cabin keys.

Shed:    Use keys to unlock shed. Search the shed.

Take the diving goggles hanging at right wall. It is a magnifier.

Look at photograph of Chapman and the sheriff at right wall.

Take rope on top of fishing basket. Look at fishing boot beside the fishing basket at right. Just one?

Envelope:    In inventory, use the diving goggles (magnifier) on the envelope found under the kitchen cabinet.

See spider hairs.

Living room:    Go back inside the cabin. Sit on armchair and talk to Bennett about envelope and spider hairs.

Bennett leaves to talk to the sheriff.

Convince the sheriff that Bennett is a friend.

Go upstairs to search.

See the sheriff and Bennett talk about Chapman.

Gina:     See a sheriff's badge at bottom right corner of screen. Use it to change and play as Bennett at Sheriff's office.

Sheriff's office:    Click the badge at bottom right.

Talk to the Sheriff completely. Make him believe that you're a friend.

The sheriff wants you to prove that you're friend and knows Chapman's nickname used by wife.

End the conversation.

Gina:    Look at the trophy right of the window. Take the thing hanging on trophy - the locket.

In inventory, look close and open the locket. Learn that Chapman's nickname is Lovey Bird and her pet name is Little Squirrel.

Make a telephone call using the phone on the desk.

Call last call received. Talk to Barry. Call last call sent.

Call Bennett. Tell him potential nicknames. Select Lovey Bear.

Sheriff's office:    Click the badge at bottom right.

Tell the Sheriff the nickname Annetta Chapman called her husband - Lovey Bear.

Learn about Chapman's spider bite.

Find clues about the important thing Chapman wants to show the judge.

Gabbo returns. He overhears Gina mention about the secret hiding place under the hot tub.

Gabbo uses the baseball bat and takes items from the Chapman's ammunition cache.

Well:    Go back out to the well at backyard.

Open the padlock. Gina uses the key to unlock the padlock. It's dark down there.

Go back to bathroom. Look in the military chest and take glow stick.

Go back upstairs.  Cross corridor. Take the bow left of the window and an arrow right of the other window.

Go back to well. Use glow stick on open well. Look in the well and see the other boot - the pair of the one in the shed.

In inventory combine rope and arrow. Use arrow with rope on well. Gina automatically shoots the arrow down the well. Get the boot.

Look close at the boot in inventory and get a laptop computer.

Laptop:    Go back upstairs and hook the computer on transformer on desk.

Learn from the entomologist that Madagascar spider rendered Chapman paralyzed before he was killed. That rules out suicide. The Sheriff pins a badge on Dr. Bennett.

The laptop wants a password. Try any name on the list.

In inventory, use the goggles on Chapman's boxing gloves. See that it has 'Hurricane' written on it. It might be Chapman's boxing name.

Enter password on laptop again. Select Hurricane as password.

Read about Andrea Hickok alias Tarantula; Jane Eyre. She is an Eliminator.

Read the e-mail that still was not sent to Judge Whitley. It is about the innocence of Brian Basco. Gina sends the e-mail.

Dr. Bennett:    Bennett said that Judge Whitley has appointment with him in his apartment in NY.

They reenact what happened to Chapman. Wasabi and the Fatzilla drive in.

Wasabi shoots Dr. Bennett. Gabbo and Gina escape. Banana!


Chapter 4: The Unexpected Ally

Brian asks Gabbo for advice again. Brian is to pass off Kurgan's body as his and no one will look for him. Brian needs to do hair removal, trim the nail, add a tattoo and exchange medical files to solve the DNA and blood type difference.

Brianization of Kurgan:

Room 304:    Talk to Marcello. Play identify the movie with Marcello if you like. Exit the room.

Copy Brian's tattoo on Kurgan.

Go to the casino. Get photocopier. Brian catches on and photocopies his tattoo.

Look at the tattoo photocopy.

Go to Gabbo in room 303. Talk to Gabbo about the tattoo until he mentions and gives the artist pen to draw the tattoo.

Go to casino and go up the air duct.

See the air duct map. Go to Kurgan at heart of beast or central ventilation duct.

Enter Kurgan's private mortuary - central ventilation duct. Use the artist's pen on Kurgan's body.

Cut Kurgan's nails.

Use the machete on Kurgan to give him a manicure.


Exit and go back to air duct. Click on Bennett's office in the map.

Brian takes a side path and end up at the old morgue. Look around.

Take bowl with spatula on the movable pulley at center of room.

Look at right electric bed. Look at the shackles in that bed. Take shackles.

Take the vacuum doohickey from the medical instrument cart close to the wire wall.

Swimming pool:    Go to the room at right. Go down to the pool.

The steps break. Take the forceps at left corner of pool. Take red hose.

Look and try to move the drawer. It's stuck.

Look close at second from left hole on the wall. There's a stuck iron bar in the hole.

Use forceps in second hole and get an iron bar.

Use iron bar on stuck drawer. Use hose on drawer to get a trampoline.

Brian jumps out of pool. Exit the morgue.

Switch the medical charts.

Go to Dr. Bennett's office. Overhear Bennett's phone call about receiving Chapman's items.

See that Bennett is working on his laptop and drinks coffee.

In inventory combine plastic tube taken earlier from casino and vacuum from morgue.

Use vacuum with tube on Bennett's coffee cup. Brian sucks the coffee.

Dr. Bennett leaves to get more coffee. Brian jumps down and switches the files. Return to air duct.

Perform hair removal.

Go back to the central ventilation duct where Kurgan is located.

In inventory combine the birthday candles taken from trash can below the nurses' station and the bowl taken from the morgue.

Use the bowl with candle with incinerator.

Brian melts the candle and immediately applies it on Kurgan's body to remove the hair.

Get Kurgan's head to disappear without arousing suspicion.

Open the hatch at center of the room. Use the iron bar to turn the handle of the hatch.

Brian sees the motors that can be thought to have macerated Kurgan's head.

Prepare the escape route.

Go through bars:    Climb up the tube using the ladder left of #1 fan.

The grill is locked. Try to bend the bars.

Use shackles from morgue with bars of grill.

Use iron bar with shackles. The bars are bent.

Brian climbs to the roof and sees the outside of the sanitarium.

Set up the cable:    Look at cable at other corner of the tower.

Use the forceps on the cable. Brian will use the forceps to slide down the cable later.

I think I've done everything...

Find out what medicine was given, the effects of that medicine and the antidote.

See that Brian returns to casino. He was intercepted by Miss Palmer.

Miss Palmer anesthetized Brian. Brian wakes up and states that he was forcibly given medicine.

Medicine identification:    Brian shows Ernie the medicine he did not swallow earlier. Ernie said that it was the medicine Miss Palmer gave Brian.

Talk to Ernie. Brian now knows that the pill is Neuroshockine.

Effects of Medicine:    Go left to the TV room behind the wall divider at left. Talk to Dr. Reset.

Talk to Mickey about being nervous, big exam and what to ask Mickey.

Ask about Neuroshockine XR. Select 'dead'. The medicine causes extreme violence.

Select 'direct electrical shock' and learn that it, the antidote needs to be administered on the neck.

Get antidote:    Talk to Ernie about Miss Palmer's taser.  Give Ernie the casino chips.

Administer antidote:    Watch Gabbo gleefully administer the antidote on Brian.

Escape:     Watch as Brian escapes from Happy Dale Sanitarium.

Chapter 5: Deconstructing Brian

Brian is outside Dr. Bennett's apartment. He wants to steal his therapy session recordings. He hides in the alley. He needs to find a way to Dr. Bennett's apartment.

Brian:    At the alley, look around. Open the trash bin and get a silver spray paint can.

Try to open the red door with 'keep out' sign. Go right to the alley.

Climb the ladder right of the trash bin. Brian is hit unconscious by a man with a sign.

Gina:    See Gina and Gabbo arrive to meet with Judge Lutritia Whitley.

Brian's session with Dr. Bennett:

Watch the recording of hypnotized Brian's session with Dr. Bennett.

This is a recap of Runaway 2. Select Dr. Bennett's questions about Brian and Gina's adventures.

Everything began during your vacation in Hawaii, correct?

What happened when you attempted the crash landing on Mala Island?

Tell me about how you infiltrated Kordsmeier's camp?

Tell me about your trip to Alaska.

What was the relationship between Gina and the ETs?

Did you get the extraterrestrial's energy stone back?

Watch the entry of Brian's entry to the spaceship and the installation of the trantonite.

Did it take Alpha long to get his strength back?

Were the Trantorians able to regain control of their ship?

So the good little Martians had a field day with the bad 'ol humanoids, right?

And then what? Don't tell me the Trantorians themselves took Kordsmeier to the authorities.

By the way, how was Gina during all this?

In other words, the Trantorians left you with this hot potato and took off. The nerve...

In other words, the only gift they gave you was this device which you say would stop working after one hour.

Get Kordsmeier to hide the trantonite.

The Trantorians wiped the memories of the soldiers and returned them to the base before leaving Earth.

Brian controls Kordsmeier with the use of a mental controller given by the Trantorians. They also gifted Brian with a trantonite, an energy source.

As Kordsmeier-Brian:    Take the trantonite from the capsule held by Brian.

Exit the tent. See Marine Zachariah O'Connor arrive in a Hummer and reports to Kordsmeier.

Talk to O'Connor completely. Take the glue O'Connor mentions.

Take cigar and a coconut from the boxes in the jeep.

Break open the coconut using the machete or the knife. Look close at the knife.

Combine the coconut and the trantonite. Use glue on coconut with trantonite.

Give the coconut-trantonite to O'Connor to hide and a password to identify the person that will take back the trantonite.

Get Kordsmeier to surrender to authorities.

Go back inside the tent. Go to right side of the tent and see a laptop on the desk.

Use the laptop to see if there is incriminating evidence to support Kordsmeier's doing. There's nothing.

Go back to Brian, sleeping Tarantula and Gina.

Use grenade on the capsule. Hey, it's not a grenade but a USB memory stick-flash drive.

Use the USB flash drive on laptop. Find the records of fraudulent doings of Kordsmeier and Tarantula.

Use the phone on the desk to call Chapman. Kordsmeier orders Chapman to arrest himself and Tarantula.

Tarantula wakes up and has taken Brian's mind controller. Tarantula controls Brian and had him shoot Kordsmeier. Tarantula escapes. Brian loses his memory.

Dr. Bennett records his evaluation.

Miss Palmer-Tarantula arrives. She tasers Gabbo. She threatens the judge by showing a picture of her daughter. She wants the judge to write a ruling that Brian is guilty.

Wake up the unconscious bum and get help.

Gina is manacled to the radiator. She picks the lock and is free.

The tie pin she used and the handcuffs are in inventory.

Look through the window and Gina sees an unconscious bum on the ground below.

Write a help note:    Look around the room.

Search the pink hamper-laundry basket left of trap door-laundry chute and get a scarf.

Take the iron at second from bottom shelf at left.

In inventory combine the iron and scarf. Gina irons 'call the cops' on the scarf.

Wake up the unconscious man:    Take the bucket from the bottom shelf at left.

Take juice bottle from top shelf at left. In inventory combine juice bottle with bucket. Gina empties all the bottles in to the bucket.

Throw bucket with juice out the window. Wasabi arrives.

Chapter 6: The End is here.


The bucket hits Brian and wakes him up.

Get in Bennett's apartment building.

Meet Tom:    Try to climb the ladder again and meet Tom Finnegan, a scriptwriter.

Select dialogue - 'A dorky guy is driving along and hits a girl being chased by the Sandretti mafia clan'.

It can be Golden Chicken material and Brian is invited up.

Ask about the building across the way there? Learn that Dr. Bennett's place is the penthouse.

Select - 'I think I know how to continue the plot of the nerdy guy'.

Select dialogues based on Runaway 1:

They meet three drag queens who are lost in the desert.

A village in the old Far West inhabited by hippies, hackers and...

Outside, check the bottles on the table at back wall. The big jar is chloroform.

Golden chicken:    Go left to the elevator. Play with the elevator and get to the top of the building.

Look at Golden Chicken twice. A lightning bolt strikes the leg of the chicken. Brian's request for spaghetti was not granted.

Look at the windows of the building and terrace across the street.

Go down using the elevator and then down to the alley.

End of alley:    Go left until the end of the alley.

See a garage door at right. Get the hook hanging on the hole of the garage door.

Run down building:    Enter the run down building at left. Look around.

Take the rubble on the ground at bottom right.

Take the hammer on top of the divider-horse at center of screen.

Try to open the crane door. Use the hook to force open the crane door.

Brian plays inside the crane and lifts the sheet of iron from the ditch.

Go down in exposed ditch. Get a briefcase. Look close at briefcase in inventory and get a blow torch.

Exit the building. Go back to the right end of the alley.

Climb up the ladder and using the elevator, up to Golden Chicken.

Use the blow torch on the broken leg of the chicken. It's short by 2 feet.

Watch Brian's jump and reunion with Gina.

Tell Brian the latest development.

Wasabi checks Gina. Gina checks for news. She has news that she wants Brian to know.

Earlier Brian jumped into the laundry chute to hide.

Communicate with Brian:   

Look at and take the string used to tie Gina. The string is on the floor right of the shelves at left.

Take 2 empty juice bottles. Use the tie pin to make holes on the empty bottles.

Combine the string with the empty bottles with holes.

Use the makeshift walkie talkie on the laundry chute-trap door.

Talk to Brian. Brian gets his memory back.

Learn that Furio, a Mafia kingpin is bringing 10 million bucks at 3 AM in exchange for the trantonite. Fatzilla is to stand guard.

Anti-Tarantula plan:

Find a volunteer to disguise as a Mafia kingpin.

Exit the laundry room:    See Brian through the window where Gina's scarf is hanging (also a cockroach).

Move cursor to bottom of the screen, click and be at other side of the laundry room.

Climb up to small grilled window. Take scarf-rag.

Go down and ride the cargo lift at right.

Go outside through door but Brian wants a way to open the doors from the other side.

Use the scarf on door.

Find the volunteer:    Go left to the alleyway by the trash bin.

Check the lit window and see a drunken man. Check the open window on the left.

Go to left end of the alley, across the run down building.

Ring doorbell of the 'staff only' door. Meet and talk to Jonah Johnson, Groucho Marx look alike.

You need to ring that doorbell several (3) times to get the dialogue - 'how do you think you'd do at playing an Italian mafia thug?' Jonah wants a script.

Get a script:    Go back down the alley and talk to Tom Finnegan.

Enter Tom's office and tell him about the 'perfect buyer for the script about the nerdy guy'.

Tom wants another Golden Chicken award on his desk first.

Ask about the Golden Chicken silliness and 5000 ways to say I love you. Learn that it was stolen by someone that sleeps anywhere after boozing.

Go back down and to the lit window of the restaurant. Look through the lit window of the restaurant again. Brian thinks he's the guy that stole the award from Tom.

Climb through the window at left. See the man asleep holding a Golden Chicken.

Use the rubble with the golden chicken to do a switcheroo.

The rubble is heavier than the chicken. In inventory, use the hammer with the rubble. Love it! LOL.

Look close at Golden Chicken in inventory.

Go back to Tom and automatically give him the Golden Chicken. Get a script.

Go back to Jonah. Ring doorbell and talk to Jonah. Tell him about the script.

Disguise volunteer in a costume.

Laundry room:    Go back to the red door right of the restaurant-alley.

Go into laundry room. Look close at the blue laundry carts left of the cargo lift.

Suit:    Get a wrinkled complete suit from right laundry cart.

Go right to laundry chute screen. Right click on the left laundry chute to - use the bottle hanging from duct to speak to Gina.

Talk to Gina about the iron. Can you do that, honey? Hahahahahaha! Perfect!

Suitcase:    In inventory combine the red suitcase with the silver spray can taken from the trash bin right of the restaurant lit window to get a silver briefcase.

Get 10 million dollars.

Check the red cabinet left of the blue laundry carts. Get the leaflets from Pink Iguana.

Go to the opened window of the restaurant again. Look at the sleeping man.

Take the bills from the sleeping man's pocket.

Combine the leaflets with the bills to get 10 million bucks.

Give the volunteer a trap.

Use the 10 million bucks with the silver suitcase.

Use the hook on the manhole-sewer cover in front of the red door of the laundry room. Get a gas mask.

Go back down the alley and up the ladder by Tom's office.

Go to the container on the table by back wall.

Use the suitcase with the money on the large jar on the left. Brian sprays the inside of the suitcase with chloroform.

Brian puts his plan into action.

Remove Fatzilla from in front of the apartment building.

Jonah is scared and hides inside the staff only door of the restaurant. He is afraid of the bull in front of the apartment building.

Brian checks and sees Fatzilla.

Go back to the run down building across the staff only door. Double check that the iron sheet is lifted off the ditch by the crane at the run down building.

Go back to Fatzilla. Click Fatzilla and Brian asks 'he would run after me like an enraged bull but where?'

Then select dialogue - 'To the plot of land under construction.'

Watch the Running of the Bulls!

Watch the starring role of Jonah, the sprung trap and the freeing of Brian.


The Sandretti clan is hit again.

Listen to Quickle's ranting review of Runaway 3.

The sheriff's badge protected!


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